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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

The Humboldt Park Beer Garden is open now

 After a long wait, the St. Francis Brewery has openned up its Beer Garden at Humboldt Park. Beer gardens are very popular in Europe. It is nice that we are going back to our roots and finally returning the beer garden concept to Milwaukee. We used to have a beer garden at Schildknecht's Woods, the present day site of Trowbridge Street School. There used to be a beer garden at the location where the Outpost store is now. These were two of the Bay View beer gardens.

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Memories of the past

 Do you remember hanging out clothing that has just been washed on the clothes line with clothespins. The wet wash was difficult to hang because it was heavy. You had to prop up the clothesline to keep the wash from hitting the ground. If it was windy outside, the wash dried fast. One danger you had with the clothes on the line was bird poop. The children were told not to play near the clothes. Any dust from the wind could dirty your newly washed clothes. Hauling the newly washed clothing out of the basement was a chore. Cleaning up the laundry room was not easy. You learned respect for mothers doing the wash.

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Summer is finally here.

  For a change we can wear summer clothes again for the first time this season. I can't remember the summer being this cold before. Global Warming is a question mark to me. Our weather this year has been very strange. I think that many crops are slow in growing this season. I love going to the South Shore Farmers' Market in Bay View. With over 40 vendors on site, we have a wonderful market. Being close to Lake Michigan and with music playing in the backround, you can really relax here. I would like to welcome everyone to the South Shore Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings from 8 am to 12 noon. South Shore Park at 2900 S. Shore Drive is a beautiful park. Y'all come and join us there.

Questions that I would like answered

 What do you think of a lady who steals several rolls of toilet paper from the restroom?  Is she such a major Milorganite producer that you have to carry out on a stretcher or thimble?  What is your opinion of a lady who takes a roll of toilet paper and stuffs it into the toilet and flushes the toilet, flooding the restroom? What do think of a kind person who tips over an outhouse and prevents other people from using it?  He should be given a choice of cleaning up his mess or going to jail. What do you think of a person who cuts our fencing enclosing the fireworks safety area, and driving on the grass to place a picnic table on his car roof and hauling it somewhere else in the park?  When you cut the fencing enclosing the fireworks area, you could be the cause of the fireworks being canceled that night.

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Remembering past activities

  Do you remember having to take the living room rug outside and beating to to get rid of accumulated dirt and dust on it. About the same time do you remember taking down the curtains, and washing them. Afterwards, you had to scub the dirt off the walls from the winter. When you washed the curtains, do you remember using the ringer washmachine and doing two rinsings in the stationary tubs. How many times did you get your fingers caught in the ringer, where you had to pop the top to release your finger. Spring cleaning was always done late in spring or early in summer. This was done after you had planted the crops in your garden. Your wrinkled hands came after working with your wash machine and ringer and the two stationary tubs. When you emptied your wash machine, you earned some muscles. Maytag and Speed Queen were two of the wash machine brands out then. At least once or twice a year, all of this work had to be done.

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