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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Brett Favre is back!

  Now that Brett Favre is back with the Minnesota Vikings for a two year contract,  what insurance company is willing to provide coverage for him?  With a body out of condition,  a rotor-cuff problem, an old elbow problem, an old ankle problem and being almost 40 years old,  how long can he possibly avoid a major injury.  I think that he is a fool for coming back to play,  but if he wants to end up being a crippled man, that is his choice.  Many defensive backs in the NFL will be targeting him due to his age and condition.  Playing football can be fun, but it is also hazzardous to the body.  Several players have ended up being crippled for life while playing the game.  Brett Favre should examine his condition and reconsider whether to play any more football.  He already has set many records, but being able to live a normal life may never be possible if he gets any major injury this season.  Have your fun Brett, but don't be surprised if you end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.  He is a great football palyer, but his age and condition will destroy both him and his reputation.  Know when to turn in your football cleats before it is too late.  I hope that the Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings both games this season.

Don't forget to visit the South Shore Farmers Market

Here is the schedule of events for September and October at the South Shore Farmers Market, located at 2900 S. Shore Drive  in Bay View.  The market is open on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12 Noon. There are over 40 vendors on site to serve you.  There are three bakeries, three coffee shops, one smoothie place, one crepes maker, St. Ann's Intergenerational Group, one place with fresh mushrooms, homemade candy, fruit, eggs on the grill and some to purchase and frozen chickens, flowers, organic and regular farmers with products to sell, honey and other things are available here.


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The Bay View Bash is coming very soon!

   The Bay View Bash is Milwaukee's largest and only 100% volunteer-run festival.  The Bash is a community party for Bay View residents, business owners, and visitors to eat, drink, dance, shop and play on S. Kinnickinnic Avenue.  We raise funds only to help build the community we love.  No paid staff; all volunteer party

   Want to help throw the largest all volunteer strret festival in Milwaukee?

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Milwaukee Recreation -- Fall Registration Ends September 9th

   Here is a friendly reminder to sign up for your favorite activities in Milwaukee Recreation's Fall 2009 Activity Guide.  Classes often fill quickly, so please sign up early using our on-line registration system.  Fall registration ends on Wednesday, September 9, 2009.

   If you have any questions, please contact web site:

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I wish to thank Jay Schuh and Mary Manke for their help

   I wish to extend a hearty thank you to Jay Schuh and my daughter, Mary Manke for helping me out.  My computer went out on me, and Jay was able to fix it for me. Without your help, I would be unable to do any work on my computer. Thank you with all of my heart.  This means the world to me. Without good people like you, I would be unable to do what I like to do on the computer.  Jay, your kinds words about my blog were very much appreciated. I love to hear stories about when you were younger. You could be a great writer besides being the kind person that you are. May you have the best of luck in all that you do, May the good Lord guide you and keep you from harm. Thank you again for all that you have done for me.

Political Paradise

  If the present Hoan Bridge is replaced by a lower bridge, land will probally be made available on Jones Island for building purposes. Here are some suggestions for buildings to construct:


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Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Ronnie & Arlene Johnston

   Remember when we were kids, we would find out what was in our own and our neighbors' gardens? Do you remember the times when we went to Lewis Field,  IC Playground,  Humboldt Park and South Shore Park?  Do you remember playing the games tin-can-alley, hide & go seek,  four-square, baseball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, swimming and other things that we did as kids?  Do you remember sledding and sliding down the hill beside the railroad tracks after posting one person to watch for on-coming trains?  Do you remember doing dishes, scrubbing the house, vacuuming, picking fresh vegetables from our garden, baking cakes and pies, making supper and doing the grocery shopping?  We did a lot of things when we were kids together.

   Do you remember going to the Downtown YWCA?   Remember dance classes with Henry Altstadt, where you first met Ronnie?  The Thursday Night Dances and the Terpsichorean Club at the YWCA were very important to Ronnie and you.  You were both officers in the Terpsichorean Club.  We went to midnight swims at Grant Park as a group. We went to Club events,  house parties, played coed softball at Wilson Park,  had group picnics at various places and went to many dances.  You and Ronnie liked to go toboggan riding and have barbeque hamburger and hot chocolate afterwards.  Larry Gygax and his wife had a beautiful farm in Waukesha that you went to many times.  You and Ronnie loved to water ski when you could find time. You both also liked to travel a lot.

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Remembering the past

  At a recent family get together, we were looking at old family pictures and stories.  It is funny to see the story of your great-great grandfather back in the old country.  It is also interesting to learn that you have relatives living in St. Paul, Minnestota,  that you never knew about.  Finding out that your great-grandfather refused to have a street named after him,  so that they named it after his occupation,  Florist Avenue.  Also seeing how many relatives that you have that you knew nothing about is interesting.  Many of these families have lived parallel lives, while not knowing each other.  When you go to the cemetery, you can find the graves of two of your great-grandparents in one place, and  two more in a cemetery on the northside of town.  Most of the family has at one time or another done volunteer work in a church where they attend.  I found a letter written by my Great-Aunt Lillie that told of my great-grandfather and his life since he came to this country.  Many family members are good cooks and have green thumbs.  Men as well as women can cook in this family.  The idea was to share the load so that life can go on.  Maybe you can find out about your family's past like I was doing.  This can be a fun project for the entire family to enjoy.

About our park equipment

  Have you recently sat down on a park bench or picnic table at our Milwaukee County Parks?  The wood in the park benches is so rotten that you can fall through and break it if you are not careful. Wood slivers are very common on any park equipment.  The maintenance of our County Parks has been kept at a mininum to keep taxes down.  Poison ivy can be found when you least expect it to be there.  Toilet paper, hand soap, and park staffing has also been kept at a mininum.  The park workers are spread too thin to do a completely thorough job of maintaining the parks anymore.  Do not blame these workers. Their hours have been cut to balence the budget.  Maybe we will have to learn to use our left hands like the people in Iraq do, due to the lack of toilet paper in the parks.  Budget cuts are one thing, but strangling our parks due to lack of funds is uncalled for.  One day,  if we are lucky,  we will even be able to see the park lagoon through the cattails and other weeds there.

 If the founders of our park system could see the condition of the parks today,  they would cry tears of sadness at the sight.  This is not why the park system was developed.  They are a  place to take the family to relax and enjoy the day at no cost to them.  Through our parks,  we can see the land as it once was in the pioneer days in some cases.  The early parks were beer gardens and cemeteries.  Now they are becoming like abandoned cemeteries to view and use.

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August Denzin, my great-grandfather

  August Denzin came here from Stettin, Pomerania, Germany,  well over 100 years ago.  He and his wife settled in the Town of Herman, in Dodge County.  While living here, he and his wife had several children. A story is told how his wife was taking in the clothes of the wash line and folding them.  It seems that one daughter had to have a diaper change.  Shortly after the new diaper was placed on her, she started to cry very heavily.  Upon investigation, it was determined that a bee was in the diaper when it was folded and not noticed until after it stung her.  This child died many years ago, and this incident took place over 100 years ago.  I guess that some things never change in history.

  He moved his family to S. Mound Street, in Bay View, and went to St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church.  He and his wife had a total of 10 children. My grandmother was one of them. My dad's aunt was the victim in the bee in the diaper incident.  Through the Denzin family, the Mankes and the Schumachers became one family.  One daughter died young, but nine children lived a long life. The Denzin family, Schumacher family and part of the Manke family, including my parents, are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, which was originally owned by St. Lucas Church.  My grandfather Otto Schumacher, was the second person to run the cemetery for the church.  He was also very involved in church and school activities there.

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Are you glad that school has started up again?

  Some parents are very happen to have school vacation over.  Now some long neglected house work can get done. Other parents feel that they have an empty nest at home.  It can be very quiet without the kids being there.  Please take the time to get involved in your children's education process and volunteer at their school. Joining PTA is one good way of helping your children.  Helping out with Boy and Girl Scouts as a mentor is also good.  Visit your children at school and see how they are doing. One thing that you should do is to advise and help your child with both homwork and life situation things.  A good listener is very important to helping your child with his life.  Support your child's teachers and staff workers at the school.  You will have great peace of mind by doing these things.  Please support your children's education by being there for them when you are needed.

How do you think that the Green Bay Packers are going to do this season?

   This is going to be an interesting season for the Green Bay Packers this season.  The Chicage Bears and the Minnesota Vikings look to be strong competetion to us. It is only a short period of time before Brett Favre becomes a victim of a good defensive back in the NFL.  He is taking a great chance of becoming a crippled player if he continues to quarteback at his age.  The Chicago Bears with Cutler as quarterback could present a major problem to us.  The Detroit Lions do not seem to be too great of a challenge to us. Pending any major injuries,  the Packers should do well this year. Time will tell as the football season goes on.  Give me your opinion on how the football season will develop.  Compare all of the facts that we know, and then give an honest opinion on how you feel about this football season. Go Green Bay Packers.  Make us proud of you.

Going to a high school reunion

  It will be strange going to the 50th anniversary reunion of my high school class.  Many things have happened during the last 50 years.  Many of us will have families and grandchildren. Some people will be professional people like doctors and such.  Most of us should have retired from our jobs.  Some of our classmates and most of our teachers will have passed away. 

   It will be interesting to see how much we remember of our high school days.  So many things in our world have changed since we graduated. If we take a tour of Bay View High School,  how much of the old school will we remember.  Many things that were manually operated are now done by automation.  The stage has been updated with much electronic operations. Computers are now common in the classrooms.  The restrooms are almost the same as before, except that some new ones are in the building.  The old gymnasium is now part of the cafeteria.  The hidden entrances to the stage are still hidden in the building.  The old band room is now used mostly for storage, since there is only one exit in case of fire in the building.  With a good concrete construction, the main building should stand for many more years.  How many people have been inside of the spot booth, radio booth, back stage, on the fifth floor, on the roof of the building,  in the hidden entrance to back stage from the fifth floor,  or on top of the auditorium where the lights are set up?  The school was built to survive any fire in the building.  The building is well kept up by the school engineers.  The two swimming pools are still the same  way they were when the building was built.  The furnace room is unchanged for the most part.  The docks are not the same as when we went there.  The hill in front of the school was replaced with a new gymnasium and band room.  The wonderful color panoramas from the past are still on the walls.   Many old sports trophies are still there.  The orginal auditorium seats are still there.  The stage is more accesible than in the past.  The class plays and operettas seem to be lost in history.  The old study halls are gone forever.

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Thank you for your support of the Bay View Bash

  I wish to thank all of the people involved with the Bay View Bash for doing an outstanding job of running things.  The volunteers were a great help all day long.  We had beautiful weather combined with a large pleasant crowd who seemed to be having a great time there.  Many children came with their parents to the Children's Area of the Bash to have a good time.  There were plenty of vendors to serve the crowd. The crowd seemed very well behaved with no bad behavior being reported.  I personally enjoyed having corn-on-the-cob from Groppi's Food Market.  His hamburgers and sausage was also excellent.  John Nehring and Katie did a very good job of serving the crowd great food.  Other food vendors were there with a large amount of variety in what they served.  The strong man contest drew a large crowd of onlookers.  Bay View Historical Society had many volunteers working on the grounds that day. The music was spread out to several stages on S. KK Ave.  David Drake did an excellent job of entertaining the children and adults with folk music.  Julie Sobanski,  Princess of Magic, did a great job with her performance.  The ballroom dancing exibition from Delaware House was very entertaining.  Rainbow Randa mixed in with the crowd in the Children's Area and did a performance later.  We had a Milwaukee County bus on display for people to tour and see demonstrations of the bike carrier on the bus.  The Milwaukee Fire Department sent an engine for the people to see and talk to the firemen inside.  The Milwaukee County Sheriff's  Department had a presence there for the people to be able to talk to a sheriff on duty.   The crowd in attendance was always in excellent form with no major trouble occurring anywhere.

  Once again, I would like to thank everybody who gave of their time, money and energy to support the Bay View Bash.  If you like this program, then let the people who ran the event know about it.  This year as last year,   the Bay View Historical Society took out a major role in the planning and running the Bash. Lance Dyzak should be thanked for all of the effort that he and his group took to develop and run the Bash.  Thank you Lance Dyzak.  Also, thanks should go to Kathy Mulvey and Zak Williams for their help in running the Bash.  There are too many names to mention, but Bill Sell should also be thanked for his work.  Thanks again for having the Bay View Bash for everybody to enjoy.

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My thoughts go to Mary Becker

  Mary Becker, who now is ninety years young, has lived a wonderful life.  After she finished college, she married Christ Becker, whom she has loved and cherished until the day that he passed on.  She has had many accomplishments in her life.  She served as a reporter and columnist for CNI News for many years.  Her columns and reporting were very well received by the south shore communities. She had and still has a personal touch for writing about people and places. She has a great love for her church and is very active there.  She loves music and has done sing-a-longs at the Kelley Senior Center  on S. Lake Drive in Cudahy.  At home she has a piano and loves to play some of her favorite music there. Mary has a great love of local history and belongs to several area historical societies. As they say, there is no rest for the weary.  She is a wonderful person to meet.  Maybe some day, she will again do some more writing.  (Ask her about the song that goes:  "We're poor little lambs, who have gone a stray."  It is one of her favorite songs from her college days.)  Mary, you have lived a full active life,  maybe you should slow down a bit and relax.  I hope that you will be around many years from now.  May the Good Lord bless and keep you from all harm and distress.

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