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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Special Christmas present

 For Christmas this year,  my children and family have given a new Mac computer to us.  My old computer was wearing out, so out of the kindness of their hearts, they chipped in to buy it for us.

 Getting used to a new computer, is like teaching an old dog some new tricks. It took a lot of patience on the part of our daughter Mary and her fiancee Kevin to help us out. I am an old bullhead who needs to be more patient when learning new things. Trial and error can result in errors being made while learning how to operate it. Thank God for Mary and Keven.  They are lifesavers. They know all of the ins and out of computer operations.  Thank you very much Mary and Keven. Thank you also David, Kurt, Mark and Mary and their families for purchasing this new computer. We will make good use of it.

Happy belated New Year to all.

   Football is coming to a close soon. Some of our favorite teams will be knocked out of the playoffs. College football is near the end of its season.  Couch potatoes will soon be able to get some needed exercise. It is time to take down the Christmas tree and other decorations. Your house needs to restored for normal day to day living again.  If the children's new toys are still not broken, than you can put some of them away for a while.

  Your children will be going back to school wearing their new clothes that they received for Christmas. It will be hard for them to get readjusted to getting up early again. Resuming their old schedules will soon become normal for them. Parents have fun cleaning up your home after the holidays. Christmas and New Year's Day come only once a year so enjoy it while you can. Doing things together is great for  keeping your family united. Please support the Bay View community.

We have winners and losers in football

 The Wisconsin Badgers played a good game on New Year's Day. It was a shame that they lost, but TCU played a good game also. It was a clean game without heavy penalties or fights. Both teams tried their best to win, but only one could do this. Many of the Big Ten teams lost recently. It is time to start over next year.

 Just think, college football is coming to a close soon. What are you going to do now?  We still have the NFL Playoffs coming, but then that will be end of the season also. Us couch potatoes will have to get active again.

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It is cold outside!

   Have you ever taken your dog outside, and he wants to come back inside as soon as possible? I have notice that my dog will attempt to return inside as it get colder outside. If it is warmer, he then likes to go for a longer walk. He hates getting his doggy jacket on, but he stays outdoors longer with it on.

  Did you ever notice that your dog seems to know when you are about leave? He will climb on your lap and try to hold you down.  When he sees that you are getting on your coat and hat and then pick up his dog treats, he will try to hide to keep from going into his cage while you are gone. If you fail to place him into his cage, then he will damage the inside of your house trying to find you.

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News from Wisconsin Labor History Society

   The coming year promises to be a busy one for the Wisconsin Labor History Society. We were sp pleased by the progress the organization has made in the last year, and happy to report a steady increase in membership.

  We hope that all of our members share with us the realization that labor history will be playing an even greater role in protecting the rights of working people to organize and bargain collectively to enhance the lives of all citizens of the state. See how our organization has already been involved in the debate as the new governor and Legislature seem to be focused on passing anti-union laws.

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Labor's history a tool in protecting worker rights

   The Wisconsin labor movement in the New Year will face challenges of an unprecedented level.

  The Republican Party is now in complete control of the State's legislative agenda, and the leaders (Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers who lead the GOP in the State Senate and Assembly) have targeted organized labor.

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We must support our labor unions

   At this time in history, we are facing a major crisis. Our state governor and his political party are trying tp destroy our unions. All that they seem to worry about is helping out their rich supporters with tax cuts for them and cuts to benefits for the poor and disabled people. Through our unions' help, we were able to establish workman's compensation, unemployment compensation, overtime pay, eight-hour day, sick pay, and job protection for the workers. Do we want a "right-to-work" state to live in?  Do we want to lose all of the good things associated with our labor organizations?  It is up to you, the worker and taxpayer, to help us keep our unions. Please support the United States of America and the freedoms that we have obtained over the years. Express yourself in these matters. Your voice is very important to all of us. Do not forget to vote during the next election.

E. College Ave being rebuilt

   In Spring, E. College Ave., from S. Howell Ave. to S. Pennsylvania Ave. will close for road repairs. This portion of College Ave. will be closed entirely, except for local businesses. when this road reopens, it will be a multilane road. Right now, most of this road is very bad condition. Due to lack of street lights (too close to airport runways), it is very easy to drive off the road and have an accident. These road repairs are long overdue. If you need to find out the exact date of this road construction, contact South Milwaukee, Cudahy, Oak Creek or Milwaukee City Halls. All four cities are involved in this stretch of roadway.

Good time for home cooked meals

   Now in this cold weather, it is a good time to enjoy some home cooked meals. Nothing tastes better than home baked bread or rolls in the morning.  Pancakes with sausages and syrup, eggs (any style) with bacon, hot cereal, fresh sweet rolls  or coffee cake, coffee, toast, or other such items make up a great breakfast. A full stomach is a good way to start the day.  For lunch, a good bowl of soup or sandwich will be great. For supper, put together some ideas and create a special meal for all to enjoy. Use variety in your choice of meal plans. A different meat or style of meal helps to make it special.  A home made recipe will be enjoyed. Your skills in the kitchen make any meals special.  Take turns doing the cooking and cleaning up afterwards. Sharing this workload helps make couples closer to each other. Share the work and fun of being together. I hope that you can all enjoy some great meals this winter.

Getting used to new computer

   It is difficult to adjust from an older computer to a brand new one. Each thing is done differently on the computers. Thanks to my daughter, Mary, and Kevin, we have a great set up. It is the teaching of an old dog some new tricks. I am the one that has to adjust to the changes.  The new computer is great. It is fun being able to do research on the computer.

  There are materials on-line that I would be unable to find manually in doing research.  You can never get enough knowledge. An active mind can find out many facts. There are elements of local history that have been written down many years ago, but lost in time, and now found again. The facts of history can vary from each writer. When many stories on the same material are read, then the true facts of the event show up. Every author slants his writing in his or her own way. As we read other versions of an event, we can see the actual happenings  appear. Take the time to do research yourself. You might find this to be interesting.  Find a subject that you enjoy, and study it through many sources. An active mind delays dementia. The more you think, then the more brain cells produced.

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The Chicago Bears VS the Green Bay Packers

  I am hoping that my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers wins on Sunday afternoon.  Here are two evenly matched teams, who have played each other since 1921, playing a game for the NFC Championship. The anticipation of this game is great by all football lovers. Here is a game for all of the marbles. Only one team can win. This is a good day to get together with friends and/or family, sit down to some liquid refreshments, enjoy some snack foods and to relax. Here's to a great game. I hope that the Green Bay Packers win.

February Meeting of Bay View Historical Society

   On Monday, February 7, 2010, at 7 PM,  the Bay View Historical Society will hold its February meeting at the Beulah Brinton Community Center, 2555 S, Bay St.   The guest speaker will be be author and photographer, Chris Winters.  He has written a book:" Centennial: Steaming through the Century" about the steamer "St. Mary's Challenger", which was launched on April 28, 1906. This steamer has been cruising the Great Lakes for over 100 years. Now, for the winter, it is docked at the St. Mary's Concrete Company, which is located on S. Kinnickinnic Ave. just north of E. Becher St.  It recently unloaded a load of concrete at the company. The author spent five years aboard this steamer and has written down its history.

  The meeting of the Bay View Historical Society will begin at 7 PM and the talk by Chris Winters will follow. Everybody who is interested is invited to attend this meeting.

The 96th Annual Washington Day Banquet--The Inter-organizational Council of Bay View

                               The Inter-organizational Council of Bay View presents:

                                            The 96th Annual Washington Day Banquet 

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Cars driving too fast in snowy conditions

   Have you ever noticed cars passing you during a snow storm?  Many of them are driving too fast for the road conditions.  Only drive as fast as you can stop your car. If you slam on your brakes, you will most likely lose control of your car.  If you see  pedestrians  crossing the street, can you stop in time without hitting them?  When I feel the car slipping on the pavement, I slow down to bring it under control. When I see cars passing me at high speed, I wonder how long before they crash or hit somebody?  A car is a mechanical device controlled by YOU!  You are responsible for driving it safely. Please use caution when driving in a snow or ice storm. The life that you save may be your own.  Please drive safely and protect your family and car.

Super Bowl time

   With the Green Bay Packers meeting the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl, we have two very exciting teams to watch. Both teams have excellent records and personalities. They are both well coached.  There will be no trash talk between them.  The Packers will be the underdog in this match. This will not be a boring game. I hope that the Packers win.  Get together with some friends and/or family with some liquid refreshments and other snacks and watch the game. Have fun watching the Super Bowl.

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