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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

May Meeting of Humboldt Park 4th of July Association

On Wednesday, May 6, 2009, at 7:00 PM, in the Humboldt Park Pavilion, the Humboldt Park 4th of July Association will hold its May Meeting. At the meeting, we will discuss the cancellation of the Talent Show by Milwaukee City Hall. We will also discuss other things that are no longer funded by City Hall. As you know, the City of Milwaukee has no need to celebrate our country's Independence Day. The  Milwaukee  City Hall thinks that the cost of celebrating Independence Day is too high. They can't see any reason for an American citizen to celebrate this holiday. The 4th of July is just another day to  our City Hall. They would rather spend the money to remodel a city commissioner's office.  City Hall does not see any need to celebrate Independence Day or pay the cost of planning such an event. All that we are asking for is to restore the money taken away in the city budget so our 4th of July Associations  can continue their  patriotic volunteering into the future.

Our military services have given their lives that we might have the freedoms that we enjoy. Our country started its Revolution so that we could have a government for the people, of the people, by the people. These freedoms that we enjoy now came at the cost of blood. Must we dishonor our military service by not celebrating Independence Day, because it costs too much?  Must we elect politicians  who do not honor their country?  Must we recall them from office to find other patriotic people to run for elected offices?  You are the boss in this matter. Your opinion counts. Speak up and express yourself on this matter. Don't be afraid of political bullies who do not allow you to be heard. Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, you are allowed to express yourself without fear of government punishment. God Bless the United States of America.

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Rummage Sale to Benefit Bay View Historical Society

   The Bay View Historical Society will hold a benefit rummage sale at 2590 S. Superior Street on Saturday, May 30th. Located on the lawn of the Society's headquarters, the Beulah Brinton House, the sale will last from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and is open to the public.

   Society members and other generous donors are are cleaning out their attics and basements to offer a wide variety of goods for sale, including furniture, antiques and collectibles, books, toys, appliances and other household items.

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Working with a damaged computer

Did you ever work with a damaged computer? damaged my hard drive and had prevented me from using my computer in a complete way. I tried to go on AOL and on FoxFire but both systems were being blocked from my use. I was finally able to get AOL on Google with much effort on my part. I have learned one important lesson. NEVER allow to get on your computer. I never knew that such a fraud with a major virus could exist, until I got it on my computer. Whenever I tried to remove it, it always went deeper into my hardrive and eventually corrupted some of my main files needed to operate my computer. Even recently, I got a warning that was trying to gain entry again to my computer. My daughter's friend was able to stabilize my computer with a disc, but that old virus was still trying to regain control of my computer. Sooner or later I will have to replace my computer due to that virus, but please warn all readers to beware of unless they want to get rid of their computer shortly afterwards. It will destroy your harddrive and corrupt your main files. It ought to be banned from being advertised on-line. It claims to block spam from your computer, but it turns off your spam blocker and allows unlimited pop-ups to appear on your screen. When you try to delete them, your computer freezes or turns off, losing all of the work that you were working on. One morning I had 15 pop-ups in a period of 5 minutes the minute that I went on-line. As soon as I deleted one of them, my computer froze up and blocked all further action on it. You would set your own spam blocker to block these pop-ups, and its virus would turn it off. One day it took 4 hours to do 10 minutes of work. You can be the judge on this matter. I have warned you, now it is up to you. I wrote a message to the Federal Trade Commission about them, but got no response. I contacted to remove their program, but it only went deeper into my harddrive. Be warned that this is a dangerous virus and should not be used. I was forced to replace my computer due to this problem. I have learned my lesson.

Swine flu no longer a danger?

All forms of flu are dangerous. If you do not take care of yourself when you have the flu, pneumonia is sure to follow. The main thing is to get your rest and not to panic. There are medicines out there to help you. Pneumonia is another matter. If you got pneumonia many years ago, it was an automatic death sentence. If you think that you might be coming down with the flu, please isolate yourself as much as possible as to not spread it to others. Plenty of bed rest and lots of fluids will help you at this time.

The remedies in the Merck's 1899 Manual for influenza are really awakening.

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Beulah Brinton Community Center has Service to Community Awards 5/17/09

 On Sunday, May 17, 2009, the Beulah Brinton Community Center will be giving out its annual Service to the Community Awards. The building will be open from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM. The award ceremony will start at 2:30 PM and last about one hour. Refreshments will be served after the awards are given out.

The Master of Ceremonies will be Joel Symons.  Lynn Greb, Manager of Operations/Assistant Director of Milwaukee Recreation, will be a guest speaker. Jean DiMotto , Milwaukee County Circuit Judge, and her husband, John DiMotto will be at the event. John DiMotto will present the award to Katherine  Canning.

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Happy Mother's Day

   Today we honor our  wives and our mothers. We also honor all women who also share the honor of being mothers. This is a good day to take your wife out to eat. You can do the house work and cooking on this day. This is a mother's day of rest.  Wake up and make a good breakfast for her. You can take charge of the children today. Sometime in day either take her alone or the entire family out to eat and celebrate this day. A mother's work is never done, but even she needs a day of rest once in awhile. Show your children how much you care for her, by doing something special for her alone. Have the children take it easy on her so that she can get some rest today. A family that loves each other will stay together through thick and thin times. Set an example by helping each other out whenever possible. If you share the work, you also share the love. Have a Happy Mother's Day.

   I would like to wish my wife a happy Mother's Day. She has been my helpmate for 43 years. She deserves a medal for putting up with me. I also would like to wish Tracie, Olivia  and Kristy  a happy Mother's Day. It feels good being a grand-parent of some wonderful children. To all of my friends, I also wish that you and your wives have a happy Mother's Day. Go out and have a special meal together on this day. The wives deserve to get breakfast in bed and a day of peace and quiet if they want it. Take the children out to see a movie, while your wife relaxes at home.

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Memories of my father

My dad, Harry William Manke, was born in 1909, the second son of four brothers. He started off as a child by working in the Manke's Greenhouses in North Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the Town of Granville. As a child he had to do his work around the house and greenhouse before walking to grade school. It did not matter what the weather was, the boys had to go to school to get an education. While at home, German was frequently spoken. At school both German and English were part of school life. In church, the service was in German. My dad was baptized at North Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Milwaukee. He was also confirmed there. I was the only child of his who was baptized at his church. The rest of my family was baptized at St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church, where my mother's family belonged since the church's beginning. My dad's father, William Manke had a brother next door named Fred Manke. When my great-grandfather August Manke died, the two brothers split up the land. Fred Manke married the sister of my mother's mother. Both women came from the August Denzin family of ten children. As a result of this, many first cousins of my mother were also first cousins of my dad.

 After my dad got married to my my mother, he left the greenhouses to work in a different occupation. When the great depression came, he worked for WPA. After the depression, he got a job a Pabst Brewery, because he spoke fluent German and English. He stayed there until he died in 1962 of a cerebral hemorrhage, at the age of 52. I have many memories of him when I was younger. He and my mother taught all of us six children, five girls and me, how to cook, do dishes, scrub floors, wash our own clothes and iron them. He also taught me how to plant trees, bushes and other plants. Weeding the garden and cutting the grass were also assigned to me and the girls. Back in the 1950's, my parents were divorced, and later on he married my mother's first cousin, who also was the sister of his brother Bill's wife. This shows you how to keep it in the family. Much of his life, he suffered from bleeding stomach ulcers. My dad was always easy to talk to in both German and English. He had many friends. He was the kind of person that you could walk up to and easily make conversation with. I used to be mad at my parents for being so tough with us, but now I know that they did the things that they did to prepare us to be independent and capable of supporting ourselves, if they were no longer with us.

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Memories of my father

  My dad, Harry William Manke, was born in 1909, the second son of four brothers, William, Harry, Alvin and Ralph.  He started  off as child in the Manke's Greenhouses, in North Milwaukee, in the Town of Granville.  As a child, he had to do his chores around the house and greenhouse before walking to school. It did not matter what the weather was. The boys had to go to school to get an education.  While at home, German was frequently spoken.  At school both English and German were part of school life. In church, the service was held in German. My dad was baptized at North Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Milwaukee.  He was also confirmed there.  I was his only child to be baptized at his home church. My sisters were all baptized at St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church. My mother's family belonged there since St. Lucas was founded. My dad's father, William Manke had a brother living next door named Fred Manke. When my great-grandfather, August Manke, died, the two brothers split up the land.  Fred Manke married the sister of my mother's mother.  Both women came from the August Denzin family of ten children.  As a result of this, many first cousins of my mother were also first cousins of my dad.

After my dad married my mother, he left the greenhouse to work in a different occupation. When the Great Depression came, he worked for the WPA. After the depression, he got a job at Pabst Brewery, because he  spoke both English and German fluently.  He stayed there until he died in 1962, at the age of 52, of a cerebral hemorrage.  I have many memories of him, when I was younger. He and my mother taught all of  six of us children how to cook, do dishes, wash clothes, scrub floors, iron our clothes and other homemaking skills. He also taught me how to plant trees, plant bushes,  and other plants. Weeding the garden and cutting the grass were also assigned to me and my sisters.

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What I learned in college

When I was going to college, the most important thing taught to me, was to train the whole person, not just to learn skills and academics. I was told that there were men in the workplace who were literal genius in their field of endeavor, but who also lacked the skills to communicate with other workers. Their special skills were almost being wasted. Unless the whole person is trained, other skills won't help him. Learning how to communicate is the best thing a person can do. If we are able to talk to others, then we can exchange ideas. An advanced educated man will speak in simple words, and not need complicated words in communication. A person who just learning a special skill will tend to use big complicated words when he speaks. An advanced person does not need to show off what he has learned. His skills are visible in all that he does. A good communicator is able to teach his knowledge to others easily. He will be the one to advance highest in his field of work.

It is good to go to college, but realize that you will not learn everything. Life experience is very important when you leave college. A street wise person will learn the patterns needed to survive. The teaching of speech classes is to teach you how to communicate to others. A second language will guide you in your own language. We are not the only people in this world. Knowledge of mathematics will be the key to opening your eyes to special trades, skills, music, art, other languages, and patterns of advanced education. Math is the key to language studies. It also opens the door of engineering and music. History teaches you of past attempts of surviving. To learn why things happen, can prevent them from happening again in the future. Nobody is perfect, but together we can establish skills to help all of mankind. Group discussions solves the many questions that we have on a certain subject. Learning to debate is a very useful skill. Music, although mathematical, helps us to relax and to think. Never stop trying to learn as you get older. If you can communicate your thoughts to others, then you can solve many problems with the help of others. You are not alone in this world. Together, all things can be accomplished. Study new methods of doing old things, and create your own solutions. Share these methods with others and you will be successful.

A little study of Europe

After World War II, all of Europe was in chaos. Germany and Austria were in ruins. France was in ruins. The Soviet Union suffered a heavy loss in both people and buildings. Poland and Czechoslovakia were heavily damaged with many residents lost in the Holocaust. In war, there are no angels, but many good people did their best to help in the war effort. The loss of life throughout the world was very heavy. The Nazi SS were demons in how they served in the war. The Resistance helped the Allies very much. The regular German Army, Navy and Air Force were not as bad as the SS Troops. Hitler was ruthless in how he handled the war. He escaped punishment by commiting sucicide.

The Allies remembered what happened in World War I and how their drastic measures caused Germany to rearm and rebuild its military to fight in a new war. For this reason, much help was needed in rebuilding Europe after the war. If the defeated enemy was treated decently, then it would later become an ally of the Allies. The Communist Government of the Soviet Union had no mercy on any German POW's. When they occupied a country, they stayed there and formed a friendly communist government in each place. Freedom as we know it was lost in Eastern Europe for many years. Western Europe was rebuilt and helped to establish the United Nations to prevent future wars from happening. As Winston Churchill stated after the war, an Iron Curtain descended on Eastern Europe.

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A message to our County Executive

Last year you did not order enough toilet paper for the Milwaukee County Parks. The park heads had to barter with each other to get enough for each park. If you are going to repeat this again this year, at least send some of your political campaign material as a substitute when they run out. There is no need to shortchange the parks of their needed supplies. As it is, they do not have enough people to staff the parks. One man with a small crew has to maintain 14 parks. As hard as they work, how can they possibly be able to do a thorough job with such a small staff ?  I give great credit to Cliff and his staff for the hard work that they do at Humboldt Park, South Shore Park, Cupertino Park, Bay View Park, Greene Park, Saveland Park and the other parks that they work with. It is sad to see bare bones efforts to maintain our county parks. They are greatly in need of maintenance that has been neglected due to lack of proper staffing on your part. If you ran county government with the same kind of effort, the courthouse would probably to be sold to some vendors and privatized. You probally would install pay toilets there to help pay for the building use. Please give our park workers the needed staff and materials that they need to do a day-to-day operation. We used to have some of the most beautiful parks in the country. Why have you neglected them this long? We are now the laughingstock of the country, when they see the condition of the parks today. Please also replace the restrooms that have been condemned as unfit for human use before all of them become that way.

It is time for softball games again

By now, many interested people have signed up for a softball team to play at our recreation areas and parks.  If you don't want to play softball, then just go and watch a few teams play.  This is pure Americana at its best.  You can see great competition among friends. Sometimes the teams have picnics after the games. On a nice warm evening, take the time to visit some of these recreational ball fields and watch the games. There are men only teams, there are mixed sex games, and there are women only games. At the local playgrounds,  small children will sometimes play softball with their friends against a friendly nearby team.  Sometimes they will choose the players on each team.  This is a good way to burn off their stored up energy in a positive manner.  There are also other games like basketball, volleyball, tennis, lawn bowling, badminton, horseshoes and other games that can be played.  The Milwaukee Public School Recreation Department has many sites for these games.  Beulah Brinton is one place that has both indoor and outdoor activities for all ages.  If you are looking into playing or watching some of these sports, contact your local recreation location and see what is going on.

Go to web site:   or    for more information.

Lower Elementary Demo night

  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students at Downtown Montessori Academy are hosting a "Lower Elementary Demo Night" for their parents on Thursday, May 28th from 5:50 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Students choose, prepare for, and then demonstrate a particular Montessori element of their learning at the event. It is an opportunity to show their parents the exciting work that they have doing in thier classroom. It is a chance for parents to see a variety of Montessori materials and how they are used in a lower elementary Montessori classroom. It is an end of the year activity that students, parents and teachers look foward to as the school year comes to a close.

  If you have any questions, please contact Kerry at:  This article is written by her.

Memorial Day is very special to the people who have served in our armed forces

   On May 25, we honor the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Without them, we would not be able to have the freedom that we share today. Many of these military people paid the extreme price to save our country. Freedom does not come cheaply. We should go to the cemetery and pause as we approach the grave of a loved one who has passed on before us. Think of the good days that you shared with those people while they were still with us. Today, as before, we have many people in the military in harm's way to protect us.

   Many of our loved ones who have not served in the military have also passed on. This is a day of remembrance in which we like to take flowers to their grave site and remember what they were like when they were still here. Many happy and sad memories can be thought of now. Our parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, and in some cases our children who passed on too soon lay buried in these cemeteries. The day will come when we too will join them in their rest. Live each day as a gift of the Lord and act accordingly. Live what you believe. Let your life be an expression of your faith. Take the time to go to church and  refresh your faith. Honor your loved ones who have passed on by setting an example for your own children, family and friends. You know neither the day nor the hour when your time here will end. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

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Final reminder for Benefit Rummage Sale at Beulah Brinton House

This is a final reminder for the benefit rummage sale for the Bay View Historical Society to be held on May 30, 2009, at the historic Beulah Brinton House, located at 2590 S. Superior Street in Bay View. The sale will start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.   Donations can be dropped off at the Beulah Brinton House at the sale site from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on the day of the rummage sale. The Society is accepting price-marked donations of all household items (except clothing and shoes). Call Donna at 414-324-5690 for further information or to arrange for advance drop-off or for pick-up of large items.

Society members and other generous donors are cleaning out their attics and basements to offer a wide variety of goods for sale, including furniture, antiques and collectibles, books, toys, appliances and other household items. During the sale, shoppers can visit the Society's archives room and gift shop inside of the Beulah Brinton House and enjoy hot dogs and other refreshments. Among the featured gift shop items are an original color architectural rendering of the Beulah Brinton House by the late Grayson L. Schroeder, color reproductions of vintage postcards depicting familiar Bay View scenes from the early 20th Century, Bay View T-shirts and coffee mugs and a selection of handsome note cards showing familiar Bay View places.

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A very special day for me and my wife

On May 28, 1966, my wife Penny and I were married at St. John Kanty's Roman Catholic Church. It was a wonderful wedding service that was squeezed in between two funerals at the church. This day will be remembered by both of us for the rest of our lives. Many things have happened over the years. We have helped each other out over the years. Our love is still as strong or stronger as the day we got married. I must thank Penny for 43 years wonderful years together. We were able to raise three fine children. We have both been very involved in the Bay View community for many years. Over the years many family members and old friends have passed on. Penny thank you very much for all that you have done for me and us over the years. I love you very much. Let us hope that we can reach 50 years together. STOL LAT !

We are looking for a few good men or women

We are looking for a few good men and woment to help us plan and run the day's events at the Humboldt Park 4th of July Independence Day celebration. We members of the Humboldt Park 4th of July Association will begin our planning for the Centennial Year celebration after this year's event. To plan and run this year's event, we need a few good men and women to give us their input and help. All of us are volunteers, and many have done so for many, many years. New members can refreshen the organization into the future. New ideas and input are always welcome.

If you can spare the time and energy, we could use your help. The event is only for one day a year, but the planning is carried out over several months. We meet the first Wednesday in March, April, May and every Wednesday in June up to July 4th. While attendance at the meetings is not required, they give you more input into how we plan the day's events.  Our meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and are held at the Humboldt Park Pavilion, 3000 S. Howell Avenue. Refreshments are served after the meetings. All members have the right to give any input and ideas into play at the meetings. We welcome all interested people to attend our meetings and see for yourself.

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