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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

How did you enjoy the college football bowls on Tuesday?

  We had a full day of college football to watch on New Year's Day. We had the Rose Bowl Tourniment of Roses Parade to watch. And to those who overdid their drinking on New Year's Eve, we had a day to recover. It was a nice day for sledding in the park. Did you notice that the Orange Bowl had a minor college team (Northern Illinois) to face the Seminoles of Florida State. They played a excellent game even though their talent was a little thin at times. The Rose Bowl was an excellent game. Both coaches planned a very clean and tough game. The best team won, and Wisconsin lost to Stanford. Kudos to both coaches for keeping the field calm without any rough penalties or fights. Michigan almost won against South Carolina in a very close contest. These games are the ones that I watched and enjoyed. I hope that everyone had a happy new year.

 Please support the Bay View community.

Support the Green Bay Packers

 On Saturday night, the Green Bay Packers will play the Minnesota Vikings in a NFL Playoff game. We should support our team nad hope that they make it to the next round of the playoffs. We may not have the best team, but we try harder to succeed. I hope that the Green Bay Packers advance far into the playoffs. Send your support to the team.

Gear up for the cold and flu season

 At this time of year, colds and flu become very common. Purchase cough medicine, Tylennol, cough drops, Pepto Bismal, Vick's Vapor Rub and hope that nothing comes your way that will require you to need these things. Bed rest is very important. Too much activity while being sick, could weaken you. As you start to recover, take short walks to strengthen your lung power. Eat light foods so your body will not have to work that hard to digest your food intake. Soups and yogurt are good foods to enjoy. Rice can be a soft food. Drink plenty of fluids. Buttered toast can be a soft food as can hard boiled eggs. Oatmeal is very excellent for colds and flu. The main thing is to relax and enjoy yourself. Don't worry about these things if you don't have to. Have a wonderful and happy day.

Our weather

  Lately, our weather has been unpredictable. One day we will have rain, sleet or snow and the next day we will have high winds and lots of ice on the ground. Then we will have a very sunny day and much of the ice and snow will disappear. The major danger is trhat some sections of ground will have black ice that is almost invisible to the eye. If you step on such an area you could suffer a major fall. It does not have to be a large section of ice to cause you to fall. Take special caution when walking. This hidden black ice can be hidden by a little snow pile. When you fall, you could break a leg or other part of your body. Try to relax as you are falling to reduce the amount of damage done to your body. The best thing is to watch where you are walking and try to keep from falling down. Do not rush anywhere. Otherwise you could be at severe risk of falling down. Take your time and you will get where you are going safely. Also watch out for ice as you exit your car. Have a wonderful day and be happy.

Please support the Bay View community.

Does anybody remember playing charades

  When we had a party, years ago, we would sometime play charades. We had to guess as to who we were pretending to be. After the answer was found, we would choose someone else to do the charade. As the evening went on, everybody had a chance to play the game. This was one game that could be changed to an activitity rather than  a person. One such activity was to guess a Harlem Globe Trotter player or a golf player (not by name but by actions by the person doing the charade.) Trying to guess an occupation can also be fun. This game permits you to change categories at random to keep the game active and fun. This was an excellent game for couples to play. The time would just fly by as you had your fun. Someday, when you have a party, try the game of charades. Use your own imagination as to what variation of the game you will play. Have fun.

Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers

 This game is a very important game for the Green Bay Packers. If we win, then we continue on to play the next team in the playoffs, but if we lose, our season is over with. I think that we are going to be great underdogs for this game. Earlier in the season, we lost a game to the 49ers. Unless we have gotten better, then we will have an uphill battle in front of us. Please support our Green Bay Packers and wish them luck.

How do you keep a dog from marking his territory inside of your house??

  I have a fox terrier who has a bad habit of marking his territory on our furniture even though he has been  outside for many daily walks. It is impossible to clean up his damage and to catch him in the act of doing it. When we are out of the area, he tends to do his thing. I am lost for ideas as to how to stop him from doing this. I suggested using red pepper on the area involved as an attempt to stop him, but my wife says not to do this. He loves to lay down on my lap while I am reading or lay down on our bed while I am watching television there. He will lay down on his bed in the front room at times. I have never been able to catch him doing his thing. He is too sneaky for this. Has anybody any suggestions as to what to do to stop him from doing any furthur damage to our furniture? I am open to suggestions.

Snow may be on its way here

 We have been very lucky so far. We have had very little snow this season. I am afraid that we are going to get hit with a major storm before long. Who knows when this will happen?  I don't know. The warning is being given in advance of a storm that may come our way. If we get very little snow, I would be happy. It becomes to easy to fall when snow and ice are out there. The young people want snow, but us older ones can do without it. Please be careful while driving. Slippery conditions can happen at any time. Be alert if snow is forcast. Carry a shovel, blanket, water bottles and window scrapers in case of bad weather.

Please support the Bay View community.

Winter Blast Volunteers Wanted

 Volunteers are needed for our 11th annual Winter Blast--Luau on February 17th from Noon until 4 pm at the South Shore Park Pavilion, located at 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View!  This fun and family friendly event!

 Help is needed from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm with various duties including, set up, and tear dowen, concessions and other misc. things.

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Winter in Bay View in the past

  When we were kids, we used to go by the hill with the Chicago Northwestern Railroad tracks on it, across the tracks from Lewis Field (Pryor Playground).  We would take sleds or large pieces of cardboard and slide down the hill. We always posted somebody to watch for oncoming trains. If a train was coming, we would all go down the hill to avoid be sucked in by the passing train. When we were done with our outdoor activitities, we would go inside to get  hot chocolate to drink. We had an old coal furnace and we all fought to be the one closest to the heat registers. Sometimes we would have barbeque hamburger, popcorn or  something warm to eat. We had to hang up our wet clothes to dry. Once we were back inside of the house, we would not go back outside again that day. We had a lot of fun in those days.

January 30 --- South Shore Yacht Club Centennial Event

 In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the South Shore Yacht Club, Ron Winkler will be presenting a special program at the Club on January 30, 2013.  This event will also be open to Bay View Historical Society members.  The program begins at 7:00 pm. Ron will be talking about what Bay View was like in 1913 when the SSYC began its life at the bottom of Nock and Iron Streets.

 Society members are also invited to the $ 7.00 all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner which precedes the program beginning at 5:00 pm.  This is a fundraiser hosted by Junior SSYC Sailors to support sailing instruction for the younger crowd.  No reservations are required, walk-ins welcome, and the menu includes spaghetti, salad, rolls, and dessert.  The Juniors will stop serving at 6:30 pm.

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When there was ice on the sidewalk and alley in the past

  We had an old coal furnace in our house. It was a headache trying to keep water inside of it to establish humidity. Taking out the ashes and clinkers was heavy dirty work. Keeping the fire going with coal was also dirty hard work. Whenever we had snow or ice on the sidewalks or in the alley, the coal ash and clinkers were used to remove the ice. Your car always had traction when you drove on a ash filled alley. We had very few falls on the icey sidewalks when we used the ashes to remove the ice. We lived at the end of the alley and the surface would have been muddy if we did not establish a layer of ashes on it. The coal ash was almost like concrete on a muddy surface. Today when we use salt or sand to remove the ice, we do not have the same quality of grit that the coal ash has. Coal ash and clinkers are a thing of the past most likely forgotten by people.

 When we had the Bay View Rolling Mills, ashes from the mill would be used in creating the road beds of the local streets and alleys. The base created by the coal ash was almost as strong as concrete on the local streets. This part of Bay View history is mostly forgotten by people.

Something that I saw on a e-mail

  One of the things I saw on an e-mail sent to me was a senior citizen using a walker to push a hand made snow plow made of wood and looking like the letter "A". When we were kids, my dad made us one of those "A" shaped snow plows made of wood to plow through light snow in the front of the house and in the back yard. It was a little heavy to pull, but we always liked the results. Instead of having to shovel the back yard to get to the ash box, we would use this wooden plow to make a wide path the size of our main sidewalk in the front of our house. The plow was made up of 2" by 6" lumber. A piece of wood was attached to make the inner bar of the "A". A piece of metal was placed at the tip of the plow to make it easier to pull. We sometimes made a game of this and had more than one person pull the plow. If we wanted it to plow deeper, we would add some weight on the plow. If you were doing the front sidewalk, you still had to shovel out the bottom layer of the snow on the ground. In the back yard, you did not have to go that deep. Just deep enough to be able to walk on the path with shoes on instead of winter boots. When we moved from the old family home, we thew that old wooden plow into the trash. It still brings back memories when I think of that old wooden plow. Nobody today would even think of making such a device. Maybe I am just getting old and reminiscing too much about the old days.

February 4 Meeting -- Bay View Historical Society Presents

                                        ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MILWAUKEE

 Wouldn't it be great if there was a single source where you could easily look up answers to all of your basic questions about Milwaukee history and learn more about topics you did not know about?  UWM history and urban studies professors Amanda Seligman and Margo Anderson are planning a print and digital Encyclopedia of Milwaukee to help answer those questions.  Hear Prof. Seligman tell us about this excitibg projects and ask questions about it!

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The Bay View Historical Society needs some more help

  Thanks to thopse who have volunteered to help get us through the first half of the winter. We are looking for more volunteers who would be willing to take two-week shifts to help shovel at the Beulah Brinton House. Stano Landscaping will take care of shoveling when there is 3" or more of snow. This would only be for light snow falls that are less than that. Please contact David Reinelt at

Thank you.

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