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An Author's Perspective

Featuring new fiction from Ken Brosky and author authors, as well as occasional political commentary whenever something really important happens. But mostly fiction.

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Who's Serving Our Troops?

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It's time to sit down and have a very frank talk about the contractors responsible for servicing our troops in Iraq. Thus far, America as a whole has generally looked the other way on a variety of issues, choosing quiet outrage when tens of billions of taxpayer dollars go missing, when reports of rape in companies in Iraq pop up, when reports of contractors playing football with bricks of hundred-dollar bills (more taxpayer money) show up, etc.

I could go on. I could, really! It's not that difficult. What's difficult is finding someone in the Republican Party outraged over this. When the Republicans were in charge, there was absolutely NO oversight of the billions of tax dollars spent on contractors in Iraq. Now, the Democratic Party is holding massive oversight investigations (thanks in no small part to Congressman Waxman--drop him an email and thank him if you have the chance), and the stories keep on coming.

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3 New Fiction Stories

brown paper publishing, fiction, fiction magazines, ken brosky, literary fiction, literary journals, predicate, short stories, stories

Greetings, all!

For those of you not in the know, my first short story collection is coming out next year courtesy of Brown Paper Publishing. In the meantime, each of the short stories is going to be published in their literary journal, which you can either purchase or download. The journal looks great, but for those who prefer to read on their computers, the publisher also provides each of the featured story online at no charge. If you want to purchase the print journal, click here.

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Required Reading: Naomi Klein

china, free markets, homeland security, ken brosky, naomi klein, rolling stone, spying, state spying, torture, unrestricted markets

"China's All-Seeing Eye," by Naomi Klein.

Read it for free, take your time, and really think about this, because it's going to be important over the next ten years. The homeland security market is booming, and its largely unrestricted thanks to the continuing fear tactics being elicited in the public sphere. Not just here, but across the world. London has security cameras on every street, China has more than three on each block in some places, and a lot of the technology being used is coming from right here in America.

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