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An Author's Perspective

Featuring new fiction from Ken Brosky and author authors, as well as occasional political commentary whenever something really important happens. But mostly fiction.

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Fiction: "Intertropical Convergence Zone" by Nadia Bulkin

chizine, nadia bulkin, million writers award, intertropical convergence zone, Ken Brosky, fiction, free fiction, short stories, free stories

Following the nominees for the Million Writers Award, the next writer selected was Nadia Bulkin.

Click here to read "Intertropical Convergence Zone" by Nadia Bulkin. If you don't like the white text on black background, there's a link near the top that lets you download a pdf version.

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Fiction: "No Bullets in the House" by Geronimo Madrid

fiction, literature, literary magazines, geronimo madrid, no bullets in the house, ken brosky, short stories, free stories, drunken boat

Continuing the Million Writers Award nominees, this one comes from a lit mag called the Drunken Boat, a nifty little zine that's got a great design and a lot of nifty stuff beyond the traditional fiction and poetry.

Click here to read "No Bullets in the House" by Geronimo Madrid.

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Fiction: "The Fisherman's Wife" by Jenny Williams

million writers award, the fisherman's wife, jenny williams, ken brosky, fiction, free fiction, the fiction blog, literary fiction, literary journals, online fiction, short stories

I had to intentionally skip over one of the entries for the Million Writers Award because it has a rather troublesome title that may get me in trouble. But if you notice very closely, you'll see that the Award above is hyperlinked, leading to the contest page where you can put two and two together to figure out which one was skipped over.

That said, let's take a look at ANOTHER great short story!

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Call Congress Day!

call congress, call congress day, friday, ken brosky, white house phone number, congress phone numbers

Every Friday from here on out is Call Congress Day. Every Friday, I'm calling one of my senators, my House representative and the White House and speaking my mind on an issue. I want you to do the same.

Why? Because we live in a democratic republic. If the people don't tell their elected representatives what they want, our elected representatives simply choose their own path. Sometimes, they listen to lobbyists. Sometimes, they follow their ideology. Sometimes, they don't even bother to show up for votes.

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"Interview With A Moron" by Elizabeth Stuckey-French

interview with a moron, elizabeth stukey-french, ken brosky, million writers award, fiction, short stories, free fiction, literary fiction, literature

After watching a disappointing Brewers loss to the White Sox (at least Obama's probably happy), I figured it's time to keep reading some entires in the Million Writers Award contest:

"Interview With A Moron" by Elizabeth Stuckey-French.

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Fiction: "Grief Mongers" by Sefi Atta

grief mongers, sefi atta, ken brosky, literary magazines, literary fiction, free fiction, literary journals, million writers contest

One of the particular things I like about this piece is it's setting away from what I'm normally constrained to on a daily basis. I think whenever we read a piece of fiction from a different time or place, one of the goals is to SHOW that time and place as it is, allowing us to digest the setting as something important, something to learn from even.

"Grief Mongers" by Sefi Atta does just that for me.

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Miss June: Sephanie Austin

american short fiction, short stories, stephanie austin, jesus cake baby, free fiction, fiction, literature, literary fiction, ken brosky

For those of you seriously expecting a scantily-clad woman:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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