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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Drivers should watch out for children darting out into the street

  When school begins, children become careless when crossing the street. You should be extra alert to any children in the area and be able to stop immediately if a dangerous situation comes up. When approaching the school, many cars are double parked and partially block the street in front of the school. Some cars turn suddenly into traffic without signaling. Any time that you are near a school, take extra caution to protect both yourself and anyone else in the area. It is advisable to avoid driving near schools unless you have a need to be there. Less traffic means less dangers to everyone. The child that you see near the school could be your own child or a friend's child. Common sense is the best answer to any problems in this situation. We are all human and make mistakes. Use your best judgment when driving near any school. Also, watch out for children walking to or from school. Let's hope that nothing bad happens to anyone. Have a happy and safe day.  Please support the Bay View community.

Are you going to vote in September?

  Election Day for the primary election is coming up very soon. You are very lucky to live in a great country where you have the freedom to be able to vote for the candidate of your choice. In many countries, you do not have this freedom. Our military has fought for these freedoms that we enjoy. Many have not survived to be able to vote, and have given their all that we could be free.  Take the time to go out and vote. You have no right to complain if the wrong man get elected, because you never took the time to vote.  Be a good American and use your power of voting. A strong America is possible when all people support their government.  Right or wrong, a man is elected to political office because you voted for or against him. Don't complain if you fail to vote.

Do you enjoy getting telephone calls from solicitors?

 What is the best way to get rid of solicitors who call you on the telephone?  The " do not call list " is one way of getting rid of some of these calls. You can place the caller on hold while you wait a while until he is gone. You can inform them to call you at work, and then give them the number of a unit of law enforcement if they are trying to sell you something forcefully. Scam artists like to claim that they are somebody else in order to prevent you from tracing their call. They are in open violation of the "do not call list" and do not care. You can also have your little child or grandchild talk to the caller.

 With Caller-ID on many phones, you can see who is trying to call you. If they have an unlisted or 800 phone number, most likely it will be a solicitor. You could converse with them in a foreign language. You could inform them that they have called a funeral home and ask when they want the body picked up. You could try and sell the caller a non-existent item like a car with only two minor problems ( no motor and no transmission). To a solicitor, time is the key factor in their calls. If you can stall them on the phone, then they are unlikely to call back. (hopefully)  If a solicitor is threatening you, then turn them over to your local police department to handle. If somebody threatens you, tape record the call as evidence and turn this over to  your local police department.

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Congratulations to Kevin and Mary

  These two fine people, Kevin Jones and Mary Manke are now engaged to be married. I wish you well on your future together. It is good to see two good people come together like this. May the good Lord be kind to you and care for you. The future is yours to enjoy together. May all of your dreams and wishes come true for the both of you. Bella and Tundra will appreciate the joining of you both. I wish all of the happiness possible for you both. You make a fine couple. Congratulations to the both of you.

Remember September 11, 2001

  We should all remember the date, September 11, 2001.  This is the day that several Arab terrorists hijacked some airplanes and destroyed the World Trade Center in New York, killing many people in the process. They also attacked the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. causing many deaths and doing much damage there. Take a little time and pause to reflect on those people who died during this tragic event. We lost many of our firemen here. We should never take for granted that every day will be safe for us. You never know when something tragic can happen to you, your family, your friends and others. Every day is a gift of the Lord, and should honored as such. It is not for us to know the day of our passing from this world. Treat other people as you would like to be treated. Show respect and kindness to others. But never forget that anything is possible, even a tragic event such as this one. Remember always the ones who were taken from us on that terrible day of infamy. Never forget what happened to us that day.

Research the history of your house

   The Bay View Historical Society will feature Milwaukee Public Library Humanities Librarian Carolyn Coldwell presenting resources on Monday, October 4, 2010. at 7 PM at the Beulah Brinton Community Center, located at 2555 S. Bay St., in Milwaukee. This meeting is FREE and open to the public, so plan to attend and tell a friend.

Ruth Simos

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Reminder of Bay View Bash --- Saturday, September 18, 2010

                                                                 BAY VIEW BASH

                                                         SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18

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The South Shore Farmers Market will operate up to and including 10-16-2010

  The South Shore Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 8 AM to 12 Noon.  It is located in South Shore Park, located at 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View. For 12 years, this market has been open.  It is the greatest display of good hospitality that I have ever seen.  Besides having over 40 vendors, including three bakeries, homemade candy, crepes, smoothies, fresh mushrooms, fresh eggs, fresh farm goods, coffee, apples, flowers, soups, homemade preserves from St. Ann's Intergenerational Center, kettle corn, cheeses, food on the grill and other things, there is an educational program and a musical program each Saturday.  There are picnic tables on the park grounds, but supply of these is limited to first come, first serve.  There is a cordial attmosphere and everyone and their dogs (on a leash with responsibilty of cleaning up messes) are very welcome to attend.  There is no cost to attend this market. Parking is limited, so come early to find a spot.  Y'all come and join us at the market.

If you like to drink alcohol, please do not drive your car.

 Lately, I have been reading about too many motor vehicle accidents that involve a driver who has been drinking.  How many deaths do we need before something is done about this?  People on motorcycles and bicycles are the most common victims of these accidents.  Too many bicycles are on the road without having lights or reflective clothing on. At night I have seen bicycles riding on the street without lights and the rider is wearing dark clothing.  Most motorcycles are hard to see at night, but that is no excuse for hitting these operators. Usually you can hear a motorcycle before you can see it.

 If you are having a few drinks with friends at night, be sure that you are still able to drive or else have somebody else drive you home. Bartenders should warn people who have had too many drinks not to drive home. You might be saving somebody's life by keeping that person from driving. The police do not enjoy handling drunk drivers. The drunk drivers frequently vomit all over the squad car. Your picture is taken at the police station and now you have a police record. This record will be with you all of your life. Is this what you want in life?  Do you want to be called a wino or common drunk?  Think twice about driving when you are drinking alcoholic beverages. You have a family that wants you to return home safely each day and night.  Think of your family when you drink.  Think of your reputation.  Please support the Bay View community.

A walk through Humboldt Park

  Recently, I went for a short walk through Humboldt Park.  I thought that we had a park lagoon there, but I could only find tall weeds where the lagoon should be. I was told that one of the lawn cutting machines broke down, but there was no equipment to replace it. If they would have been able to replace it, where would they find a park worker to operate it?  It seems that Scott Walker has denied any funding that this park needs both for equipment and personnel. If you are a park crew chief, how are you supposed to take care of this park without proper equipment or help?  These things done in the past are expected to be done in a timely manner without needed equipment or personnel.  The park crew chief at Humboldt Park, and many other parks, has done his utmost to keep the park maintenance up. The County park workers have done their utmost to keep up with the work, and deserve an award for their dedicated work. Now if only Scott Walker can at least supply some toilet paper and hand soap for the parks, you might be able to use the park restrooms again.

  At the rate that we are going, our parks will become like abandoned cemeteries. It is a shame to have to watch them disintegrate like they are. If this man is doing this to our parks and transit system, can you imagine what our state would become if he became governor?  You already have a preview as to what he intends to do. What will happen to our beautiful state when he gets done with it. Will we become like ghost towns with everything falling apart due to lack of funding?  Will all of our state office buildings have sponsor's names on them?  Will the highways have ten foot weeds on the off-road sections?  Will we have to have sheep, goats and cattle keep the weeds down?  Will the potholes become more numerous so that the auto garages can make more money to donate to their politicians?  Wisconsin will become the laughingstock of the United States if we allow a man like him to run our state.  We have an election coming up in November. You, the voter, will decide who our next governor will be. Choose wisely and consider all of the candidates for office. Make sure that you vote in November.

When we were kids

  Many years ago, as I was growing up, I can remember many things.  We used to walk to school. If my dad was working a later shift and it was raining out, he would pick us up from school. On the way to school we passed two bakeries. The smell of the fresh goods inside would tempt you. There was a crossing guard near our schools. If you crossed against the light, you caught a lecture from the crossing guard.  At school, we would play together on the playground that we shared with another school. There was constant teasing of each student by the other school. It was common to have a snow ball fight in winter. In bad weather, we took a bag lunch to school to eat. In good weather, we might go home for lunch.  Everything was in walking distance of where we lived. Near our house we had four bus lines to choose from. Stores were in walking distance from home. There were five schools near our house.

  When winter came, I can remember shoveling snow. We would help cars who got stuck in the snow. Coal ashes were marvelous at removing ice from the sidewalks. Snow forts were fun to play in. The hill by the railroad tracks was perfect for sled riding and close to the house. Our neighbors were also our close friends. Nobody had to lock their house then. I can remember the streetcars going near our house. These were later replaced by trackless trolleys. In turn these were replaced by motor buses. Bartering for goods or labor was common in those days. Money was scarce, so we grew our own food when possible. Many people had good skills to barter for food or goods. Neighbors looked after each other then.  During World War II, food and goods rationing was done. It was amazing how your dad could repair your shoes if necessary. If major repairs were needed, then we went to a shoe maker for repairs. A good friend would do the car repairs that were needed. Some of the old cars had standardized parts that could be interchanged if necessary.

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Dedication of Humboldt Park renovations and new Children's Play Area

  On September 29th, Humboldt Park Watch and Bay View High School will have the dedication of the new renovations in the pavilion and the new Children's Play Area. From 4:30 PM until 8 PM, there will be activities to honor the Bay View High School student workers and to dedicate the new Children's Play Area. Invitations have been sent out to nearby residents and to the student workers to attend this event. Ruth Simos, head of the Humboldt Park Watch, and Robin Kitzrow, Principal of Bay View High School are the leaders of this event. If you have any questions, please contact them. Contact Ruth Simos at 414-483-9330. Contact Robin Kitzrow at Bay View High School.

  The Humboldt Park Children's Play Area has just recently been completed. Inside of the pavilion, the kitchen has been remodeled and much of the area has been repainted by Bay View High School student workers. This event is to honor these workers and to officially open up the Children's Play Area.

Fall is officially here.

  We are now officially in the fall season. It it time to put away your summer clothes and shorts and to prepare for colder weather. The South Shore Farmers Market will continue through the middle of October. Tree Day at Humboldt Park sponsored by the Humboldt Park Watch will occur on Wednesday, October 13th. This is the time to winterize your car. Winter is just around the corner. Check your windows and doors to make sure that they are set for winter. Bald tires on your car could cause an accident. Watch out for children playing outside and running into the road while you are driving. A pile of dead leaves could represent danger, if anything is inside of it. Do things together as a family. Please support the Bay View community.

Halloween is coming soon

  Now is the time to look for costumes for your children to wear for trick or treating. It would be a good idea to stock up on candy for the children who come to your door on Halloween. Thrift stores, like Value Village have Halloween costumes at a reasonable cost. Save money during these hard times and visit such a store. In the old days, mothers used to make their children's costumes on a sewing machine. Old clothes could be modified into a hard-times costume. Older children can go to parties or dances at this time. Be sure to have at least one adult be with your children while trick or treating. This is a time for the children to be happy and with their friends. Have a happy Halloween.

The South Shore Farmers Market has pumpkins

  This is the season to buy pumpkins and squash. There are many types of squash available at the South Shore Market.  Watermelons and Cantaloupes might still be around for a short time. Come down to the farmers market, have a coffee, sweet roll, and listen to some great music. There are many products available at the market. Find a parking spot, and join in the fun. Everybody, and their dogs (on leashes with clean-up bags) are welcome here. The market is located at South Shore park, 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View. It is open from 8 AM to 12 Noon every Saturday through the middle of October. Y'all come and join us.

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