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Medicare "Doc Fix It" Problem

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Over the past two years I have sent letters to the President. NOT ONE  of them has ever been answered. I now publish the letters hoping you will copy them and send one too.

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Medicare "Doc Fix" Problem Fast Approaching

Dear President Obama:

It has been four months (including the August recess) since the Congress extended the moratorium on cuts to Medicare reimbursements to physicians as mandated by the Sustained Growth Rate (SGR) formula. Congress has done nothing.

Congress is now recessed until November 15 and has until November 30 until the moratorium expires. So while it appears that two months remain on the calendar, Congress has only two weeks to correct the issue during the Lame Duck session. Congress has done nothing

As the Congress included a temporary 2.5% increase to the SGR mandated cuts, the total cuts on December 1 will be 23.5%! Then on January 1, 2001, the SGR will mandate another 6.1% cut for a total cut of 29.6%!!!

The 111th Congress now has four choices --
(1) Repeal the defective SGR Formula.
(2) Replace the SGR with a more workable index such as used with Social Security.
(3) Extend the moratorium suspending the SGR cuts for one year.
(4) Do nothing. Of course, this is not a viable option but, it has been done before.

It is crucial for military retirees and their families and survivors that this terrible problem be permanently corrected. Not only is Medicare Part B the first payer for TRICARE FOR LIFE but TRICARE rates are set based on Medicare rates.

Please advise me of your intentions.


Don Jensen
Sergeant USMC 1973-1979

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