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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

South Shore Frolics -- July 9, 10, 11, 2010 -- South Shore Park -- 2900 S. Shore Drive.

On the weekend of July 9, 10, and 11, 2010, the South Shore Frolics will be in action. This event takes place at South Shore Park, located at 2900 S. Shore Drive, in Bay View. The link to this event is:

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Celebrate Independence Day at Humboldt Park on Monday, July 5th

   This is the centennial year for Humboldt Park 4th of July Association. We will be presenting our best efforts to commemorate this occasion. We will have over 100 units in our morning parade. The web site that gives all of the information on the day's activities is: http://humboldtpark4thof  or go to web site:  We have a full day of activities planned, starting at 9:00 AM with the morning parade and ending at 9:15 PM after the fireworks display. Try web site:  We will have the Talent Show this year, after being canceled last year due to budget cuts from the City of Milwaukee. Our great sponsors have helped us make this year special for all of us to enjoy. Take time out and come to Humboldt Park, where the Independence Day activities began in the City of Milwaukee. We began in 1910, and this year is 2010. Thanks to some great sponsors and volunteers, we have been able to continue for 100 years. We can always use more volunteers. We would like to carry this tradition into the future for more families to be able to enjoy. Please consider becoming a volunteer with our organization. Have a happy and safe holiday with your family.

Thank you Cliff and all of your staff at Humboldt Park

  I wish to give a special thank you to Cliff and his staff at Humboldt Park. Your work in the parks has been outstanding. Your dedication to the parks and the people is beyond the normal. It is time that somebody spoke up for you. Your work with all of the public events is great. The Chill on the Hill, the Independence Day celebration, the South Shore Frolics, the Easter Egg Hunt, the  Polish Women's Alliance Children's Christmas Party, Tree Day, weddings, parties, are just a few of the things that you do. You have several parks to maintain with very little staff to help you out. Your dedication is beyond the call of duty.  If I only had enough quality words to describe your excellent work.  Thank you very much for all that you do.

Bay View Historical Society "Wine & Beer Tasting" -- July 24, 2010

   Tickets are available now for the annual Wine & Beer Tasting to benefit the the Bay View Historical Society. This wonderful event will be held at the historic Beulah Brinton House, 2590 S. Superior Street, in Bay View, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. It is sponsored by the G. Groppi Food Market and the Nehring family.

   The price is $ 45.00 in advance and $ 55.00 at the door.  So buy your tickets soon.  The board members of the Bay View Historical Society will be happy to sell these tickets to you. Just let us know how many you wish to purchase.

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Reminder of South Shore Frolics this weekend

  The South Shore Frolics is going on this weekend. The parade was today at 11 AM. There was a fish fry on Friday night. There was a movie for the children on Friday night. There will be fireworks each day at about 10 PM. There are lots of activities happening throughout the weekend. On Sunday, the Bay View Arts Guild will present a display and sale of local art. All of this activity is happening at South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View. Come down and join in the fun at the park.

Fernwood/Sauerkraut Hill Walk

                                      Bay View Historical Society presents its August Walk

                                                FERNWOOD/SAUERKRAUT HILL WALK

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Youth Works Program Helps Others

                                               YOUTH WORKS PROGRAM HELPS OTHERS

   Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church, located at 1025 E. Oklahoma Avenue in Bay View,  annually hosts the "Youth Works Program" with teenagers.  These young people come from various states to help different organizations in the Milwaukee area. Between 40 - 72 teenagers  spend 5 days in Milwaukee and then another group comes in each week during the summer to volunteer for various projects.

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Reminder of the Grant Park Centennial Event

   On Sunday, July 18th, there will be a celebration of the Grant Park Centennial from 7 AM to 7 PM at various locations inside of Grant Park in South Milwaukee.  The web site of this event is:  This event is free to all interested people. There will be activities for all ages. Families are invited to attend. This is a special occasion and is endorsed by officials of Milwaukee County, Grant Park Garden Club,  officials of City of South Milwaukee, Friends of the Mill Pond, South Milwaukee Lions Club, South Milwaukee Historical Society  and many other organizations and people. This is an event for the entire family as a group to enjoy. Y'all Come and join us.

Support 6 day delivery service for United States Postal Service

  The U. S. Postal Service has always been a service to the people by the United States government. Cutting delivery days attacks the service idea. In the past, when  it was the United States Post Office Department, the entire cost of running it was from tax payer dollars. When the corporation of the U.S. Postal Service was formed in 1970, government funding was greatly reduced and it was self-supporting. Maybe if the funding situation is critical, tax payers should again fund it. This is the government's  method of reaching all of the people in the nation. It is the lifeblood of national communication. Please  establish a means to continue the 6 day delivery program.

Wine and Beer Tasting -- Sponsored by the Grant Park Garden Club

                                                                      JOIN US FOR A

                                                                WINE AND BEER TASTING

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Reminder of Wine and Beer Tasting at Beulah Brinton House on Saturday, July 24th

  John Nehring owner of  G. Groppi Grocery and the Bay View Historical Society are having a Wine and Beer Tasting at the historic Beulah Brinton House, located at 2590 S. Superior Street, in Bay View. All profits from this event will go to the Bay View Historical Society to help pay for the Beulah Brinton House. John Nehring and his family have contributed much for this event. There will be a silent auction and music there. This event starts at 5 PM. Go to web site:  for any more needed information on this event.

What's that on the Beulah Brinton House Lawn?

A call to Bay View residents:

  As part of the Art and Archeology of Me program developed by Discovery World and in partnership with Bay View High School, you are invited to contribute to your neighborhood's history by bringing your memories, your stories and your objects to the Bay View Historical Observatory, starting on Saturday, July 31, 2010.

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Humboldt Park Watch 10th Annual Corn Roast

                                      HUMBOLDT   PARK   WATCH  ANNUAL   CORN  ROAST

                               TUESDAY, AUGUST 17TH, 2010 AT 6:30 PM NEXT TO THE CHALET

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Enjoy the South Shore Farmers Market

  The South Shore Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 8 AM to 12 Noon through the third week in October. We have educational programs followed by musical programs at the market. There are several coffee shops and bakeries at the market. Over 40 vendors are in the park, The Kettle Corn Man will be there the last Saturday of the month until October. There are fresh raspberries, strawberries, cherries, apples on sale. Fresh mushrooms and chickens and eggs are there. Smoothies and crepes are available. Many vegetables are available from the various farmers. Organic farm goods are also there. Homemade candy is available as is honey and cheese products. There are picnic tables in the park available to sit on, but if you want to be closer to the music, bring your own chair to sit on. Y'all come and join us at the market. Bring your entire family and your dog, if it is on a leash. Flowers are available to purchase.  Restrooms are available inside of the park pavilion. See you there.

Heat wave hits our area

 Because it is so hot outside, make sure that you do not over do things. A good water supply helps. Take a break and get some rest. If you can, find an air conditioned place to stay at. A good fan will move the air and keep you cooler. Give your dog plenty of water and take it inside when it gets too hot outside. Do not leave your dog inside of a car alone during this heat. If you are riding with your dog,  open up the windows to get a breeze for it. If you feel yourself getting over heated, take a break and cool off somewhere before you hurt yourself.  Heat exhaustion or heat stroke could occur. This is the time to take it easy and slow down a bit. Protect yourself at all times from heat and exhaustion.

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