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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Summer is finally here

  Summer is finally here. We at least have some warmer weather without having to turn up the heat. The weather has been great without too many thunderstorms. Take your family outdoors and relax together. Enjoy this beautiful weather. Visit one of our county parks and let your children and/or grandchildren relax in the play area. Go to one of our county pools to cool off.

  Be sure to come to the South Shore Farmers Market at South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Dr. in Bay View, on Saturdays, from 8 AM to 12 Noon. There are over 40 vendors to serve you. The kettle corn people have said that they will be there every Saturday this season. Y'all come and join us at the farmers market.

Come to Humboldt Park on July 4th

  We have scheduled a full day of entertainment for Independence Day at Humboldt Park. We begin with a morning parade at 9 AM that travels from E. Lincoln Ave. and S. Kinnickinnic Ave. south on S. KK Ave. to S. Logan Ave.. It then goes down S. Logan Ave. to E. Idaho St. to the park.  We have morning games afterwards.

  At 11 AM, we have 1860's style baseball at Keltner Field in the park.  Rainbow Randa will perform near the park pavilion.  In the afternoon we have a children's vehicle judging. We have contests for doll buggies, coaster wagons, tricycles and bicycles decorating for various age groups. While the vehicles are being judged, "Dancers with Woofs" will perform for us.   After this there will be a small children's parade to the park chalet and the audience can view all of the entries.

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Watch out for heat exhaustion

  When it gets very hot and humid outdoors, please be careful of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If your body has trouble handling the heat, it can overheat and break down. If you have plenty of water you should be all right. If you feel the effects of the extreme heat, go inside and cool off. If you are exhausted, then get some bed rest. Don't wait for a heat stroke to happen. Protect yourself at all times.  Please support the Bay View community.

Thank you to all who helped us at Humboldt Park on July 4th

  I wish to thank everyone who helped us celebrate Independence Day at Humboldt Park on Monday, July 4th.  The Humboldt Park 4th of July Association was able to celebrate this great event since 1910, 101 years.  Our sponsors made it possible for us to pay for most of the costs needed to run this special event.  Our volunteers are our lifesavers. They performed all of the needed tasks that made this day a success. Much hard work was done by our volunteers, and they deserve special thanks for all that they did.  I hope that our sponsors will continue to support us in the future. Likewise, I hope that our volunteers will continue to help us out in the future. It takes many people and a lot of donations to continue our program of providing a full day of activities on Independence Day. Once again, thank you very much everybody. Let us hope that this program will be there for more generations of people to enjoy.

Did you enjoy Independence Day?

  There were many activities going on Independence Day.  At Humboldt Park we celebrated our 101st anniversary and the centennial of the Milwaukee 4th of July Commission. It was at Humboldt Park where the all day Independence Day celebration in a safe and sane way started. Too many people were getting maimed, burned and badly injured due to careless handling of fireworks. The people at Humboldt Park formed the Humboldt Park 4th of July Association to produce a safe day for the entire family to enjoy. What we have now in our parks is a direct result of this action. A full day of family activities was set up to eliminate the need for careless fireworks and injuries. I am proud to say that I have been a member of Humboldt Park 4th of July Association for over 20 years. Maybe you can become a member and give us your input on the planning of our Independence Day activities. All interested people are very welcome to join us in keeping this tradition alive into the future for more generations of people to enjoy, much as we did when we were young.

 If you have any questions, please contact:  Larry Reeve 414-643-5427

Welcome to the 62nd South Shore Frolics

        PROGRAM EVENTS:  FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011

4 PM -- Fish fry by Hawg City Grill

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Bay View Historical Society's Southwestern Border Walk Features Churches

  What major street was shifted to avoid a three-way intersection involving the street and two railroads?  Where can you still find old farmhouses in Bay View?  What major automaker purchased a dairy farm and built an assembly plant on the land?  Which restaurant was built as a rooming house for apprentices of a major Milwaukee factory?   Where in the past on Howell Ave. could you find a blacksmith shop and a foundry within one block of each other?  Which church held its first services in the home of one of its members and then named its congregation  for that member's home church in England?  Which congregation was formed in a church that is still standing and that was built in 1873 by employees of the Milwaukee Iron Company?  Which church changed its name during World War I in keeping with a nationwide trend to eliminate German references?  Which church left its original congregation due to a disagreement over lodge membership and held its first services in the old Odd Fellows Hall?

  You can learn the answers to these questions and more while visiting the historic sites featured on the Bay View Historical Society's Southwestern Border Walk , a two and a half-hour guided tour on Saturday, August 6th, at 9:30 AM.  Society members Ron Winkler and Greg Wernisch will lead the walk, which is open to the public.

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Watch out for heat exhaustion while running a marathon

  On Saturday, July 9th, several runners who came across the Hoan Bridge from the Summerfest grounds had severe heat exhaustion and had to be taken to a hospital.  There was a shortage of water bottles for them and they became dehydrated. On hot days with high humidity, please be careful. The life you save may be your own.  It is too dangerous to try running in a marathon under those conditions. It is better to be cautious and alive than sick and injured. Also, seniors and young people should watch out to protect themselves for the same reason. Too much heat and high humidity can become a killer. Enjoy your summer, but please do so safely. Please support the Bay View community.

Have fun at the "Chill on the Hill" concert series

  I hope that you don't have to use the rest room while you are at the "Chill on the Hill" concert. I have been told that the restrooms are locked and the port-a-jons are also locked. If somebody wants to correct me, just let me know. At the Independence Day celebration at Humboldt Park, we heard complaints about the restrooms being locked and the port-a-jons being padlocked. If more information was available, then I could verify what the problem was about. It is bad enough that the restrooms have been deemed unfit for use, but could we at least be able to use them when needed? I wish that the Bay View Neighborhood Association would explain exactly what is happening at the Humboldt Park Chalet, that the restrooms are locked.

The South Shore Frolics were great

  Outside of the heat, the South Shore Frolics was a great event. The fish fry was good, the parade was good, the music was good, the Classic Cars were fun to visit, the Bay View Arts Guild area was a success, and there were some good fireworks displayed.  I wish to thank all who helped in planning and working the Frolics. You did an outstanding job. This is a great Bay View tradition for all to enjoy.

An apology to Bay View Neighborhood Association

  I wish to apologize to the Bay View Neighborhood Association and Terese Crain and Patty Pritchard Thompson. I must have received incorrect information about the restrooms at the Humboldt Park Chalet being locked on July 4th this year. I am very sensitive about the restroom situation in the park. You and your group have done much to try to improve Humboldt Park. Your work has been outstanding.  The outdoor blue port-a-jons are rented by the Bay View Neighborhood Association and therefore private for "Chill on the Hill" needs. Humboldt Park 4th of July Association has no direct conection to the Bay View Neighborhood Association.  We are both dependent on the park staff for our needs. Cliff Hale and his crew are outstanding people and have always helped us as best they can. I again apologize for my statements in my Blog "Support Bay View" --" Have fun at the "Chill on the Hill" concert series.  You are correct and I am wrong on what I stated.

We could use some rain now

.. With our current heat wave, we could use some rain to cool us off. The ground is becoming very dry. Our strength is weakened by high heat. Let us hope that some rain will come soon. A cool night will be appreciated by all of us. Please support the Bay View community.

The South Shore Farmers Market is open again

  Now that the South Shore Frolics is over, the South Shore Farmers Market will resume its normal Saturday, 8 AM to 12 Noon, operation. Come and enjoy an outdoor market that is open to everyone. Cherries from Door County should be available. Fresh corn is about due to arrive also. Bring the whole family and have a great time.

Thank you for the great surprise birthday party

  They caught me off guard and had a surprise 70th birthday party for me at the South Shore Frolics Fish Fry.  I wish to thank everyone who came and was involved in it. It was certainly unexpected. I thought that since my birthday was July 12th, that nothing like that would ever happen. Thank you everybody who was involved and helped plan this event. I deeply appreciate your efforts.

Hot days are here again.

  Please be careful in this hot humid weather. It could be dangerous to animals, elderly, children and all people who tend to do too much outdoors.  When you begin to feel the heat, go inside and cool off. Air conditioning is perfect for all of us. If you feel overheated, then cool down and get some rest. Watch out for younger children who do not know their heat limits. Check up on elderly people to make sure that they are ok. Have a good time relaxing in this weather. Please support the Bay View Community.

Happy 25th wedding anniversary to Al and Debbie Skibinski

  On Satruday, July 22nd, we attended the 25th anniversary party of Alan and Debbie Skibinski. Father Alan Jurkas was there to repeat their wedding vows of 25 years ago. After the repeating of wedding vows in a short religious ceremony, we all sat down to eat a great meal. Their son then did a disc jockey type music program to dance to. It was like going to a wedding reception, 25 years after the fact. This was a party for family and close friends  to attend. We had a great time there.

Humboldt Park Watch "Corn Roast" fundraiser at "Chill in the Park" concert

  On Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, the Humboldt Park Watch will hold its "Corn Roast" fundraiser. It will be located close to the Humboldt Park Chalet during a concert of the "Chill on the Hill" series. Fresh corn on the cob will be available to be purchased at the park. This is the main fundraiser for the park watch group. Everybody is welcome to attend this event. Parking will be scarce, so come early. The corn will be served sometime after 6 PM.   Y'all come and join us for a night of fun and entertainment.

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