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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

September is Primary Election time

This is a reminder that all elections are important. In this country your vote can mean the difference between the man you want to elect and the man you don't want to elect being in office. Your opinion and your vote are possible due to our democratic country's free election system. In many countries, your freedom to vote is limited according to their regulations. Freedom does not come cheap and should not be taken for granted. You have the right to support any candidate for office without fear of reprisal from government agencies. Let's all get out and vote this election.

5th Annual Bay View Neighborhood Bash Schedule --- 9/13/08

There will be singing, dancing, shopping and playing in the streets of Bay View again this year. The theme for this year's event for 2008 is: "Bay View, Then and Now". The 2008 Bay View Bash features three live music stages with 20 bands. A children's area with games, clowns and entertainment. A demonstration area featuring a fashion show, over 100 Bay View Bay View area food, art, and novelty vendors plus a car show! The 2008 Bay View Bash expects over 25,000 attendees.

The Bay View Bash is proudly sponsored by the Bay View Historical Society. All proceeds from the event will go to the renovation, maintenance, and preservation of our headquarters, the historic Beulah Brinton House, located at 2590 S. Superior Street in Bay View. For more information or to volunteer for the day of the event, visit or e-mail The time of the event is from 11:00 AM - 10.00 PM. Location is S. Kinnickinnic Avenue from E. Potter Avenue to S. Clement Avenue.

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The history of The Friends of the Mill Pond & Oak Creek Watercourse, Inc.

The Friends of Mill Pond & Oak Creek Watercourse originated as a grass roots citizen organization with over 50 members. Our objective is the restoration and beautification of the land and water environment surrounding the South Milwaukee Mill Pond and Oak Creek Watercourse which flows directly into Lake Michigan.

The Mill Pond was created in 1840 with the construction of a gristmill. Originally owned by the John Fowle Family, the mill's promary function was to grind corn, wheat,  and barley, which provided flour throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. The mill ran successfully until 1932, when it was torn down. The original granite millstones still exist and have been placed on either side of the dam along with commemorative plaques. The WPA constructed the recreational building and replaced the original wooden dam with the existing limestone spillway dam during the 1930's.

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What to do when no rain comes down for a while.

Think back to June of 2008, and think of all the flooding that occured in Wisconsin. When the dry season comes and you can't water your lawn, just think of this June. The hot days were here with little relief in sight. The many flying mosquitos will also remind you of our wet June. Just think, with the price of gasolene being as high as it is, you might be able to afford to visit a nearby park or go to our polluted Lake Michigan and look at the water. If the County Board does nothing about the County Pension Scandal, then we might only have postage stamp size parks left with little maintenance possible due to lack of proper funding.  If you want to see good parks and good bus service, you might have to move to Wauwatosa, where no cuts were made in their bus routes or in their park staffing. At least we will still have the County Zoo, but remember, that is near Wauwatosa too. Scott Walker should help the other areas of Milwaukee County and not just his home town of Wauwatosa. Maybe you should give him a telephone call or send him a letter and tell him what you think of our current situation. Remember, he cancelled the investigation of the County Pension Scandal.  Well if nothing, just enjoy what we have left of our bus service and County Parks. Scott Walker is watching them for us, or is he trying to sell them behind our backs. Ask him. Support the sales tax motion in our next election if you want to save our parks and bus system. Remember, Scott Walker invites you to walk or ride a bike to travel anywhere. When more bus routes are cut, you may have to do this on a daily basis, unless you live in Wauwatosa, where buses are plentiful. In November, go out and vote and express your opinion on this matter. As he says, you can always walk to your polling site.

State and Federal Mandates for Public Schools

Our State and Federal governments should stand behind their mandates for educational purposes with proper funding to pay for these mandates. It is us, the tax payers, who get stuck with the bill on our property taxes each year. Good education is needed and necessary, but draining our budgets on unfunded mandates puts a heavy burden on our school districts. It is hard enought to obtain money to pay for our buildings and teachers. Why should we also have to pay for unfunded mandates?  Is it any wonder why school districts have to drop arts, physical education, music, sports and other activities to pay for these mandates?  Please write to your local politicians and request that they obtain funding for government mandates so that we can restore a proper education for our children. If more funding was possible, then our educational system would prosper and we will have better educated children as a result. Support your public school system.

Parents are invited to join Parent Teacher Associations at your child's school

The National Parent Teacher Association was founded over 100 years ago as a way for parents to get involved in their child's education. The PTA has many brochures and programs to help you learn more about the education of your children and how to become an active part of that process. It has been learned from many studies, that when parents become actively involved in their children's education, that the children benefit greatly from this. PTA's are there to help the parents when they have questions about their children. PTA's help the teachers by giving them support with the children. Many parents today can thank the PTA's in the past for guiding their children in positive ways. Check with your child's school and see if they have a PTA. Join it if possible. Be a mentor to both your children and to other children. The programs offered by the PTA are very beneficial to the family. Do not be afraid to express your opinion at PTA meetings. Your input and ideas are make a PTA into a great PTA. Show your leadership by becoming an officer in the group. Your example will be a guide to others. Ask your school principal about the school PTA. If you have any questions on the PTA organizations, please go to your computer and look up the National PTA and all that it has to offer.

Prepare for the season's end to the South Shore Farmers Market

We have a few more weeks to enjoy the South Shore Farmers Market at South Shore Park located at 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View. Every Saturday, from 8 AM to 12 Noon, we have been able to enjoy the Farmers Market at South Shore Park It has been 17 weeks of joy to behold.  Here is the schedule from September 20, 2008, until the last Saturday of October 18, 2008.

September 20, 2008: At 9:15 AM = Cooking with Hector's Restaurant & Red Cross Blood Drive (bring picture ID)

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Thank you for attending the Bay View Bash

I wish to thank everybody for making the Bay View Bash a success. Special thanks go to Bill Sell, Omar Barberena, Lance Dyzak, Erin Brandenburg, Amy Schubert, Kathy Mulvey, Mark Zimmerman, Becky Meer, Bill Rouleau, Jeffrey Folstad, Stacy Sommerville, Penny Manke and Sara Santiago for all of their work in producing the Bash. To name all of the people who helped us, would be a large task. I apologize if I have not named somebody here, because so many great people helped us. I would also like to thank the sponsors and vendors for helping our cause. The Bay View Bash is a community event supporting the Bay View Neighborhood. Special thanks go to Kathy Mulvey for coordinating the Bay View Historical Society's part in the Bash. All of the profits will go to help the Bay View Historical Society after expenses are deducted. This event is a great way to honor the Bay View community. Thank you everybody who attended this event. Your support was gladly received. Amy Schubert and Lance Dyzak did a tremendous amount of work in preparing for the Bash as did Kathy Mulvey. May next year bring another Bay View Bash as good as this one, but without rain coming down on us. We had no control over the weather, but did our best to work around it. It was good to see a large crowd coming in spite of the rain. Well done everyone.

Pictures from the past

When you go to view the Bay View Historical Society,, look for the digital photographs that they have there. In the past, several UWM students have placed some of our archive photos on line. You can view the corner of S. Howell Ave, and E. Oklahoma Ave., while construction was being completed. You can see stores  that no longer exist now. There are old views of Humboldt Park and some of the old parades on S. KK Ave. while they were building the Avalon Theater. There are views of the old fire station. There are a lot of pictures from Jones Island. There are some old family pictures from way back when. You can see for yourself much of the early history of Bay View. Now, if that interests you, you can request a visit to the archives room of the Beulah Brinton House and see old stories brought back to life in books and photos. It would take a long time to place all of our material on line, but we have much to be seen. The Beulah Brinton House is the headquarters of the Bay View Historical Society and is located at 2590 S. Superior Street in Bay View. If you wish to, there are forms on line for donating to the Society to help pay for the Beulah Brinton House and to help increase our archives. We are there to serve the community of Bay View. If you have some memorabilia or old photographs to donate to us, we will gladly receive them. We would like to preserve the history of Bay View whenever possible, and any donations will be gladly received. There is a lot of knowledge to preserve, but much of it is still unavailable to us. Any old photograph is a moment that is locked into time. They are treasures for all to be able to view and study. The schedule for when the Beulah Brinton House is open to the public is located at and the address is 2590 S. Superior Street in Bay View.

Why can't we have train service to Madison or/and to Green Bay Wisconsin?

It seems to me that train service to Madison and to Green Bay, Wisconsin, would save us a lot of costs on buying gasolene. This train service would greatly reduce our highway use to these two cities and save on wear and tear. Many people would like to visit Madison to see our state government in action and to watch Wisconsin Badger sports games. We have a lot of people who like to go up to Green Bay to see the Packers. If we had train service there, car rentals could be had to finish any trips we had planned for vacations. The KRM would be very useful when they rebuild I-94 to Chicago. Illinois. If more people had rail service, we could save on gasolene and air pollution. If we could harness methane gas as a fuel, we could run our trains on next to nothing in costs. If methane gas were used to run turbines, we could have very cheap electricity for our homes and industry. Methane gas is produced from garbage and manure and is always available. Some farmers run their tractors on methane gas. Methane gas is a first cousin of natural gas and propane gas. Now in this time of the green movement, is the time to develop methane gas and tell the oil producers where to go, and charge them plenty for getting fresh drinking water from us. The oil producers should pay us for water like they charge us for oil now. It is a two street out there for them and us. Consider this plan. It might save us some money some day. If we had better mass transportation, we could generate more jobs for people seeking work, and can't find a way to get there now. The handicapped and disabled people could have a mode of transportation that they don't have now. The more jobs that we have, the more taxes are generated  to pay for our expenses and less property taxes for home owners. Share this expense with others and reduce the amount that we have to pay by ourselves. If we keep fighting taxes, we may lose some vital things necessary for our lives. We could lose our parks, our buses, health care for the poor and other needed things. We should be able to create with our modern technology, cheaper fuels and a  greener environment. It sometimes takes money to make progress in this area. The end result will be in our favor with lower costs in the future. Look to the future and plan ahead. Please support the Bay View community.

2008 "Tree Day" at Humboldt Park

On Tuesday, October 7, 2008, Humboldt Park Watch will be having its annual Tree Day. The day begins at 8:00 AM and ends around 2:00 PM. First, second and third grade students from the local nearby schools are invited to attend this event. Ruth Simos, head of the Humboldt Park Watch, is  in charge. Usually an entire class or classes of children come from each local school. If you want your school to participate in Tree Day, please contact Ruth Simos at (414) 483-9330. She will schedule your class or classes and give you all of the details of things happening that day. Children will spend part of their time there inside of the park pavilion studying leaves and other things about Humboldt Park. Sometimes, we will have a button machine to make individual buttons for the children. The next part of their time there will entail taking a walk through the park with a tour guide, who will explain things they see. If possible, the Milwaukee County will plant some new trees in the park and the children can watch this happening. It depends on the availability of park workers to plant these trees. Humboldt Park and its lily pond and lagoon (if you can see it through the heavy tall weeds blocking its view) are all sights to be seen by the children. They can ask questions of their tour guide if they want to. Once again, if you want your class or school to participate at this event, please call Ruth Simos at (414) 483-9330 to schedule you. This event starts at about 8:00 AM and ends at 2:00 PM to allow as many children as possible to enjoy this day in the park. All of the people helping out on Tree Days are volunteers. If you want to help us as a volunteer, please call Ruth Simos and let her know about it. We could use more volunteers to help us here.

"Greenfinger" a Murder Mystery to Test Your CSI Skills With



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Priorities in County Government Spending

Why is it that our County Exectutive has enough money to give a 26% pay increase to one of his staff members, and does not have enough money to provide toilet paper for County Park restrooms?  Does he have to keep cutting positions in our park system and give raises to his staff members?  We could use some more park workers to save our parks. It is not right to go to a park and find the door locked due to lack of park workers. Where are people supposed to go to the restroom then? Do we have to go to Scott Walker's office to find a rest room?  How are handicapped supposed to be able to relieve themselves if they can't use a park restroom?  Please give me an answer to this letter. Please support the Bay View community.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Polonez Restaurant

I would like to honor Polonez Restaurant on the celebration of 25 years in business. It is located at 4016 S. Packard Avenue in St. Francis, Wisconsin, 53235. The phone number there is 414-482-0080, if you wish to make reservations to eat there. The Polonez Restaurant started out at a location just west of St. Josephat's Basilica, at S. 6th Street and W. Lincoln Avenue. It has honored Polish traditions all of the time of its existance. Polish food as would be served in The Baltic Sea area of Poland is their specialty. Much of the Polish food is similar to German food, as this area of Poland was under German occupation for many years. The owners have gone out of their way to produce an atmosphere as homelike as possible. On Sundays, they serve a brunch with many varieties of Polsih specialties, including kielbasa, potato pancakes, ham, shrimp. salmon, two kinds of potato salad, pierogi, cheese cake, eggs, pork sausages, pork roast, and many other foods to delight you. This is one of the few restaurants in the Milwaukee area to have pork hocks and sauerkraut on their  regular menu. Imagine walking into the place and seeing Polish clothing outfits on display. The owner will always make you feel right at home. On Sundays, they have a person playing Polish music on the accordian as you eat your meal. I have always enjoyed eating there, but on October 4, 2008, they want to celebrate their 25th anniversary in business. Once you have tasted their food and atmosphere, you will always want to return there again. Congratulations to the owners of the Polonez Restaurant. Stol  Lat!  May you have many more years of good business ahead of you. Thank you for being here.

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