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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Let's honor our veterans

November 11th is Veterans Day. Let us take the time to honor the men and women who have given freely of their lives to protect us from harm.

We should not forget who gave us our freedom that we enjoy in our country. Freedom is not cheap. Today we have men and women serving in Iraq and Afganistan who are trying to gain freedom from terrorism for the people there. We are hoping to set up free elections for the people. Too many people have died in the violence over there. If peace and stable governments can be established in these two countries, then we have completed our purpose.

Throughout our American history, the members of our armed forces have come to our rescue in time of need. Please take the time and honor these veterans for all that they have done for us.

Also honor the members of the United States Postal Service, many of whom are also veterans, for the service that they have done throughout the years. Celebrate Veterans Day with the veterans in your mind.

This is a day of remembrance to all who have served our country in war and peace.


Now that football season is here,  I am sure that most of the people I know are glued to their television set to watch the games.

It is too bad that we can't watch some of the Wisconsin Badger games on television. It appears that money is the reason for us missing these games.  Does everything that we want to watch on tv have to be "pay-for-view"?  We are going to lose interest in football games that we can't see for free. 

It takes more than crowds at the game to support the tv broadcast of these games.  If adverstisers see that interest is lost in these games,  then the Big Ten Athletic Conference will lose money big time.  If only the people with money can watch these games,  then sales by the regular person like me will be lost to the teams.  Wake up Big Ten Conference.  You are only hurting yourselves by being greedy for money. 

In the long run you will lose any profit that you hoped to make by doing this.  The people will ignore the Big Ten games and watch other conference games that are "free for view".  Please do not forget the people who have supported you over all the previous years,  or they will forget about you.  Bring back Big Ten Conference games to free sponsored television networks for all to view.

Greed does not make many happy donors to the college programs.  Your donors will turn to other colleges to support and ignore your greedy concept. The
decision is yours to make.  The National Football League is being greedy in a simlilar way.

Advertisers depend on audiences to make their sales.  No viewing customers,  no sales.

Enough said.


In the early years of Wisconsin,  doctors were very scarce.  Many times people to went to people who had knowledge of the old indian cures to help them.  Because we had no medical schools in Wisconsin then,  the only real doctors had to come from elsewhere.  Dr. Enoch Chase came from Darby,  Vermont in 1835.  His brother Horace Chase ( later Mayor of Milwaukee ) came here in 1834.  Dr. Chase delivered the first two children born in Milwaukee.  Milwaukee Sivyer and Milwaukee Smith were the two children.  Sivyer was a boy and Smith was a girl.  U. S. Smith,  the father of Milwaukee Smith,  was a Bay View resident.  His house is still standing on S. Howell Ave.,  half way between E. Smith Street and E. Wilson Street,  and is located close to the alley.  If you look at this house,  you would never guess that it was a pioneer house.  Dr. Chase left the field of medicine then and started  glass works in Bay View.

In the old days,  anybody  could put up a sign and say they were a doctor.  It was not until later years that regulations on who could be registered as a doctor went into effect.  Doctors from the eastern United States and doctors who came from Europe  gradually became the doctors of choice for people.  Dentists had the same problem.

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Thanksgiving with the family years ago and now

In the past we always looked forward to a family get together with turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, another vegetable and homemade pumpkin pie. It was a chance to be together as a family and talk about old times and new events in our lives. Going to church was very important to all of us.

After we were done eating, the women would clean up the table and do the dishes. The men would frequently talk together and play Sheepshead. The children would go outside to play if the weather was right or play indoors. It was a true family get together. There was no radio or television in the early years. Sometimes we would listen to the player piano or somebody would play the accordion and we would sing songs together. As a family, we would talk about things that happened since we last got together. Later on we would all return to our own homes and remember what all happened to us that day.

Now in the present time, we do many of the same things as in the past, but the men and women like to watch football during the day. Family conversations are not as common as before. Now we have electric, gas and microwave ovens to cook the food. Carving the turkey is the same, however we fequently cook the turkey the day before Thanksgiving and debone it for when we serve it. Stuffing is still made fresh on Thanksgiving and fresh kielbasa (polish sausage is a common breakfast) is also made in the morning. Going to church is still very important. Many of the day's food items are purchased rather than cooked at home.Thanksgiving is still a true family get together occasion. This is a good time to get together with all of your family members who are close by your house and those able to come by you. Think of all the good times you have had in the past. Remember all those who have passed away. Be thankful for all that you have.

One thing that I want to see on Thanksgiving is the Green Bay Packers defeating the Detroit Lions on the football field in Detroit. It would be sad to be their turkey and us lose the game. Let's give a cheer to all of the men and women who are unable to enjoy this holiday because they are working or serving their country. Honor all of the police force and fire department who have to work on that day. Honor the hospital workers who will not be able to enjoy the holiday due to their job. Be thankful that you are able to enjoy this holiday yourself with your friends or family.

Think of the men and women in the service of our country who can't share their Thanksgiving with their families. We should give thanks for all of the things that we have received in life and also remember the ones who can't enjoy this holiday with their families.

A Tribute to Mary Becker

I would like to make a tribute to Mary Becker.

Even though she has retired from Community Newspapers and has left her column retire with her,  I admire all of the writing that she has done in the past.  She has been an inspiration to me and many other people I know.  She has always shown honesty and integrity in her writings. Whenever I used to read the Bay Viewer or Cudahy Reminder-Enterprise,  I would look forward to reading her column. 

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Senior Meals at Beulah Brinton Community Center

Diane Reeve and her fellow workers do an outstanding job of serving meals to seniors. If you 60 or older or are disabled, you are elgible to be served meals at Beulah Brinton Community Center and several other buildings. This program is sponsored by InterFaith Organization. This gives seniors a chance to eat out and socialize with others.

On some days cards are played after the meal. On some other days bingo is the game of choice for the people. Instead of sitting home by yourself, go out and join the group at a senior meal. You must register to be elgible, but that is very easy to do. You must place a reservation into the meal center or to Diane Reeve to have a place reserved for you at the site the day before the meal is served.

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Beer in Bay View -- Not in the Beginning

Did you know that when Eber Brock Ward purchased the land to build the Bay View Rolling Mill and the workers cottages, he established rules that no alcoholic beverages were to be used or made on said properties. Until the Village of Bay View was incorporated in 1879, no taverns existed on company owned land. When the Village was established, the existing taverns that had a license from the Town of Lake were permitted to remain open. Eber Brock Ward was a devout Methodist who did not believe that drinking and serving of alcoholic beverages should be allowed.

One tavern owner took a sneaky route to serve alcohol. He was also the village law enforcement officer. He sold crackers for 5 cents each and gave the customer a free beer to wash it down. He technically was not selling beer to customers. When permission to open taverns became a reality in Bay View, licenses were required. If you sold Weiss beer (white beer or wheat beer ), you paid one price, but if you sold barley beer, you paid a higher price. If you had a pool table, you had to get a license to operate it. If you owned a billiard table, you needed no license. Peter Schumacher had a battle with the Village Board over a billiard table versus a pool table when he had a saloon in Bay View. It is hard to imagine Bay View not having beer for sale, but it did happen.

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Die Lorelei Felsen and Modern Problems

Many times I think of Heinrich Heine's poem and song " Die Lorelei Felsen", which was banned by Adolph Hitler because Heinrich Heine was Jewish. I will write most of the first stanza in English and then tell the rest of the story not in poetic verse.

"I am wondering what it can mean, that I am so sad. A legend out of time that I can't get out of my mind. The air is cool and it darkens, and quietly flows the Rhine. The peak of the mountain gleams in the shining moonlight."

This is the story from early history of a young maiden, who was told by her father to sit on top of the cliff and to comb her beautiful long blond hair. She wore very skimpy clothes as she sat there. Below the cliff the Rhine River had some rapids with many large rocks close to the shore. The sailors would want to get closer to get a view of the nearly topless girl. As they approached the cliff, their boat would be wrecked on the rocks below. The girl's father had an inn at the top of the cliff. As the boats floundered, the girl's father and others would salvage the contents therein. This was a wicked way to make money, but some people seem to know how to do this with no conscience. Afterwards the sailors would realize that they had been duped and somebody had asked Heinrich Heine to write this poem that was put to music.

Did you ever wonder if such people could still exist today? Ask the Milwaukee County Board if this was how they figured out how to get extra money from the County Pension Fund at taxpayer's expense.

This is story of how honest people are treated in this world. The health benefit plans of many Milwaukee companies fall in
this same category. You retire and have the company promise to pay for your health insurance afterwards. The company goes in default and you now have to pay for your own health insurance out of your pocket. Some pension plans have had the same problem. The company goes bankrupt and you are out of luck. You trusted these people to keep their promises. Try to plan ahead before you retire. Take the time to put aside some emergency money in case of such a disaster as this. To all of the people who have already retired, I can only wish you luck.

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