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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Enjoy your summer with your family

   This is the time to enjoy your summer with your family.  There are many things to do.  Sport activities and family get togethers are common.  What is left of our County Parks is still usable for family use. You may have to bring your own toilet paper and hand soap due to budget cuts,  and some park restrooms are condemned by the Milwaukee Health Department.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and do some activities with your family.  If it is too hot outside, then go do an indoor activity.  Go see a movie, visit a museum, go to Betty Brinn,  go to a baseball game or do other activities that you enjoy.  Swimming pools are now open to use.  Softball is very popular with many people.  Milwaukee Public School Recreation Division has many activities for all to enjoy.

Give your dog plenty of water in this hot weather

I have noticed that many dogs tend to overheat in hot weather.  They are just like us in this matter. If they are outside in your yard, give tem shade and plenty of water with ice in it.  If you have a long haired dog, it will have heat problems than a short-haired dog.  Try not to have your dog inside of your car in this heat.  Too many of them overheat and come close to death in a hot inclosed car. If you see a dog and it is panting very much, try to give it some cool water and find it some shade to rest in.  Treat your dog as you would a little child. The more affection you give it, the more affection you will get back.  Remember, a dog is a member of your family.  Always be sure that it is not overheating in this weather.  Do not lose it due to careless deeds. Dogs love to get ice or cold water during hot weather.  If your dog is panting a lot, then give it a rest in a shady area or take it inside to cool off.  Please support the Bay View community.

Be sure that your dog has plenty of water in this heat

  I have noticed that many dogs tend to overheat in hot weather.  They are just like us in this matter.  If they are outside in your yard, give them shade and plenty of water with ice  in it.  If you have a long haired dog, it will have more problems than a short haired one.  Try not to leave your dog inside of a car too long.  The heat inside could kill your dog.  If you see a dog and it is panting very much, then give it some  cool water and find shade for it to rest in.  Treat you dog as you would a little child.  The more affection you give it, the more you get in return.  Remember, a dog is a member of your family.  Always be sure that it is not overheating in this weather.  Do not lose it due to your careless mistakes.  Dogs love to have ice in hot weather.  Please support the Bay View community.

Should the Hide House receive a Bay View landmark ?

  I for one do not see any reason for the Hide House to become a historical landmark building. The building was used as a tannery many years ago,  but nothing major happened there.  I can find no outstanding events that happened there.  If I am wrong, I wish somebody to prove me wrong.  The only reason that I can see of for it to get landmark status, is to prevent low income housing in Bay View. Many buildings in Bay View are worthy of landmark status.  There are several pioneer houses still standing. There are buildings that were built by famous architects.  Many churches deserve landmark status. If anybody builds on the land where the U.S. Army Base was located,  it is on a fools errand.  I can picture any new building sinking into former Deer Creek Pond and gas pipes breaking, with a resulting explosion as you never have seen before.  Look at the north end of Beulah Brinton Community Center.  Its north end is slowing sinking into the same kind of soil as is on the former army base.  Please prove me wrong, as I do not want people to be killed because political people decided to build on swamp land. Go to the Bay View Compass Newspaper web site and look at photos of Deer Creek Pond and note the size of its area.  It was over 200 feet wide at one time. From E. Potter Ave. to E. Lincoln Ave., and from S. Logan Ave. to the railroad tracks were its boundaries.  Please prove me wrong, as I do not want to be responsible for not warning people about these conditions. If you have any additional information on Hide House, I would like to see it, as I could find nothing important about its past.

Corn Roast Fundraiser on Tuesday, August 11th, at Humboldt Park

   At the Chill on the Hill Program at Humboldt Park on Tuesday, August 11th,  the Humboldt Park Watch will have its annual Corn Roast Fundraiser.  We will be located not too far from the stage at the Chalet. This is the one time that Humboldt Park Watch has its fundraiser.  All money raised or donated goes for park watch activities throughout the year.  The Easter Egg Hunt, Tree Day and other activities are funded by this event.  The corn will be roasted on two large charcoal grills.  In past years we have been very successful at this event.  All of our labor is donated.  While you are enjoying the great music of Chill on the Hill, you can stop over and purchase a corn-on-the-cob to eat.  This corn roast is only done once a year, so enjoy it while you can.  Humboldt Park is located at 3000 S. Howell Ave. in Bay View.  The Chalet is located near the park entrance on E. Montana St. and S. Howell Ave.  Here is a chance for you to enjoy the view of Humboldt Park and what it has to offer for the people.  The Chill on the Hill Program is free to the  public to enjoy.  Come down and bring your family to enjoy a wonderful day at the park and purchase some good corn-on-the-cob.

Football is returning soon

   In August, the NFL goes to the practice field to prepare for a new season.  What changes will we see with the Green Bay Packers?  Will Brett Farve risk his body to play another season of football, even the Minnestota Vikings?  There will be a new defensive scheme for the Packers.  We must wonder how the players will adjust to it.  Which players' jobs are in jeopardy?  There are a lot of interesting changes going on with the Packers.  I wish them well this season.

  College football is just around the corner.  How will Wisconsin do this season?  This season will make or break their coach and his staff. The joy of watching football games is about to resume again soon. Women will lose their husbands when the football games are on television.  Many wives also enjoy the game of football, so that is not so bad.  Rest your eyes now, for football soon will be back for us to watch.

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Keeping young children occupied

 When your children are young,  they get bored easily.  While playing with other children is important, many children also like to read and play on your computer.  Facebook has some farm games that will interest your children.  There are also some better age related games that they can play.  A good challenge will help develop good eye coordination and mental alertness in your child.  You should help them to make sure that they are not going into strange areas of the computer that might have a negative effect on them.  The search for knowledge is a great ability for a child to have.  The children who find an acceptable challenge in  computer games can many times become better readers and understand more about life itself.  Outdoor excercise is the best thing for them.  Computer games can occupy them when they are indoors and bored.  We all need a mental challenge at one time or another.  A family that plays together, stays together.  Alaways take the time to enjoy your children while you can.  They grow up too soon sometimes.  Enjoy them while you can, and establish good relations with them, so they can come to you with questions in the future and trust your answers. Be a good family and do things together.

Have some corn-on-the-cob

The South Shore Farmers Market has more than one vendor with fresh corn to sell.  Tomatoes, squash, peas, beans, potatoes, onions, giant kohlrabi and many more vegetables to sell.  Egg sandwiches on the grill, crepes, smoothies, coffee, bakery, homemade candy, pies, fresh mushrooms, frozen soups, chickens, eggs, flowers, plants, jams and other goodies are all available at the market.  We have one of the best farmers markets in the city.  Come join us and see for yourself.  The farmers market is located in South Shore Park,  2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View,  and is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon.  We have had beautiful weather for the market this year. Y' all come and see us on Saturday mornings.

Enjoy the Chill on the Hill at Humboldt Park while you can on Tuesday nights.

  There a still a few more nights of free music with Chill on the Hill at Humboldt Park,  located in the Chalet, just south of E. Montana Street & S. Howell Avenue.  The Bay View Neighborhood Group has sponsored this event for several years.  There have been vendors on the site selling beer and other goods to people.  This is a family friendly event for all people to enjoy.  On Tuesday, August 11th, the Humboldt Park Watch had their Corn Roast fundraiser with corn going for $2.00 a cob.  Ruth Simos was also given a special honor at the Chalet for all of her hard work supporting the park watch and doing other things for the community.  Congratulations to Ruth Simos.  There has always been a large crowd at these musical events.  The Bay View community should be proud of events like this to help the community.  Please support the Bay View community.

The Bay View Bash is coming on September 19th

  On Saturday,  September 19, 2009,  the Bay View Bash is returning to Bay View.  S. Kinnickinnic Avenue from E. Potter Avenue to S. Clement Avenue will be the scene fo the Bay View Bash.  This is a reminder to you of its coming.  The Bay View Historical Society will again sponsor this event.  When I get more information of the Bash schedule, I will post it on-line.  In the past we have had several bands playing, a children's area,  local groups with a message to give,  political figures available to talk to,  mascots, a weight lifting contest, a local fire engine,  games to play for the children and other things will be available at the Bash.  Keep this date in mind when you are planning your activities.  Everyone is welcome to attend this free event.

For more information on the Bay View Bash please go to:

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Should the Hoan Bridge be torn down?

If they tear down the Hoan Bridge,  then they should also replace I43/I94 Bridge with a low bridge that has to be raised every time a row boat wants to go through the river.  It would also make as much sense as to build condos next door to the sewerage plant for the lawmakers  who want such a change to occur. If they build a lower Hoan Bridge, then the highway would have to shut down any time a boat wanted to enter Milwaukee Harbor.  I can just picture rush hour traffic being held up so that a small boat can go under the bridge while traveling to open water.  Where are your realities?  Many years ago, the Bay View Rolling Mill wanted to build a bridge to cross over the Milwaukee harbor.  This bridge would have cost Milwaukee very little money,  but City Hall said no.  The Interstate Highway System was established to move traffic quickly at all time of the day and night.  Why go back to the horse and buggy days and install a bridge that has to be raised any time a boat wants to enter the harbor.  It would make as much sense as making the speed limit 20 mph on the freeway to prevent accidents.  Where are we getting these geniuses what do not want progress and only want to waste money, of ours, on useless projects?  Well City Hall has enough of these geniuses who do not know how to boil water.  Why not paint a trail in City Hall to show the folks there how to find a restroom.  They seem to do a lot of there work there anyhow and have plenty of material to fill up our sewers daily.  Our leaders should use their God given brains to think this matter over.  Do you want the traffic to move in a fast orderly manner, or do you want the traffic to move like City Hall answering a problem?  You have elected these people to office.  You can decide what to do with them.  A new election is coming next year.  Here is your opportunity to elect somebody with good intelligence and national loyalty to any office.  Maybe we need a clean house and return to the way Mayor Dan Hoan saved Milwaukee during the Great Depression.  We could use good people like that. You are the voter.  You can decide as to who gets elected to political office here.

We have had a very unusually cool summer

   This is the coolest summer that I can remember from the past.  While the weather is cool, at least no major thunderstorms or tornados have developed so far.  The farmers' crops are delayed a bit,  but the produce is of excellent quality.  Due to the cool air, not as many heat strokes have happened to people. It is easier to work out in your yard without overheating.  We should remember, each day is a gift of the Lord, and we should thank Him for all that we have.  You should take advantage of this beautiful weather and relax with your family for a while.  A good vacation is not out of the question. Now is a good time to really let your hair stand out and be yourself.  We should be thankful for all that we have received in this life. Please help your family find some relaxing moments with you and enjoy this summer.

Don't get lost playing facebook games

  When you start playing games on Facebook, you can lose track of time very easily.  Remember, they are only a game, and not worth losing sleep or family time over.  Temptation can be strong, but always remember that there are others in the family that need your time and energy.  Winning or losing is not so important, but playing the game seems to be important to you.  When a good baseball or football game comes on,  you will forget all about these games.  Save your eyes, and do other things with your life besides playing these games.  Fantasy football is one example of a mentally challenging game for you. Go outside and take a walk and enjoy life.  Your body will appreciate this.  Do any outside work that needs to be done before winter sets in.  Get an oil change and grease job on your car.  Take your family out to eat or to a movie or something else that is interesting to you.  Please support the Bay View community.

The new proposed Hoan Bridge????

  I can imagine an ambulence taking I-794 over the new lower Hoan Bridge to get to a person on the southeast are of Milwaukee.  The bridge goes up because a yacht is coming into Milwaukee Harbor. The entire new Hoan Bridge, including the ambulence that has its red lights  flashing,  must wait for them to raise and then lower the bridge on I-794.  Traffic will be bottled up for quite a while due to this boat  coming in.  This event will repeat itself many times a day, even during rush hour.  There will be signs advertising the new condos that were built on Jones Island.  When the wind is right, the people  in the condos will have to evacuate the area, or else breathe in the fresh smell of manure from the nearby sewerage plant.  Building built on a former sand bar will be very unstable in wet weather.  Nobody living near the new highway will be able to hang their clothes out to dry or to create small vegetable gardens. Clothes pins will become uniform of the day to these people.  These people will be as welcome in other people's houses as a skunk is inside of your house.  Everthing that they own will smell like fresh manure.  Milorganite, the main product made in the area will leave its effects on all that you own.  You almost might be able to keep skunks as pets, since this is a better smell than nearby areas.  Gas masks will become  a necessity if you live in these proposed condos.

  Please consider contacting your political leaders to prevent them from tearing down the present Hoan Bridge and replacing it with a lower bridge with a bridge tender to raise the bridge every few minutes for a passing boat. The story above could become a reality if you do nothing about saving the present Hoan Bridge.  You might be the person assigned to live in low rent housing near the sewerage plant. This is your future that we are talking about.  Act now to prevent them from razing the present Hoan Bridge as it stands now.  You also are the one to elect our political leaders.  Act wisely in that matter.

Hello Mudder -- Hello Fudder

Hello Mudder,  Hello Fudder

Here we are at Humboldt Park

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Back to school again

  Just think, very shortly our children and grand-children will be returning to their schools. This summer is drawing to a close.  Between now and Labor Day, you still have a chance for one more vaction trip for your family.  Enjoy the farmers markets before the leaves turn colors.  Enjoy the brisk cool air that is coming upon us.  Set up your chair to watch the end of the baseball season and the beginning ot the football and basketball season.  Bowling alleys can be fun recreation both now and in cold weather.  Find out where your jackets and sweaters are stored. Go shopping to make sure that your children have all of the clothes that they need for the coming school year.  Become a member of PTA, and be a mentor to your children.  You can be a part of your children's education process.  Make sure that you have some to time to relax with your family.  A family that plays and works together, stays together.  Remember to go to church services together.  Thank the Good Lord for all that you have.  Remember, each day is a gift of the Lord.  Nobody knows when their time to depart will come, so be prepared for your family's sake. Please support the Bay View community.

Local School News in our Newspapers

We need the co-operation of all of the schools in the Bay View area.  We would like to be able to post news from your school on-line for all to be able to read. We should have pride in our local schools. By posting your local news, people can learn more about your school. Positive news is missing in our newspapers. Consider having one person, at your school ,send your news to Penny Manke, or call her at 414-304-5039.  We are trying to set up a blog site just for local school news. You will be helping your school get its news out by doing this. Too little Bay View news has been in our local newspapers. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel claims that it has too little space for such news. Let us change this by producing interesting local school news on-line for the public to see how great your school is doing.

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