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MPD Police Chiefs Office Burglarized

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Sources on the Milwaukee Police Department leaked information about a recent theft. Police Chief Flynn's toilet was stolen from his personal bathroom sometime over the weekend. The Chief was further outraged because they took his personal stash of Scott toilet paper too. One cannot blame him for being outraged. After all, it is the Police Headquarters and it had to be an inside job.

He summoned his best Detectives. Due inquiry was made throughout the several compartments of the Police Administration building. The bathroom was dusted for prints, pictures taken, officers and persons that worked in the building over the weekend were interviewed and video tapes were reviewed. The best of the best came up with zip, nothing, nada!

Flynn was outraged. After all, he only gets the best equipment for his officers. Why can't this mystery be solved? How is this possible that someone could get into his office, steal his toilet and get away Scott free toilet paper and all!

Sources stated the case is unsolved and the Chief is at a loss of words because he has nothing to go on.

(This is a satirical blog that posted on October 5, 2010 that seems to have taken a life all of its own over the last few days. It was not written to embarrass any particular member of the police department. Nor was it meant to show disrespect to any member of the department. Lets move on and take it for what it is.)

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