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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Bay View Historical Society to receive Wisconsin Historical Society's highest award

   The Bay View Historical Society is the 2011 recipient of the Wisconsin Historical Society's prestigious Rueben Gold Thwaites Trophy.  Michael Stevens, State Preservation Officer with the Wisconsin Historical Society will amke the presentation at the Bay View Historical Society's membership meeting on Monday, October 3rd at 7 :00 PM at the beulah Brinton Community Center, 2555 S. Bay Street.  Bay View's elected representatives at all levels of government have been invited. The event is free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be served.

   The trophy is the Wisconsin Historical Society's highest recognition of distinction awarded annually to a " ... historical society for continujed excellence for its overall service to its community over a period of at least five years."  Historical Societies are elgible to receive the award every 25 years.  The Bay View Historical Society received the award 25 years ago, sevenn years after the society's inception.  The Bay View Historical Society is the only society to be awarded the trophy a second time.

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Enjoy the leaves changing colors

  Now is the time when the trees start having their leaves turn various colors. This is a very beautiful time of the year. Going to a park will enable you to view close up the various trees as they prepare for winter. Squirrels will be hiding nuts for the winter. If you are lucky, you could possibly see a deer or a wild turkey in the woods. Coyotes, wolves and foxes can be seen in certain locations. It all depends on where you go to look at the fall scenery, whether or not you will see any of the rare animals out in the woods. Enjoy the beauty of our county.  Please support the Bay View community.

Humboldt Park Watch has tree day

  On Wednesday, October 12, 2011, the Humboldt Park Watch will hold its annual Tree Day. First grade students from nearby Bay View Schools have been invited to attend this event. There will be indoor and outdoor activities for the children. Inside, they will work with a button machine, check leaves on their charts, have special books from the Children's section of the Bay View Library read to them.  Outdoors, the children will be able to see trees being planted and be given a tour of the park and shown various types of trees. They will also be allowed to view the natural animals of the park. This will be a great adventure for the children. Volunteers and County and City Staff workers will assist in this program. This event represents our park watch in action.

As time goes on

  Have you ever looked at buildings and wondered what purpose they used to serve in the past. Our area has changed much over the years. Many buildings have new purposes or uses. Some have been demolished. Some have had extensive changes made both inside and outside. The original St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church used to be located at the interesction of S. Kinnickinnic Ave. and S. Logan Ave.  It then was moved to 2605 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. This building was then moved futher west and now is being used as a residence. The current St. Lucas Ev. Lutheran Church was then built at 2605 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. Sometime in the 1940's, a basement was added to this building.  The orginal St. Lukes Episcopal Church used to be located at S. Clement Ave. and E. Potter Ave.  This building was razed and replaced with a new church building at 3200 S. Herman St. Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church originally had its entrance on E. Russell Ave. It is now on S. Kinninkinnic Ave. on the opposite side of the old entrance. Bay View Bapist Church used to be located on E. Russell Ave. and S. Kinnickinnic Ave.  This building was razed and a new church building was constructed at 3800 S. Howell Ave. Christ United Church of Christ used to be located on E. Russell Ave. and S. Pine Ave. The old building is now a different church and Christ Church is located at 915 E. Oklahoma Ave.

  There are many other buildings in Bay View that have new uses and changed appearances. The old Lake Masonic Lodge was located at 2535 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. It is now located on E. Howard Ave. east of S. Clement Ave.  The old Odd Fellows Lodge was moved from near Jones Island to E. Potter Ave. and S. Kinnikinnic Ave.. It became House Pharmacy and later the building was razed for a parking lot and McDonald's Restaurant.  The old Bay View Federal Savings and Loan was located on S. Kinnickinnic Ave. and S. Lenox St.  The new Bay View Federal Bank building is now located on S. Howell Ave. south of E. Howard Ave. There are many buildings in Bay View that are used differently than when they were built.  One house that was built as a residence used by U.S. Smith in pioneer days on S. Howell Ave., near E. Smith St., is still being used as a residence.

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Today we celebrate Columbus Day

  On October 11th this year, we honor the memory of Christopher Columbus who discovered America in 1492.  Although he was not the first to discover America, his voyages opened up our continent to Europeans.  He went to Iceland to purchase the maps needed to come here. The Vikings had discovered our continent in about 1050.  18,000 years ago, during the the Great Ice Age,  Europeans traveled along the vast ice covering the Atlantic Ocean and landed in the land near Virginia.  They brought with them the famous Clovis Point arrow head.  During a later short cold period of time, they were forced to head southwest to escape the great cold weather. In later years they met Indians who had come over from Asia. We also know that the Chinese were here as well as Japanese people. It is also thought that early people from Australia came to South America. DNA has been used to confirm these statements.

  Thanks to Christopher Columbus, modern Europeans came to our continent and set up permanent settlements. Much of our early past is in debate, but the fact remains that Columbus begain the modern settlement of North and Central America.  His sponsors, the Spanish people also explored South America and conquered the Inca Indians. Modern day America owes its history to these early explorers and conquerors. Christopher Columbus was Italian, therfore we also celebrate Italy and its people.

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Support our Green Bay Packers Football Team

  We should support our Green Bay Packers Football Team.  They represent Wisconsin in pro-football. Last year they won the Super Bowl and hopefully they could repeat this year. We may all be couch potatoes, but we also love watching the Packers play football on television. Maybe wear some Packer shirts or sweatshirts.  Wear a Packer jacket and hat. Let's show our green and gold and support our state team. They have won five games already this year. Only the Detroit Lions and Gfreen Bay Packers are undefeated thus far. Go Green Bay!!!!

Prepare for the last day of the South Shore Farmers Market this season

  On Saturday, October 15th,  we will have the last day of the South Shore Farmers Market for 2011. It is located at 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View.  This is your last chance to buy a good sized pumpkin at the market. Other vendors have many things available to purchase. Caulilower, broccoli, beans, melons, squash, hot chocolate, coffee, bakery, homemade candy, kettle corn, carrots and many other things are for sale at the market. Dogs on a leash are invited to attend, but owners must clean up any accidents from them. This is one of the best farmers markets that I have ever seen. Y'all come and join us there. Enjoy the leaves as they change colors in the park. Relax in comfort with your family. Everyone is welcome to attend. See you there.

Humboldt Park Watch -- Tree Day

  I wish to thank everyone who participated at the Humboldt Park Watch "Tree Day". We had 1st grade students from many of the local Bay View schoolls in attendance. We had many volunteers including the County Forestry Department.  Four trees were planted and children were allowed to see this being done.  Ruth Simos, our park watch leader, has done "Tree Day" for many years. This is a program to introduce our children to the park, its trees, and ints natural animal life. The children had a chance to make buttons, trace leaves on to paper , listen to a story being read to them, and a guided tour of the park with John Sternkopf and Frank Mulvey. The children were divided into groups so that all of the children could participate. Our volunteers did a great job of coordinating this day's events.  We started at about 8:30 AM and finished after 2 PM. I wish to thank all of the people and volunteers for doing such a great job.

  We are interested in getting more people involved in the Humboldt Park Watch.  Ruth Simos can  be contacted.  If you wish to have more information, please contact me at We always have a great need for more people interested in saving our park system and promoting educational programs for all interested parties. Special thanks go to Cliff Hale who has done a wonderful job of maintaining our parks.

We have had some wonderful weather lately

  In the last few weeks, we have had some wonderful weather.  The temperature was in the 70's and we had very little rain.  It was a great time to be outdoors with your family. Now is the time to get your house ready for winter. Mulch the leaves and provide great fertilizer for your lawn and other plants. Take down the screens and replace them with storm windows.  Check your lawn mower and snow blower to determine their condition.  Put away the lawn furniture for the season. Get ready for some great football games.  If we are strong enough, our Milwaukee Brewers will be in the World Series this year. Support our local sports teams.  Support the activities at your children's school and become a part of their education process. Take some time out to relax with your family.  Please support the Bay View community.

Thank you for a wonderful season of the South Shore Farmers Market

   On Saturday, we held the last South Shore Farmers Market of this season. It was a beautiful but cold and windy day. We had an Indian Blessing and Bay View High School & Middle School Band gave a beautiful performance on the grounds.  There were plenty of things availble to be sold. Pumpkins were there in quanity. Brussel Sprouts on a stalk were available at several stands. The selection of products was excellent. Special thanks should go to Adam and Chad for doing a wonderful job of managing the market. Cliff Hale and his park crew were wonderful in their efforts to help us. John Sternkopf and Stephanie Harling, plus Zak and Katie Williams were great volunteers. Cathy and Frank Mulvey guided us in all that we did at the market. Many thanks to all of the vendors, volunteers, staff, park workers and customers for making this season a success. We hope to see you again next season.  Until then, auf wiedersehen to all.

To rake your leaves or to mulch your leaves?

  Which is better?  To rake your leaves or to mulch your leaves.  In the past, I have found that old leaves make excellent fertilizer and mulch for your grass and bushes.  If you mulch them, raking them is unnecessary.  Leaves provide a blanket for your bushes and trees. In spring, much of them have dissolved into your soil. Then less grass fertilizer is needed. If the appearance of your leaves disturbs you, then rake them into a pile and place them in the curb by your house. You are the boss on this matter and I will not argue with your cholice. It is personal preference on your actions here. Please support the Bay View community.

Thank you Mary and Kevin

  We wish to thank Mary and Kevin for everything that they did on Saturday, October 22, 2011.  Thank you very much for bringing over the couch and tv set.  You both worked hard helping us out. I am glad that you two have the patience to put up with me. Your kindness will always be remembered. Thank you also for taking out the old chair and couch. We hope that you have a wonderful day and enjoy the Wisconsin Badger fottball game tonight. Thank you!  Thank you.

The old Red Brick School

  In the early days of the Town of Lake, a school was built near E. Bay St. for the students. In the 1870's, they built the Red Brick School on what is now S. Wentworth Ave. between E.  Russell Ave. and E. Pryor Ave.  After the Village of Bay View was incorporated into the City of Milwaukee, Alderman Theo Otjen proposed purchasing Schildknecht's Beer Garden and building a new school to replace the Red Brick School.  It was called the 17th District School and then Trowbridge Street School.

  The old Red Brick School had been used for meetings of the Village of Bay View Board besides being used as a school.  Imagine going to a school that did not have electricity or indoor plumbing. Indoor plumbing and home electricity did not come to Bay View until after the merger into Milwaukee. The lack of sewers, electricity and indoor plumbing were the main reason for Bay View ceasing to be a village.  If the population exceeds a certrain amount of people, and they all have outhouses, then in due course of time there will be a typhoid or cholera epidemic coming, as it did in the past to the City of Milwaukee. Check the history of the Major Seminary in St. Francis to see what such an epidemic can do to the people living there.

Halloween is coming soon

   It would be a good idea to purchase your Halloween candy early to save some money. Your children and grandchildren will enjoy getting some on Halloween. Choose safe candies that can't be tampered with. Watch for damage to candy wrappers or for pins inside of packages. Each community will have its own rules on doing Trick or Treating. Check for your time schedule when planning to go out or getting ready to receive children at your house. Have a safe and fun Halloween at your house this year.


  It seems now that we may have to have some bus routes reduced in the area that they cover. We need our bus system to get people to work, to go to medical appointments, go to church and/or school, do grocery shopping and to visit people in general. There are people who are unable to drive a car due to various reasons.  To them the bus is one of the most important needs in their lives. We have one of the best bus sytems in the area.  It would be a shame to destroy this. I can only hope that somebody will come to the rescue of our current bus system.  Please contact your local politicians to ask for help in rescuing our bus transportation system in Milwaukee.  There will be major elections coming next year. You can voice your opinion when you cast your vote. Choose wisely. You can determine who you will elect next year. Be sure to register to vote.

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