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What I Like

Dave lives in Bay View and is a graduate student at Marquette University. He is a student of politics and history, a skeptic, optimist, and writer, among other things.

I Like Paying My Share, But This Is Getting Excessive

parking, shared revenue, taxes

I have a job now, which is nice. Because working for four hours on Wednesday allowed me to earn almost enough money to pay the $30 ticket I got for parking “within 15 feet of a crosswalk” during my shift.

Friday I got a letter from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue informing me that my state tax refund has been offset by $100 to cover two debts to City of Milwaukee Parking Enforcement and a ten dollar fee. I called the contact number and waited for three minutes worth of a recording telling me that my call was being transferred. To what, or from what I never learned. Then I hung up.

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I Like My Fires Out, Please

sales tax, property tax, fire, walker

So let’s say you weren’t convinced by my argument that Milwaukee’s crippled taxing authority is causing me to get more parking tickets than I deserve. Because you’re not me, and you don’t keep getting parking tickets, and I was probably just passing the blame for my irresponsible parking behavior. Fine.

But what if the Milwaukee Fire Department is closing fire companies on rotating basis to save money? Well, you’re still not me, and your house probably isn’t on fire, so maybe you still don’t care. But Bay View’s Engine 11 company was shut down for the month of February, leading someone who knows what they’re talking about to worry that residents could be put into “unnecessary jeopardy.”

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