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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Happy New Year's Day

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone.  Today the Green Bay Packers play the Detroit Lions ay Lambeau Field at noon. Tomorrow we will see the Wisconsin Badgers play the Oregon Ducks at the Rose Bowl. What a wonderful week of football to enjoy. Happy hangover to those who drank too much over the holiday. Relax with your family and enjoy this first day of the new year. Let's hope that all goes well with you and your family. So far the snow has held off, but winter is here and you must be careful while driving and walking. Ice can be deadly to you.  Please support the Bay View community.

The 97th Annual Washington Day Banquet

                                The Inter-organizational Council of Bay View presents:

                                   THE 97TH ANNUAL WASHINGTON DAY BANQUET

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Politicians take notice

  We will soon be having Spring elections.  Most likely we will also have a recall election for Governor Scott Walker.  His own party started the recall process. Let us honor their request and recall him from office. If our present  local politicians has not served their districts properly, then they may be on the way out and be replaced by new people. Use the power of your vote to do your talking for you. If you want or don't want somebody in political office, then do your duty as American citizens and use your vote to take care of this.  If you can complain about someody, then you can also use your vote to talk for you. Think ahead and keep things simple. Please support our Bay View community. The second page of the Local Section of the January 5, 2012 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel does confirm that a Republican started the Recall of Scott Walker on November 4, 2011 and that the Democrats started their recall process on November 14, 2011. If you believe what is written by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a newspaper that tends to prefer Republican causes, then you have your proof that a Republican started the Recall Scott Walker process.

Who won 1st place at the Liar's Club in Burlington, Wi. this year?

 Does any body know who won the Liar's Club competition on New Years Day?  A good candidate would have been Scott Walker for his statement," I want to help the poor and needy people." The federal government forced him to reduce his attempts at cutting out funding for the poor and needy people. He then took credit for restoring some of his cuts to them. Not everyone can be caught in such a whopper of a lie, but Scott Walker has earned 1st place at the Liar's Club. Read the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to learn more about Scott Walker's lies. This newspaper is a good newspaper.  This is the souce of the information about his lies.

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers

  We should honor the Green Bay Packers for winning all but one game this football season. The team has shown us what good team work is all about. Best wishes to them in the football playoffs.

Why is the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel so small lately?

   I have noticed that for some time the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel seems to be getting smaller in size. Is this my imagination or is the newspaper shrinking in size?  Years ago we used to have a large newspaper and then the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel began to lay off reporters and other staff workers. Many good people lost their job. What is the reason for this?  It was once rated as being one of the best newspapers in the country. Now it is slowly becoming like a local community newspaper like we used to have in our smaller cities. We still have the Bay View Compass and other small newspapers. Maybe the owners of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel can tell us what id happening down there.

Winter Wonderland

  Our first measurable snowfall has arrived finally.  It depends on where you live as to the amount of snow received. Being in a good mood, I can tell you that you don't have to have a criminal record to be on Scott Walker's staff. He is very good at choosing the "right" people for a job assignment. He might actually tell us some true statements, though that would be rare. Unless you are rich and a corporate sponsor of his, don't expect help from him. He has shown us what he cares about workers in Wisconsin. His new job program will probally be at Walmart or McDonalds. Any minimum paying job with no health benefits qualifies for his job search. Unions are not invited to communicate with him. He is too important to deal with blue color workers. Look at his record and see for yourself. I hope that no more of his past staff workers have to go to jail. As you can see, fresh snow can cover many things, but sooner or later the truth appears. Enjoy your snowfall and please be careful when walking or driving in the snow.

Take good care of your dog this winter

  Now that winter is here, please take good care of your dog. If needed, you can place a short dog jacket over it.  If its feet get too cold, then make sure that you bring it inside to warm up. Many dogs like to frolic in the snow. Enjoy this with your dog and relax. A small dog is like a child. It takes a lot of tender loving care to own it. Treat it like you would want to be treated. Dogs only want to love their owners. A dog on your lap can be a very happy dog. Please support the Bay View community.

Support our U.S. Postal Workers.

  The U.S. Postal Service is the lifeblood of our nation. It a visible part of the government serving you. Our postal service dates back to Benjamin Franklin  and the American Revolution. Throughout all of these years, postal personnel have been delivering mail to us. Newspaper, packages, medicine, money, jewelry and many other things have been delivered by them. We need to continue this service as our country depends on us. Honesty is associated with postal workers. Hard dedicated work is also part of the job. It is a thankless job done in all kinds of weather. Dedication to the job is very important to a postal worker.  Many mail deliverers have saved lives of their customers while routinely delivering their routes. Please support the U.S. Postal workers and help us continue to serve the public as they always have done.

Good luck to the Green Bay Packers

  It was sad to see them lose to the New York Giants football team, but still they played a good game. Too many dropped passes and poor defense and other errors were the cause of this loss. Donald Driver deserves to be called "Mister Dependable" due to his skill in getting open and make catches. Thank you for a great season and best of luck to you in the future. There is always next year.

Good luck to Nixon Manke

  Today, you are going to be baptized in church. This is a very wonderful time for you. It is good to see you being baptized. Your parents and sisters are very proud of you. Your cousins and other relatives will be there to greet you. Sleep tight little angel, the Lord is with you always.

Are you enjoying our snow this season?

 We have been very lucky so far this year to have had very little in heavy snow activity. I hope that our luck holds out in the future. Watch out for black ice and other hidden ice outdoors. A fall on the ice can be very painful and costly for you. Take your time and watch where you are walking. It does not take much ice to cause you to fall down. Remember that cars can't stop as fast during icey conditions.  Practice safe driving habits when on the road. The life you save may be your own. Please support the Bay View community.

Reminder of the 97th Annual Washington Day Banquet


A board of affiliated groups, Representing: GeorgeWashington Post 180 of American Legion, Louis Travis Amvets Post # 14, Bay View Post 2879, VFW, Humboldt Park 4th of July Association,South Shore Yacht Club,Italian-American Mutual Aid Society, Bay View Lions Club, Bay View Historical Society, Bay View Area Redcats, South Side Scholarship Foundation, and South Side Business Club.

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Remembering the past

  I can remember back to 1947, when we had a major snow storm in Milwaukee.  As a child, I and others loved to play in the snow. We thought that it was a lot of fun trying to build snowforts and sledding in the snow.

  We had to spread ashes and broken up clinkers from the coal furnace to make it safe to walk on the sidewalk.  My dad built a small snow plow that was wooden. shaped like an "A", and it was almost as wide as the sidewalk.  We would use this small plow, pulled by a rope, across the sidewalk and it shoved most of the snow off to the side. It also helped to make a wide path out to the ash box where we threw our garbage out at the end of the alley.  The ash men would come and shovel out the ash box to their horse drawn wagon and haul our garbage away. Because of World War II, there were shortages of trucks and fuel. Horse drawn garbage wagons were used to haul garbage. Ashes from the coal furnace did a good job of defeating ice on the sidewalk.

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Political lectures

  I remember being invited to hear a local politician speak many years ago.  He would invite as many people as possible to attend this speech. The promise was that at the end of the speech, free beer would be available to those who attended. After several drawn out hours, the man finally ended his speech. Most of the people attending were too bored to wait for the beer. Sometimes the politician would forget to serve the beer and you were the sucker for attending his speech.  People remembered those politicians who lied about serving beer.  The next time when the chance to hear the man speak, very few people would attend. His reputation was soon found out by regular voters who normally would vote for him. A man is only as good as his word. Actions speak louder than words. You can now understand why so many people do not like to listen to any political speeches by anybody. Promises, promises all in vain.  Who do you believe? What do you believe? The real action is when we go to vote. We can decide for ourselves who to vote for without having to listen to false political promises. Be a good American, and use your vote to elect somebody you think worthy of policial office. You are the boss.

Local landmarks

  When you travel though the city, do you ever look at the prominent landmarks out there?  Many buildings deserve recognition for their history, uniqueness or other special qualities. In Bay View, we have many buildings that deserve recognition.  Beulah Brinton had the first social center in the United States at her house. She also founded the Bay View Lending Library there. The Bay View Rolling Mills, under several names, established one of the largest Besemer Steel Manufacturing plants in the U.S.A. in its time. The color and style of clay in our city, becamed known as cream city bricks. The water helped us develop the Milwaukee Breweries. Milwaukee and Bay View are both known for their wide diversity of people. 

People from many lands with many lanquages settled here. How many cities can boast of such a blending of people. We have more types of bakeries and restaurants than many other cities. Houses vary from area to area.  We have Polish Flats, workers cottages, mansions, chalets, Milwaukee bungalows, ranch style houses, cape cod houses, and many other types of buildings around us.

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