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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

A perfect world

  Imagine coming to work on a Monday morning and getting ready to punch in on the clock.  Your boss comes up to you and orders you to wait until the time clock is exactly at starting time before you punch in. You go to your work station with a cup of coffee to drink. You set it down while you gather the work that you need to process during the morning. While you are getting organized, your boss measures the work that you have set on your desk to work and enters it into his hand held computer. You get thirsty after drinking your coffee, and go to get a drink of water from the water fountain. Your boss asks you why you are not at your desk performing work. The computer does not allow you to get a drink of water. He notes this into his hand held computer again. You head to the restroom to relieve yourself. Your boss stops you and clocks in your time on his computer again. If you are gone too long, he takes you into his office to yell at you. The computer does not allow time for personal relief. You then go to your supply area to get more work to process. Your boss again begins to time your actions.  You go outside to safety check your vehicle to make sure that is is all right and it starts. You then go to your supply area to get any extra large supplies that you need to deliver that day. Your boss again times your actions. You then go to get your special registry type materials and keys to do your job. When you are ready to go on the street to do your job, your boss makes sure that you record your leaving both on the office computer and his hand held computer.  While you are getting your keys, you sign for your own hand held computer to use while doing your work on the street.  You must record all of your actions on your hand held computer so that your boss can determine what and how long it took you to do your work that day after you are done with your work.

  Management of this company seems only to believe in what the computer records to determine what you do every day at work.  When your work load is light, he tells you that the computer states that you need to do more work that day without getting any more pay or time to do it. They seem to live by their computer work. These computers do not acknowledge things such as steps, bad weather, flat tires, heart attacks, bad dogs, heavy traffic or road construction. They seem to work their computers as if no human element is involved in this work. All that these bosses know how to do is explain what their computers read and how to say yes sir to their own bosses.

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Thank you Humboldt Park Watch

  On Wednesday, September 29, 2010, the Humboldt Park Watch sponsored a celebration of the renovation of the park pavilion and dedication of the new Children's Play Area that was recently completed. Several students and instructors from Bay View High School, with donations of materials from Home Depot, did the work of renovating the Humboldt Park pavilion. The kitchen was almost entirely redone. The work done is excellent thanks to these students and their teacher advisors. Ms. Robin Kitzrow, principal of Bay View High School was involved in leading these people. Chris Larson did his part by helping in the arrangement of getting help from the school and Home depot and coordinating it. The Bay View Park Watch, under president Ruth Simos, was the other sponsor of this work.

  In attendance at Humboldt Park, were Television Station Channel 58; a reporter from the Milwaukee Post Newspaper; several staff members of Bay View High School and a few students; Chris Larson, Milwaukee County Supervisor; Two Home Depot representatives; two members of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, including one K-9 officer; several members of the Humboldt Park Watch and their friends; several members of the local neighborhood who received invitations to come; a music playing band and other people who came to this event.

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Tree Day at Humboldt Park

  On Wednesday, October 13, 2010, the Humboldt Park Watch is holding "Tree Day" for many of the 1st graders of our Bay View elementary schools. During the course of the day, we will have several school classes visit Humboldt Park.  Part of the time will be spent doing activities in the park pavilion. Part of the time will be spent taking a short tour of the park and seeing and hearing about many of the trees and local animals in the park. There will be volunteers to do these activities with the children. During part of the day, a few new trees will be planted if help is available from the park staff. This is a free activity to show children some of the wonders of Humboldt Park. Classes are invited by invitation to attend this event to allow for a schedule to be set up and give the children ample time to enjoy their time here at the park.

  Thank you Ruth Simos, president of the Humboldt Park Watch, for setting up the great event for children to enjoy. Thank you also to all of the volunteers who donate their time on this day.

I would like to honor Mark Maley

 Mark Maley, Editor of CNI South Shore Community Blogs, and an editor of the Milwaukee Journal -Sentinel, has been a great asset for his company. He helped to organize the blogs for My Community Now and the Thursday "Now" sections of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. He has advised many bloggers like me when we had problems. He helped get us through anything that interfered with our work. He is and was a gentleman and man of the people. Few people knew what a great job he did at his work. He has announced that he is leaving the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to work at a new job.  I wish him luck at anything he does. A man like him should be honored for all that he has done for both his job and for people. Mark, I will miss you. I hope that you have great success at your new job and keep in the best of health. It has been an honor to know you. Thank you very much for all that you have done.

Volunteers are needed

  Many of our local organizations are in need of new and more volunteers. The older members are in need of new blood and ideas to continue into the future. The older members should be willing to step aside to let new younger members get their feet wet in the activities and leadership of any organization. Many old ideas are good, but new input can improve a group. All organizations need to grow and adjust  for the future. If you have some free time, consider joining one of our local groups. Churches are also in need of volunteers. You can get a great feeling by becoming a volunteer. Take the time to meet new people and get your input into an organization. You can make a big difference to any group. Meet new friends. The only limitations are your own. If you have leadership qualities, you can become a leader of any such group. Try it, you may like it.

Come visit our new Children's Play Area at Humboldt Park

  We now have a new Children's Play Area to replace the old one. Bring your family to see this new area. The new area was set up with safety in mind. It is great to be able to bring your kids and grandkids to play in this area. Humboldt Park is lucky to be able to have such a new play area. Y'all come and some fun.

See the tree leaves changing colors

  At this time of the year, many tree leaves are changing colors and falling. It is a beautiful sight to view all of the different colors there are. Visit our parks and see this for yourself.  If you want to see more, then travel north of Milwaukee and see more of the different types of tree leaves and colors. This sight is magnificent to view. See the wonders of the Lord in full view. With this changing of the colors of the tree leaves comes very unstable weather. Watch out for strong winds and sudden drops in temperatures outside. Always dress warm enough to protect yourself and your family. The gales of October  and November have sunk many ships on the Great Lakes. Be prepared for the unexpected to happen. Please support our Bay View community.

Tree Day was held on Wednesday, October 13th at Humboldt Park

  Starting at 9 AM, we held Tree Day at Humboldt Park. The Humboldt Park Watch under president, Ruth Simos, held a learning day for 1st grade students at the park. There were three activities in the pavilion. Leaf tracing was done at one table. Badge buttons were made at one table. A special wreath was made by the children at a third table.  After they finished at these three tables, Kathy Mulvey read a story to the children. John Sternkopf and Frank Mulvey took them on a walk in the park and showed them the various trees and fauna in the park and explained all that he could to these children. Children, in 1st grade were invited from the various local Bay View grade schools to attend this activity day with their teachers and a few parents. Linda and Myron Thomsen did a wonderful job of showing the children how to make button badges to wear. Many of the children were able to see trees being planted in the park. There were many other volunteers helping the park watch with the children's activities. I wish to thank all of them for making a wonderful day for these children. Next year about this same time we will again hold Tree Day at this park. Thank  you Humboldt Park Watch for volunteering and sponsoring this great event.

What is going to happen next?

  According the the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Milwaukee County is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy after the November elections. If Scott Walker claims to be our County Executive, and we are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, what does that say about his leadership? Our County parks are becoming like abandoned graveyards with severe staffing problems. Our Transit system needs help. The jobs that he is promising can be found with any minimum pay employer. Our medical help system is in bad financial straits. The staffing of our County Mental Institutions is done with staff not meeting the requirements necessary for the job. With the damage he has done in Milwaukee County, he now wants to do this to our State government. We have an election coming in November. Please take the time to vote for our elected officials. Your vote is very important. Remember, Scott Walker always remembers to support his friends and political sponsors, but he cares very little for union workers, disabled people, and senior citizens. Your vote determines who we elect to political offices. Don't complain if you do not take the time to vote in November. You get what you voted for, like it or not.

Me and my shadow

  When I think of my dog, Brownie, I think also of the song "Me and My Shadow". Everywhere I go, he follows me. When I take a nap, he lays down next to me. When I read, he likes to sit on my lap. When I eat, he likes to be close to me. When I go to the bathroom, he tries to follow, and if I don't close the door tight, he will barge right in to be close to me. I am amazed at the loyalty of this dog, He is a fox terrier and does not bark much. He does not like to play with toys or do tricks. He just enjoys being near to me. When I leave to go someplace, he searches for me and is overjoyed when I return. I just thought that I should write about him. He is such a joy to be with.

I will be happy when Election Day finally arrives.

  I hope that Election Day comes soon. It is getting boring listening to "he said, she said" ads for our politicians. You, the voter, should get out there and elect the person that you want to serve in each available office. In some countries, it is not so easy to vote on election day. We take this all for granted here. It is your right as an American citizen to be able to vote. Study the various candidates and choose wisely. The person you vote for will most likely serve you for a term in office. If you do not vote, then be ashamed of yourself and don't complain about the election or the candidates. I wish for my choice of candidates to do well in this election, but they are my choice. You must chose your own candidates. Find out where your local voting location is and plan to take some time to vote. Every vote counts.

A walk in the dark

  One night, Josie was walking home from her girl friend's house.  It was very dark outside with only a few street lights on. It was kind of scary, but Josie wasn't worried about walking alone at night. While she was walking, a man came besides her. He looked familiar, and they started talking together. She became very relaxed as she walked with him. They talked about the weather and the scenery. They talked for a while and then she arrived home. The man kept on walking after she left him. It dawned on her that she had forgot to ask his name. She went back to the spot where she left him but he was nowhere in sight. She thought very little about this. She happened to look at an old photo album. She saw the picture of the man who walked with her. It was a picture of her great-uncle who was killed in combat in World War I. This is why he looked so familiar to her. She had seen his picture in the past but had never been able to see him when he was still alive. A smile came to her as she knew she had seen a friendly ghost. He had caused no fear in her. You can imagine what her mind thought of whenever she took a walk again.

A death in the family

  When my father suffered a cerebral hemorrhage many years ago, my one sister was ironing her clothes when a message seemed to come to her saying: "Help me! Help me (the name of another sister of mine) !"  She made nothing of this message in her mind.

  I was living away from home at the time. My landlady left a note under my door :" Call home! Your father is dead!"  I had been reading a book when I noticed the note that was under my door. I then called home to confirm the death of my father.

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  I believe that Halloween will be celebrated on Saturday, October 30, 2010. Each community has its own date for Trick or Treating for the children. Check your local newspaper to get the time and date for this event. Make sure that your children are dressed warm enough to go outside. Have at least one parent supervise their children. Check all candy to sure that it is safe to eat. Do not run out into the road. Cars may not see you when you are walking in costume. This holiday is for the children to enjoy. Have a safe and Happy Halloween. Please support the Bay View community.

Time moves on

  I remember a man telling me that one day, at his house he saw a woman, dressed as if she lived in the previous century, walk through his walls and then vanish. He said that he had never seen a ghost before he moved into his present house.

  Another man that I knew, told me about one day seeing an Indian, sitting on a horse, looking around and crying. This sight was seen across the street from his home. He believed that this was a ghost from the past that just had become visible for a short time.

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