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Inevitable Bubble?

conservatives, fed, free market, government, housing bubble, nytimes, paul krugman, powerline, regulation

I happened upon this from economist Paul Krugman's blog that I thought was worth sharing:

He wrote an article three years ago predicting the housing bubble would collapse. While his econo-speak can be difficult to get through, you can get the gist of it pretty easily. Basically, he--along with other economists--predicted what's happening right now.

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The Atheist's Nightmare

atheist's nightmare, christian right, creationism, god, kirk cameron

During such shaky times (especially if the Brew Crew falls on Saturday!), it's always good to smile once in awhile. So I present to you The Atheist's Nightmare, proof of God Almighty's existence. Until now, "Science" has been confounded, unable to explain this particular anomaly, but finally the fundamental Christian movement has explained everything in detail!

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John Boehner is crying

congress, crybaby, democrats, john boehner, republican party

Somewhere, right now, Republican minority leader John Boehner is probably crying. He cries a lot, because a lot of things are sad to him. He's either the biggest sissy in the world, or he seriously thinks he can act his way through it. Note to Boehner: when you cry once about an issue, you're passionate. When you cry constantly about everything that doesn't go your way, you are a cry baby.

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How McCain Wins

According to Greg Palast, the election is already over. No matter how many votes Obama wins by, he's going to lose. Why? Because, to date, over 3 million voter registrations have been discarded or "lost" by Republican contractors in various states. Living in New Mexico? One in nine new voters won't be able to vote. Florida has thrown out over 85,000 new registrations ... and guess who those people are? African-Americans.

This isn't the first time this has happened. The Republican Party did this four years ago and in 2000, and the reason we know they did it is because they were so stupid they actually sent their emails to the wrong address! I kid you not: the Republican Party's best and brightest accidentally sent their emails to a George Bush joke site instead of the RNC headquarters, outlining exactly what they were doing. Literally. You can actually download the emails right here and read them yourself.

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The McCain/Palin KKK Rallies

death threat, florida rally, john mccain, racism, sarah palin, straight-talk express, terrorist, washinton post

Are John McCain and Sarah Palin running for president of the United States, or are they simply rallying members of local KKK? Who exactly is in the crowd at the McCain/Palin rallies at this point? As of right now, the McCain/Palin campaign is literally preying on the hatred and racism within the Republican Party to try and salvage its failed campaign. Here's what we know so far:

1. During a rally in New Mexico on Monday, John McCain asked his audience: "Who is Barack Obama?" Someone in the crowd, yelling loud enough to pick it up on television, yelled back "Terrorist!" John McCain did not deny the claim. Watch the video here.

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Illegal Wiretaps

abc news, illegal wiretapping, NSA, phone calls, President Bush, wiretapping

So you're calling your wife on a business trip and you think maybe it's a good idea to have a little hanky-panky over the phone, just something for the two of you to feel a little closer, maybe. No one's listening, right? I mean, after all, the conservative movement has been saying that only TERRORISTS are being monitored, only TERRORISTS and being wiretapped when making calls. Your privacy is safe, right?

Nope. No matter who you are, there's a chance your phone can be tapped, and there's a chance someone will listen in on your private calls.

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The Palin Racism Continues

barack obama, hate, john mccain, nobama, racism, sarah palin, terrorist

Really, you don't need much more evidence of just how badly things are going for the McCain camp, but preying on the hatred of individuals is something the Republican Party has stood for since Reagan, so this should come as no suprise. Apparently, the prerequisite for attending a McCain/Palin campagin rally anywhere is that you need to show as much hatred as possible, and provide extensive examples as to your overall ignorance:


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Joe the Plumber is a moron

barack obama, joe the plumber, politico, tax cuts

Boy, Joe the Plumber is certainly enjoying his ten minutes of fame. What a great guy, standing up for the "little man" and asking "tough questions" to Barack Obama pretending to be an "undecided voter." But wait, there's some cracks in this little story.

1. Joe the Plumber isn't a plumber. He doesn't have a plumbing license.

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Sarah Palin: Anti-American?

alaska, anti-american, barack obama, john mccain, pro-american, sarah palin, secession, true american

As long as Sarah Palin is going to continue running around referring to Barack Obama as "Anti-American," I think maybe it's time we took a good, hard look at Palin's own ties to Alaska's secessionist party. That's right, folks, the woman claiming to be "pro-America" has plenty of ties to a party that wants to secede from it. Let's take a look at a video:

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Sarah Palin: Socialist?

alaska, barack obama, permanent fund dividend, sarah palin, socialism

Since Sarah Palin is attacking Barack Obama for cutting taxes on the middle class (which she and John McCain call "socialism"), we might as well see if Sarah Palin is a socialist, too. 

Let's see ... socialism ... Sarah Palin ... ah, here we go:

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Of Socialism and Capitalism

barack obama, capitalism, democrats, john mccain, republican party, sarah palin, socialism

I recently read a great article by Thom Hartmann that you can read here, regarding socialism and capitalism. The argument traditionally goes that anyone who is a socialist is "anti-capitalism" and anyone who is a capitalist is "anti-socialism," and at the same time (especially right now) we have people who believe that socialism and capitalism can't get along because they're opposites.

The problem, Hartmann says, is that socialism and capitalism aren't opposites. Socialism is a political system, and capitalism is an economic system. Both can exist side-by-side, just as fascism can exist with capitalism.

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