In a word: sparkleriffic!

When it comes to lighting up a night sky, Milwaukee, you do me proud.

I biked over to Veterans Park last night with a pack of pals to watch the fireworks display and it was, in a word, sparkleriffic.*

I’ll admit I am biased as sparkly things call to me. Fireworks are among my top five favorite things of all time. (They’re right up there with mint chocolate chip ice cream.) But last night’s display was truly breathtaking.

I “oohed,” “aahed” and even “eeked!” as the sky was filled with swirls, pops and splashes of glitter.

As I watched, I remembered last year’s display, which, while stunning, was much less enjoyable as I watched it through a clear plastic tarp during the thunderstorm. But I love that we must have our fireworks as much as we must have our beer and cheese. A little lousy weather doesn’t stop us.

For tonight’s light display in Humboldt Park, the skies look like they’ll be clear as can be. So grab a blanket and a pal and head over. The show starts at dusk. And it’s sure to be sparkleriffic.

*Note to readers: Professional editors are allowed to make up words on an as-needed basis for the purpose of this blog. If you are not an editor, please do not attempt this at home.

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