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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Parents, get involved in your children's education process

   This is a good time for parents to visit their children's schools and get involved in the education process with your children.  PTA is a good place to get involved.  Boy and Girl Scout programs are also very good. Become a tutor to children in need of help.  Support your child's teacher's efforts to educate your child.  Knowing that you are involved in their school activities is a great incentive to encourage your child to excel in their classes. Your children will be proud of you.  This will strengthen your ties and trust with your children. Just knowing that you care enough to get involved can trigger positive efforts in your children.  Take the time to visit the schools where your children are enrolled.  Your children will know that you are there for them at all times, especially in time of need.

October 17th is the last day of the season for the South Shore Farmers Market

  This is a reminder that the final day of the 2009 season of the Souh Shore Farmers  Market is on Saturday, October 17, 2009.  The market will resume operations in June of 2010.  The Fritsche Middle School Band, the Pride of Bay View,  will perform on the last day of the market.  Baise on the Go will be the educational program for the day.  Come on down and relax at the market.  There are over 40 vendors to serve you.  The Kettle Corn Man will be there. Help us to celebrate a wonderful season at the market.

  Y'all come to the market.  The South Shore Farmers Market is located in South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Drive, in Bay View.  See the trees in their fall colors. Enjoy some pumpkins and squash while you are there.  There is plenty of food available.  Get there early and find yourself a picnic table to sit at. Enjoy the great music of the Fritsche Middle School Band while you are there.  Enjoy gemutlichkeit at the market.  This is your last chance to visit the market before the season ends.

A request for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

  In your archives, you have stored much earlier copies on film of old newspapers from the past.  It would be interesting if every once in a while,  you could show a section with highlights of an old edition.  Even the advertisements could be interesting.  You could state that on "this day in history" these were the headlines on the regular newspaper.  Many people enjoy looking at old newspapers.  Even if you only showed a limited portion of the newspaper, it would still be interesting to read.  If you would publish a book with copies of old editions of your newspaper printed inside of it,  you could make some money on nostalgia.  Even if it only old news,  people could see how things actually were like years ago.  Please consider my request.

Tree Day at Humboldt Park --- October 14, 2009

 The Humboldt Park Watch will hold its Tree Day program at Humboldt Park on Wednesday, October 14th, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the park pavilion.  Ruth Simos is in charge of this program and can be reached at:  414-483-9330.  The first and second grade classes of some of the Bay View area schools will be attending.  Part of the day is spent in classroom type activities,  making buttons and taking a walking tour of the park with guides to tell about the various trees.  Due to lack of space and time, the third graders will not be coming here this year. Sometimes the County Park workers will plant some trees with the children looking on. This whole day is geared to the little children so that they can understand trees and the park in general. Volunteers are gladly accepted to help us with the children.  There is no cost for attending this event. The Humboldt Park Watch covers the expenses for the day. If you have any questions about Tree Day,  contact Ruth Simos at: 414-483-9330 for further information and for volunteering for this event. If your school would like to attend this event, please contact Ruth Simos as soon as possible to make reservations for your classes.

Begin to "Build Your Future" at Bay View High School

 Parents and community members are cordially invited. Come see for yourself how Bay View HS is working to build our students' future.

Bay View High School is opening its doors to local 5th and 8th grade students and the community. Together with building industry professionals, BVHS is hosting an all-day event offering students and the community a shining example of what Bay View has to offer.

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Playing games on facebook

  If you have ever played games on Facebook, you will discover some problems.  When playing Mafia Wars, it sometimes takes six minutes for a command to be processed.  For example you have over 1,000,000 in game cash and you want to deposit it into the game bank, it will take about six minutes for the command deposit into bank to take hold.  In the mean time you will lose most of your money.  When you try a different command to reset the first command, the game tells you to retry again due to a problem in the game. What fun is it to play the game when you can't do what you are supposed to do on your computer.  If this keeps happening, I will stop playing their games, because it is becoming a waste of my  valuable time.  Give me your opinion on this matter.  Does it pay to play the game when you can't control how to play it. I hope that someday Facebook will correct its procedures so that you can play the games and still have fun without having to wait forever on a high speed computer to get things done. If this continues, I will stop playing games on Facebook.

This problem has also happened on other games. The coordination of sending a command to a game play will many times result in a resetting of the game losing all of the work that you have done because the game is no longer synchronized.  You then have to redo all of your previous work on the game. Can you relax playing a game when it does not cooperate with you. I don't think so.  Please send to me some of the problems that you that you have experienced on facebook games.

Have you noticed the new Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel?

   If you read the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel closely, you will notice that very few local reporters writing stories.  Most of their stories are from outside sources. In a cost cutting move, many of the newspaper reporters have been laid off.  If you like this happening, then inform the newspaper. Give the newspaper editors your opinion of what the newspaper should be like.  At the present time, it seems if the future of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel looks dim.  If these cuts keep on coming, then nobody will purchase the newspaper anymore.  To the editors of the newspaper:  Remember who your readers are. If you have a quality product, then people will continue to purchase it.  If your quality goes down, then you will see the consequences.  Please wake up and serve the people of Milwaukee with quality news as it should be. You are the ones who determine the future of the newspaper.

History of my ancestors

  It is funny to find out that three of my great-grandfathers were in the grocery business.  The other one built basements and did other construction in Bay View.  One of my great-grandfathers lived in North Milwaukee in the Town of Granville. Another one lived at N. 40th St. & W. Wright St.

  My great-grandfather, Fred Schumacher, worked in the Blast Furnace of the Bay View Rolling Mill.  His son, Otto Schumacher, had a grocery store at S. Logan Ave. and E. Otjen St. ( then E. Deer and S. Mitchell). He later went into the real estate and insurance business, which my mother and her sister continued in later life.

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Celebrating our Independence Day in Milwaukee

  Did you ever wonder how Milwaukee City Hall feels about celebrating our Independence Day.  Well. their lastest budget has again cut more funding out of the budget for the Milwaukee 4th of July Commission.  Their feeling was that we only need to celebrate our Independence Day at two parks in Milwaukee.  One park on the north side of town and one on the south side of town. They feel that there is not enough interest in celebrating the 4th of July.  Since people do not seem to care any more, why not eliminate this holiday, as it costs too much to celebrate.  People don't seem to care that we once fought a war of independence to become a free country. Nor do they care that their freedom was purchased with the blood of our military service men and women. People don't seem to care that they have the freedom to vote, express themselves, own guns, own their homes, the freedom to travel everywhere without having to get permission from the government. With this lack of emphathy, there is no need to celebrate our Independence Day.

  I believe in my country, the United States of America, and feel that we should celebrate this holiday, even though our politicians do not believe in our democracy.  Many of us have served in the military during our lives. We all pay taxes. Many of us vote for our politicians.  Maybe its time to replace these un-american politicians with loyal law abiding people who love their country and all that it stands for. We live in the United States and have the right to elect or recall any politician from public office. If they show no honor and respect for our government, and its holidays, maybe we should replace them all. You as an American citizen, have the power to vote. You can decide the results of our next election. Every vote is important.  If our leaders do not respect our way of life, then replace them. Take the time to speak out and express yourself. You have this right being a citizen of this country. We do have Freedom of Speech here in America. Talk it over with your friends and see what they think about this situation.  Please support the Bay View community and the right and priviledge to celebrate Independence Day in Milwaukee.

Thank you to everyone from the South Shore Farmers Market

Thank you to all who have helped or attended the South Shore Farmers Market. We had a wonderful season with very few rainy days to interfere. The attendance at the market was great.  Parking space was limited, but we did our best with what we had. The vendors were very pleased by the crowd attending. The people were happy because there was a lot of variety at the market.  I personally enjoyed all the dogs that came with their owners. This is the best famers market that I know of.  Where else can you walk your dog, look over the vendor's products and buy what you want in a relaxing atmosphere. Many people bought coffee and bakery and sat down at the picnic tables provided by the park workers. We did our best to provide an educational program and a musical program each day. On the third Saturday of June in 2010, the South Shore Farmers Market will reopen for a new season. Thank you all for coming down and shopping here.   Katie and Adam did a great job of managing the market. Thanks also to the crew of volunteers like Zak, John Sternkopf, Mike, Greg and all of the others who worked hard to make the market the good place that it is.  Kathy and Frank Mulvey were instrumental in all of the market operations.  Best wishes until we meet again next season.

Old barns and other buildings in Bay View

Have any of you ever seen evidence of old barns in Bay View?  While most of the old barns have been torn down, there still are a few old horsebarns still standing in the area.  Most of these will have upper doors to throw down hay visable.   Before automobiles came into existence people had to use horse and buggies to travel in the area.  Several blacksmith shops were also located here.  Some summer kitchens are still able to be seen in the area.  Some day drive into the older parts of the area and travel into the alleys.  Sometimes you will be able to spot one of these old buildings.  The old barn along side of the Delaware House at 2499 S. Delaware Ave. will soon be razed.  The building dates back many years and has outlived its usefullness.  Some old garages were originally horse barns near the lake. Go to the Bay View Library or to the Beulah Brinton House, the headquarters of the Bay View Historical Society, and view some of the old photos of the area.  See how many of these old buildings have since been razed and how many were converted into modern uses.  Use your imagination and picture how these buildings once were in the old days.  Ask your friends to help you out in this search. Have a contest to see who can find the most existing old barns, blacksmith shops or summer kitchens.  I am curious to see how many you can find. This will be a challenge for you.  Please support the Bay View community.

Thank you for your support at Tree Day at Humboldt Park

On October 16, 2009,  we held Tree Day at Humboldt Bay View..

October, 2009

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Support your local schools

  Many of the Bay View area schools are trying to improve themselves in all areas of education.  Parental support is very much needed here. If we support our local area schools, we can eliminate bus traveling time and costs.  Neighborhood schools provide more homework time and recreation time for your children.  By eliminating bus travel time, more time becomes availble for all purposes for families. This way neighborhood children can attend their schools together if they want to. I support parent  involvement in children's education.  Your children can be proud of you for your support of them at this time. Many schools offer PTAs for parents to join.  Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs are at many schools.  Spending time on the school playground after school is sometimes fun for the children. Children need encouragement to guide them in their educational goals. Knowing that their parents are there for them in time of need is very important to children. Strong bonding results from this action. Please support the Bay View community.

What is with our weather?

  We are supposed to be involved in global warming, but our entire summer and fall so far have been colder than in previous years. Snow actually cancelled one baseball playoff game in Denver, Colorado. One game was played in temperatures in the 20 degree Fahrenheit range.  Was ist her los mit das? Last year at this time it was warmer outside. At the farmers market, on October 10th, it was 32 degrees Fahrenheit at South Shore Park.  Please show me how global warming is present here in the Midwest. I thought that my water bottle was going to turn to ice with this weather.  Every time I hear of global warming and then go outside, I wonder what they are talking about. Lord have mercy on us,  if this winter is going to be like our past summer, colder than usual. What is your opinion of our current weather?

Are you ready for Halloween?

  This is the time that our little ones go out trick or treating. Be sure that an adult is with the children at all times. If it is dark outside, watch out for any hidden dogs or intruders in the bushes or in the darkness. We all love our children, but we must protect them at all times. With costumes on, sometimes they can not see on either side of themselves  and could walk out into oncoming traffic accidently. With piles of leaves lying in the road, a small child could easily play in the pile with you, the driver, being unaware of them being there. While they are outside doing their trick or treating, watch out for them to dart out into the road to get to the other side in a great hurry.  The child that you hurt could be your own child or grandchild. Always be extra careful when many children are playing outside. You never know when one of them will dart out into the road chasing a ball or something like that. I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Halloween this year.  Please support the Bay View community.

Daylight Savings Time is coming to an end soon

  With the end of daylight savings time coming, be more aware of children playing in the dark. It is best for them to play inside, but a game of football, soccer or basketball is still possible. Adjust your vision to the darkness and become more aware of the things happening around you. Your safety is at stake when it gets dark outside. Weakened vision prevents you from seeing many hazards that will come your way. Drive slower at night to be able to stop faster in an emergency. The life you save may be yours, your family, your friend's, or your neighbor's. Driving home safe will always be a pleasure to your family. If snow, sleet or freezing rain come, be extra careful because it will be very hard to stop a moving car. Drive only as fast as you can stop your car safely. Enjoy this fall season with your family. On Sunday, Central Standard Time takes effect.  Set your clocks so that you are not too early for any plans you make. I hope that the Green Bay Packers defeat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon.  Go Packers!

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