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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Listening to political ads is very boring

  When we went to White Bear Lake, Minnesota (near St. Paul, Minnesota) recently, we were watching the television ads for politics.  The same messages that we were hearing in Milwaukee, but with different names attached to these ads, were on television. You wonder if the same writers were producing these ads for different parts of the country. It would be nice to hear some original ads for a change. I will be very happy after Election Day. Then all of these crazy ads will disappear from the air. Please take the time to vote on this election day. Your vote is very important to everyone, You have the opportunity to vote for the person that you think will do the best job for you as an elected official. If you don't vote, then you have no right to complain about politics. Please take the time to vote.

have you been on an airplane recently?

   I just came back from a trip to the Twin Cities, Minnesota.  When we got to the airport, the first thing that we had to do was produce a photo Identification card (current driver's license or other State  I.D. card). You then had to verify your reservations, which you had made months earlier. Last minute changes can occur on your flight plans or departure gate. You must place your luggage, except for one carry-on piece on the counter provided for this. You then go to an entry point where you must show your photo i.d. and your ticket, You then have to take off your shoes, empty all of your pockets into a tray, take off your jacket or coat, place your carry-on luggage on the line into the x-ray machine and then enter through a metal detector. If any signals come through, then you get wand-ed to verify that you have no metal on you or to verify metal artificial joints on your body. You are asked if you have a pacemaker before going through the metal detector. If you are carrying a computer, it also must be x-rayed. One small boy had a toy gun on him and then was surrounded by sheriff deputies and a report to homeland security had to me made out for him.  You are not allowed to carry food or bottled water into the airport. If you have food on your carry-on luggage and it does not seem harmful, you might be able to proceed with it in your luggage.

  Now, all of this is for entering the airport. To board an airplane, you must have your ticket which has been verified by airport security and enter the airplane and proceed to your seat assignment. You may place your carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment. You must then fasten your seatbelt and be pressed into your seat like a sardine in a tin can. No smoking is allowed on any airplane. The restrooms on the airplane are like a fat man's folly. There is so little space inside that you could be stuck inside of it. Comfort is unknown on a small airplane going to nearby cities.  The large airplanes are used for longer flights. It takes about one hour to fly to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Milwaukee.

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Are you ready for Daylight Savings Time to end?

  In early November, Daylight Savings Time will end for the year. It will get dark very early then. It is best to wear some type of reflective clothing during the nighttime. Dark clothing is hard to see when you are driving at night. Be extra careful of children running out into the road. Allow extra braking time when wet leaves are on the road. The leaf pile that you see might have objects inside of them.  Children like to play in leaf piles also. Be sure to set your clocks so that you are not early for work or school. Please support the Bay View community.

The party's over

  Now that the election is over, we can once again settle down and not listen to political ads. The people have spoken. I am glad that so many people took the time to vote this time. This is what democracy is all about. If you did not vote, then you have no right to complain. Be glad that you are living in a country where you have the right to vote. Whether we like the results of this election or not, at least we had our chance to try to elect the people that we wanted in political office. Best wishes to the winners. To the losers, don't feel bad. You put up a good fight in a free society. You always can get involved in the next election. If the winners fail to keep their promises, they may face the same results as you did in the next election. People are elected to serve the people. They must live up to their promises that they made while running for office. They say if you fail to do this, the next election may a have a new person to replace you. The party is now over. Now is the time for action.

Remember the veterans on Veteran's Day.

   Freedom does not come cheap. It comes with the blood and hard work of our people in the U.S. Armed Forces. Throughout the years, many people have given up their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom that we have. Take the time to compliment our people in the Armed Forces of the United States. They are doing a wonderful job of protecting our way of life. Please support the members of our military, both now and always.  Have a wonderful Veteran's Day.

Snow is on the horizon

   Back on November 11, 1918 at the 11th hour, World War I was declared over. To remember this occasion, we established Veteran's Day. It was decided to honor all of the veterans, both current and past, for the wonderful work that they have done to protect our way of life.

   I also think of snow that came at the time of the end of this war. We should prepare ourselves for any snow storms that suddenly appear. We may not be soldiers, but we must be prepared for the unexpected to happen. When I see snow, I think of the soldiers during the past wars, trying to stay warm during trying times. They were out in the open without shelters. Many developed frost bite as a result of the weather during combat. Some soldiers were in the Pacific area during the war. These people had to fight disease as well as a relentless enemy. Let us take the time to honor these veterans.

A salute to Poland

  On Sunday, November 7, 2010. at the Polish Center, the 13th Annual Polish Independence Day/Veteran's Day Luncheon was presented by the Wisconsin State Division of the Polish American Congress.

 It started with a musical interlude of Polish Melodies. Thomas Gapinski (piano) and John Pienkos (violin) played the music.

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A special party

  When we were younger and part of the YWCA Terpsichorean Club and Henry W. Altstadt's YWCA Dance lessons, we had many parties.  These parties had no alcoholic beverages, but lots of good clean fun together. One of these parties was a "Come as you are" party.  You were supposed to come to the party as you were when you received the phone call inviting you to attend. The idea was that all should be relaxed and not have to worry about dressing up to go out. Some people came in blue jeans, paint clothes, yard working clothes, hair in rollers, shorts and other casual clothing. The idea was to be yourself. People had to accept you as you were.  Usually these turned out to be pot luck type meals with dancing music. We always had a lot of fun while relaxing at this kind of party. Dancing as couples really brought the party to a happy conclusion.

What is Scott Walker going to do about fast speed rail for Wisconsin?

  If Scott Walker cancels the high speed rail for Wisconsin, then we have to pay back several million dollars to the federal government for work already done on it. We would have to close down the high speed rail train manufacturer due to no train contract. We would have to lay off thousands of workers whose jobs are tied into the high speed rail project.  All of the money that we have received for high speed rail would be sent elsewhere.

  If we keep the high speed rail on schedule, then we will lose no federal money. We will have the railroad tracks between Chicago and Madison made safer so higher speed rail can use them. When the price of fuel goes up again, then we will have a safe alternative to highway driving or airplane flights. Keeping the train idea alive is a win-win situation for Wisconsin. Someday in the future, we will have high speed rail between Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis. We must prepare for the future rather than sit back and let what we do have fall apart from lack of maintenance. The railroad tracks are in major need of upgrades to handle more rail traffic. We must be able to look to the future with confidence for our children's sake. Safety is very important to all of us.

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We need new stop signs inside of Humboldt Park and South Shore Park

  While we were honoring the volunteer students, teaching staff of Bay View High School, for all of the hard work that they did at Humboldt Park, I was watching the stop signs by the park pavilion and lagoon. One out of every 10 cars came to a complete stop. Eight out of every ten cars made a rolling stop at the signs. One car out of every 10 cars drove through the stop sign at high speed without attempting to obey the stop sign. When the Milwaukee County Sheriff yelled at them for going through the stop sign, they just drove on and ignored the officer doing the yelling. Because the Milwaukee County Sheriffs were here to help us celebrate the new Children's Play Area and to dedicate the renovations done to the pavilion, they did not have time to patrol the street outside. It is not their fault that these drivers did not receive tickets for not stopping at the stop signs in the crosswalk. A regular patrol car is needed to catch these drivers. What will happen if a child gets hit by a driver not obeying the stop signs in the crosswalk? Something has to be done about either getting new stop signs, a speed bump, or enforcing the signs that are there already. How do you tell a parent that their child was in a crosswalk at a stop sign and a driver hit their child?

 Please correct this dangerous situation before somebody gets hurt while crossing the street in the crosswalk. Too many cars are not obeying the stop signs. Do we have to place a loud horn on the pole by the stop sign to blast away when somebody does not stop at the sign?  Do we need a camera to record all of the vehicles going through the stop sign without coming to a complete stop?  Do we need a speed bump to damage any cars going too fast near the stop signs? Please contact your local politicians to help solve this problem. You could be the one hurt while trying to cross this street.

Remember the assassination of JFK

 On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Try to remember what all happened on this day. I was a work when an announcement came over the public address system informing us of the shooting of J.F.K.  This event happened near 12 noon.  When we were told of the shooting, we were not told that he had died. All of the United States of America was in mourning due to this happening.  Details about the shooting did not come out until the evening news. A special edition of the Milwaukee Journal came out that night. If you want more details about the JFK assassination, then go to the library or watch the History Channel on cable TV. Read or watch accounts of this event. You will get a real education if you do this. Many stories about this event were written.

Good bye Bucky's Super Video Store

  On Tuesday, November 16, 2010, Bucky's Super Video Store, at 1601 E. Oklahoma Ave. (next door to Bay View/St.Francis Postal Station at 1603 E. Oklahoma Ave.), is beginning to sell off its equipment and movie stock. Bucky Kohnke and Tom Ebert have operated this store for many years. The last few years, Tom Ebert has been the manager in charge of all operations there. It was always friendly and neighborhood oriented. There is and was always a smile for everyone who came inside. There was a fax machine, tanning machines, special printed shirts and bags, candy and most of the best and current movies available to buy or rent. Bucky's was a part of the Bay View community. Only good things came from there. Fresh popcorn and coffee were available for a while. Ice cream treats and soda was also available. It was a home away form home. It was a place where you could relax and be yourself. Bucky's Super Video Store helped out the neighborhood when needed. Tom Ebert is a great guy, and deserves much respect for how he has run this business for many years. Many of the customer were neighbors. The clerks came from the neighborhood.

  I am going to miss going to Bucky's. Best wishes to Tom Ebert and Bucky Kohnke in the future. We will miss you very much. Auf Wiedersehen, my good friends. We will meet again some day. It was a pleasure being served by you in the past.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

  I hope that everybody has a great Thanksgiving Day. Take the time to go to church and give thanks for all that we have. Prepare a large meal for your family and guests if you are celebrating at home. If you are going somewhere else, then take along a dish to share with others.  If extra chairs are needed, then bring along a few card table chairs to sit on. There will be football games on TV. Take the time to start a good conversation with your friends and family. Make this a family affair and relax together.

  If you are going out to eat, then make reservations so that you can be served in a restaurant. Take the time to make small talk with each other. Relax and make this a day to be thankful for. Please support the Bay View community.

Bay View Christmas Tree Lighting -- Monday, December 6, 2010

            The Inter-organizational Council of Bay View proudly invites you to attend the annual:

                                                   Bay View Christmas Tree Lighting

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Polish Tradition -- St. Nicholas Day -- Dzieri Swietego Mikolaja

   December 6th is St. Nicholas Day, Dzieri Swietego Mikolaja, and ii brings a small reprieve to the gray monotonous days, especially to children, who feel that Christmas is still so far away. Someone in the family was usually selected to be St, Nicholas and in villages. he would be driven in a sleigh from house to house.  He would be dressed in a long white or red robe, wearing a tall headpiece  much like a bishop's  mitre, a white flowing beard, and in his hand he held a shepherd's staff. He asked children if they had been naughty or nice and if they knew their prayers, and then he gave them sweets, nuts, and apples pulled from under his cloak. In case St. Nicholas could not make the visit personally, his gifts were placed under the children's pillows or in their shoes during the night.


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