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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

What is an Assault Rifle?

Gun Control, Guns

Semi-automatic vs. fully automatic is not just semantics, it’s a major mechanical and legal distinction.  Fully automatic are illegal for the common person to purchase and you might want to watch the video below for a better understanding.


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Trophy For Every Kid?

Culture, Kids, Parenting

Trophy backlash: Are we rewarding kids for just showing up?


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2013 Cudahy Spring Elections Candidates

2013 Election, Cudahy

Information provided by City of Cudahy (Carolyn Toms-Neary)


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All About My Current Opponent!

Health, Medical, Flu

For the last three weeks I have been battling what some days feels like the flu and other days a chest cold.


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More on Who Am I?

Culture, Blogging, Life, Randy Hollenbeck

Who Am I?


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2013 Cudahy Candidate Certification and Ballot Placement

2013 Election, Cudahy, Randy Hollenbeck



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We Need To Remember The Past

Cudahy, Bullying, school, Students, Teachers

This was just two years ago!  Have things gotten better?


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So Again Cudahy Loses Another Business - Dunham's Sports at Packard Plaza

Businesses, Brian Biernat, CDA, Cudahy, Development, Mayor, Packard Plaza, Tony Day

Thank you Dan Vnuk for letting people know about this!


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Yes City Officials Play a Big Role in Development Especially the Mayor!

Brian Biernat, Businesses, Cudahy, Development, Franklin, Mayor, Oak Creek, Tony Day

Mayors are to be the biggest cheerleader for the city.


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One of Cudahy's Problems

Cudahy, CDA, Development, Food, Mayor, retail, Retail, Wal-Mart

The Cudahy Wal-Mart battle showed exactly why Cudahy is/has been on a downslope – NIMBY


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John Hohenfeldt for Cudahy Mayor 2013

2013 Election, Cudahy, John Hohenfeldt, Mayor

I would like to thank the Cudahy residents who gave me a few minutes of their time as we met at your door during the December holiday season as I kicked off my campaign for Mayor.  I have listened closely to your concerns for our city, which I share with you.


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Election Questions From a Reader

2013 Election, Cudahy, Alderman, Email, Election, Randy Hollenbeck, Fluoride

Hi, Randy -


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Cudahy Election Rumors

2013 Election, Cudahy, Rumors

Well folks there are some rumors floating around and as you know I will air them out and see what happens.


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Under Mayor Day, Cudahy is Not Focused on Development

Brian Biernat, Cudahy, Development, Mayor, Tony Day

Cudahy’s Economic Development Director Brian Biernat is looking for an assistant at $40k plus benefits to make up for the work he cannot do given his focus is on inspection.


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Linda Kutka for re-election of School Board Director

2013 Election, Cudahy, School Board

Dear citizens of Cudahy,


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Let's All Take A Look - Cudahy Public Works Minutes In Question

Cudahy, DPW, City Minutes

Is Cudahy Going To Lose Another Business Soon - Datastore?

Businesses, Brian Biernat, Development, Cudahy

We will have to wait and find out if Iron Mountain is going to keep the Cudahy Datastore open. 


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A Reader Brought This City Website Flaw To Our Attention

Cudahy, Development, Lara Fritts, Mayor, Tony Day, Iceport, Brian Biernat

Well I have talked about the City of Cudahy’s Economic Development website and how out of date it was.  Basically untouched since Lara Fritts left in 2010.


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Let's Talk Fluoride

Health, Water, Fluoride

So instead of rehashing some old 1950’s or 1960’s info, what info is more current and relative?


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As Cudahy District 3 Alderman

2013 Election, Alderman, Brian Biernat, Cudahy, Development, Randy Hollenbeck

As Alderman for the 3rd District of Cudahy I will be pushing that Cudahy’s Economic Development Director Brian Biernat comes to one Common Council meeting a month and explain in meeting and during the open session what is going on.


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An Open Letter to the Soon to Be Elected Cudahy Mayor

2013 Election, Alderman, Brian Biernat, Cudahy, Development, John Hohenfeldt, Mayor, Tony Day, Randy Hollenbeck

Dear soon to be elected Mayor,


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Cudahy Mayoral Candidate John Hohenfeldt's Response

2013 Election, Cudahy, Development, John Hohenfeldt, Mayor

Dear Randy:


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Let's Pose a Few Questions

2013 Election, Cudahy, DPW, Mike Clark

So retired Cudahy DPW personnel, Mike Clark, who is running for Alderman in the Cudahy 5th District race stated this:


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I am All For A Referendum On Same-Day Registration

Milwaukee County, Referendum, Vote

So the Milwaukee Common Council approves a referendum on same-day voter registration. 


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Oh Look Here Is Some Development In Cudahy - Well Maybe!

Cudahy, Development, Packard Plaza, Retail, retail, Wal-Mart

So another “Condo” project is being proposed for Cudahy.  This must be some of the Earth shattering Kaboom development we were promised!


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Today My Son Ryan Would Have Been 8 Years Old


It is a sad day in my life and for my family. 


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Missing Milwaukee's Acapulco Restaurant? Then Try Senor Loco's

Food, Milwaukee, Greenfield, Restaurant, Mexican

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants was Acapulco Restaurant on 6th and National in Milwaukee.  The owner (Donna) was a family friend.  She sold the restaurant and bar.  Then a few months later a fire happen and part of the building was deemed unsafe and had to be torn down.


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Let's Talk Spelling and Grammar!

Blogging, Culture, Words

I'm the first here to admit that I've made mistakes, and it's been incumbent on me to take responsibility to shoulder that burden, make the necessary changes, and move on.


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Our Voice Was Heard!

CDA, Cudahy, Development, Brian Biernat, Iceport, Franklin, Packard Plaza, retail, Retail, Tony Day, Meijer

Okay people, Mayor Day is finally talking publicly about Packard Plaza!  The constant pressures we have placed on him and Brian Biernat have got them interested in the situation there.


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Blogging and Being a Cudahy Alderman

2013 Election, Alderman, Blogging, Randy Hollenbeck

If you hear Mayor Day or his assistant Carolyn Toms-Neary talk about my blog it is NOT true.  I have been approached by a few people that told me they are telling people my blog must go once I am elected alderman and this is NOT so!


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Now Everyone Is In Cudahy District 3

2013 Election, Alderman, Cudahy, Blogging, Missed Comments, Randy Hollenbeck

I find it funny that all these people who have been against me and commenting on the blog for the longest time are suddenly claiming they are in my district and suddenly they claim their minds are made up that I am a hot head and they are now NOT going to vote for me and they are talking to their neighbors about me!


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Did Anyone From Cudahy Attend This Business Symposium?

Culture, Development

I shudder to ask if anyone in Cudahy Economic Development, the Mayor or if anyone from the City attended or even knew about this.


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