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Featuring new fiction from Ken Brosky and author authors, as well as occasional political commentary whenever something really important happens. But mostly fiction.

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Barack Obama's Energy Plan

barack obama, democrat, energy efficiency, global warming, john mccain, oil, renewable energy, solar power

 I'm posting below Barack Obama's comprehensive energy plan, courtesy of ClimateProgress is run by climate scientist Joseph Romm, and it's an important note for two reasons:

1. Romm has been EXTREMELY critical of both Democrats' and Republicans' energy plans for the past twenty years.

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John Stossel: Deluded

20/20, abc news, cato institute, conservatives, david sirota, global warming, John stossel, liberals, libertarianism, minimum wage, public schools, taxes

In honor of a recent post relying on John Stossel as a source of "information," I thought it might be nice to make a list of some of the more outrageous claims and outright mistakes Stossel has made (and believe me, this is not a full list). Why? Because John Stossel is the Libertarian version of Sean Penn. You see, Sean Penn is a liberal, and he's also an idiot. He champions liberal ideals but he doesn't understand any of them, much in the same way John Stossel does with libertarianism. Penn, if I'm not mistaken, is actually still crossing the country talking about the benefits of ethanol. Stossel, on the other hand, enjoys promoting his mistakes on national television.

There is a solid, somewhat informative argument AGAINST a minimum wage. John Stossel, like all libertarians, believes this. The problem is he's an idiot. So when he goes on TV and debates an intelligent liberal like David Sirota (who believes in a strong minimum wage), Stossel gets his butt kicked. Click here to view the video.

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1 New Short Story: Barcelona Review

barcelona review, darfur, fiction, free fiction, ken brosky, literary fiction, literature, magaine, short stories, sudan

Greetings! If you're looking for a story to read, I have a new publication in the Barcelona Review. The story, titled "On the Tenth Day, I Kept it Down," is based on some research done about the Darfur region. It's realistic, and if you know anything about the genocide in Darfur, you know what that means. I hope you enjoy it, and have a great week.

Click here to read the short story courtesy of the Barcelona Review. 

How many houses does John McCain own?

159, 7 houses, barack obama, houses, john mccain, lobbyists, seven

Seven. He lost count when asked, but the answer is seven. While his wife owns most of them, it's joint ownership under marriage, which is probably why he forgot about a couple of them. After all, who REALLY needs seven houses, unless they have one picked out for every day of the week? But Barack Obama is the elitist, remember, because ... well, he just is.

For those of you interested in numbers, John McCain also has 159 lobbyists working on his campaign. But don't worry ... I'm sure he understands what it's like not living in the richest one percentile. 

Where Your Tax Money Goes in Iraq

insurgents, iraq, iraq withdrawal, sons of iraq, sunni awakening, tax dollars iraq, taxes, timetable

Do you know what the "Sunni Awakening" is? How about the "Sons of Iraq"? Let's explain this very easily: these are insurgents in Iraq, mainly Sunnis, who have fought against U.S. soldiers and Iraqis. Right before the surge began last year, the U.S. government started PAYING THEM TO LEAVE US ALONE. That's right, the Bush administration is paying tens of thousands of insurgents to stop attacking us. Ten dollars per person per day, $300 a month. Your tax dollars are being used to literally pay off insurgents. What happens, exactly, when we STOP paying them? Does this sound a little "Fragile" to you? Right now, the Iraq government is putting pressure on those "former insurgents" because it sees them as a threat.

Well, at least the Bush administration has finally set a timetable for surrender. What? It's not "Surrender" now because Bush supports it? But, but, but in May he said setting a timetable meant failure!

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The DNC and Political Polls

barack obama, big money interests, david sirota, democrats, dnc, government, joe biden, john mccain, polls, presidential polls

First off, if you're interested in a pretty excellent overview of the Democratic National Convention, click here to read David Sirota's most recent column. It'll sum up the good and the bad from someone who generally despises traditional Washington politics and the big money interests typically involved. There are some things that are troubling, but also some encouraging signs that we can get past this culture of "Big Money."

For those of you who are confused about national presidential polls and really want an in-depth analysis of state-to-state polls and other match-ups including presidential, senate and gubernatorial, click here to vist This is without a doubt the most professional analysis of polls, and the most accurate given its history so far. While polls can be misleading in the leadup to the presidential election, the pollsters at this site do a great job analyzing each poll and explaining why one polls gets weighed more (for instance, Rasmussen, up to this point, has stacked its questions with a conservative bias, hence its often backward results).

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