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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Tribute for Jim Duhachek

   Jim Duhachek has just passed away recently. He volunteered with the Humboldt Park 4th of July Association for over 35 years. He also volunteered with the South Shore Frolics. He belonged to the Bay View Inter-organizational Council. Jim was a great asset to our community. For a very quiet man, he did a lot of work. He had a way with words.  As the person in charge of the ice cream on the 4th, he would be asked at meetings what was happening with it. He would answer:" going down"  When asked about the fireworks at the park that he worked with, he would say:"going up". When we had a an association vote on anything, he would always respond:"Nay", even the vote was to end the meeting. He was a very kind man, who had retired from his job due to health problems. He was active in our association raffles at the meetings.  He will be greatly missed at our meetings.  Rest in peace, Jim.  We will miss you.

Volunteers are needed

  With the death of two of our volunteers recently, I think that more volunteers are needed. These two people donated together 95 years of volunteer service. ( 35 years & 60 years)  It seems that volunteers are hard to find. Many of us have served for over 20 years in various organizations. We need some young people to replace us. We are getting old and it is more difficult to do things. New volunteers mean more input and great ideas to any group.  Please consider taking some time and help out at various groups. Too many groups will fade into non-existance  without more younger members. Please think about becoming a volunteer. We need you. Please support the Bay View community.

Milwaukee School Board Candidate Forum

  Bay View Compass and District 8 Parents host a candidate forum in advance of the school board primary election Tuesday, February 8 from 6 to 7:45 PM at the Bay View Library, 2566 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.  Michael Timm will moderate and the audience is invited to bring questions.

  All three candidates have been invited. Ed Heinzelman, Meagan Holman, and Cindy Jo Lesniewski are vying for the open District 8 school board seat being vacated by Terry Falk , who will opose Susan Schmidt  and write-in candidate Ken Kraucanas for the school board's at-large position. The primary election is Tuesday, February 15. These three candidates will then be whittled down to two, who will complete in the April 5 general election.

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"Winter Blast" at South Shore Park on February 20, 2011

  The Bay View Neighborhood is sponsoring the "Winter Blast" event at South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Dr.. There will ne a chili tasting contest, music, fellowship, and a chance to meet various Bay View groups. This event starts at 12 Noon and runs until 4 PM. This is a community event and everyone is welcome. It is free. Come join your neighbors and relax for a bit.

Dogs in a snow storm

  Have you ever tried to take your dog for a walk, and he tries to avoid going outside because of the heany snow and great gusts of wind involved. I found a spot right near the garage door that is outside, but is very close to the inside of the building.  When the weather is fine, he enjoys going for a nice walk. When a strong wind gust hits him, he tries to shorten the walk and head back inside. After going outside, he tends to lick his paws. Later he will find a soft spot and take a short nap. Such is the life of a dog. He loves to lay down and get the rays of the sun on him. If you are going to have a snack, he is johnny on the spot to see what you have. He loves to cuddle with us. He is very precious. It is great owning a dog.

Happy Birthday Mary and Kevin

  I would like to wish Mary Manke and Kevin Jones a very Happy Birthday. Both of your birthdays are very close to this date.  Go out and together celebrate these special days. May you both have many more in the future. This is a very special time for the both of you. Make the best use of it.  Happy Birthday to the both of you.

Happy Valentine's Day

  This is the day to honor and cherish your loved ones. A big smile and helpful volunteering at home will help your cause. Give of yourself to your loved ones. Treat this day special. Buy a treat or go out to eat with the ones you love. Take in a movie or do something romantic. Relax and do what comes natural to you. Do not be afraid to be generous with somebody else. On February 14th, we celebrate St. Valenine's Day. Have a wonderful day.

Was it cold enough for you?

   We recently got over a very deep cold spell. It makes you wonder about the supposive global warming that is expected. Water dams formed on the rooftops and created icicles overhead. Ice formed by the garage door to create a hazzard for walking.  When you take a walk, look out for hidden ice on the ground. You could take a spill and hurt yourself. If you feel yourself beginning to fall, relax and let yourself go. You will do less damage than if you were stiff while falling. While you drive, watch out for hidden black ice on the road. You could lose control of your car while driving. In a parking lot, watch where you step for hidden ice. I hope that nobody falls and gets hurt. Please be careful.  Please support the Bay View community.

Final reminder of "Winter Blast" at South Shore Park

   On Sunday, February 20, 2011, the Bay View Neighborhood Association is sponsoring the "Winter Blast" at South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Dr.  This event starts at 12 Noon and ends at 4 PM. There will be a chili tasting contest, music, fellowship, and a chance tomeet the various Bay View groups. This is a free  community event and everybody is welcome. Come join your neighbors and relax for a bit.

  There will be tables from the various Bay View organizations, churches and schools showing their various activities. Your local politicians will also be there. A good time for all who come is expected. Y'all come and join us at the "Winter Blast".

Scott Walker is at it again

 When I wrote earlier that the trademark of Scott Walker was an outhouse not equiped with handsoap or toilet tissue, I was correct.  Now he wants to eliminate our organized labor contracts in this state. With the help[ of the labor unions, Wisconsin became a great state. Worker's rights, workman's compensation, unemployment benefits, eight hour day, vacations, overtime pay are all things that our labor unions obtained for us. Scott Walker thinks more in the time of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and slavery. He does not think that our workers deserve anything that we have worked for and earned over the years through contract negotiations. He would like to cut costs for medical care of the elderly and poor people. At the same time he would like to give special benefits to his friends, the people with money.  Must we return to a time where we have no rights and our pay and benefits are greatly reduced so that the owners of the company can make more profits. Can you imagine our state workers going on strike to fight Scott Walker's efforts to destory us?  We look at Egypt, and see what unrest can do to a country. Is He trying to create that same kind of unrest here?  While as County Exectutive, he destoryed our county parks due to neglect and loss of manpower to take care of them. He has almost left Milwaukee County government bankrupt. Is this what you want for the State of Wisconsin?  Speak up and let him know what you think of his actions. Don't bother to send him any toilet lissue, as he cut down the supply of this to our parks and probally doen't know what it is used for.  Handsoap is also missing from our county parks.

 Why can't we have a man like the late Daniel Hoan, to run our state government. At least he was honest and a man of the people. He did not downplay the common man like somebody we know. We need a governor with common sense who can actually run an honest program for the people, by the people. Please come to your senses and stop Scott Walker from destroying our state. Wake up, people! Tomorrow is coming too fast. You are people who elected him. Now you are responsible for his actions.

The king is on his throne

   Our State Governor, Scot Walker is on his throne. He feels that unions are of no value for his rich friends. They would like our state to get rid of all of our unions. He would like to reverse 50 years of Wisconsin history His friends need to make more profits. The public be damned. He feels that our union people do not deserve their union negotiated benefits. Many public workers took smaller pay raises to obtain these benefits. Now Scott wants to eliminate them. He wants to eliminate medical aid to dependents because they don't deserve any help from the state. When he sits on his throne, he could at least flush the tolilet. He really creating a big stink in there. His throne will have handsoap and toilet tissue, although he denied that to the Milwaukee County Park system.  Maybe he wants to have limousine service for his rich friends to save on gas spending. As he stated when he became governor, everything is open for sale in state government. Naming rights are next thing to make more money for the state. Pay toilets in state office buildings are next. Admission fees to see government in action will come next. He might even have the inmates run the state prisons to save some money.  He may even hire doctors wihout proper licenses work in our mental hospitals like he did in Milwaukee County. He is only trying to save money.  You had better guard our geese if he is going to throw a party. A few parks lost their geese last year. I wonder what he will think of next to save money.

Humboldt Park 4th of July Association meeting -- Wednesday, March 2, 2011

   There will be the March meeting of Humboldt Park 4th of July Association, on Wednesday, March 2,2011, at 7 PM in the park pavilion. This meeting is open to all interested people. We will begin planning the celebration of Independence Day at the park at this meeting. We have a great need for more input, advice and help for this occasion. The future of any organization begins with new blood in the membership. Your ideas are very important to us.  Feel free to come and express yourself at our meeting. We welcome all and any new members. Every person is important in our group. Come down and join us.

A little story

  Joe and his wife, Barbara, decided to visit Madison, Wisconsin. While on the way there, they had to visit a rest stop on the highway.  When they finished using the restrooms, they discovered the same thing that commonly occured in Milwaukee County Parks, a lack of toilet paper and hand soap. Then they remembered, that Scott Walker, the old Milwaukee County Executive who had cut off the supply of these items to Milwaukee County Parks, was now Governor of Wisconsin. Now he was contnuing his past practice in the State of Wisconsin. He was only trying to save money. The rich people could afford to carry their own supplies with them. Naming rights to government buildings were on sale at the State Capitol.  They could not  find a toilet supply company to name the restrooms on the State highways yet. Pay toilets were found in most of the government office buildings. Scott was only trying to save some more money.  Diaper companies were interested in naming rights to the maternity sections of the hospitals. State governent officials now had to pay for using their personal parking places. The governor had a special spot to park his Cadillac.  Mc Donald's was trying to get the franchise rights to food service and naming rights to the Capitol itself. This way the state could save more money. Some ambulance companies were using hearses to save on money transporting people and bodies where they needed to go.  A chain gang from the nearby prison was doing yard work to save more money for the state. More and higher costing parking meters were installed near the Capitol building. After staying a short time in Madison, Joe and Barbara wanted to return to Milwaukee where things were better for them. At least Milwaukee has toilet paper and handsoap in their restrooms.

Will March come in like a lion or like a lamb?

  What kind of weather are we expecting for the beginning of March? Will it be cold or warm? Will it be storming or calm?  Place your bets now. We will soon find out since March will be here in two days. Cheer up. Winter is almost over. Start to plan your Spring activities. Find yourself a good seed catalog and choose some nice plants to grow. Softball and tennis are just around the corner. Plan some outdoor activities when you find time. Enjoy the weather while it is beautiful and relax indoors when it is not. Plan some activities for the entire family to enjoy together. Lent is coming soon. Enjoy life while you can.  Please support the Bay View community.

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