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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Comments on the movie "Marley and Me"

When we went to the movie theater to see the movie "Marley and Me", I was a little disappointed. It was hoped that more scenes of Marley as a puppy would be in the film. This movie is great to see. After working with many dogs and taking care of them, I could see that Marley was just like a regular dog, except that he never obeyed commands. As a puppy, he was very mischievous. As with all puppies, he was difficult to train. The mischief that he got into is the base for the movie. You could see the dog in all phases of his life until his death. If you like dogs, see this movie. Young children might not understand the ending of this film, but it was well done. Disney films in the past showed the comedy involved in keeping a dog and having children. This is a true story, but people have to know and love dogs to appreciate the film. Marley was like a person, and had his own personality. If he was angry, the house furniture became a casualty of his mood. If he wanted to do something, you had to hang on to his leash for dear life. Dogs have a lot of love to give us. A bored dog will frequently get into trouble. I have found out that if you take a dog for a walk and happen to see a squirrel or rabbit, hold on as tight as you can, for you are going to go for a ride with the dog pulling you. If you leave some food on the table and nobody is watching, you will see a smiling dog and an empty place on the table where the food was. Never keep chocolates or raisens where the dog can reach them. You can poison your dog with these items. When the dog is full and you give it extra food or snacks, it will hide them to find them later when it is hungry. If your dog disappears inside your house, look on your bed. They love being close to your smell and being comfortable. Keep all children's hands away from the dog's mouth. It might think that you are trying to hurt it and will defend itself by biting them. Having a dog in your house is like having a small child there. Some intelligent dogs, like border collies, German shepherds, Laborador receivers and Doberman Pinschers have the the same intelligence as a 7 year old child. How you train and treat the dog determines how it interacts with people and other dogs. Dogs make wonderful companions and always give love back to you as you give it to them. Many mean dogs are trained to be mean. If you have the time, go down to the Wisconsin Humane Society and adopt a dog for your family. You will not regret doing this.

Saving the Seminary Woods ... Again!

Like many people, the groups that have been working to purchase Seminary Woods and place it in a conservancy so that it will be protected forever were interested to learn last summer that Cardinal Stritch University planned to purchase the Cousins Center and turn it into a south campus.

However, in late November, Stritch revealed that it also plans to purchase the 84 acre WE Energies land that runs to the south and west of the Cousins Center and adjoins the Seminary Woods proper.

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Children with allergies

It is no fun going to a restaurant or getting something to eat when your child has an allergy. Some children are allergic to nuts. Some are allergic to eggs. Others are allergic to other things. You must always examine the menu and ask questions on what is inside of the food and how was it made. Carrying special medicine to counter act the allergy is standard procedure.. If an allergic attack comes, then you must use the medicine and go to an emergency medical center for specialized help. An allergy can be a life and death situation for a child. When a child with an allergy comes into your house, prepare to remove anything that could cause an allergic reaction from the reach of the child. You sometimes feel like a fool asking all of these questions, but preventing a trip to an emergency room is the best policy. Please do not make fun of people with allergies. Sometimes a person can die in a short period of time without proper care. Preventative action is always best for these matters. It is no fun to have to wash your hands after petting the family dog, so that you can touch or hold the little child in your arms. When you see a rash coming after touching the child and forgetting to wash your hands, you can understand the frustration of the child's parents. Allergies to animals is common in children. Hopefully, the child will outgrow the allergies, but allergy to nuts can be a lifetime affair. Be kind to a family that has children with allergies. They have no control over the situation, except to know how to handle an emergency crisis with their child. I wish luck to all parents with children with allergies. I would like to give special thanks to David, Kristy and Maddie Manke and Kurt, Olivia and Sam Manke for their advice on this matter. Allergies are a serious matter to all children.

Special children

Over the holidays, when my wife's family had our get together, I was amazed at one little child. He was the grandson of my wife's brother, Paul. His name is Andrew. He is almost 2 years old. He has been going to a pre-school at the YMCA near his house. Because children at that age cannot communicate with their voice very good, they are taught sign language. He thought that I was Santa Claus because of my beard. He would point to a picture of Santa Claus on a zip-lock bag and then point to me. He was given a piggy bank as a gift. He went around to many of the relatives, and indicated that he wanted coins for him to place inside of his bank. His method of communication was sign language. I could not believe that a child at that age could could use sign language as well as he could. Instead of words, he would sign his requests to us for anything that he wanted. I am really amazed to see a child who is less than two years old being able to use sign language. I feel that he will have a bright future ahead of him. I am proud of his parents and grand-parents. It is great to see somebody that gifted in the family.

Are you looking forward to the NFL Football Playoffs?

It will be interesting to watch the NFL Football Playoffs without the Green Bay Packers being involved in them. If you don't play good enough, you won't make into the playoffs. This year injuries have taken taken a drastic turn in events for them. With key players being injured, you can't play championship type football. Maybe next year we will do better. Brett Favre is near the end of his career. It was wise to start a new quarterback who would become  the future of the team. If you noticed, key players on our offense were injured. The substitute players were not up to par with the team. Our defense went into a headspin when key players were injured and the substitute players were not as good as them. A good team consists of young and old veterans to mentor the younger players. Enjoy football as a game and look forward to next year. If you can do better, then try out for the football team. Take action and don't just talk about doing things. As we have learned over the years, not everything goes the way we want it to go. There will be games on Saturday and Sunday to watch on television. If you don't like to watch football, then go outside and use a toboggan or sled and find yourself a good hill to ride down a hill.  Ice skating is another sport that you can have fun with. I will most likely watch all of the football games. Watch out for frost bite this weekend amd next week. If you take the dog for a walk, don't make it stay outside too long.  Take each moment in life and make the best of it.

How would you like to work like a robot?

The U.S. Postal Service seems to think that its letter carriers are robots. They seem to have no knowledge beyond the computer desk in which they sit at. Bosses in the Postal Service think like a computer. They seem to have no emotions or human relations skills with their staff. Good leaders, which are few in the service, know how to guide and direct men while treating them with the respect that they deserve. It seems that upper management only wants yes men and women who know how to read a computer. The computer without any human skills thinks that the workers are in a perfect world. It cannot see hills, steps, safety hazards, bad traffic conditions, loose dogs not on a leash, broken porches and steps, snow, ice, thunder storms with lightning, cyclones, tornado conditions or anything relating to real life situations. The boss will tell a letter carrier that he has too little mail to deliver according to his computer. Therefore, the letter carrier must carry part of another route without extra compensation. If the carrier has a flat tire or a vehicle breakdown, the boss cannot find that in the computer, therefore the carrier must still complete his route with no additional time or pay involved. If he refuses to do this, the carrier is charged with insubordination. If a carrier is sick, he must first deliver his route unless he can show proof from a doctor that he is sick. The boss's computer does not know what illness is. As far as the boss is concerned, the carrier is just being lazy. If the carrier calls his boss and tells him that he is having heavy chest pains, the carrier is told to continue his route a little slower, but not to use overtime. A good leader knows how to handle human relations. This person will adjust and adapt according to the needs of his job and men. He will earn the respect of his men, who in turn will try their best to do a good job for him. If a worker gets injured or sick on the route, the leader will try to get help for the person and have other people finish what the person can't do. The leader is not afraid to support his worker in times of need. The good leader knows how to do things in a humane way and still get the job done safely. Why can't the U.S. Postal Service have more leaders and fewer bosses on the job?  If you had fewer bosses and more leaders, then work production would greatly increase and employee morale would finally be restored. Most of the workers know how to do a good job, but never get thanks for all of the good work that they have done over the years. If you would eliminate half of upper management, you could cut operating costs by a large amount and have a loyal work force with leaders that respect them. You don't need more management to get more production, if you had a few good leaders you could get the best results. The workers are human beings not robots, and would like to be treated as being human. Figure out the math and you will see what I am talking about. The Postal Service feels that if the job is not being done fast or good enough, then a new boss is needed to hound over the men.  It is like a row boat race. When the first place team won, then the second team added a boss and subtracted a worker to go faster. When that failed, it reduced the amount of rowers and added more bosses  to speed up the row boat. This is how management thinks about its workers. Common sense and humane treatment of its workers would achieve much more work production. Please support your local letter carrier.

Winter Fun in Bay View for 2009

This information comes from Stephanie Harling of the Bay View Neighborhood Association:

                WINTER FUN IN BAY VIEW,  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2009

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Do you like to go ice skating?

Lately. when you drive on our roads you think that you are on a ice skating pond. Ice skating can be a lot of fun on a lake or on a pond in the park, but not when you are driving on main streets of town. There has to be a better way of salting and/or sanding our streets in the winter. I know that the cost of salt has really increased in price, but is it worth a few lives to skimp on needed salt on our roadways. If you must save on money, then at least use generic kitty litter on the roads; but don't jeopardize our lives just to save a little money. If you drive today you will need a good health and auto insurance policy to keep on living on these unsalted roadways. Talk to your mayor or to your alderman about how our roads are today. Let them know how you feel about them saving money to jeopardizing our lives. If it is too cold for salt, then some sand might make the roads a bit safer. It is no fun to have an accident due to icey conditions in this weather. Buckle up and drive slower according to the traffic conditions where you are. Dress warm and carry a warm blanket in the car for any emergency. Watch out for frost bite with your family in this cold weather. Always make sure that you have enough gas in your car. A half empty tank can freeze up if it is cold enough outside. Make sure that you have anti-freeze that is up to standard, to prevent a cracked block. Always keep your  windows free of ice and snow so you can see where you are going. only drive as fast as you can safely stop your car. Save a life by driving carefully. Alow extra time to get home in icey conditions. If you feel that car is starting to spin or lose control, then let up on the gas petal and you can restore balance in your steering. If you brake too hard, you could head into a ditch. Get home in one piece and your family will be very happy to see you.

Author Anna Passante is guest speaker at Bay View Historical Society meeting

On Monday, February 2. 2009, the Bay View Historical Society will be having their general meeting at the Beulah Brinton Community Center, 2555 S. Bay Street, at 7 PM. The guest speaker will be author Anna Passante, who will discuss her book "Anarchy in Bay View's Little Italy". She has also written other books on local history and writes for the Bay View Compass newspaper on a regular basis. Her book will be available for purchase at a cost of $9.99, with 40% of the purchase price going to the Bay View Historical Society. Everybody is welcome to attend the meeting. Refreshments will be served after the meeting. After the regular part of the meeting, then her program will begin. Anna is very well informed on local history and gives a very refreshing talk. Come and be part of Bay View History and join in.

Inaugurating a new President of the United States

Today we will inaugurate a new president of our country. It is a time to tape all of the events of the day for history purposes. It does not matter which party that you represent. The president was elected by the people of the United States. We are now in a financial crisis that reminds us of Black Friday in 1929. We need the cooperation of all of the political parties to restore confidence in our government. It will not be an easy job to do. Rather than blame somebody, we should look forward and finds ways of solving these problems. It is no wonder why an outgoing president has white or very gray hair after serving his term in office. If you have any good ideas about how to solve some of these problems, then write to your local politician and offer suggestions. Do not be afraid to voice your opinion  with a letter to the editor. It takes the effort of all of the people together to solve  complicated problems like we are facing now. We must unite as a people and support our politicians and President as they try to help us out. Be patient, as Rome was not built in one day, but its foundations still exist today. Suggest ideas rather than complain about other people's ideas. Do your patriotic duty and vote in every election to make sure that we get good knowledgeable people in policical offices. Go to your place of worship as a family and pray for Divine Help for all of us. Support our government. Try to help those in need of our help. Share what you have with others. Most of all stay united as a family. God bless the United States of America.

Looking at old photographs

Did you know that when you look at old photographs, you are looking at a moment frozen in time. There are some things in that photo that will change in time. We can study our personal past by reviewing old family pictures. Many people will have passed on by this time. Friendly reminders of then will come back to you. You might be able to see your baptism photos. Also you might be able to see your first day in school. As time rolls on in these photos, you will see yourself grow up and become an adult. Your early  teenage years and your high school years will come alive in this manner. Your college years and/ or your time in the military will bring back memories. The time when you found your own family and your wedding picture will bring smiles. As you get closer to the present time, you will see what kind of life that you have lived. Each person will have their  own stories in the old photographs that they find. I hope that all of the memories that come up are sweet memories and not those of sorrows. This will give you a chance to look back into the past and see things that will never happen again in history. Enjoy the life that you have and treat each day as a gift of the Lord and act accordingly.

How the American soldiers caught English speaking Germans//Battle of the Bulge

 During the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, the German Army sent English speaking German soldiers to confuse our men and to try to kill as many leaders of ours as they could. Many of these soldiers had Military Police emblems on their uniforms. They changed the directions on the signs pointing out which direction to go to each city in the area. They had taken uniforms from either dead American soldiers or from American Prisoners of War. Many of these soldiers had lived in America at one time or had a good knowledge of the American way of speaking. Because they had left America long ago,  they were not aware of some current happenings here. When we found out about these infiltrators, we had to devise a way to catch them before they did any more damage to our troops. One question that we asked was:" What is the second verse to the Star Spangled Banner?"  Only members of other countries knew the second verse, the normal GI would tell the questioner to "Go to Hell!" or " I don't know!"  Most of the Germans knew the second verse. Another question asked was if Babe Ruth still played football in Boston. Another question was if they ever watched a named baseball team play baseball in a named basketball field house. Sport questions were the main questions given to any unknown soldier. Also asked was if they had ever see a certain national landmark and named the wrong city that it was in. The Germans would know about the landmark, but not remember which city it was in. They also knew about our sports teams, however they did not remember which sport that they played. If the man questioned was very argumentative, they knew most likely that he was a real GI. The Germans would patiently try to answer the questions asked to them. If we caught an error in the answer and we still had doubts, we might ask a second question to them. After the first false answer, guns were on the ready to dispose of the man if necessary. We were able to catch most of these German soldiers. Some were killed in self defense. If a man sneezed, and he accidentally spoke German, we had him caught. Sometimes it is the little things that betray an enemy. You can't make a mistake if you are behind enemy lines. Our American soldiers also went behind enemy lines. They had to be very careful not to attract any attention to themselves. They had to blend in as a native would. This way we could find out where their troops were placed and in what amounts. Any sighting of tanks or armored equipment were important to our troops. If you were caught behind enemy lines, you had no protection of the Geneva Convention, and could be shot on sight without a trial. Both armies faced that hurdle. War is not fun, and many soldiers have lost their lives protecting us from the enemy.  We should honor our vets and thank them for what they have done for us.

Happy birthday to Mary Becker

On Sunday, January 25, 2009, Mary Becker held a birthday party for herself at her home. Mary has been an inspiration for many of us. She spent many years writing a column for CNI Newspapers, in the South Shore area. Her example of writing was superb. She is a great and wonderful person and a pleasure to be near. Her dedication to her church, family and job are wonderful. If only we could follow her excellent example of living her life. For being 90 years old, Mary acts a lot younger in both mind and spirit. Her family arrived first to celebrate her birthday together. Later, many people began to arrive to greet her. While taking the time to converse with the people, she would occassionally take a short rest period. Mayor Ryan Mc Cue of Cudahy presented Mary with a special plaque to honor her for her many years of service to the community. Mary is proud to be a staunch Democrat and voted for members of the Democratic Party all of her life. She also spends  time down at the Kelly Senior Center to play the piano, sing songs, play cards and relax with the people there. At her house, Mary played the piano and many of her favorite songs. People who have sung with her in the past joined her as a choral group. We all sang Happy Birthday  to Mary, although her actual birthday is on January 28th. Mary has great charisma in all that she does. She is very active in the community and does not let her age get in her way. It is hard to believe that so many people could fit into her house, but she and her family made everybody feel welcome. There was homemade punch that was very tasty. She had a very large birthday cake that she shared with everybody. It was wonderful just to be in her presence. She has spent many years in Girl Scout activities, in church activities, in local politics, interviewing people for her newspaper column, being involved in the historical societies of the area, and giving of her time and energy helping people out. Mary Becker deserves any honor she receives. I hope that the rest of her life will be as good as her past. She has raised a great family. Everything that she does reflects on her honesty, integrity, beliefs and her love for others. Happy Birthday to Mary Becker. January 28, 2009, has been proclaimed "Mary Becker Day" by Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue. Mary received a signed birthday card from Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America.

I wish to thank the nurses and doctors in the Radiation Oncology at St. Luke's Medical Center

When my wife was going to the basement at St. Luke's Medical Center to get radiation treatments for her non-hodgkins lymphoma, she was well taken care of. The staff in this unit are very caring in how they  treated the patients that were sent there for treatment. Once the paperwork was done, my wife  had a long talk with Dr. Kenneth T. Bastin, M.D., who explained what kind of treatment she would need. He also treated my wife's sister, Sally Skibinski, and her husband Jerry Skibinski in this unit before they passed on. He is an excellent doctor. The staff  is calm and patient with all of their patients. Cancer can be very painful to people who have it. The nurses and physicians are the ones with best experience at treating or buying time for people. Not everybody can be cured, but they can can get extra time to fight the disease and hope for a cure to. Respect and caring are the methods of handling of patients there. Cancer consists of many diseases and has different causes and cures for each. The extent of damage caused by the cancer, determines the outcome for each patient. As long as you are willing to fight the cancer, you will have some hope. All of the new developments in treatment are employed here. Do not be afraid to visit a cancer doctor. Positive results can come in many cases. Here is where you learn to value each day as a gift of the Lord. I wish to thank Dr. Bastin and his staff for the help and care that they have given my wife. Thank you for performing this valuable service.

Let's cook Polish --- Paczki

In Poland, the last days before the beginning of Lent are devoted to celebrations and merrymaking -- and to lots of tastey eating!   Paczki are traditionally baked and consumed all week long, starting on "Fat Thursday", a week before Ash Wednesday, up to and including  "Fat Thursday". In the United States, "Paczki Day" is celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. But with this receipe, you can enjoy paczki all year long!


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