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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Get ready for the Bay View Bash on Saturday, September 13, 2014.

  We will hold the Bay View Bash on Saturday, September 13, 2014. We will close off S. Kinnickinnic Ave. from E. Potter Ave. to S. Clement Ave.  There will be five stages set up in this area. The Children's Area will be located on Immaculate Conception Catholic Church parking lot. There will be one stage and many children's activities going on from from 11 am to about  6 pm. The Children's Area is where my activity will occur. There will be action on the stage there throughout the day. Your children will feel welcome to attend this area. Many people bring their dogs to this event. There will be  a dog and owner parade. We hope to have a fire engine on the grounds. Some of our famous Milwaukee mascots will be here. Children's games will be held in our area. When you come to our area, relax with your children and enjoy the activities going on there.

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Child labor laws in Wisconsin

 With the way the Republican Party is operating in the state of Wisconsin, it is only a matter of time before they eliminate our current Child Labor Laws. They have already tried to eliminate equal pay for women on the job. Having the ability to organize labor unions in our education system is now limited. They seem to want to pas Right-to-Work laws and are determined to eliminate our labor unions. They have rich backers, like the Koch brothers, providing money in this cause. It is only a matter of time before they find new laws to eliminate all labor unions and return our state to the time of the 1880's. They want the big companies to rule on all of their policies, including the right to organize a union. If only people could realize how important labor unions are. We have the eight hour work day, overtime pay, injury compensation protection, unemployment insurance, sick leave, and protection from company harassment by cruel bosses on the job.

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Labor Day Weekend is here

 We are about to celebrate Labor Day. In most countries Labor Day is celebrated on May Day (May 1st). In the United States they decided to celebrate it on the first Monday in September. The labor movement has generated for us the 8-hour day, workman's compensation, sick leave, vacation time, rights on your job, unemployment compensation and other such things.

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Labor Day is here

 I hope that everybody celebrates Labor Day. It took many years of hard work to establish our unions and our rights on the job. We now have unemplyment compensation, injury compensation, eight hour workday, sick leave, vacations. rights of protection on our jobs, overtime pay, and other such things. Thank our unions for fighting for our job rights. Take the time to thank our unions for doing such a great job of helping us. We don't want certain politicians from eliminating many of our rights such as the right to have a union, and equal pay for equal work with our women. Do you want to return to the 1880's and not have any unions or rights on our jobs? Do you want the boss to replace you because he does not like you? Do you want to be replaced if you are sick or injured? Do you want to have to pay for all of your doctor bills for on the job injurues? You can protect your rights by voting for politicians who will defend your right to have unions and equal pay for women. It is up to you if you want to return to the 1880's and have no rights or compensation on the job. Choose the person whom will protect your rights when you vote.

School many years ago.

 When I went to St. Lucas Ev. Lutheran School in the 1940's, we went to the original school building. In the basement were several bowling alleys. We had a kitchen area an auditorium with a stage. We ate our lunch in the school auditorium. There was a small book store in the school to buy needed school supplies in an emergency. Students took turns running it. When we had to get shots, we lined up in the auditorium and one by one enter the kitchen to get our shots. The school auditorium was built directly over the bowling alleys. While I was attending grade school, the church building added a new basement. The church office was built later in time. Sometimes we went upstairs to the school attic to get items. It was dusty and messed up. There were old school desks and other antiques in the attic.It was hard to believe that my mother and her father both attended this same school building in their time. Sometimes we would go to the auditorium to watch a movie. At other times we would watch one in our class room. First and second grade were placed in the same classroom. Third and fourth grade were in the same room. Fifth and six grade  and seventh and eighth were in the other rooms. There was also a an office for the principal. The teacher would work with one grade first, give them some task to do and work on the other grade separately. It was difficult work, but our teachers did a great job. Kindergarten was held in a basement room. Religion was reflected in all that we learned in school. We would go over to church to sing for a funeral service. The church bells were rung for each year of a person's life. Ringing the church bells  was a difficult job. It was all manual work. Student would volunteer and train to do this work. Now they have this work done by automation. One of the best seats in church was in the balcony. You could see the church organ being played and watch the bell ringer go to ring the bells.

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