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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Fall cleanup time is here again

  Now that Fall is here, we have to sort out our summer clothes and replace then with warmer clothing. We also have to check on which garden equipment must be put away. Some plants will have to be move indoors to protect them from frost. Raking leaves is another project that we have to do, unless we mulch the leaves with a power lawn mower and leave the  leftover leaves on the ground to fertilize the grass and soil for Spring. It will be easier for your children to go to school, because the temptation of going outside to play becomes more difficult in colder weather. I hope that everyone has a good time adjusting to the upcoming colder weather.

  Please support the Bay View community.

Thank you for attending the Bay View Historical Society Landmark Presentation

  On Saturday, September 29th, the Bay View Historical Society presented the T.H. Stemper Company with a landmark plaque. They are over 100 years old and are in the fifth generation of the Stemper family. T.H. Stemper purchased a bankrupt statue company at 1125 E. Potter Ave. and brought it back to financial success. He then purchased a bankrupt religious goods company and moved it next door to his other company. The brought both companies together with great success. They were eventually named the T.H. Stemper Company. This company has gone through a great fire that cost them 1  1/2 stories of the building and all of the statue molds. Everything possible was rebuilt and the company rebounded with gusto. Dan Stemper, the son of the original owner passed away suddenly at the age of 52. His wife Jean took over the company and restored it.  After she retired, five of her sons took over management of the company. The T.H. Stemper Company is recognized world wide as an outstanding religious goods store. They serve many denominations of the Christian faith and supply them with needed things for their churches. Quality is a key element of this company. I wish them great success in their future.

 Thank you for attending the Bay View Historical Society Landmark presentation. It was great to see the people who came to this event. The Stemper family was outstanding in their help in this event. Special thanks should go th the people who helped with this event. Nancy Tawney, John Utzat, Ilona Bauer, John Sternkopf , my wife, Penny and Frank and Kathy Mulvey helped out with great effort on their part. Thank you very much. Thank you also, Carol Kurtzhalt, for getting us the Bay View Community Center for serving refreshments after the award presentation. If I have forgotten anybody, I apologize to you. Thank you everybody.

Going to school as a child

  When I was a child, I attended St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran School at 648 E. Dover St. in Bay View. My mother and her parents also attended this same school.  My great-grand fathers, Fred Schumacher and August Denzin attended St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church. My grandfather, Otto Schumacher was involved in the school management and was the second person to run Woodlawn Cemetery for St. Lucas Church. He died in 1941, shortly after I was born, so I never got to know him.

  We used to walk to school and if it was raining outside, my father, when he was on 2nd shift at Pabst Brewery would pick us up to come home for lunch and take us back to school again. My aunt, Ruth Schumacher Arnet, lived at 705 E. Potter Ave., which was very close to school. We had our school recesses on Dover St. School playground. A hermit had his property next door to the playground. We went to Dover St, School for speech therapy and manual arts training. My sister Kay and I both had speech defects as children. I can remember going to St. Lucas Church and singing for funerals and for special occasions. The church had no basement then. I believe that it was around 1948 when the church basement was built. The school building was quite old when i attended the school. Many years after I graduated from school, a new building replaced the old one, which kept the bowling alleys in the basement and the school auditorium. In more recent times, this building was razed and replaced with a brand new building, still keeping the old address of 648 E. Dover St. In school we were taught religion, music, mathematics, social studies and art to some degree. We had some great teachers, all of whom have since passed away.

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Mitt Romney and PBS

  I think that Mitt Romney and his Republican comrades are afraid of PBS and education for non-rich students. They have made attempts to destory our education process in Wisconsin. Now they are afraid the Public Broadcasting System might make people aware of what is really happening around them. PBS is not bound by sponsors that control the radio and television broadcasting in the United States. It is a system of teaching the public in ways that magnify what they have already learned while in school. This is free speech at its maximum. Seseme Street, Mr. Rogers and other such television shows have helped us educate pre-school children. Other shows have taught us about history and nature. We have also see international view points there. It is a wonderful system for all of us to use and learn from. Our Republican friends don't believe in educating poor people. They would like to see educational programing stop. Women's rights are also in danger. The rich people don't need to worry, because the Republicans always will support them. If it does not make money for them, then things like PBS and education must be reduced or stopped. Making money is the prime need of these people. Remember to vote in the November election. Perhaps Jack Kervorkian Clinics will be the new thing for the Repubiicans after they dismantle Medicare and Medicaid.

Come to the final Saturday South Shore Farmers Market this season.

  On Satuday, October 13, 2012, we will have the final South Shore Farmers Market for this season. Cream City Swing and the Bay View Middle & High School Band will play at the market. This has been a great season for all of us. There are over forty vendors selling products here. Crepes, fresh mushrooms, prime beef on the grill, kettle corn, egg rolls & specialty teas, three bakeries, two coffee shops, new plants and flowers, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, potatoes and many other farm items are on sale here. There are a few picnic tables available if you wish to sit down at the market. It may be cool so dress warm. Most of all, enjoy the largest and best farmers market in Milwaukee, located in South Shore park, 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View. Y'all come and join us here.

"Packer Bash"

                                                    "PACKER BASH'


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Bay View Garden and Yard Society invites you

  The Bay View Garden and Yard Society invites you to a FREE Gardening Workshop at 7 pm on October 24th at the historic Beulah Brinton House, 2590 S. Superior St. in Bay View. Check it out.

Looking up historical buildings while doing research

  When you are doing research on a historical building, you should go to the Local History Room at the Main Library Downtown on N. 8th St & W. Wisconsin Ave. on the second floor. You can begin in the local section of your neighborhood library, but limited information will be found there. The Register of Deeds in the Milwaukee County Courthouse, 801 N. 9th St, can locate any information on any building inside of Milwaukee County. The Golda Meier Library at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has many, books, newspapers, pictures and other data from the past. The Milwaukee County Historical Society also has a lot of material on our past history. Seek and ye shall find! If you can narrow down your search to a limited area, your search will be easy. The temptation of searching wide can cause you to lose your sense of direction and miss too much of your needed material. In the past, many old records have been destroyed. Some have been saved on micro-film and can be seen on a computer screen. The more you know about your subject material, the easier it will be to track down most of the facts on a building.

 The Milwaukee Fire Department began as a branch of insurance companies. As a result, many old fire department maps can be seen at the main library--second floor local history area. These old maps are very old and starting to fall apart. A librarian will have to be with you when you study these maps. Some old companies and houses are shown on these maps. Many of these buildings are no longer in existence. The knowledge that you gain from these maps is the layout of the old City of Milwaukee. There are some books at the main library that do not exist in other local libraries. Some college thesis material is there, but not in book form. The old city directories ( not Bell Telephone Books) are like looking at U.S. Census material due to all of the information inside of them. These books can't be removed from the library. We have a few city directories at the Beulah Brinton House, 2590 S. Superior St., the home of the Bay View Historical Society.  The archives of the BVHS is an ongoing thing. Material is being added to the archives and a weekly basis. The third Saturday of the month is an open house at the Beulah Brinton House.

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Thank you for coming to the South Shore Farmers Market

  On Saturday, October 13, 2012, we held the last day of the South Shore Farmers Market for this season. On a cold and raining day, we had a bad day at the market. Many vendors and customers did not come out in the rain. The goods that were on sale went well. I was able to buy two dozen corn, two stalks of brussell sprouts, purple carrots, fresh green beans, six egg rolls and some bakery. Everything was fresh and in good supply. Our musical entertainment was unable to come due to potential rain damage to our sound system. Even though we did not have a full house of vendors and customers, all that came were very happy to be able to purchase what they needed for themselves. Despite all of the raincoats, people did come to the market. I wish to thank everybody who has come over this past season. In spite of one bad day, all of the other days of the market were wonderful. People would come and buy bakery and coffee, and sit on picnic tables to be able to enjoy our educational and entertaining segments of our market days. The quanity of goods to purchase was always great. We were proud to have three bakeries, two coffee shops, one tea shop that also sold egg rolls, a place that sold prime beef hamburgers and other meats on the grill, fresh mushrooms, kettle corn, homemade candy, crepes, preserves and jams, honey and honey products, farm goods from both organic and regular farmers, fruit from up northern Wisconsin, apples and other such items. It always felt like great southern comfort when the vendors and customer interact. You always felt welcome at the market. I am much looking forward to next season of the South Shore Farmers Market at South Shore park, 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View, starting the third week in June and ending in the third week of October. (Except during th South Shore Frolics) Thank you all for coming to our market. I hope to see you again next season.

Carve your pumpkins

  At Humboldt Park this weekend, there will be a Pumpkin Pavilion. At the park pavilion there will be many pumpkins on display. There also will be activities with the children with pumpkins and other Halloween items.

 Look up this event on the Bay View Neighborhood web site. There will be more information listed there about this event. Pumpkin carving begins Friday, at 6 pm. Bring your own tools and a pumpkin if you have one. This event will continue on Saturday. The Bay View High School Drumline will perform at 6 pm on Friday.

Are you ready for some football

  Some exciting football games will be happening soon. Tough conference games for the University of Wisconsin are coming. The Green Bay Packers have to show that they can be consistent and win some more games. High school games won't be around that much soon.

 We need fan support for our Green Bay Packers. We have had a rough start with the "replacement officials" doing their best to be inconsistent with their calls. The regular officials are back and we must show them that we can play some good football without any more injuries and penalties. We have lost some good players due to injuries. It is hopeful that their replacements will perform as well. Please support our Green Bay packer football team this season.

Be careful while driving through a leaf pile

 Please be careful while driving through a pile of leaves. Sometimes children could be playing inside of these leaf piles. The road could also become slippery while driving through leaves. If you park on a pile of leaves, your car could cause a fire with the heat from the engine and exhaust system. You may not be able to apply your brakes as well as normal through leaves. The main thing is to drive with caution when children and other  people are in or near the road.

 Please support the Bay View community.

Remembering a rain storm from 1953

  One night in summer of 1953, we had a major cyclone hit southeast Wisconsin. When my mother took us for a ride to see the damage, it was extensive in the southeast communities. Big trees were pulled out of the ground. Many power lines were down. On the street where we lived, live power lines lay in the street for several days. We were warned not to approach them. My dad had a two-man hand saw and we went to cut some of the tree branches for our coal furnace. This was before chain saws existed. It was difficult to use a regular hand saw on some of the large branches, but the two-man saw worked just fine. A sharp axe would work for smaller branches. In one case, the house next to Lewis Field (Pryor Playground) on E. Pryor Ave., the owner just got out of his new car, when a tree fell and crushed it. Some trees fell into houses. The small local stores had a problem without power to preserve their groceries and meat. One day, about two weeks after the storm, an old family friend drove down by us to visit and show off his new squad car. When he found out about the live electrical power lines lying down across the street, he called the fire department and the electic power company to fix the problem. The funny part about the big storm that hit us was that I slept through the entire thing. They said that this storm was not a tornado, but was a reverse cyclone that hit us. A tornado would not have done so much damage to that many local communities and would have had a much narrower path. Check in the Milwaukee Public Library and read up about this big storm.

Halloween is almost here again

 As children, we used to go trick or treating in our local neighborhood to people we knew. We had fun then.  St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran School would sometimes hold a Halloween party at the school. This was to reduce the amount of trick or treating we did. The costumes we wore were judged by school teachers. These parties were for the younger students.

 Trick or treating always happened on Halloween evening. You would always take a small bag with you to receive candy or other treats. Some people would give you pennies. We never had any problems while going on our rounds that night. Not everyone opened their door to trick or treaters. This was to be expected.

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Remembering the YWCA Terpsichorean Club

As we got older, we used to go to dances and parties at the YWCA, 610 N. Jackson St. The YWCA Terpsichorean Club had many dances, on Thursday nights, and parties at various times. This group was founded by Henry Altstadt and centered on young people who liked to dance and mingle with other like minded people. No cursing or profanity, abusive behavior, or drinking of alcohol was allowed. People in the club took turns planning the parties. If a person seemed to be shy, the solution was to put him or her into the kitchen to interact more with the others. When they were relaxed enough, they returned to the main party. People were supposed to welcome new members and find things for them to do to get into the flow of the group. Many times we would go to each other's homes and dance together. Henry Altstadt taught dance classes and all of us were learning the various levels of dancing. We were all equal as far as Henry was concerned. We used to have coed softball games on Sunday mornings at Wilson Park. Sometimes we would go horseback riding as a group or go to Regner City Park in West Bend for coed softball, tennis, swimming and other activities. The members came from all walks of life, and many were students at Milwaukee School of Engineering. I can remember going down as a group to the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago to dance. As you learned how to dance, you also liked to practice and show off new dance steps. We always had good clean fun at these events. To this day, many of the members still get together with their families and friends to socialize together. The YWCA building has since been razed and the YWCA Terpschorean Club has faded into the past, but pleasant memories of still exist today. Many thanks should go to Henry W. Altstadt for founding this group.

Happy Halloween everybody

 Today we celebrate the children's holiday of Halloween. There are people, like Wiccans, who still believe in nature and witches and wizards. These people have their own customs on what should happen on this day.

 The Christian Church celebrates All Saints Day at this time. The Protestant Reformation was begun by Martin Luther on this day. Therefore we have many reasons to celebrate at this time. In Mexico, they have the Day of the Dead. Other countries celebrate this holiday in their own ways. In England, people flock to Stonehedge on this day. Many cultures have many ways to honor Halloween.

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