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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Have a Happy Independence Day Celebration at Humboldt Park

9:00 AM -- Morning parade

Parade Route: Starts at 9 AM  on KK and Lincoln Ave. to KK and Logan Ave. to Idaho to Humboldt Park.

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Humboldt Park is having some changes made in its lagoon

I have been told that some changes are coming to the Humboldt Park Lagoon very soon. The landscape will be changed to beautify the area. Milwaukee County is finally doing something about our dirty and weedy lagoon. Take the time to tour the area and see the changes that are being made. If you have any questions, you can contact Chris Larson, our County Supervisor, and he will answer any of your questions. Humboldt Park is over one hundred years old and is one of the original parks in Milwaukee. The parks that existed before then were either beer gardens or cemeteries. We should take advantage of our County Parks before they vanish because of financial concerns of the County Pension Scandal. If the County Executive has his way, all of the parks will become postage stamp size parks and the land sold off to pay off the pension scandal. Very little work has been done in our parks due to lack of proper funding of park employees to do the work. The County's answer to this problem is to hire more desk supervisors and lay off more actual workers. Please support our county park system and protect our parks from further deterioration from lack of funding. Why has there been no proper investigation of the County Government Pension Scandal? Why do these criminals go free and we the tax payers have to suffer as a result? If you can find an answer to these questions, then you are doing better than me.

Small town 4th of July celebrations

Unlike our Independence Day celebrations in our local parks, the small town celebrations centers on the local people. On the streets that the parade is on, people mark off squares with chalk, so that they can have a pool with the winner holding the square that the horse leaves its droppings on. Almost every unit in a hundred unit parade, thows out candy for the children to keep and eat. There are many bands in the parade. Marching units that normally would be unavailable due to time conflicts, are here because the parade is held on another day than the 4th of July. At least two Kiltie Bands were in the parade. One circus band unit was there. Some bands rode on trucks or trailers and made their music. One Polka Band was there. The local high school band was there in force. The Lions Club was the organization responsible for the planning and organization of this parade. Some of the units of the Tripoli Shrine Lodge made their presence. Local politicians were there in force. There were several horses and their riders. The 4-H Clubs had some representatives there also. The fire and rescue units of several nearby towns and villages were seen. Some of the units squirted water on the parade watchers. The Lions Club had several comedy units and clowns in the parade. There were two antique fire engines, several classic and antique cars, rebuilt John Deere tractors and a few antique tractors to view. This was like watching a parade from the past. All of the enthusiasm of the crowd also reflected this. Maybe we take too much for granted when we celebrate Independence Day. It takes a lot of hard work by a few people to produce such a great event in a small town. Someday, take the time to visit a far away location, and watch how they celebrate the 4th of July. Their bands seem to be larger that some of  the bands we see in our City of Milwaukee parades. It takes people both to produce and to watch a parade. Maybe you can volunteer to promote one of our 4th of July groups.

The 59th South Shore Frolics

Although they began as the "High Jinx" back in 1935, and had an earlier history with the South Shore Yacht Club, the present South Shore Frolics started back in 1948 as the "South Shore Water Frolics". When the Bay View Interorganization dropped the Frolics, The Bay View Lions Club took over and called it the"South Shore Frolics" after one year of its absence from the Bay View scene.

Here is the current schedule of the 2008 South Shore Frolics:

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Thank you to everybody who made the South Shore Frolics a success

I would like to thank Les Johns and the Bay View Lions Club for their great effort in giving us the South Shore Frolics this year. It took a lot a work on the part of Les Johns to obtain the needed funding necessary to produce the South Shore Frolics. Lynn Graziano, Marlene Stevens, the Brower Family and all of the other Lions Club members who came to the aid of this group. Nancy Finch did a great job on the Frolics parade on Saturday. The amount of work and volunteers needed to have such an event is unbelievable. Without the sponsors, none of this would be possible. We the people of the Bay View community should take the time to thank all of these people responsible for this great weekend. Three cheers to the local Lions Clubs for their support of this event. It would be helpful if more people gave to the Lions Club to support the South Shore Frolics. Any help is welcome.

A tribute to Irena Sendler of Poland

Irena Sendler passed away on May 12, 2008, in Warsaw, Poland. She was 98 years old. Irena Sendler was a true heroine who as a young woman during World War II, saved 2,500 children from deportation and certain death  by smuggling them out of the Jewish Ghetto. She was a social worker for a Catholic charity in Warsaw and was able to go in and out of the Ghetto as part of her job. She organized a clandestine organization that helped find homes for the children.

Her life is a testament to the power that one individual has to make a difference in the world and to triumph in the face of evil. Her courage and selflessness, as well as her love and respect for others, earned her accolades, and awards throughout her life. She remained humble, always saying that she felt that she should have done more.

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Bay View Historic District Walk Features Beulah Brinton House

 Who created the first social center in the country and Bay View's first library?  Where is the only public well left in Milwaukee? Who were the "puddlers" and where did they live?

 You can learn the answers to these questions and more while visiting a dozen historic sites featured on the Bay View Historic District Walk, a two and a half-hour hour guided tour conducted by the Bay View Historical Society on Saturday, August 9th at 9:30 AM.  Society members Ron Winkler and Todd Smith will lead the walk, which includes a tour of the Society's headquarters, the historic Beulah Brinton House, led by Society member Bill O'Bien. This event is open to the public and includes light refreshments.

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Do we need outhouses for our County Parks?

In the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Wednesday, there was an article stating that the bathrooms in our County Parks were in bad shape. It seems that the County Pension Scandal is doing more damage than expected. No investigation by Milwaukee County. Lack of funding for park maintenance and reduced staff, not management, for the parks. Pretty soon we will have to go back to our early history and place some outhouses in the parks. Wauwatosa is in good shape with good parks and restrooms. They also still have their bus service intact. ( I wonder why!) Do we also have to install outhouses in the County Courthouse, or will the County executive actually provide some staff and maintenance funding there. If Scott Walker would allow the tax bill to go to the voters to fund the parks and bus service, maybe only he will need an outhouse in his office. We can't continue to cut funding to our parks and bus service, and expect them to survive. If adding more staff to his office is an answer, what about the people of Milwaukee County? Don't we count as human beings? Please use some common sense and let the voters decide what they want to do about this problem. If necessary, we can recall the County Executive and a few County Supervisors and install some people who will work for the public interest, not just the political interests. What would you rather have?  Outhouses in the County facilities or decent working, staffing and financial backing for all of us. This is Milwaukee County, not  Hillbilly country where decent facilities are not needed. You the voter must decide this matter. The next thing that we will need is goats and sheep to mow the lawn. If we feed the geese, then we will have fewer weeds in the park. Do you know of any other cost savings programs that Scott Walker could use to prevent funds from being used at our parks?  Maybe we should have horses, and charge people to ride them to make some needed money for the park. Maybe we should bring back the horse drawn trolleys to save money spend on our bus system. Perhaps the people responsible for the County Pension Scandal could be forced to work off some of their ill-gotten money or serve some time in prison for their deeds. Perhaps we can get some honest politicians into office to solve this problem. Please save our parks and bus system from lack of proper funding.

Mosquitos are here for the summer

Remember all of the rain that we had in June. Well the result of this rain is a bumper crop of mosquitos. Try to remove any standing water where they can breed. If you can't fight them, then try to stay indoors from dusk until dawn, or buy yourself some good mosquito repellant with DEET inside of it. Long sleeves and long pants can protect you up to a point. Ferrous Sulfate (Iron tablets with sulfur inside of them) can buy you some protection by making your blood unappetitizing to them. You will have to use your own judgement as to how you handle the mosquito problem for yourself. Maybe if you had some bird houses or bat houses nearby, you could use nature to fight the mosquito problem. If you use electric zappers, you also could kill the good insects that are eating the mosquitos.

A Tribute to Ruth Simos--2006 Winner of MKE County Senior Hall of Fame Award

 Ruth has distinguished herself in the Bay View community as an eager volunteer, leader and neighbor. Her volunteer activities include the Bay View Arts Guild, Bay View Historical Society, Bay View Neighborhood Association and serving as the Captain of the Humboldt Park Watch. Under her leadership, in 2002, the Humboldt Park Watch was named "Outstanding Block Club of the Year" by the Milwaukee Police Department's 2nd District. Activities in the Park Watch include an annual Easter egg hunt for children ages two through 12,  park clean-up each spring, 4th of July float, annual corn roast fund raiser, winter pot luck, winter fun and tree day in October, a program for  1st - 3rd grade children in an effort to raise young children's awareness of nature and the importance of trees to the environment.

In her personal life, Ruth is an active mother and grandmother. A talented artist, she was featured in last summer's Gallery Night at David Pritchard's 180 Fitness. A multifaceted artist, she displayed a variety of works including watercolors, pastels, and block prints, many of which were inspired by her continuing education at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. On a lighter note, Ruth could be spotted in many parades and events, including the South Shore Water Frolics, as one of our own Dancing Grannies. A member for ten years (1985-1995), she performed with the twenty - member drill team inspiring all to be happy, healthy and active, even in their golden years.

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August and September Events at the South Shore Farmers Market

The South Shore Farmers Market has been a great success in Bay View. As many as 1,600 people have attended the market on a typical Saturday. The market is open from 8:00 AM to 12 Noon and has over 40 vendors on site. On August 2nd, Cooking with Tenuta's Restaurant will offer the educational program. Duo Brasilia Classical Mandolin & Guitar will be the musical guests.  On July 26th, Trillium Tribal Belly Dancing will be our educational program. The Desert Sound Ensemble will have Mid-Eastern and Mid-Western Melodies as our musical program for the day.On August 9th, we celebrate National Day Out at the market. Many Bay View organizations will make their presence there for all to see. Barb & Tom Webber with the American Roots Rock & Folk will perform as our musical guests for the day. On August 16th, Rishi Tea Demonstration is sponsored by Apple A Day. Fox & Branch will have Family & Kids Folk Tunes for our musical program. On August 23rd, we will have Learn About Your Schools with many of our local schools having a presence there for you to see and interact with. Randa the Clown will also be there to entertain people and kids. The Bikini Beachcombers will have Old-Time Hawaiian Tunes for our musical program.  On August 30th, we will have Hands on Experiment with Great Lakes WATER Institute for our educational program. John Stano will perform on the Guitar, Hamonica & do Vocals as our musical program for the day. On September 6th, we will have a Nia Demonstration sponsored by Apple A Day. The Ke Aloha Aku Hawaiian Dancers will perform for our musical program.

So besides having outstanding free educational programs and free musical programs, we have the best farmers market in Milwaukee. Come down and enjoy yourself. The food is great and so is the entertainment. If you wish to sit down to hear our musical programs, I recommend that you bring your own portable chair to sit on. There are picnic tables available, be the amount is limited. Y'all come and relax at the South Shore Farmers market on Satuday mornings from 8:00 AM to 12 Noon. We are located at 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View.

Where is the Humboldt Park lagoon?

Have you noticed that the weeds and mud in the Humboldt Park lagoon are almost making it invisible to the eye. Years ago we had boats to ride in at the park. The concessions stands sold candy and popcorn there. It was fun to take a date to the park. Now due to lack of staff funding, the park looks like an abandoned field. Instead of taking care of just one park, the park workers have to take care of as many as five or seven parks. How far can you stretch your help without damaging the parks? The parks were meant for the entire family to enjoy like in the past. Before long we can tell people that they are visiting the "skunkworks" when they visit our park lagoon. Please encourage our County Executive to place a special tax bill before the voters, so that we can have a say on how things are done in our parks. Picnic tables and park benches are wearing out and not being replaced due to lack of funding. Do not blame the park workers, for they are doing good hard work, but are not being appreciated for all that they do. Provide some funding to restore our parks to what they should be like. Eliminate some of the park management, and increase the amount of people who actually do some work. What should we get next? Goats or sheep to mow the lawn? Saw down some trees to make park benches? If we keep getting our park funding reduced, this will happen next.

Wine and Beer Tasting Benefit---Bay View Historical Society

                                            Join  us  for  a

                     WINE        AND        BEER        TASTING          BENEFIT

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Visit a unique venture in Bay View

At the South Shore Farmers Market, we have had as many as 1,600 people come to visit us on Saturday mornings from 8 AM to 12 Noon. I am really amazed that a crowd of this size and diversity can mingle together with over 40 vendors, bring their dogs and be a very peaceful crowd. The quality of the goods here can't be surpassed. The vendors are very friendly to all customers. At the Community Tent, water for the dogs can be found. People from all walks of life come here. The view of Lake Michigan in the morning is very breathtaking. The free educational programs and music programs are very good and relaxing. Come here, buy a coffee, buy some sweet rolls and other goodies, and sit down on a picnic table. You can find bakeries, farm produce, flowers, candy, cheese and sausage, honey products, crepes, hot sandwiches, fresh fruit, home made soups, salad ingredients and many other items. For me, I love the corn-on-the-cob, fresh peas, fresh berries and various bakery items. When caulifower and/or kettlecorn are there, I enjoy eating them in the community tent. Y'all come to a friendly venture and enjoy yourselves. We are open from June to October at South Shore Park at 2900 S. Shore Drive in friendly Bay View.

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