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The Carleton Grange Pub is Poorly Managed

carleton grange pub, capitalism, tough luck, cry babies, poor management, gravel parking lots

For those of you who aren't aware, the poor little Carleton Grange Pub in St. Francis is shut down while road construction continues on Packard Avenue. According to the Poor Little Pub, this road project has eliminated their on-street parking and would make it impossible for them to stay in business during construction. They lament the Evil Stimulus for fixing the road and eliminating their main source of parking and complain if only the city would have done something.

So imagine my surprise when I drove by a few weeks ago and saw that the city had built a gravel parking lot right next door.

I kid you not. It's right next door. It's big, too. Let me just get some things out of the way right now:

1. I like the Poor Little Carleton Grange Pub's food. The burgers are delicious. The service? Eh. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not so much. Hit or miss. But the food is great.

2. Not only is there a gravel parking lot right next door, the Poor Little Pub has two smaller parking lots on the southern and northen ends of the building. By inceptivizing carpools for employees, they could have saved most of those spots for customers.

So ... how much parking does the Poor Little Pub need? Not much. I've been there for lunch--mostly empty. I've been there multiple times for dinner--a little busier, not filled to capacity. I've been there for beers--it's typically half-full on a good night, which ends promptly at 10:30pm.

So why exactly is the Poor Little Pub throwing a temper tantrum? Because it's poorly managed. This has nothing to do with the road. This is an example of lazy owners with a struggling business who lack the creativity to keep it running. Instead of planning ahead and putting together a plan for the future (bike parking, ads, better customer service to ensure repeat customers, football parties, etc.) the managers of the Poor Little Pub spent all their time photocopying their temper tantrum and posting it around the neighborhood.

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