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Why Not Walk Away?

mortgage, walking away, new york times, ken brosky, speculation, housing bubble, porfolio

I just read a very interesting post on regarding the growing number of people who are simply "walking away" from their mortgages, mainly because the value of their homes is worth less than the cost of their loan.

The banks are coming out and saying this is immoral, and yet every single big banks regularly walks away in the same manner! When a bank stops making payments on investment properties, it's called "Speculation." When a homeowner does it, it's called "irresponsibility." What's the differece, really? From the article:

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Crisis in Haiti!!!

haiti, united states, papa doc, earthquake, haiti earthquake, ken brosky

50,000 dead. That's what it takes for Haiti to finally get a little attention. Now, news reporters with a story are arriving by the boatload, ready to show grusome images of dead and suffering all the while asking where the government is, why there are still bodies in the streets, and the world is coming together to pledge "aid" to this nation in distress.

So where was all this a week ago?

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