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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Humboldt Park Watch Meeting -- Tuesday, February 9th, 7 pm

 On Tuesday, February 9th, at 7 pm, the Humboldt Park Watch will hold its meeting in the park pavilion. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting. Things involving Humboldt Park will be discussed. All people attending may have an input into the meeting. If you have any questions, contact Ruth Simos, Humboldt Park Watch Captain at:

How many fire fighters do we have in Milwaukee?

  When we had a major fire at the Pizza Man restaurant recently, due to the lack of staffing, firefighters from the suburbs had to be brought in to be on stand by in case of any other Milwaukee fire or medical emergency.

  What would happen if we would have two major fires in Milwaukee at the same time?  Would we have enough fire fighters to protect the City of Milwaukee then? If "brown-outs" and fire department staffing cuts continue, we will have very little protection for medical emergencies and for fires. If a person is having a heart attack, then emergency personnel must arrive within four minutes to keep the person alive. If we do not have an available fire truck due to brown-outs, then the time needed  to arrive at any house could be five minutes or longer. If the nearest fire truck is already at another emergency, then the next nearest fire truck would have to come from farther away and cost valuable time.

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It is time for the Spring Primary Election

 It is your responsibility to use the power of your vote in any election.  Chose the person that you think is most qualified for filling an elected position. Elections in the United States are possible thanks to our armed forces and government officials. A person is elected to serve us in government service. If you feel that the present elected official is not doing their job right, you have the right to elect somedody else to do their job. Elected positions are not to be taken for granted. Before any election, learn about all of the candidates for office. Be sure to vote for the one most qualified according to your studies. I am not going to tell you which political party to support. That is up to you. Please take the time to vote in the next election.

Thank you to City of South Milwaukee

  I wish to thank Mayor Tom Zepecki and City Hall of South Milwaukee for taking immediate action with the major water leak in the city. His quick actions prevented any further problems from occuring. It was great to see bottled water being passed out at city hall. This shows what a great city can do in a crisis.

 I think that the quick decisive actions of Mayor Tom Zepecki and South Milwaukee City Hall prevented panic from happening in the city. Donation of bottled water to help the residents was a blessing. We were constantly kept aware of what was going on by city hall. Nothing was hidden from the public. My compliments go to the great leadership of South Milwaukee.  Oak Creek also helped out in this time of need.

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How is your back today?

  We have just had a major snow storm come through our area. How is your back after removing the snow from your driveway, sidewalk and steps?  A good cup of hot chocolate would help you now. Rub yourself in with Icey-Hot or some other balm, or better yet, let somebody else do it for you. Try to relax and think that winter is far from over. Now that football season is over, maybe rent a movie and watch it with your family. You could go outdoors with a sled or tobaggan and have some fun or go ice skating. You could help your family play some winter games or build a snowman together. This is a good time to hug your family and enjoy being together. There are plenty of things to do, so don't get bored. When spring comes, you will want to do some basketball hoops or play softball with your friends and/or family. Look forward to spring and keep your hopes up. Maybe this will be the last major snow storm of the season. Rest your back now. Please support the Bay View community.

Summer of 1962

  In 1962, I had a very unusual summer. I was active in the YWCA Terpschichorean Club and enjoying life to it fullest. The club had dances, parties, picnics and other coed activities for interested people. Henry W. Altstadt was the founder and director of the club. He taught dance classes at the downtown YWCA located then at 610 N. Jackson Street. All club activities were coed and had members take turn planning and organizing each event. At least once, we went to the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. We played coed softball at Wilson Park on Sunday mornings. When a new member came along, it was common to place him or her into the kitchen until they loosened up and relaxed.  Afterwards, when the person was relaxed, they were placed into the middle of the activities going on. Everyone was made to feel at home.  No person was allowed to be abusive toward others.  Most activities were oriented toward singles and couples and were clean and wholesome.  It was like being at home away from home in spirit.  Many members were college students and dance class students.

 One Sunday, when we had club activities at Regner City Park in West Bend, Wi., I forgot that I had red hair and sensitive skin. We had softball games, tennis, swimming and other activities. It was so much fun, that I took off my shirt while playing these games.  After I got home, I noticed that I had sun burn over most of my body. When I took a bath, the bath water sizzled. The next day I went to work and visited the company nurse to see how bad my sun burn was. When she saw me, she exclaimed: " Ach, mein Gott im Himmel, was ist her los mit du"?  ( My God, what is the matter with you?)  I was immediately sent to the company doctor, given salve for the burns, and told to stay off my feet until the burns healed. It seems that I had gotten 2nd degree sun burn on much of my body. Well, if you play, you must pay.

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Happy St. Valentine Day

  Chocolates and flowers are  gifts that we like to give to those we love on St. Valentine Day. This is a day to honor those people that we really care about. Family and close friends benefit from these gifts. This is a way to say thank you to those who care about you. Love is more than just words. You can show love by your actions and deeds also. Love is intimate between two people. Family love is very important to your mate and children. Live a life of love and hope and share all with your family. Have a Happy St. Valentine Day.

Humboldt Park Watch meeting rescheduled for Tuesday, 2/23/10

  Due to a major snow storm, the meeting of the Humboldt Park Watch was been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 23, at 7 pm in the Humboldt Park Pavilion located on S. Pine Ave., just north of E. Oklahoma Ave. in Bay View.  Planning for the Easter Egg Hunt will be conducted at this meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend. Ruth Simos is park watch captain.

High speed rail

 It would be nice to be able to have high speed rail to Madison and to Minneapolis. After going through security at the airport, rail would make a great alternative to flying. People who commute between Milwaukee and its western suburbs will find rail to be economic and time saving over have to drive the same distance. The KRM would also be nice to have between southern areas and Milwaukee. It would be a movement towards greener Milwaukee. Less auto emissions, less highway wear and tear, and less fuel used would greatly help us in our daily lives.  In Europe, the rail is used very often and cars less often. A good mass transit system is a blessing to any community.

 It would make traveling to Minneapolis to visit my son and his family much easier. As you get older, driving becomes more difficult. A good rail alternative to flying would be greatly appreciated. You will be able to relax while you travel. Train seats are more comfortable than airplane seats. This is one good reason why we should copy Europe in their mass transit efforts. Less  use of the automobile will promote cleaner air and less gasolene use. Please consider high speed rail for us.

Winter Blast at South Shore Park on thisSunday, February 21st, from 1 - 4 pm

Good Day to all,

  Just a reminder that the Winter Blast  Event hosted by the Bay View Neighborhood Association is  on Sunday,  February 21st, from 1 - 4 pm. Here is the link:   Looks like great fun, food and merriment to shake the grip of winter.

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March meeting of Humboldt Park 4th of July Association -- Wednesday, March 3rd at 7 pm

  On Wednesday, March 3rd, we will hold our March meeting of the Humboldt Park 4th of July Association at 7 pm in the park pavilion. All interested people are invited to attend. The park pavilion is located on S. Pine Ave., just north of E. Oklahoma Ave.

  This year is our centennial year of activity. We began in 1910 as the Safe and Sane 4th Association in Humboldt Park. Too many accidents were happening to people due to misuse of fireworks. Blindness and loss of limbs were common.  The people of Bay View decided to do something about this. They set up a full day of activities for the entire family to participate in. The day was to be concluded with a professional fireworks display for all to enjoy. The safety of the family was the reason for organizing.

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Breakfast with the Easter Bunny -- Sunday, March 21st, from 9:30 am to 12 noon

  On Sunday, March 21st, we will be having Easter with the Easter Bunny, from 9:30 am to 12 noon at the Beulah Brinton Community Center, located at 2555 S. Bay Street in Bay View.

                                       BREAKFAST WITH THE EASTER BUNNY

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Playing in the snow as a child & a tribute to my dad

  When I was a child. I used to help build snow forts that we used to play in. My dad liked to make three openings out to the street to walk through. The paths had to be wide enough for two people to walk on. The reason for these three paths was so that at least one opening would be available to use at all times and not be blocked by parked cars. We built our snow forts close by these openings. As I got older, I continued to make these openings until my wife and I moved to our condo. At one house where we lived, the man next door, now deceased, would need help walking through one opening to his house while he used two canes to navigate with. We always would have at least one opening guarenteed for walking through with groceries.

 My dad built a small snow plow out of 2" x 8"x 3'  lumber in the shape of the letter "A".  We as children would use this plow to clear a path out in the back to the ash box. While it never hit the bottom of the snow, it was wide enough to permit walking on with short boots on. We tied a rope to the front of this snow plow and towed it where we wanted to go.

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Lent is a good time for fish fry dinners on Fridays

  Now that it is Lent season, most of us have fish fry dinners on Friday.  When you leave Milwaukee or Wisconsin, it is harder to find a restaurant that serves fish fry dinners.  I know of many places in the area that serve great ones. Some churches hold fish fry dinners on Fridays. Where you get your fish fry is up to you. You have to choose the style and type of fish that you want and how you want it served. Smelt are usually in season during Lent. If you make your own fish fry dinner, you can save some money. If you don't like to eat sea food, then macaroni and cheese is an excellent dish to serve. Tuna casserole, salmon casserole, shrimp salad, sea food salad are other options for dinners. While you are eating your meal, think of our Savior and what He has done for us. You should thank Him. Some churches offer services on Wednesday nights during Lent to remind us of the Passion of our Lord. No matter what you do, the choice as to what to do is up to you. Enjoy fish fry dinners throughout the year. Fish is good for your heart. Please support the Bay View community.

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