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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Riding out in the country

  While traveling between White Bear Lake, Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it was very interesting to see the older buildings that still existed. The windmills were in large quanity in the middle of the state. Looking at old cream city brick on buildings takes you on a trip through time when the early settlers came to Wisconsin. You could see corn stalks in the various farm fields. I never saw any deer in the corn fields, but at night there are supposed to be plenty of them. Raccoons also like to go into corn fields. Many farms were large and had fancy newer farm equipment. Some farms had buildings in such disrepairs that it was imminent that they would collaspe at any time. Some buildings stood there with no windows left on them. You could always spot the original farm house near the newer farm houses. Some barns were converted for other purposes. What I failed to see was lots of outhouses on the land. Some land had horses and others had cows on the land. You could see the old pathways to the farm fields. The two lane highway brought back many memories of when you only had two lane highways to travel on. On some land, you could see streams or creeks flowing. Some of the trees were very old. It seemed like we were traveling in time while we drove on the small two lane highways. The road trip was a lot of fun and we got to see two of our grandchildren and my son and his wife and my daughter and her husband (who did all of the driving on out trip) together again. The best part was returning home again. Visiting is fun, but home is where the heart is and you can relax and be yourself again.

Thank you Kevin and Mary for driving us to White Bear Lake, Minnesota and home again. Thank you Kurt and Olivia for recieving us at your home. Happy birthday to Sam and Zach.

Listening to election ads

  Listening to election ads is like watching a windshield wiper. It goes left and then right and you never know which way it came from or which way it is going. Mitt Romney is a good example. He says one thing and then says just the opposite thing. Which statement is true? Tommy Thompson is another example. He won't release his tax returns which could prove him right or as a lier. Is he for us or against us??? I would like to all political candidates take a lie detector test. It would prove to be very interesting. If they have nothing to hide, then they shouid not be afraid of such a test. Such is politics. We have to vote for the least dangerous candidate. The Republicans should explain about their voucher health system. Do they mean that Jack Kevorkian clinics are coming when the voucher money runs out?????

Hurricane Sandy damage

 It is sad to see all of the damage caused by the mega storm or Hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast of the United States. This storm was much wider and spread out than a normal storm front. New Jersey and New York got most of the damage from the storm. Wind from the storm was evident in the Great Lakes where boats were told to take safe haven during the storm. Over 72 people lost their lives in this storm. The damage caused by the storm was immense. Many cars were flooded and no longer usable. Unknown damage was done to the subway system in New York. Loss of electricity was very great in the east coast cities. West Virginia got a massive snow storm as a result of this storm. I hope that this area can be rebuilt soon. Maybe special walls will have to be built to protect them from high water damage in the future. Let's hope that things can be restored to normal as soon as possible Deepest sympany to those who lost friends or relatives in this storm.

Support our Green Bay Packers

 In spite of many injuries to key players, the Green Bay Packers have been winning games. We should give credit to an outstanding coach and quarterback for their efforts. It takes team support to win games, and younger players have come through. Imagine how we would have done without the major injuries. Please support the Green Bay Packers this season.

Veterans Day

  At this time we should take the time to thank the members of our armed forces and the veterans of the past who have served our country in time of need. Without them we would not have the freedoms that we enjoy today. We have much to be thankful for. As we go through this day, think of past wars and the veterans who gave their all to protect us. Many members of our armed forces did not survive and gave their lives to protect our freedom. Many older members of our armed forces who served in World War II and the Korean War are fast passing away. As we get older ourselves, we tend to forget about those veterans who gave their all in both war and peace. Take the time to honor all of our veterans.

We must support and save our U.S. Postal Service

  With a Republican Congress in office, we are facing hard times for our United States Postal Service. They would like to take it apart and privatize it. Now we have maximun security with our mail service. If the mail is privatized, who knows who or when the mail will be delivered. We have six day delivery now. If you cut it down to five days, then you are one step from closing down the mail system. When you receive your mail, you are receiving a living example of your federal government in action for you. The theme is service and security. The people who process and deliver our mail are known for their honesty. The mail system was created as a service and not a profit making organization. We may have to revert to government control again to save our postal service. Please notify your congress person on how you feel about saving our great postal service and not privatizing it. We need your support for this action.

Winter is on its way here

  Soon colder weather will prepare us for the upcoming winter season. Time is growing short before we get snow and ice in our weather forcast. Take the time to check your car to see if it is ready for winter. If you need new tires, now is the time to purchase them. Make sure your brakes are in good operating condition. Now make sure your driving habits are adjusted to winter driving. Your actions could save your own life and the life of others. Please be careful out there. Drive with caution. Allow extra space between your car and the one in front of yours. Watch out for brake lights on the car ahead of you. If people are walking or riding a bike, be careful not to hit them with your car. Above all, have a very safe and enjoyable winter with your family. Please support the Bay View community.

Planning ahead for Thanksgiving

  On Thursday, November 22nd, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Now is the time to plan your menu for the day. Know how many people are going over to your place or how many are going to wherever you are getting together for Thanksgiving Day.  Know which dishes are needed to be made by you and how many are needed to brought over by others. If you are the host, then you must make the turkey and stuffing. Sweet potatoes and mashed white potatoes can be brought over by others. Cranberry sauce should be gotten by the host. Hot vegetables can be brought over or made by the host. Pumpkin and apple pies can be brought over by your guests. Hot rolls or bread should be made by the host. Whenever everything is planned ahead, you will have some time to relax and watch some football. Relax and have a happy Thanksgiving Day.

Get ready for some football

  At this time of year, the college football games are coming to their end soon. NFL games will be heading into some very tough battles with many close division games to decide who will be in first place on our division. It will be very interesting to watch these hot contested battles. Our wives, if they are not that interested in the football games, will do some Christmas shopping. I can just imagine all of the beer drinking during these games. Friendly bets on the games will happen in many families. Use common sense and limit your beer drinking to what you can handle and still be able to drive your car. There will be wins and losses, but your eyes will be sore from watching all of that football. Have fun and stay sober. Enjoy these upcoming football games.

Please support the Bay View community.

Remembering a Thanksgiving Day from the past

  On Thanksgiving Day, we went to church in the morning. The turkey was washed out and the giblets were removed from the turkey.  The neck and the giblets were cooked in a kettle to be enjoyed away from the dinner. The turkey was placed in the oven at a lower temperature to prevent it from burning. Homemade stuffing was placed inside of the turkey. My mother would baste it with oleo or butter to keep the skin soft and tender. Sweet potatoes were placed in the oven to cook. After the turkey was done and was cooling off, hot rolls were placed into the oven and vegetables were cooked on top of the stove. While the turkey was cooling off, we kids set the dining room table for our company and our family. We each got a sweet potato that had been cooked in the oven earlier and given a spoon to remove the skin and enjoy the contents. Hot rolls were placed on the table for anybody to help themeselves. The vegetables were also placed on the table. The turkey was carved by my dad, and drumsticks, wings, dark meat and white meat, were on the meat platter. Before we ate, somebody said the blessing. Then we all passed the food around the table and enjoyed a great meal. We didn't have television then, and we kids went outside to play after we ate. The dessert was served later. Family conversations took place after the meal and some people played cards, and most of the women did the dishes and cleaned up all of the food and the mess on the table cloth. The table cloth was then placed into the wash basket to be washed on another day. After a while everybody settled down and our guests went home and we went into our rooms after playing together for a short while. We all had a good time on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

 I hope that everybody has a good time on Thanksgiving Day. This is a time for families to get together for a meal and conversations. Each of the guests should bring a part of the Thanksgiving meal. This way we share everything as a family. We should offer to help set up and prepare the day's meal. We should also offer to help set the table and bring over the foods that are already prepared to eat. We gather together to get the Lord's Blessing on Thanksgiving. Enjoy your meal and help with the cleanup. Football will be watched by those not helping in the kitchen Serve dessert after people have settled their stomachs and can hold more food. I hope that everybody has a great Thanksgiving Day.

Enjoy the music of Lil' Rev and Larry Penn, Sunday, November 25th

  Lil" Rev, a midwestern traveling musician and storyteller, and singer-songwriter Larry Penn are returning to the Beulah Brinton House to perform an afternoon concert on Sonday, Novemebr 25, 2012 at 2:00 pm. ( The Green Bay Packers do not play that day until 7:20 pm.)

  Refreshments will be served at the performance and a free-will offering will be taken. Plan to attend this entertaining event at the Beulah Brinton House, 2590 S. Superior Street. Last year there was standing room only when they gave a delightful performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the attendees,

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Black Friday

  On the day after Thanksgiving, we have one of the biggest shopping days of the season. Everyone is looking for bargins and Christmas gifts for their family, friends and others. They call it Black Friday becauuse this is the day that stores open around midnight after Thanksgiving or else very, very early in the morning. Special items are available to the first few people to get into the store when they open. These items are only available in limited supply, but more expensive items are available when these few items are exhausted. The name of the game is first come, first serve, and no mercy to those who arrive later. This is often the biggest sales day for stores. Heavy crowds are normal. Watch out for pick pockets. People are not very friendly on Black Friday. This is the day for smart shoppers to avoid the stores. You should be able to take your time while shopping and be able to watch your prices. Have fun if you are shopping on Black Friday.

Happy birthday, Penny

 I wish to express happy birthday greetings to my wife Penny. Without her, I would be lost. She is the love of my life. She has the patience to put up with me and all of my faults. I hope that she can have the best birthday possible, even if she celebrates it the next day. Happy birthday, Dear. May you have many more and enjoy all of them.

Christmas will soon be here.

  As the Holidays approach, prepare yourself and your family for Christmas. Check to make sure that you have gotten all of your gifts. Keep an eye on the Christmas tree lots and locate a fine tree for your house. Check to see what materials you have on hand to decorate for Christmas. Once you have located everything that you need, slowly prepare your house for the holiday. When you have time, wrap the presents in privacy and store them in a safe place. Check to see if you need anything else before you prepare your house. When you are ready, set up your Christmas tree with all of your tree ornaments available. Replace any damaged items before the holidays. Prepare your family to have a great and merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to all of you.

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