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Recommend Russ Feingold!

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Your job is to save Senator Russ Feingold. And the only way to do that is to get out your contacts list today and tomorrow and recommend Russ Feingold for senate. Call people. Send TEXT MESSAGES. It doesn't matter. Just find one person you know who wasn't planning on voting and send them a text:

Vote 4 Russ Feingold tomorrow! He's one of the few great senators in Congress.

If people ask what makes him so special, here's a list of answers:

1. He was the only senator who voted against the PATRIOT Act. He was probably the only senator who actually read it, for God's sake.

2. He voted AGAINST the bank bailout.

3. He voted AGAINST the free trade agreements that cost Wisconsin jobs.

4. He voted in FAVOR of the Health Care Reform bill and introduced numerous fixes to the bill.

5. He AGAINST the deregulation of the banking industry that brought into this depression.

6. He voted to CENSURE President Bush over his illegal wiretapping and his lies over IRAQ.

7. He voted AGAINST the War in Iraq.

8. He went on television and said congress should DEFUND the War in Iraq.

9. He pushed for the investigation of Bush's warrantless wiretapping program.

10. He voted AGAINST the flawed assault weapons ban after a constituent convinced him during a listening session.

11. He's one of the only non-millionaires in congress.

12. He helped balance the budget during the Clinton years.

13. He's been a strong supporter of campaign finance reform. The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform has his name in it, for crying out loud!

14. He supports extending tax cuts for the middle class and ending them for the wealthiest Americans.

12. More? Really? How about this: Ron Johnson wants to cut taxes for millionaires. How about this: Ron Johnson hasn't named a single specific about what he wants to cut from the federal budget because he's afraid of the criticism. How about this: Ron Johnson doesn't believe in global warming.

Do this. It's possible. We can save Russ Feingold.

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