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Why I'm Voting Obama

barack obama, democrats, endorsement, obama, vote for change, voting

I don't agree with Obama's positions across the board, nor do I ever expect that "special" candidate to come along who holds 100% of the viewpoints I do. That said, I respect the way Barack Obama comes to his decisions even if I don't always fully agree, and for that reason I support Obama.

Obama wasn't my first choice, nor was I entirely excited about him early on in the election cycle because I could see early on that he was, at best, a slightly liberal moderate. What began changing my mind were the articles written about him regarding his vetting process for policies. First, I read about his economic policies, which are a mixture of free market and regulated capitalism, and I admit at first it seemed detrimental to the liberal mindset that free markets are bad. But Obama's decisions come from empirical research, and he's willing to set aside liberal ideology in favor of cutting regulation when it works. He's just as willing to impose more regulation, like in the form of investment banking, when it's necessary. This fluidity is created not from ideology, but from the willingness to invest time in research on particular subjects.

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Living In History

barack obama, democrats, endorsement, john mccain, obama, vote for change, voting

Obama gets 338+ electoral votes. (Conservatives would call this a "Mandate.")

Congratulations to everyone who voted for this. Now the real work comes in, because no elected representative gets a free pass. No elected representative is perfect, and mistakes are going to be made. Good things can happen, but only if we as Americans continue to remain involved. Contact your elected representatives and voice your concerns. Get involved in your community when an issue arises that you care about. Stay involved in your government because, ultimately, it belongs to we the people.

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Electoral MANDATE

anti-homsexual, barack obama, democrats, electoral college, mandate, proposition 8, robert novak

Let's just be clear on something: this election was a MANDATE for progressive politics.

When Bush won in 2004, conservatives called the 3.1 million vote margin a "Mandate." This was most notably so from Robert Novak, who is now saying that Obama's 8 million vote margin isn't a mandate.

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