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An Author's Perspective

Featuring new fiction from Ken Brosky and author authors, as well as occasional political commentary whenever something really important happens. But mostly fiction.

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"The Poetess Writes Unanswered Letters" by Carrie Messenger

fiction; ken brosky; literary journals; short stories; literary fiction; the poetess writes unanswered letters; carrie messenger; redivider; writers; authors

I've been reading a lot from Redivider, a literary journal housed at Emerson College (and I have every intention of submitting a short story to it sometime in the near future). It's a really impressive journal, very entertaining with some great poetry and artwork included in every issue. I spoke at length with a couple of editors from the AWP writer's conference in Chicago as well, and they all seem to share a passion for the literary profession.

Click here to read "The Poetess Writes Unanswered Letters" by Carrie Messenger.

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Fiction: "Connie Keeps Goats" by W.A. Reed

fiction; ken brosky; literary journals; short stories; literary fiction; connie keeps goat; w.a. reed; redivider; writers; authors

Wisconsin's own Porcupine Literary journal, currently NOT accepting new submissions (how do they replenish their journal, then?!), provides a couple of free short stories online. One short story I read that I really enjoyed was this one.

Click here to read "Connie Keeps Goats" by W.A. Reed.

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Fiction: "Two-Step" by Maile Meloy

zoetrope, all-story, two-step, maile meloy, fiction, short stories, free fiction, literature, literary magazine, ken brosky, francis ford coppola

One of the best things about Zoetrope: All-Story is their Web site provides a couple stories from each issue, free to read, plus excerpts from the other stories so you can really get a feel for what's going on inside each issue.

Click here to read "Two-Step" by Maile Meloy.

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Fiction: "Rumors About Me" by Yasutaka Tsutsui

zoetrope; all-story; rumors about me; yasutaka tsutsui; fiction; ken brosky; literary journals; short stories; literary fiction; writers; authors

Since I'm enjoying reading through all of the All-Story back-issues online while listening to the Brewers Game (Manny Parra ... come on, dude!), I thought I'd share this one with you, originally a translation:

Click here to read "Rumors About Me" by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

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Fiction: "The Tyrant's Tales" by Brent Spencer

brent spencer, fiction, short stories, free fiction, free stories, ken brosky, mcsweeney's, literary fiction, humor

I had the opportunity to work with Brent Spencer for a semester while working on MFA degree in Nebraska, and let me tell you: not only can he write a great story, he can perform it, too. I suppose that shouldn't be surprising, given his acting history ... but after I saw him read publicly, I was excited to be working with him for an entire semester.

Click here to read "The Tyrant's Tales" by Brent Spencer.

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The Three Wolf Moon t-shirt

three wolf moon t-shirt, wolf, moon, wolves, ken brosky

Sometimes, fiction can take some on some pretty interesting guises. When something becomes ironic enough, it becomes funny. Case in point: the  Three Wolf moon t-shirt.

Click here to see the shirt.

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Flash Fiction: "The Pretty Ones" by Douglas Bruton

the pretty ones, douglas bruton, 322 review, literary magazines, ken brosky, flash fiction, free fiction, fiction, literary fiction, literature

For those of you more interested in short, concise pieces that you can finish while your porn is downloading, I have a solution:

Click here to read "The Pretty Ones" by Douglas Bruton.

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Fiction: "The Whale Hunter" by Steinur Bell

the whale hunter, steinur bell, agni, free fiction, fiction, literary fiction, free stories, short stories, literature, literary journals, ken brosky

Let's have some fun over the next few weeks and take a look at finalists for the "Million Writers Award." Basically, StorySouth literary journal has compiled a bunch of stories available online and chosen the best of the best for an award (my short story "On the Tenth Day, I Kept It Down" is conspicuously absent).

Click here to read "The Whale Hunter."

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