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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Labor Day is coming soon

Prepare yourself for Labor Day Weekend. This is the last holiday before school starts in earnest. Take the time to relax with your family.  Our weather has been great lately. Go on a picnic. Go to a park and relax. Close up your summer cottage if necesary. Relax with your family and enjoy yourself. Drive safely. Protect your family from harm. Enjoy the last days of summer. Please support the Bay View community.

Come to the South Shore Farmers Market soon

On Saturday, September 3rd, the South Shore Framers Market will be open from 8 AM to 12 Noon at South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View. There will only be three more weeks to be able to buy corn. Water melons and cantalopes are available now. Tomatoes can be purchased as well as sweey onions. Kettle Corn is available to buy. Three bakeries are there to serve you. Over 40 vendors are on site to serve you. We have an educational program about 9:15 AM and a musical program at 10:15 AM. There are picnic tables there for the first ones who claim them for the day. You may bring your dog to the farmers market, but it must be on a leash and you must clean up after it. Come to a wonderful open air market with a view of Lake Michigan in the backround. You all are welcome to come. I will see you there. Y'all come and join us.

Today we honor our labor unions

  On Labor Day, we take time off with our families to relax. Please remember our labor unions and all that they have done for us over the years. We need them to help us survive these days of grief when jobs are so scarce. Labor unions have helped us get workman's compensation, overtime hours, vacation time, sick leave (in some jobs), a 40 hour work week and 8 hour day. We have m uch to thank them for in the past, present and future. Please support our local labor unions as they have supported us throughout the years. We have much to thank them for.

A sad story

  One day, many years ago, a fellow worker, who always worked  on difficult jobs, decided to stop off after work to have a few drinks. He had a family and newer station wagon. He was always well respected at work. On this day, after he had some drinks in him, he headed west on I-94 towards his home. He decided that it was safe to speed as he drove. While driving, he lost control of his car and hit a bridge column head-on. The story was that they had to pick up his remains with a shovel. The impact had totaled his car with him inside of it. When you hit a concrete column directly, there is very little left of you or your car. The next day it was very quiet at work with him being gone permanently. Some day this could happen to you if you drink and drive your car. Please be careful out there and return to your home safe for your family's sake.

We are getting close to the 10th anniversary of 9/11/2001

We thought that this could never happen. We were so complacent that we though nothing of traveling by airplane to anywhere we wanted to go. We took it for granted that nothing like the events of 9//11/2001 would ever happen. We let our guard down. Foriegn terrorists took over four of our long distance airplanes, killed the pilots, and took over the controls of the airplane themselves. The first one hit one of the buildings of the World Trade Center. Then a second airplane hit the other main building of the World Trade Center. A third hijacked airplane soon hit the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  A fourth hijacked airplane then headed for Washington, D.C. to attempt to destroy  the National Capitol Building.  When the passengers of the fourth plane got word of what had happened earlier in the day, they decided that enough is enough, and decided to sacrifice themselves to stop the terrorists from attacking anywhere else. They, in their sacrifice, saved any further damage to our country by their actions. We should honor their memory, and pray that nothing like this ever happens again.

Rememberingthe events of 9/11/2001

Today we should all place our flags on display to remember the events of 9/11/2001. This tragedy must never be forgotten. Many people were killed that day. The hijacking of four airplanes by foreign terrorists and the damage they did should alawys be remembered. We lost many good firemen and policemen who tried to save peoples lives that day. Many people inside of the World Trade Center never got to see their familes again. In the Pentagon, many people also lost their lives. We should honor America today and place our national flag on display and have a moment of silence to honor those who died that day. The United States of America was attacked that day. Bin Laden is now dead. Many of his followers have also been eliminated. The threat to America still exists today. We now have to screen all passengers who use our airports and trains. Caution to prevent another occurrence is now the order of the day. Please take a moment of silence to honor all of those people who died that day.

Information from a 1938 Bell Telephone Book ( S. Kinnickinnic Ave.--2600 &2700 blks.)

 I have often wondered if people might be interested in reading part of a 73 year old telephone book as it pertains to two blocks of one street. This information is from a real telephone directory. If you are interested in learning about other streets, please let me know and I might be able to copy them as well.

               2600 block of S. Kinninickinnic Ave.

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Reminder of the Bay View Bash

  On Saturday, September 17th, the Bay View Bash will be held. It will be placed on S. Kinnickinnic Ave. between E. Potter Ave. and S. Clement Ave.  There will be five stages for this event. It starts at 11 AM and runs until 10 PM.  The Children's Area will be located on the parking lot of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. This area will be operational from 11 AM until 6 PM. There will be lots of activities going on there. Everybody is welcome to attend.  Please support the Bay View community.

Bay View best newspaper needs your support

  We have one of the best local newspapers in Bay View. It is a very interesting newspaper with local news from  many areas. It is very well written by Kathern Keller and Mike Timm. This newspaper is called the "Bay View Compass".  I wish more people would take out ads in the newspaper. It costs money to produce it. With enough advertisements and want ads, a larger newspaper is possible. Please consider taking out an ad or subscribing to this newspaper.  We truly need to support the Bay View Compass, as it really informs us about what is happening out there.  Many outstanding issues have come out in the past. In order to continue this pattern, more subscriptions or ads are desired. Please show your support for this very excellent newspaper. Thank you Katherine Keller and Mike Timm for all of your hard dedicated work in keeping this newspaper alive and active. You deserve many thanks for all that you have done for the Bay View community. Keep up the good work.  If you wish to subscribe or place an ad, please call 414-489-0880. Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Fall is here

  Summer is now officially over. Fall has come and winter will soon follow.  The leaves on the trees will soon change color. Our county parks are an excellent place to visit.  Football is now in full swing. Let's hope that the Green Bay Packers  and the Wisconsin Badgers have great success. If all goes well, the Milwaukee Brewers will be in the playoffs and aim to make it to the World Series this year. The Milwaukee Bucks will soon be in action also.  Relax with your family and enjoy the fall season. Please support the Bay View community.

Thank you for coming to the Bay View Bash

  We wish to thank everyone who came to the Bay View Bash and Saturday, September 17th. We had a huge crowd in attendance. Special thanks go to Sue Loomis for getting the many volunteers who helped us out very much. All of the areas had many people in attendance. The Children's Area in the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church parking lot had many visitors. Some of the people brought along their dogs to the Bash. There were many food vendors on site to serve the people. The local politicians were present. Many organizations had a presence there. Music and fun came from five stages on the grounds.

The Children's Area had demonstrations from Wings Academy, Kinsella Irish Dance School, and Julie Sobanski, female magician. There were games for the children to play. The Moon Walk and another such game were there. Active children's games were present at various locations in the Children's Area. St. Lucas Lutheran Church provided some tables and Beulah Brinton Community Center provided chairs for us to use. I wish to thank bolth places for their help that day. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department provided two horses for the children to see. The Milwaukee Police Department had their mascot McGruff there. The Milwaukee Fire Department had a fire engine on site.  Mascots from many organizations were on the grounds. The Boy Scouts with Myron Thomsen helped us with staffing and games for the children. There are too many names to thank for all of the help that we received in the Children's Area. 

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Football is back in all of its glory

  I am very happy to see football games again.  The Green Bay Packers have two wins already. The Wisconsin Badgers are doing great so far. High School football is at its prime now. Now our couch potato football fans can relax in comfort with their tired eyes and big beer bellies. Don't be afraid to be active on days without football. Excercise is good for all of us.  Take your dog for a long walk. Enjoy our parks and the trees changing colors.  Deer hunting is coming soon. Relax with your family as a unit. A family that plays together, stays together. Enjoy our Wisconsin weather. Please support the Bay View community.

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Brewers

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Brewers  on clinching the Central Division of Major Leauge Baseball in the National League.  This is the first time since 1982 that we have won our division, but that time we were in the American League. I am proud to be from Milwaukee, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Thank you to all of the people involved in making this possible.

Having fun on the computer

There are days when it takes 5 to 10 minutes to make a move on the computer. There must be something going on that slows down my action.  To send out a short e-mail, it takes about 10 minutes. To read 5 e-mails takes about 1 1/2 hours. I never know when this is going to happen. At other times, the computer is normal. It can be very frustrating not being able to accomplish anything in a timely manner.  You can understand why I do not stay on the computer for very long periods of time. Someday, all of these problems will be solved. In the mean time, I must just take my chances. Wish me luck with my computer.

Only 3 more weeks of the South Shore Farmers Market

 On Saturday, October 15, 2011, we will have the last day of the South Shore Farmers Market, at South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View, for this season.  The market begins at 8 AM and ends at 12 Noon every Saturday from  June 18th to October 15th. We have had a wonderful season so far. Only a few rainy days have occurred. The market goes on rain or shine, except during a major thunder storm, when lightning presents an imminent danger to us all. There are over 40 vendors to serve you here. Three bakeries, two coffee shops, crepes, smoothies, fresh mushrooms, meat on the grill, chickens and eggs, flowers and plants, homemade candy, kettlecorn, fresh preserves, apples, all types of farm goods including squash, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, brocolli. cauliflower, brussell sprouts on a stalk. beans, peas, cabbage, onions, spices, etc. We have a very relaxed atmosphere at the market with a great view of Lake Michigan. Dogs are welcome, but they must be on a leash and owners must clean up after them. Welcome to the best famers market in Milwaukee. Y'all come and join us.

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