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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Have a very happy sober New Year

  We are now facing the end of the college football season and also the playoffs of the NFL. I hope that nobody has a big hangover from last night. If you are awake enough, you can watch the Rose Bowl Parade on television. Choose the football games that you want to watch today.  Have the family over for a meal together.  Remember all of the things that happened last year.  Will you honor your new year pledges?  Plan now to start over in a positive way for the new year.  Repeat the best things that happened if possibel and forget about the bad things. Take the time to give your family a big hug. Help those who are in need. Don't forget to go to church today. I hope that all goes well for you and you can have a great new year with your family. I hope that everybody who is unemployed can find work to feed their family. Please support the Bay View community.

Christmas is a good time to be with your family

  It was nice to be able to get together with of my family members. We had guests from Illinois, Texas and other cities in Wisconsin. You know that you are getting old when you see your grandchildren and the grandchildren of your sisters. As time goes on, your family grows and expands. If we had had all of the family here, we would have needed a larger place to hold them. Time takes its toll on all of us. It is good to see people before they get too old and pass on. We should embrace them and be glad that we are still here to enjoy their company. I would like to thank the members of my family who made it to our Christmas get together. It felt good being able to see and talk with them. My hope is that the future looks bright for everyone. Happy holidays everyone.

Are you ready for the NFL football playoffs?

 We are about to begin the NFL football playoffs. How far do you think that the Green Bay Packers will advance in the playoffs?  I can just see the pizza, popcorn, pretzels, beer, wine coolers, tacos and taco dip, and the other snacks going down in a excited frenzy. Thin we begin, but dieting comes soon afterwards. It is great to be among friends at this time.  Win or lose, you can still have a great time watching the football games.

Don't forget, we also have the college championship game coming up.  After football, what are we going to do?  Will we go outside and play with the kids? Will we travel?  Will we just watch basketball and be a couch potato?  Relax and do domething with your family, even if it is just seeing a movie or going out to eat as a family.  Try to enjoy this winter season as it takes its course of events. Please support the Bay View community.

Reminder of "Winter Pot Luck" at Humboldt Park on 1/10/10

                                   "WINTER   POT  LUCK"  AT HUMBOLDT PARK

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Winter time in the past

  When we were children, we used to go down by the hill near the railroad tracks to sled down or slide down the hill.  We used to post a person to watch out for oncoming trains on the tracks. When that signal was given, everybody slid down the hill, sled or no sled to safety.  Cardboard boxes made excellent sliding devices on this hill. Some times we would go to Humboldt Park to ride our sleds or to ice skate.

 As we got older, we would go out to a farm to ride a toboggan down a hill.  Several of us brought sleds and tobaggans for this fun.  After we got down playing the snow, we would go inside to warm up. Hot chocolate and barbeque hamburgers hit the spot. Mostly, we were couples or friends of couples when we went. This was a wonderful way to enjoy the snow in winter.

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Two dogs, four days of fun

  Over the New Year holiday, I had the chance to watch two dogs for my son and his wife. It was like having the "Katzenjammer Kids" at the house.  Because it was very cold outside, they would try to out fox you by pretending to do their duty outside. When they came back in, your computer room was the target of their souvenirs. It was messy smelly work to clean up after them. They both like to sit on your lap, at the same time.  They try to lick your face to show their love for you. When they did not cooperate with me, they received no doggie snacks from me. I have been known to give dogs lots of treats, but not this time. As cute and cuddly as they are, they are a true test of your patience. Whatever you do to or for one, the other expects the same treatment or treat. If you lay down, they lay at your feet. These two dogs had a lot of love to give, but you had to watch where you stepped at times. This was an exciting adventure for me. I now know the difference between obedient dogs and playful exciting dogs.

  As I said, these two dogs were like the "Katzenjammer Kids" of the old comic strips. The term Katzenjammer means "Hangover".  If you ever had a bad hangover, then you understand my reasoning. In spite of all that happened, I still love these dogs. I just wish that they get better trained about not leaving souvenirs inside the house. I hope that my son, his wife and family all had a good time on their holiday trip.

February Meeting of Bay View Historical Society -- Guest -- Dan Rode --"Fire Bell Club"

 The Bay View Historical Society will meet on Monday, February 1, 2010 at 7 p.m. at the Beulah Brinton Community Center, 2555 S. Bay Street in Milwaukee.

 The speaker will be Dan Rode, a Milwaukee firefighter and member of the "Fire Bell Club", an organization that provides cnateen services to aid in the rest and rehab cycles emergency workers require during extended operations such as major fires, the search for drowing victims, S.W.A.T. hostage crises, and sometimes natural disasters such as the aftermath of a tornado.

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Bay View Historical Society Meeting -- Guest Speaker: Dan Rode of the "Fire Bell Club"

  The Bay View Historical Society will have their February meeting on Monday, February 1, 2010, at 7 p.m. at the Beulah Brinton Community Center, located at 2555 S. Bay Street in Milwaukee.

  The speaker will be Dan Rode, a Milwaukee firefighter and member of the Fire Bell Club, an organization that provides canteen service to aid in the rest and rehab cycles emergency workers require during extended operations such as major fires, the search for drowning victims, SWAT/hostage crises, and sometimes natural disasters such as the aftermath of a tornado.

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Are you ready for a blizzard?

Sometime this winter we are going to get hit with a major snow storm, possibly a blizzard. Do you have bottled water, a blanket and other gear in your car in case you get stuck in the snow?  Keep a good shovel to dig yourself out if possible.  A working cell phone call help you call for assistance at this time. Remember to be calm and not to panic while driving in snow storm. Allow for black ice or icey pavement as you drive. Drive only as fast as you can stop your car safely. If you relax during a crisis, you will be able to conserve your strength for when you need it most. Cherish your family and please drive carefully in winter. Please support the Bay View community.

The 95th Annual Washington Day Banquet -- Monday, February 15, 2010

                                  The Interorganizational Council of Bay View presents:

                                             The 95th Annual Washington Day Banquet

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Where is our "Global Warming"?

  While visiting my son and his family in White Bear Lake, Minnesota,  I noticed that the air temperature was near -12  degrees outside.  it almost got above zero for a short time, but that did not last long. I keep hearing all of these stories about global warming. I am sure that they also heard these stories in Florida, where oranges and other citrus fruit were hanging frozen on the trees. They had snow down south like they have not had for years. If this is global warming, what is an ice age like? I can only go by what I observe, and I do not see any warm weather coming for a while. Please enjoy your "Global Warming" with a warm heating pad or heater this season. Please support the Bay View community.

Cursive writing

 I have noticed that the schools do not emphasize cursive writing anymore. When we were children, we were forced to learn to cursive writing and good penmanship in our school work. Learning how to communicate with others is critical to all people. A good communicator will always make good progress in any work field that he or she may be in. Failure to be able to communicate is the reason that many people fail at their job. I am curious to know why cursive writing is not very important anymore. A mime can communicate with his motions, but unless you can write down your ideas so thers can read them, you will be a failure. Education has the purpose of training the whole person, not just the work area that they will be in. I wish that somebody can give me a good reason for no longer emphasizing cursing writing for our children today.

Reminder of the 95th Annual Washington Day Banquet -- "Person of the Year" is Patty Pritchard-Thompson

This is a reminder of the 95th Annual Washington Day Banquet that is presented by the Bay View Inter-organizational Council.

                                       THE 95TH ANNUAL WASHINGTON DAY BANQUET

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Our Milwaukee County Parks

  I wish that somehow somebody could correct the deficiencies of out County Park System. Many of our parks are desperately in need of repairs. Some of the restrooms have been condemned by the Milwaukee Health Department as unfit for use. The buildings could use some maintenance. We used to have one of the best park systems in the country, but now that has changed due to budget cuts and staffing losses. In due time we will become the laughing stock of the country due to our lack of concern about our parks. I do not want our parks to look like abandoned graveyards. Please contact your local politician and request that something be done to protect our parks before it is too late.

 We have an election coming up soon. If our present politicians do not do anything about our parks, then elect someody who will do something. You, the voter, have the most say into what our future will become. Please choose wisely. Use the power of your vote to support our community.

Three Blind Mice!!!

  How many lives must be lost before the budget cuts for the Milwaukee Fire Department are eliminated? Our fire department is our first line of defense in both fires and medical emergencies. All fire fighters are Emergency Medical Technicians and are trained to save lives. This dedicated group has protected us throughout the years. Right now the coroner already has several victims of fire department budget cuts. Are you going to be the next one on his table? Take action now and talk to our mayor and to the common council. If they fail to help us, an election is coming up very fast. Recalls from elected office are also possible to these people who think saving money is more important than saving our lives. When you see  members of our fire department, thank them for being there to help us in time of need. If you see any politician, remind them that elections are coming very soon.  Please support the members of our Milwaukee Fire Department. They are the ones who protect us in time of need.

Final reminder for February Bay View Historical Society Meeting 2/1/10

  Dan Rode, of the "Fire Bell Club" of Milwaukee, will be the guest skeaker at the February 1st meeting of the Bay View Historical Society at 7 pm at the Beulah Brinton Community Center, 2555 S. Bay Street in Milwaukee. Everybody is welcome to attend this event. This is the final reminder of this meeting.

Airport security procedures

  It is really a shame that we have to do so much more for airport security than we did in the past. It is probally better to be alive and able to complain than to be on a slab at the coronor's office due to a terrorist act. When you go through security, you must take off your jacket, your shoes, empty your pockets of any metal contents, be sure that you are not carrying liquids on to the airplane, and have everything x-rayed for security reasons. You have to watch your language also. Do not say "Hi Jack", bomb, gun or anything that could refer to a weapon.

 If you do not have a current photo identification card or drivers license, you may be blocked from boarding an airplane. If you buy water of food after you pass through security, you can usually take it on board with you. Electronic devices are banned from use during a flight. They might interfere with airplane navigation controls. The aisles are very small, so do not plan on taking a walk while flying in the air. The restrooms are like miniature closets. If you are big, you could get stuck inside of one. Air travel is quick and efficient, but going through security is a drag on your time.

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