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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Happy birthday Joanne

 I want to wish happy birthday to my sister Joanne Uhl, in Goleta, California. We are not getting any younger, but our memories stay intact. I can remember when you met your first boy friend. I can remember when you decided to marry Ed in England. I remember when you had your first child while living in Milwaukee. I remember when you and Ed bought your first house in Bay View. I can remember you teaching the nuns Montesori at St. Veronica's Catholic Church. I can remember in 1972, when you and Ed moved out to Goleta, California. I can remember when we had Apollo 13, when I saw Ed sitting in Humboldt Park thinking. It must have been hard to move your entire family to a new city and meet many new people. You already knew many people from Ed's company who moved there at the same time.

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Will the Brewers remain in last place this season?

 With the way the Milwaukee Brewers have been playing baseball this year, you wonder what happened to our team.  We have many of the same players that tooks us close to the playoffs last season. We replaced our head coach. What is now wrong with our team? When the team loses too many sponsors, something will have to happen. We have a good stadium, but our team has failed us. What is going to happen next?  Are they going to post our players "for sale" and rebuild the team? Are we going to replace the coach again? Are we going to replace our General Manager?  When will the team owner take some action?  I hope soon! I hope at least that we get out of last place in league standings.

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Events that recently happened

 Just the other afternoon, I saw a motorcycle driving in a reckless manner across our lawns in an area that says " No Trespassing". In leaving the area he was shouting to someone and driving down the hill of grass to the road. What kind of idiot likes to go trespassing on grass and doing wheelies. When he did cross the road he was going fast. If the police had been present, he would have gotten multiple sitations. Roads are meant to drive on, not the grass area that is for recreation and enjoyment. If you want to damage someplace, show the poiice department how you like to drive over lawns at speed near their station. At least you will get noticed as you want. Don't be an idiot who runs over people or children playing on their lawns because you like to drive off road onto someone elses lawn. Please learn to use common sense.

Summer is finally here

Summer is offically here, or is it Spring in disquise?  We have so many ups and downs in our weather that we can't tell if it is Spring or Summer. Our air conditioners are working, so it must be warm outside. This is the time when we get the wanderlust. We get the urge to wander about the area and enjoy our weather and scenery. Independence Day will soon be here. Many people choose this time to start their vacations. Take the family and go out and enjoy our wonderful parks and lakes. A family that plays together, stays together. Relax and enjoy our summer.

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Reflecting on past years

 On some Sundays, my father would drive us to his mother's house in North Milwaukee, Town of Granville. There were no expressways then. We had to travel all the way across the City of Milwaukee to get there. I can remember riding through the inner city. My grandmother, Clara Koepke Manke, and my Uncle Bill and his family lived on N. Teutonia Ave. (formerly N. Cedarburg Road) north of  W. Florist Ave.  Florist Ave. was named after my great-grandfather August Manke, who refused to call the street by his last name so instead it was named after his occupation. When we got out there the men would get together and us kids would play softball on this land. It was always beautiful to visit the Manke Greenhouses next door. My grandfather had razed his greenhouses a long time ago. It is hard to believe what now is all stores and industry used to be greenhouses and farm land.

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