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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Happy New Year

 Happy New Year to everyone. Today we have many of the bowl games on TV. Many families will will have relatives or friends over to celebrate this holiday. I hope that everyone helps in getting ready for the company.  Bring a dish if you are visiting. Offer to help in the kitchen. Help after the meal to organize and clean up everything. Doing dishes should be done with guests participating in this work. End the day watching bowl games on TV or any other show that is special to you and your family. Relax and enjoy this holiday. Tomorrow work and school days resume. Get some sleep and get ready to resume normal day to day activities. Have a very Happy New Year.

Discover card

 Have you ever had any trouble with your Discover Card?  We never received the last bill statement and therefore did not make the December payment. We kept getting calls from Discover ( I had no way to verify that it actually was Discover Card on the phone line.) demanding payment for December. They insisted that we allow them to withdraw money from our bank account, as they already had all of the bank statements and account numbers on hand.

 Since the recent incident at Target Stores and the loss of personal data for employees of Milwaukee County, I was not going to give them permission to take money from our personal bank account through a telephone call. When my wife called their phone number back, it sounded like a "boiler room operation" in the backround. Having worked for the U.S. Government before I retired, I was in no way going to fall for a scam operation. We get a lot these scam operations on our e-mail and I turn them over to the government for investigation. Twice I received a message that the FBI would put me in jail if I did not correspond to their requests. If the return address on a e-mail is suspicious, I consider it to be fraud.

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Winter blues

 We are again getting more and more snow. This winter is much more active with snow than several previous ones. Where is global warming? Our average temperature is below normal. Winter sports fans are very happy. There are more days to ice skate, sled down a hill, ski and other winter sports. To our senior population, these days are not very happy. Black ice is hidden under the snow, where you can easily slip and fall down. Please be careful when you go outside this winter. If you fall and can't get up, you could freeze and get frost bite on your body. Children going outside without mittens or gloves could also get frost bite on their hands.

Postal workers, while delivering the mail, must be always careful of not freezing their hands or feet. Cracked fingers occur very often while delivering the mail. Icey sidewalks, steps and porches cause many accidents with postal workers. Please salt icey locations to prevent accidents. Enjoy our winter as best you can.

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Watch out for frostbite

 In this bitter cold weather you must be careful of getting frostbite. Your children are very able to get frostbite without you knowing about it. If they get wet boots or shoes, you should check their socks and make sure that they get on a dry pair as soon as possible to prevent frostbite.

 When I was delivering the mail as a mailman, I almost never wore a glove on my right hand. This was done so that I could seperate the mail while delivering it. At minus 20 degrees, I still did not wear a glove on my right hand. If I got cold hands, I would pump them and restore circulation and heat to them. This pumping action kept my hand warm at all times. Wet snow was worse than dry cold on the body. When my hands cracked open at times and bled, I would use udder balm or hoofsaver lotion from Farm & Fleet to restore my hands to normal. I do not recommend not wearing gloves to anybody. I had to do this in order to seperate the mail from house to house. Ice on the sidewalk, steps or porch was a great hazzard.

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Where is our Global Warming?

 We are now having the coldest weather in over a decade. This very cold air is very widespread in the United States and Canada. It makes you wonder about Global Warming that is supposively happening now. I would not doubt if Lake Michigan could freeze over this year. This cold air is very dangerous to both our youth and seniors. You can get frostbite very quickly if you don't watch out. I would love to know if Global Warming can cause such a cold front to happen. Our winter has been about 20 degrees colder than average this year. Will somebody please tell me where the Global Warming is???

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Going to school -- years ago

 I can remember going to school on cold winter mornings. We had to walk to school. Our faces, hands and feet got very cold. When we arrived at school, we at least had a chance to warm up. Due to the cold weather, recess was held in the school gym. Instead of playing games as we would do outside, we had to do physical excercises. I did not consider this a decent recess. There was little relaxation at this time. We brought a bag lunch to school, instead of walking home for lunch. On certain raining days, my dad, if he worked night shift, would pick us at lunch and take us back to school. I can remember our class singing at funerals, across the street at the church. One day a boy from a younger class, had drowned down by the South Shore Yacht Club. His dad, a professional wrestler, came to our school and volunteered as leader of our Boys Club. I think the loss of his son hurt him deeply. Another time, we sang at a funeral of the father of one of our teachers, who was a retired pastor. There were many times when we sang at funerals in church.

One of my friends used to manually ring the church bells for church services. Now the bells are automated. It was amazing to watch the church building change over the years. One year, they installed the church basement. (I think in 1948). Another year, they repainted the entire inside of the church. I can remember the old church parsonage, the new church office, the new church garage, the new church parsonage. The installation of rugs in the church. The installation of a clock on the balcony wall to remind the pastor if he was giving too long of a serman. Over the years, many pastors and teachers served this congregation of St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Wisconsin Synod. As far as I know, my great grandparents, grandparents, parents, various aunts and uncles and cousins all belonged to this church. I was baptized at North Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Town of Granville, North Milwaukee, because I was the only son that my dad had. I had five sisters. I have a lot of memories of my time in this school and church.

Going to high school--years ago

 Being the second youngest child in my family, I went to Bay View High School. One of my sisters had just graduated and another one was two years ahead of me. We had to purchase our books in high school. As long as they did not change to a new book in class, you could purchase a used one from a relative, neighbor or friend. A used book usually had a lot of note inside of key information needed in class. A new book had no such notes to help you. Each teacher had his or her own way of teaching a class. The secret of learning in school, was to take notes as the class went on. The teacher would usually base his tests on the notes that you took. Many times the book was not good for studying, due to the fact that the teacher would base his tests on what he told you, rather than what was inside of the book. This same rule applies to college.

 After a few weeks, I was getting bored in school. Then I found a good outlet for my boredom. I joined the projection crew (movie crew). After the first semester in high school, I no longer had to go to study hall. As assistant manager of the movie crew, I got to used the projection crew room as an office to do my homework. Mr Williams shared this office, but he was never around to bother us much. I got to assign operators to show movies throughout the building. It was fun learning how to run the special auditorium movie projector. During lunch, I got to choose movies to show in the school auditorium. Biology films on disecting frogs, was one choice. Sometimes I would find a really good movie for the lunch period. Because I had a great teacher, Mr. Art Hickman, as my advisor, I was able to get special help slips to get people out of detention, providing that they did some needed work. Who wouldn't want to be able to serve his detention in a relaxing way, and they could watch any movie afterwards to finish up their time. We had a great bunch of people on the movie crew. After my term as manager, I was allowed to stay in my office and advise new members and management on procedures. No matter what I did, I could never get out of homeroom very much. Only when I was needed to show a movie in the auditorm for a school guest speaker, could I leave homeroom. I still had to attend all of my classes, except when I would be called for any problem on any movie equipment.

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99th Annual Washington Birthday Banquet

                                                99TH ANNUAL

                          WASHINGTON BIRTHDAY BANQUET

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Consider becoming a member of your children's school PTA

 We have a great need of parents to volunteer to help their children in their school by joining the school PTA. The National and State PTA have a large amount of material available for both parents and school staff. A child fells good when his or her parent becomes involved in their education process. This is a great resource of ideas about our current education process. You help is gladly received at your children's school. This way you can also help your children more with their homework or school problems. It is a win win situation. All that it takes is a little of your time. Please consider becoming a member of you children's school PTA.

Bay View Historical Society Presents: Historic Wisconsin Tourism with Virginia Hirsch

                                   BAY VIEW HISTORICAL SOCIETY PRESENTS:


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Why are the members of Congress trying to cut our funding?

 Why are the members of Congress always trying to reduce our benefits that we have earned over many years of hard labor?  We paid for these benefits. Congress always seems to give itself more benefits and higher pay while trying to give benefits to their rich owners and cut our benefits. People like the Koch Brothers seem to be the owner of the most politicians. They always get richer while we get poor. They are eliminating laws that protect workers, and women's rights. They are now trying to eliminate the 8 hour work day. They are doing away with over 100 years of labor law protections. Next they will eliminate child labor laws, due to the fact that they want cheap labor. Money seems to talk for them. Look back in history and see how many laws that protect the workers have been eliminated. Maybe we need to eliminate some of these Koch Brother owned poiiticians at the next election. We, the people, should have the right of protection, under the law, for our labor, our families, and the right to elect HONEST POLITICANS. We the people have certain rights under our Constitutuion that should never be removed by dishonest owned politicians. Speak up and be heard. Elections are coming soon. We the people should vote for some Honest Politicians and eliminate our owned ones. It is unfair that certain people, who own politicains, can demand that the people be damned and their companies be given special laws so they can get richer.

We are on the roller coaster weather pattern

 Have you noticed how our weather is following a roller coaster pattern of cold and snowy weather? This has been an unusual winter. Our cold spells have come deeper than normal. Our warm spells have been short lasting. Our snowfall amount seems higher than normal. I wonder about this Global Warming we are supposed to be getting. Our weather seems to be following older patterns and not getting excessively warmer. With the volcanos erupting in the world, the ash from them seems to be cooling us rather than warming us. You can make your own opinion on this matter.

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What kind of idiots do we have at Humboldt Park?

 When the park workers came back to Humboldt Park after doing work at another park, he found that somebody without a brain or conscience removed most of the plumbing parts from both restrooms. They also put some toilet tissue on fire. I can see some great intelligence at work here. They also tried to plug up the toilets. Maybe their heads should be placed in the tolilet after it has been used to reflect on their intelligence. I guess that they sit on their brain and lose many parts of it when they use the commode. All good Navy men use the Head, but do so responsibly. They have to clean the head so well that you could eat out of it. Maybe if we could place these culprits into the Marines or Navy, they would learn how to become men, not just babies who like to remove plumbing from parks and sell it at a recycling center. I hope that the recycling center calls the police when these babies try to sell their stolen plumbing parts. If they were even part of a man, they could own up to what they have done and surrender to the police. The names of these babies should be posted all over the city on every news sorce in the city. Maybe somebody will reward these babies by taking their plumbing and plugging their toliet with their tolilet tissue being placed on fire. Let everybody know who these moron babies are.

We are in the ice box now

  Where are our politicians now?  We could use some hot air soon. When the dog goes out for a walk, he almost immediately turns around and comes back inside. When I go to clean up the dog turds, they are frozen solid. This has been the coldest winter that I can remember in recent times. You almost have to wear gloves outside. I feel sorry for our mail carriers. In this weather, frostbite, falls, and frozen body parts come easily. They work so hard and at the end of the day, they look forward to a hot shower and some warm clothes. How would like to have to work outdoors in this weather?  I served my time outside and have great respect for those who have to work under these conditions. Let's hope that spring is on its way soon.

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Ice skating and sled riding are fun on days like now

 With this cold weather, the park lagoon has frozen over and ice skating and ice hockey are ready for playing. When I was younger, we used to go ice skating at Humboldt Park on the frozen lagoon. We would skate to some music played over the loudspeakers from the pavilion. People would help each other if somebody fell on the ice. One of the games played on the ice was crack-the-whip in which everybody held hands and tried to skate as one unit across the pond. We had a lot of fun in those days.

 On other days, we would go to South Shore Park and skate on the frozen water area near the lower pavilion. They had an old jukebox playing "See you later alligator, afterwhile crocodile", "Rock around the clock" and other such tunes from the 50's and 60's. You could dance to the great music while you skated. The music made you relax and enjoy yourself. It was a different scene than at Humboldt Park. You had a smaller area to skate on. You had fun at either park.

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How do you like slipping and sliding all over the road?

 With our current weather, our roads are very slippery. When you try to put on your brakes, your car tends to slide into the next lane of traffic. With our weather being the way it is, very cold and wet, salt will be in short supply all over the area. With less salt being applied to our roads, the tendancy of being unable to brake your car in a normal pattern, will be the new normal. We have a very cold and unusual winter this year. Only so much salt is available for our roads. Be aware of the road conditions at all times. the life you save may be your own or one of your family or friends. Try to have a safe winter.

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