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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Fall is now here

  Now is the time to bring in your special plants to prevent them from freezing. It is time to get out the winter coats and warm clothes and put away the shorts and summer wear.  When the leaves fall down on your lawn,  mulch them into fine particles and they will fertilize your lawn over the winter.  Some leaves can be used to place as a blanket over shrubs and other such plants.  Check your windows to see if you are set for winter.  It is better to be prepared than caught off guard by a sudden unpredicted storm. Check you car to see if it is ready for the winter.  Bald tires could kill you in snow or ice.  Bad brakes can also kill you.  Check your car battery to see if it will last during the winter.  Always keep at least one blanket inside of your car to use when you get cold or during any emergency.  Check to make sure that all of your lights are working.  Most of all, be prepared for the coming of winter with your family in mind.  Fall is a time of transition.  Hug your family and enjoy the fall season together.  With daylight savings time ending, watch out for children playing in the leaves and in the dark. I hope that you can share things together with your family and love each other as should be.  Please support the Bay View community.

Welcome Zachary Warren Manke to my family.

  On Thursday,  October 29, 2009,  at 9:34 a.m.,  my grandson, Zachary Warren Manke was born. He weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces and is 21 inches long.  My son, Kurt, and his wife Olivia, are the proud parents.  He has lots of black hair and looks like his brother Sam.  Everyone is doing well.  They live up in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. My wife, Penny and I are proud grand-parents of Zachary.

  Now we have four grand-children.  Two are girls and two are boys. This is how you can tell that you are getting older.  When your children have their children, you are old. We wish that Kurt and Olivia, and their two boys, have a great time.  Get well soon Olivia.  Sam now has a playmate and can help you with him. May the Lord take good care of you and your family.  Try to get some rest now, if you can.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner

  Now would be a good time to prepare your shopping list for Thanksgiving. First decide if you are holding it at your house or will it be held elsewhere.

  If you are holding it at your house, figure out how many people will be there to eat. Figure how much food that you will need and purchase non-perishable food products ahead of time. Purchase the perishable foods closer to Thanksgiving.  Sometimes it pays to make the turkey one ahead and carve it while it is cooler to the touch.  On Thanksgiving you can serve the carved up turkey after you heat if up with some gravy. Sweet potatoes and or mashed white potatoes are good.  Homemade stuffing made outside of the turkey on Thanksgiving will make the master touch.  Heated frozen corn, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots or beans  make good side vegetables. Homemade bread or biscuits help the meal. Milk for the children and other drinks for the adults finish the meal.  Pumpkin pie is perfect at this meal.

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Watch out for children in the piles of leaves at the curb

  This is the time of year when the tree leaves turn colors and fall to the ground.  When we rake them up, we tend to place them in piles near the curb by your house.  Many children like to play inside of the leaf pile.  Please watch where you are driving and avoid any piles of leaves where children could be playing. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you are using your lawn mower to mulch the leaves, then again be careful that no children or small animals are inside of the pile.  Mulched leaves make for perfect fertilizer for your grass and plants. They provide a blanket of protection for plants but decay into fertilizer as time goes on. It is better to recycle your leaves as mulch than to place them in piles at the curb. Now is the time to enjoy a good football game, instead of raking up all of your leaves.  Give your family a big hug and enjoy this fall season with them. Drive safely and be able to return home to your family in one piece. Please support the Bay View community.

A special request for a special child

This information comes from Tom Manke of Michigan:

  Please help a friend of a friend, Diana Harrison Bjorkman's 5 year old son, Noah.  He has been battling 'Neuroblastoma cancer for 2 1/2 years.  His family is having his Christmas next weekend, and he has requested lots of Christmas cards.  Sowhoever you are, and where ever you are,  help make his last ...... Christmas the best ever. Send to:

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Veteran's Day is coming on November 11th

This is a time to remember all the people who have served their country in our armed forces. There are many people still out in harm's way, but they are not forgotten.  Freedom was bought with the blood of our service people who fought to keep us free.  If you meet any veteran, stop and give him or her  thanks for being there when we needed help. Three cheers and a 21 gun salute to all of these people who risked all to save us. Please remember our veterans and active people in our armed forces. They deserve honor and respect from all of us.

Bay View Christmas Tree Lighting

             The Inter-organization Council of Bay View proudly invites you to attend the annual:

                                              BAY VIEW CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING

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We are no longer in a dry spell

  It seems to me that we are finally getting the rain that we were lacking over the summer. When it rains, it pours. Now we could use another dry spell for a while. Pray that it does not snow like it is raining out now. If this happens, we may wear out our patience and snow removal equipment.  We can't predict what is in our future, but we can prepare for any emergency.  Wet leaves make it very hard for a car to stop in a normal pattern.  Watch out for children that play in the leaf piles. Please support the Bay View community.

Story of a politician

  Suppose that a politician was elected to a public office.  While he was in office, he tried to privatize every possible thing that he was in control of.  He tried to eliminate jobs to save taxpayers money, but in the process he let everything go into ruin.  The parks that he was in charge of became over 30 million dollars of repair needs neglected. He put concession stands in some parks.  In the areas where poor people lived, he tried to reduce their public transportation and funding.  More recently he attempted to eliminate his job and other jobs of elected officials as unnecessary.  He tried to put parking meters into the parks to make money.  The restrooms in his parks were classified as unfit for human use by the local health department.  He eliminated so many park staff jobs, that normal routine assignments were no longer possible.  He reduced the supply of toilet paper to the parks.  He tried to eliminate public bus service to the poor and invalid people who could not drive a car.  He took away handicap bussing to the suburbs, because it cost money to help invalid people in need. It is amazing that he has not installed pay toilets in all the county restrooms to make some money.  He reduced the amount of hand soap to be used in the restrooms in the parks.  The funny thing is that no cuts happened in the area where he lives himself.  Maybe the people make enough money to make him happy there.

  Now this man wants to be governor of our state.  Can you imagine the big sales of government property if he wins that office.  The real estate salesmen and big money privateers will occupy many government buildings.  You may have to pay a fee to enter the State Office Building in Madison, if he wins.  Expect pay toilets and rental of towels and handsoap in state bathrooms. He will then cut the staffing of our state prisons so that the inmates can guard themselves.  This will save money for the state.  Rental of farm animals to take care of the public lawns will be common.  Geese will be used to remove weeds from the ground.  After a while he will say that we no longer need a governor, or representatives or senators to run government.  His political cronies will take care of that.  You also can imagine naming rights to all government buildings.  Imagine the Coors State Prison or Pepsi Cola State Prison. Imagine the insane asylum being called Subway's Home of Political Officials. You can judge his future by his actions today.

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Watch out children, Santa Claus is coming to town

  If you have gone to any store recently, you will notice that Christmas items are all over the place. Some stores started bringing out Christmas items in September already.  Don't get dismayed. Christmas only comes once a year.  Keep your family in mind when doing your shopping. Watch that your don't overspend this year.

  With our dismal economy, you will have watch how much you spend this year. Consider making some homemade items for your children. During the bad times of the Depression and during rationing during World War II and Korea,  homemade items were very common at Christmas time.  These are tings made with your own hand with great love for your family.  When money becomes a hardship, then bartering, like in the old days when little money was available, becomes a viable commodity to the family.  We all have skills that we can use to make things to barter with.  Skilled labor is another form of bartered jobs. Consider working with a friend, neighbor or relative to create homemade gifts to share with each other's families. A gift of love is worth more than all the money in this world.

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Make sure that your plans for Thanksgiving are set

   Thanksgiving is a day to be with family and friends.   It does not matter where you go. If it is at your house, then have everybody bring a dish and some beverages. If you go to somebody else's house, then ask if you can bring a dish, dessert or salad to the meal.  Volunteer to help the host any way you can. Many hands can make easy work out of a big meal.  Before and after you eat, some people will want to watch football on television.  Offer to help with cleaning up after you eat.  Organize the leftovers and decide who gets what to take home.  A nice piece of pie becomes welcome after you have rested for a while.  If the host asks you to bring tables and chairs to sit on,  bring what they request.

  Bonding with family and friends is always welcome at this time.  Talk about old times and people who have since passed on. Offer an alternative to football with a card game, like sheepshead or poker, for those who wish to play cards.  If it is warm outside, then offer to play an outdoor sport with your company.

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A note to deer hunters

  When you go deer hunting this year,  please wear your glasses so you can see decently.  There are too many dogs and cows out in the woods that you could hit.  Please do not drink too much, for you might shoot the wrong target.  If you have to have a bowel movement, watch out where you aim your rear. Some blind hunter might mistake your rear end for a deer.  Brown dogs can be mistaken for a deer also.  Beef cattle could resemble a deer to some blind hunters.  Make sure that you have the safety turned on your rifle, or you could shoot yourself somewhere.  Do not get lost in the woods, for you might not be missed and not found for a long time.  Clean your rifle so that it does not backfire and explode due to a clogged barrel.  If you try to hide in the bushes, you could be mistaken for a deer.  It is not allowed to give your wife a fur coat to hunt with you.  Watch out for any black bears that might be out there in the woods. Do not disturb any skunks, or you will be rapidly noticed by everybody near you.  Wild turkeys and wild pigs sometimes are out there also in some areas.  Wolves could watch you if you are not careful.  Always remember, an exposed rear end looks like a deer to some people.  Try to explain how you got shot if this happens to you.  Have a safe and wonderful hunt.  Remember, you are not alone out there.  Happy Thanksgiving if you do not get home in time to enjoy this holiday.

A memory from the past

  On November 22, 1963,  President John F. Kennedy was assassinated  in Dallas, Texas, by Lee Harvey Oswald. This was a sad day for Americans.  Many of us were at work or home when the news came on the air that the President of the United States was assassinated. There was a lot of confusion everywhere.  An investigation into the assissination was begun immediately.  There too many unknowns that day.  We watched television as JFK's body was unloaded in Washington, D.C.  We saw Jackie Kennedy and President Lyndon Johnson get off of the airplane.

 As the day went on, we received a report that a man named Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for shooting a Dallas police officer.  There were rumors that he was a suspect in the presidential assassination.  He was seen as he was being booked into a Dallas jail.  He never confessed his actions for that day.  He claimed that he was innocent.  Nothing more was heard about him that day.

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A story to think about

  It was a cool fall day, with a blustery wind and light rain falling. The crops were mostly done for the season. The corn stalks had to be plowed under soon. A few squash,  pumpkins, Brussel Sprouts and a few tomatoes and potatoes were still in the fields. As darkness was coming sooner than before, you wanted to go to the outhouse while it was still light outside. The family dogs began to bark and somebody could be seen walking in the distance.  Who would be walking outside this late.  Was this a stranger or somebody that you knew? Time would tell.

 During the fall, most of the farming was complete except for a few last minute chores. People out in the country rarely saw other people late in the day.  The wife had just finished making a big supper for the family to enjoy.  It would not be long before winter chores and fun would occur. Most of the chickens and turkeys had already gone to the market.  Electricity was scarce out here in this area.  Telephones were only available in town. Thanksgiving was fast approaching. Old fashioned farming was still active here. An old truck was in the back yard for farm use, but rarely used otherwise. A fuel tank  was in the back yard to fuel the truck. The clean fresh air of the country was very refreshing to the farmer and his family.

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A dog

 If you have ever owned a dog, then you have seen unselfish love for his master shown.  Most dogs are very protective, but when it comes to their owner, they are all love and affection. If you treat a dog with love and kindness, you will receive back many times in return.  All a dog wants is food, water, good treatment and a lot of love.  Most dogs like to lay next to their master and relax.  A few doggie treats don't hurt matters.  If you are mean to a dog, expect the dog to be mean to other people.  If you can't take the time to care and nurture a dog, then don't own one. It is like a small child, and  can have its own personality like us. Please treat all dogs with respect and kindness.  One may save your life one day.  They are very loyal to their master.  Most dogs are only dangerous in their own territory, and only go after you if you enter or trespass inside of it.

  I can remember one dog that was on my mail route.  It was half-wolf and half German Shepard. It was attached to the back door on the porch, next to the mailbox.  He happened to be on a 25 foot chain link and could reach you all of the way in the front of the house.  One day the owner had him out on the porch, and he saw me coming and charged at me as fast as he could.  While I was escaping, I sprained my ankle.  Later, when my boss told me that this was an uncalled for accident and could have been avoided, she went out to see this dog for herself as part of an accident investigation.  Later in the day, this boss was screaming at me for not warning her that the dog was on a 25 foot chain link.  It almost had her for lunch that day.  What could I say?  Duh!  You didn't listen to me or read my report of the accident.  You see the computer is the only thing that many supervisors know.  They don't know how to think for themselves except to say:" Yes Sir!" to their boss.  In a few weeks this dog ran into the road and was killed by a passing car.  I never had trouble there again.

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Strange interpretation of a term

   Many times I have heard of "Born-Again Christians".  Two people come to mind.  Jeffrey Dahmer and FBI special agent Hanssen, who was a devout conservative Roman Catholic family man, who sold U.S. State secrets to Russia for money.

  I know of a born again women who was very active in her church. The only problem is that she was very abusive to her crippled 400 lb husband, who was in a wheelchair. She refused to wash his clothing because it was beneath her dignity to do them.  Somebody else had to wash his clothes. She loved to stay in her basement recreation room with a television set and a refridgerator.  He had to stay mostly in his room, and was not allowed to go into the frontroom by his wife, who was afraid that somebody might see him.  When toilet paper, diet soda, and food were brought upstairs for him to use, she would take it back downstairs again.  He did not deserve to have these items.  She would help herself to the bleach and laundry detergent brought by the person who washed his clothes.  She was very mad that he could not make it to her church, but even though she had a large Suburban, it was beneath her to drive him anywhere.  Near the end, he had to lock his bedroom door to keep her from taking away his toilet paper, soda, food and laundry supplies.  When he was in the hospital for the last time, she was too busy to visit him there.  Now the people of her church regard her with high regards as she is very active in the church. How she treated her husband was not known by many people in her church.  Now you know why I have a strange interpretation of the term "Born Again Christian".  If I have to be like her, Jeffrey Dahmer, special FBI agent Hanssen and others like them, I would not want to be identified with that term.

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Happy Birthday to Penny Manke

  I would like to wish my wife, Penny, a very Happy Birthday.  While we were in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, we sang Happy Birthday and had a cake for her to enjoy.  Kurt and Olivia provided the cake. We all sat at the kitchen table and sang to her.  She then blew out the candles on the cake.  Mary, Kurt and Olivia gave her some gifts.  On her actual birthday, we took the airplane home to Milwaukee. I hope that she can celebrate many more happy birthdays in her future.

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