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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Wonderful trip to White Bear Lake, Minnesota

  We just came back from a wonderful airplane trip to White Bear Lake, Minnesota,  to visit our son, Kurt and his family for Thanksgiving.  Kurt and Olivia had their 4 week old son, Zachary, and older son Sam at their house.  It was the first time that we were able to see Zachary since he was born. He is a strong baby who likes to be held a lot.  On the last full day that we were there, Sam got sick and was throwing up and had a slight fever.  Our daughter, Mary, was instrumental in getting us there.  Mary arranged all of the flight plans and was a great help with Sam and Zachary.  Without Mary's help, I would be lost. My wife, Penny, got to hold Zachary for long periods of time.  Kurt both picked us up at the Minneapolis Airport and took us back there when we returned home.

  Olivia's parents, Bill and  Juanita Stipe, came for Thanksgiving dinner. They are wonderful people to be with. Sam and Kurt and Olivia's dog, George, a Beagle-Terrier, were very happy to see them. Juanita helped Olivia prepare the meal. Bill did other things with Kurt to prepare for the meal. Being Thanksgiving, there was plenty of food for everyone to eat.  Wine was served to those who wanted it. We enjoyed watching football.  When Bill and Juanita were trying to leave, both Sam and George wanted to go with them.  After everything settled down, we watched some more football.

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Polish Traditions --- St. Nicholas Day --- Dzien Swietego Mikolaja

  Christmas traditions in Poland are full of magic and meaning. The customs, which have been passed down through the centuries, are deeply rooted in religion, family, nature, and a love of the land. Christmas Eve is the most anticipated and beautiful day of the year for a Polish family, as winter  darkness is suddenly brightened by the appearance of the  Christmas star in the night sky, by flickering lights on Christmas trees, and the melodies of Christmas carols fleating from homes and churches.

  People prepare for this big holiday during the four weeks of Advent. In Poland this is a time of fasting and prayer, of spiritual preparation for Christmas. One of the most beautiful ceremonies of Advent is a mass called  roraty,  early-morning service that begins in the dark, with people lighting their torches and candles at special times during the mass. The service symbolizes vigilance and waiting for the coming of  Christ.  In the evenings, people stay indoors and the family spends time making handmade decorations for the Christmas tree, choinka,  from straw, paper, and foodstuffs like nuts and grains.

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Last reminder for Bay View Christmas Tree Lighting

 On Monday, December 7th, at  6:00 pm,  the Bay View Interorganizational Council is having their annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the George Washington Post 180 of the American Legion, located at 2860 S. KK Ave. The program begins at 6:00 pm and everyone is invited to attend.  At 6:00 pm, Dancers with Woofs (dogs dancing with their owners) will perform inside of hall. At 6:30 pm, Christmas Caroling by Bay View High School Choir. At 6:50 pm, the Tree Lighting will take place with a special visit by Santa Claus. Refreshments will be served afterwards. They are provided by the Bay View Lion's Club and VFW Post 2879. Y'all come and enjoy yourself.

There will be delays in re-decking the Hoan Bridge

  Have you ever seen the game Russian Roulette in any movies.  The six bullet pistol  is loaded with one bullet and the bullet chamber is spun so that you never know if the bullet is there or if you are firing an empty location on the gun. If the bullet turns up, you lose the game in a very bloody way.

  If they delay re-decking the Hoan Bridge or repairing the Zoo Interchange, we will be the one playing Russian Roulette with our cars and our lives. In the Twin Cities in Minnesota, they learned what it means to delay the repairs on a bridge the hard way.  Several lives were lost when the bridge collasped with cars on it as it fell into the river.  The State of Wisconsin will not take the blame if this happens to us this way.  Our politicians are gambling with our lives by delaying the repairs on these bridges.  Part of the Hoan Bridge fell once, will it happen again?  Will you be on it when this happens? If you want to save some lives, please contact your state representatives or state senator to take some action here. It will be your funeral if you lose while driving on these bridges. You may like to gamble with money, but not with your life. Please don't sit there and do nothing.  You could be the victim of the state's carelessness.

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Are you ready for some snow?

 This is the time when unexpected snow storms come and delay our activities. Is your car ready for winter?  How are your tires and brakes?  How is your car steering system?  Take the time and prepare for the worst of snow storms, and you will be ready for the smaller ones.  Please drive only as fast as you can stop your vehicle safely. If you feel your car starting to slide, then reduce your speed to bring it back under control again. It pays to carry an extra blanket and some bottled water in your car, in case you get stuck in the snow. Remember not to panic. Relax and you will find the way out of almost any mess. I hope that you have a safe and happy winter season this year. Please support the Bay View community.

Winter Concert at Bay View High School

On Thursday, December 17, 2009, there will be a free winter concert at Bay View High School starting at 7 pm in the school auditorium. The school is handicapped accessible.  Both the current music students and their teachers and the Bay View High School Alumni Choir, under the direction of Mr. Ray Dietrich, will perform. There is no charge to attend this concert. Everyone is welcome to attend.  Come and enjoy a relaxing evening of refreshing music.

If you have any questions, please call the school office at 414-294-2400.

Take care of your dog in cold weather

When the temperatures drop into the single digits, make sure that your dog is warm enough.  Check its water bowl to make sure that it is not frozen.  When they go outside, watch out for salt on their feet. This could cause sores on your dog.  Restrict the amount of time they spend outdoors to protect them. Short-haired dogs have a very hard time in cold weather. Long-haired dogs can tolerate the cold air more. A little bit of love is always nice for a dog. Treat them as you would treat a child. Take the time to enjoy your dog, as it will show you a lot of love in return.  Please take special care of your dog this winter. Please support the Bay View community.

Best wishes to my daughter, Mary

 On Monday, My daughter, Mary, had knee surgery at the hospital.  I wish her my best during these trying times. With wishes that the pain soon subsides, and she gets stronger. The cause for the surgery occured  while playing volleyball.  She always puts her heart into all that she does. This will be only a short setback for her, for life moves on. With Bella at her side, she is relaxed. Several good people have come to help her at this time.  Mary,  get well soon. May the good Lord be with you, always.

Winter Pot Luck at Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park Watch along with the Bay View Neighborhodd Association and the Bay View Skaters will sponsor a Winter Pot Luck at the park Pavilion on Sunday, January 10, 2010 from 11 am until 2:30 pm.  This is a family event so pack up the kids, some games and a dish to pass and get out of the house for some good winter fun. We are hoping for some snow this year for sledding and ice skating and that the weather cooperates.  Hope to see you there.

Ruth Simos

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Are we going to have a naming contest?

  If the next Governor is going to be a Repubican, are we going to have a naming rights contest for all of the state buildings?  If S.W. makes it, he will probally put naming rights for all state buildings for sale to make some money for the state.  If he privatizes many government jobs,  who will be guarding our welfare,  or does he want us all to go on welfare.  Expect emergency vehicles to be reduced do to lack of staffing and funding.  Only the well off people need such services, such he has shown in his home location recently.  Expect bus service to be greatly reduced, because the well off people don't need to use buses.  All of these expectation are based on the things that he isdoing now as County Executive of Milwaukee County.  He has greatly reduced handicapped bus service to the suburbs to save money.  He has tried to install parking meters in our parks.  He has closed down County pools, because mostly poor people use these services.  The well off people can pay for such services.  Are all of our parks going to  look like   abandoned cemeteries, since he has go greatly reduced the staffing funding for our parks?  Will we have to use Port-a-Jons in the parks, since many of the park restrooms have been condemned by the Milwaukee Health Department as unfit for human use?  Will chain gang prisoners be used to maintain our parks, due to lack of park staff workers?  Will chain gang prisoners be used to shovel snow, due to lack of funding from our city and county governments?

  Next year, you the citizens  of   Wisconsin, will have to vote in a new governor. It will be up to you as to what kind of governor we elect. Please use the power of your vote to help solve this crisis.  Please vote in all elections so you can have a say as to what happens in Wisconsin.  The right to vote has been won by the blood of our members of the military service.  Please honor them by voting in the next election.

Who is going to run the lottery as who will be the first person killed when the bridges fall down?

 If the State of Wisconsin does nothing to repair or replace the Hoan Bridge and the Zoo Interchange of 894 & 94, we will be able to run a lottery as to see who is the first person killed when either of these bridges fall down.  The two structures are badly suffering from neglect and metal fatigue.  There is discussion going on now as to whether they should be repaired or replaced.  Why wait until somebody gets killed when they collapse?  Take some action now!  If we need new politicians to get this done, then there is an election next year to solve this.  Minnesota had its bridge collapse in the Twin Cities.  Now it's our time for this to happen in Milwaukee. A lower Hoan Bridge is not the answer, unless you want to travel close to the fumes from the Milwaukee Sewerage Plant.  Please act now to fix this problem before we have to call in the coroner to solve the results of inaction on our politicians.  Notify all of your local politicians to help solve this problem.  Tell then that we hold them responsible for any action or inaction on their part. A recall election is possible after the election if necessary.

This is your last chance to do Christmas shopping

 Due to the money crisis now,  many stores will be lowering their prices to sell their merchandise. Thios will be a chance to purchase something that you want or need at a lower price.  Check the ads for bargins. Compare the prices to find bargins. Please do not overspend, because your family has need of your money during the coming year. The gift of love is the most important gift that you can give. Money does not buy you love,  it only comes from your heart. Christmas only comes once a year. Take the time to hug your family and get closer to them.  This is what the holiday is really about.  Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas to all

  I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas this year.  In spite of hardships, we do surive and persist in our everyday life. Let us hope that we can make the best of of what we have and take the time to hug and hold our families. Family love is very dear and important to us. I hope that Christmas will be a holiday of joy and happiness for the entire family.  Take the time and go to church to learn the true meaning of Christmas. Share this holiday with others. The gift of love is more important than any other gift at this time. Celebrate with your family and friends. To all I wish Merry Christmas.

Story from the future

 A woman and her daughter were walking towards the County Park.  The daughter asked the mother what a park was, since this park was very neglected like an old graveyard. The mother told the daughter that we used to have very beautiful parks for everyone to relax and enjoy. One day, our County Executive, S.W., while trying to save tax money, eliminated most of the park workers, except in Wauwatosa, where he lived. He felt that the parks and bus service for only for the people who had money, and cancelled many of the bus routes that failed to make a profit. He said the the poor people don't deserve to have bus service or parks for recreation. Only the people who can afford to come to parks should have decent parks.  He eliminated the handicap bus service to the suburbs, because the people were too poor to afford such transportation.

 While approaching the park pavilion, the daughter had to use a restroom.  Inside of the restroom, the place was filthy and had no toilet paper or hand soap.  S.W. eliminated the park staff who would normally clean these places and restock things as needed. He said that the parks were for poor people and did not care if any sanitary needs were taken care of.  His friends down at the Milwaukee Health Department condemned the park restrooms as being unfit for human use.  Don't worry people, Wauwatosa will always have these needs taken care of. They can afford the maintenance. Why S.W. lives there, you know.

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How to get help in any emergency

  Since City Hall and the Mayor of Milwaukee have eliminated several fire trucks needed to save people and fight fires, you will now have to call your local politician for emergency help. It will take too long for the fire department to send any help for you, due to staffing costs. From now on, 24/7, call your local politician in any emergency. If they can cause the problem, then they can solve it. Don't be afraid to get them out of bed, there won't be enough fire department personnel to come to your aid. If you are having a heart attack, get your local politician out bed to take you to a hospital.  It will take almost a half hour for a fire engine to arrive, due to lack of equipment and personnel. The Mayor of Milwaukee can also be called 24/7 in any emergency.  He signed the bill that reduced our fire department.

 If you want to be able to depend on ouir fire department, who have qualified emergency medical technicians on every fire vehicle, please contact your local politician to protest these personnel cuts. Don't worry if you do nothing, the coroner will be there to assist you afterwards. Our fire personnel are the best people in Milwaukee for saving lives and fighting fires. You can always depend on them to do an excellent job at all times. Please don't place our lives in jeopardy by reducing the fire department staffing. We pay our taxes, but we also have a great need for our protection. If you reduce the fire department, you also lower the value of city property as far as getting bonds goes.

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Happy New Year everybody

 We are about to start a new year. The House and Senate are voting on a health bill soon. Humboldt Park 4th of July Association is starting its centennial year, but additional cuts from City Hall are trying to eliminate this holiday in Milwaukee.  If we are lucky, there will be enough salt to de-ice our sidewalks and roads. If there are still some fire department personnel available after City Hall cuts, we might be able to attempt to get emergency help, even if it takes almost an hour for a fire engine to arrive at your house. The police department is also dealing with cuts.  Maybe we can arm our politicians and use them for police action. I am sure that the Wisconsin Home for the Blind can supply some shooters if necessary. Our county parks have not yet turned into abandoned grave yards, no thanks to S.W.

If you can find a park worker, then you are lucky, because Scott Walker does not think that we need any workers there. If you are lucky, you will find toilet paper in a county park restroom and handsoap, provided that it is early in the day. I am sure that Scott can send some of his political brochures when we run out of toilet paper. Perhaps if we move to Wauwatosa, we will find plenty of park staffing and toilet paper available to use. Scott always takes care of his home district.

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