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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Early memories of Christmas past

  When we were young, my dad used to purchase a tree from a tree lot and place it next to the house in the back yard. When he brought the tree inside, he had set up the tree stand and after the tree was inside of it, he filled the stand with water for the tree. He went up into the attic and brought down the Christmas decorations. He tested all of the tree lights before hanging them up. The ornaments were then put up. Last of all came the tinzel. He had a minuature log cabin with a place to place incense inside. We would use pine incense to create the illusion of a pine odor. My job was to check the tree stand each morning and see that enough water was inside to protect the tree. A sheet was placed under the tree as a decoration. A special ornament was used to top the tree. We enjoyed Christmas music during the holidays. This was how we prepared for Christmas.

St. Nicholas Day

  We are very close to the day that we hang out our stockings for St. Nick's Day. This is a time when the children look forward to receiving candy or fruit in a stocking when St. Nick comes to the house. If the children were bad, then St. Nick would leave a piece of coal in their stocking. This is an old tradition going back to our European ancesters. This custom is celebrated in many countries. I hope that your children will enjoy St. Nick's Day this year.

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What a difference good sight can be

  I recently had cataract surgery. When I had the patch on my eye, the vision in my other eye was very weak. After the patch and bandages were taken off, I was able to drive home without needing glasses. It is amazing what a difference a new contact lens can make in your vision. In about two weeks my other eye will have the same surgery. This will be like a miracle to me. For the first time I will some decent night vision and be able to drive then again. I, who was afraid to have this surgery, am now happy that it was done by Dr. John DeCarlo. Anybody else who has bad vision should consider getting your eyes tested by experts to determine how to correct your vision. As we get older, our eyes get weaker. Don't be afraid like me, and take the time to get your eyes checked out. Yoy will be very happy with the results.

Getting your rewards from Office Max

  Have you ever had a special customer card for rewards from a company like Office Max. You get on-line and get told that you have the wrong information. Then you correct any errors that you may have made and submit it. Then your form expires and you have to begin again. Then you start over and get the same results as the first time. You are told that you do not have the correct information. After you begin to work on the form again, the form expires again. Have you ever wondered how to get your rewards from such a company and keep getting no place when on-line with the company? You are foreced to call the company to talk to a live person  to solve your problem. How many people have given up and said forget about the rewards, it's too complicated to get through to the company on-line???  How many other people have had the same problem????

One of these days we will be getting some snow.

  With our recent warm weather, we have wondered when the first snow of the season will fall. What is your guess on this question?  When do you think that we will get our first measurable snow for this season? Snow can create some major traffic problems for us. Some people like to go skiing and sled riding. Up in Northern Wisconsin, the people depend on the snow for making tourist money. For mail carriers, they can do without the snow. Other delivery people would agree with this. Senior citizens could easily do without snow. We can't control the weather. Whatever comes will come. We must live with whatever happens this season. Please be careful and don't fall down on slippery sidewalks or streets. Please support the Bay View community.

How to get rid of a nuisance caller????

  It seems that I have a nuisance caller that is constantly bothering me on the telephone. Sometimes he will wake me up in the morning, and also at various other times in the day and night. I have infromed him that we are on a no call list and have asked him to stop calling us, but he says because he is with a political party, that he does not have to honor the no call list. He claims to be from the State Democratic Party and is looking for donations for their cause. When I inform him that we are not interested, he still calls back. He has been calling us since before the last election and continues to bother us. It seems that my wife once donated to his cause and that she should donate again. I contine to tell him that we are not interested, but he will not stop calling. Can somebody help me in stoping this person from calling our our home all of the time. He has called as recently as today. Please can sombody please help me end his calls????????

College football is almost over this season

  Soon our college football season will be over. College basketball will most likely take its place on television and radio. The NFL teams will soon be deciding who will be in the playoffs this season. The college bowl games will soon be happening and will end in January. Professional basketball is now in session. Maybe when the football season is over, some families will go outdoors and relax together. The movie theaters will have more customers. Ice skating will occur as soon as it gets cold enough outside. Children will love to go sled  or tobaggin riding. I remember when we used old cardboard to slide down a hill when we had snow outdoors. We also used to make snowmen and throw snowballs at each other. If the snow was good packing, we even built snow forts in our yards. The Good Lord will decide what our weather is going to be like. We have no control on our weather. Enjoy yourselves and relax.

The Bay View Historical Society needs some help

  The Bay View Historical Society is looking for volunteers to assist with yard maintenance at the Beulah Brinton House, located at 2590 S. Superior Street in Bay View.  Stano Landscaping has generously donated snow shoveling services for snow falls that are 3" and greater. We are looking for volunteers to assist with snow shoveling for the snow falls that are less than 3". We would like to schedule volunteers to sponsor a few weeks so no one person would have to do this for the entire winter.

  We also received a generous donation of a new self propelled lawn mower and in spring would like to reach out to volunteers who would be willing to help mow the lawn this summer. These volunteer efforts help keep our operating costs low. If you are interested in volunteering please contact David Reinelt at

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A typical winter day

  After we have been playing outdoors, it is nice to sit down near a fireplace or warm area of the house and drink a hot chocolate. Barbeque hamburger is idea as a snack food to fill our empty stomachs. Sitting down on a chair and relaxing with the television set on or reading a good book is ideal. There is always tomorrow. We can continue our outdoor activities on another day. Your children should make sure that all of their homework is done before they go outdoors again. Relax and enjoy yourself. Home is the most comfortable place to be in the winter. Please support the Bay View community.

Humboldt Park Ice Rink


  The Humboldt Park Bay View Skaters are ready for ice skating. Weather looks like we might be preparing the rink around Christmas Eve. If the cold sticks around, we will have enough ice to skate by New Year's.

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We might be having a White Christmas

  It is possible that we might have a White Christmas this year. The weather is beginning to stay cold and snow may be in the forcast. The snow plowers are looking forward to this day. The ski hills are waiting patiently for snow to come. The mailmen would like to escape the slippery sidewalks and steps. Elderly people are afraid of slippery sidewalks and steps. Children would like to play in the snow. Well, we can't please everyone. Whatever happens, will happen. It is not for us to say what will happen. Trust in the Lord and all things will be possible if He so wills it to be. Have a very Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

 I wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone. This is the day that we remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The holiday is more than just gifts. We should remember our faith and act accordingly. I hope that you all have a great Christmas this year. We have seen sadness in the murder of innocent children and adults. We do not understand what is happening in our world today. We can only pray to the Lord and trust Him in all that happens. A strong faith will help in these uncertain times. Pray for peace and love in our world. Love your family and children as never before. Time moves too quickly. Before we know it, our children have grown up, gotten married and now have children of their own. Take the time to love them now, before it is too late. Nobody knows what the future will bring. God willing, all will be good for you and your family. Enjoy this holiday as never before. You know neither the day or hour in which you will pass from this world. Live each day as a gift of the Lord, and act accordingly. Merry Christmas to all.

The Christmas gifts have been opened

  By today, all of your Christmas gifts have been opened. I hope that everybody got what they wanted. Be thankful for all that you have. Football games will be on the air to close out their season. The NFL will be beginning their playoffs soon. The Green Bay Packers have won our division and will represent our conference in the playoffs. Soon snow will be coming and your children can go out on their sleds and play in the snow and build some snowmen. Be careful while driving due to possible ice on the road and be careful of children playing near the road. Some of you will be shopping to find some bargins and to return goods that are too big or small for you. Today is the second busiest day of shopping of the year. Black Friday is the busiest day. Enjoy yourselves, it is later than you think.

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Don't drink and drive

This is the time of year when we have Christmas parties and drink a lot when we celebrate the holiday. Remember your family and drink responsibly. Nobody wants a doorbell ringing with a police officer informing you that somebody in your family and been injured or killed in an accident. You know how much alcohol that you can handle safely. Please arrive home after a party with injuring yourself or somebody else. The police will be watching for drunk drivers. Don't be one of those people. You can only hurt yourself and your family at such times. Enjoy happy holidays and be good to your family.

Please support the Bay View community.

Approaching the end of the year 2012

 We are very close to the end of year 2012, and will celebrate the coming of a new year. Plan your activities so that you drink reponsibly and honor your family. Treat your children to a small party or go yourself to an adult party while you hire a babysitter. Drive safely, because there might be ice on the road and you could have an accident. Make all of your plans ahead of time so that you are prepared for the day's activity. Buy any supplies that you will need for the holiday. If you are having a party at your house, prepare for how much food and drink you will need. Have a good time and relax.

Happy New Year 2013

 Happy New Year to everyone. Hangovers are possible if you had too much to drink. There will be lots of college football on the air today. This is a family day. You should find things to do together with your children. The next day is another school day and the end to Christmas vacation. Put away some of the gifts that you have received and consider plans for taking down your Christmas tree. This can always be done during the week if you want. Have a big meal and watch some great football games. Have a Happy New Year.

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