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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

What a snowstorm we got

  On Tuesday, we were told that Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha had a weather advisory for snow. As the day went on, the forecast was changed to a snowstorm warning. The the area was changed to include up to Sheboygan. This storm changed its path very quickly and caught us unaware of its fury. The skiers, snowball makers, and sled riders will have a field day. Over 100 vehicles either went into the ditch or were involved in auto accidents. Many vehicles got stuck or were buried where they were parked. The snow had an ice base underneath. Once we dig out from this snowfall things can go back to normal. Nobody can predict with exact knowlege as to what the weather will do. All we have is educated guesses based on study of recent weather patterns. Surprise, surprise! We got hit by the big one this time. Have fun trying to shovel or snow blow your sidewalks and driveways. Don't have a heart attack while doing this.

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Why the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is losing customers

 On a Tuesday, I received no newspaper. We have a great newspaper carrier so I just let it go and bought a copy. On Wednesday, I received my newspaper in spite of a snow storm. On Thursday and Friday, I received no newspapers. Three strikes and you are out in the old ball game. I called the Circulation Department of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Friday about 8:15 am to complain about not gettting these three issues of the newspaper and I was tired of having to purchase replacement copies. They promised to send a replacement copy later in the morning. When no newspaper came, I called the newspaper to find out when the replacement copy was coming.  The replacement copy would come  by 1:00 pm.  I called again after 1:00 pm to report that the replacement copy never arrived.  I reminded them that I had called earlier during the redelivery period. They then told me that I called them too late and would not arrive until Saturday morning. I reminded them that I had called at 8:15 am to request a replacement copy and that was in their redelivery cycle. I then requested to talk to a supervisor to straighten this matter out. I was told by the Circulation Department that that nobody higher could talk to me. I then called the secretary of one of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Vice-Presidents and explained what had happened during the course of the day and she told me that she would call me back. She never called back. On Saturday morning, I received my regular copy of the newspaper, but no replacement copies from the previous days. When the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Circulation Department lies to you and ignores your vaild problem, then you wonder how many other people were lied to by them in the past. With this kind of inaction from a big newspaper, you can now understand why so many people are no longer subscribing to this newspaper.

 On Sunday, March 3rd, no newspaper again. I called the Circulation Department and again was promised a redelivery, the redelivery came at 10:45 am.. Why does the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel have a Circulation Department-Customer Service Division and only tell the customer false promises which never happen?  Why do they try to listen to you and then ignore all that was said to them? What is a customer?  Is a customer a person to listen to and then laugh at while you make false promises to them? How soon must I cancel my subscription due to their lack of concern about customer non-service? They probably wouldn't miss me, but many other people with the same problem could also cancel their subscriptions, if they have not already. It is getting too expensive to have to buy a new copy of their newspaper all of the time. What would you do in this matter???

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Watch out for pedestrians and children playing in the snow banks

  After a major snow storm, we have many high snow banks on the side of roads. Many pedestrians are forced to walk in the road to get anyplace. Many children love to build snow forts near the road. A child could easily fall into the road from a snow bank. While you are driving, watch out for unusual conditions on the road. It is too easy to not see a person or child walking in the road. Please be very careful when you drive. The life you save may be your own.

 Please support the Bay View community.

Remembering the big snow storm of 1947

  I was only a child when this storm came. The entire City of Milwaukee was crippled by this big snow storm. The drifts were sometimes as high as the 2nd floor of some houses. Workers were forced to stay overnight at work due to shut down of mass transit. In Bay View, streetcars were unable to climb the hill on S. Kinnickinnic Ave. between E. Potter Ave. and E. Dover St. Delivery vehicles were unable to resupply local stores. Emergency food supplies had to be brought in. The City of Milwaukee did not have many snow plows and those that we had, were unable to handle all of the snow. Milwaukee City Hall had to order new snow plows to prevent such a disaster in the future. Horse drawn garbage wagons were useless in the deep snow. As the days went on, many cars that had been buried in the storm were freed and moved. Stores once again began to get regular supply deliveries. Neighbors shared food and labors with each other during this time. Milk and bread became in short supply until resupply deliveries were once again restored to our local stores. Almost every block had a corner store. Imagine going to a store and finding no fresh bread or milk. Fresh meat also was scarce. World War II had ended only two years earlier. Picture yourself living in Milwaukee at this time. Be glad that we now have things under control and the problems of past storms no longer are here. We can recover in about one or two days now. There are no shortages of main supplies to worry us. People all got closer to each other in bad times. Now, if only we could get closer to each other again and help each other in time of need.

Daylight Savings time is here again

 Don't forget to set your clocks one hour ahead late on Saturday night or early Sunday morning. It can be interesting to get church an hour late or to arrive at work one hour late. Some people forget to change their clocks and fun situations can occur. You will have to adjust to the times that you take your dog for a walk and get it used to your new time pattern. It may be darker in the morning, but the sun will be available longer in the day. On the third Saturday, in June, the South Shore Farmers Market will begin a new season. Rummage sales will start to become more often. House cleaning and preparing for warmer weather will begin soon. Softball and basketball games will be played outside soon. Have fun waiting for warm spring weather to begin.

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South Shore Park Watch March Meeting and Beach Information



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South Shore Beach Relocation Study--Public information meeting

                                               PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING


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Snow could be coming again soon

  In March, if the temperature is not high enough, snow will continue to fall. If the northern jet stream stays to close to us, it will snow. An Alberta Clipper can arrive very quickly and if two or more low pressure systems merge, then the chance of moisture is greater than normal. After several months of very dry weather, the snow and rain are needed for our farmers. Lake Michigan is at a very low height now. We need all of the mositure that we can get, however hope that it is not in the form of snow. Hopefully spring will soon be here.

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Thank you for coming to "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny"

 Thank you to everyone who came to our "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" yesterday.  Money was raised to support the scholarship fund for Council #1 of the Polish Women's Alliance of America. Everybody seemed to have a good time and the food was great. Many pictures were taken with the Easter Bunny. Free games for the children had some participation. I hope that everybody enjoyed themselves. Thanks to Beulah Brinton Community Center for letting us hold our pancake breakfast there. Thank you to all of the great volunteers who helped in any way for this event. Next year, we plan to hold this event again to raise money for our scholarship fund. You are all invited to attend this event.

Please support the Bay View community.

Happy birthday, Kay.

  We wish for Kay to have a very happy birthday, today. Even though you live in Texas, we miss you here. Remember when we were children. We cut the lawn, pulled weeds in the garden, helped ourselves to some of the vegetables there. We went into the basement and found the strong aged cheese that dad had hid down there because mom would not allow it to be in the refrigerator. Remember going to Humboldt Park and boat riding there. Remember going down the hill by the railroad tracks on a sled. Remember playing softball on the street on on I.C. playground. Remember all of the neighbors playing games together at night. It can be fun to remember the old days. Please have a very happy birthday.

Spring is here again

 Believe it or not, Spring is finally here. The weather still is hanging on to Winter. Hopefully, warmer weather will soon be here again. It is time for softball, tennis, outdoor basketball, bicycle riding and other things that we like to do outdoors. It has been too cold to do much gardening, but if you have a small green house, you can begin some of your crops for this year. Spring cleaning is almost here. Have fun, but involve the whole family. A family that works and plays together develop good family relations. Help your children in their school projects. They will enjoy your help in their educational process.

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ACT NOW! Support a Quality Public Education for Every Child!


                                                                                        Take Action!

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It is almost Easter

  Now is the time to get ready for Easter. Most stores have Easter treats, baskets, grass, chocolates and other goodies on sale now. Food for Easter is also on sale. Ham, sweet potatoes, asperagus, hot cross buns, stollen, dinner rolls and other such foods are on sale now. Plan ahead and purchase whatever you need asap. Time is running out soon and supplies of Easter goodies are limited. Set up your weekend schedule to include church and a family or friends get together. If you are visiting someone else, ask if you can healp them in any way with the meal or other planning of the day's activities. If you are having house guests, ask people to bring a food item or to help you prepare the meal for the day. Most of all. relax and have a relaxed fun day with your family. Have a Happy Easter.

 Please support the Bay View community.

Please support 6-day delivery of the U.S. Mail

 Our postal service is in need of help. If the postmaster has his way, mail delivery will only be for 5 days. In due time, they will try to privitize the U.S. Postal Service. Our mail service consists of the government making its presence to you in a very positive way. Our letter carriers have done much more than deliver the mail. Many carriers in the United States have been honored for saving people's lives and catching of criminals in our neighborhoods. Injured senior citizens have been saved by their mail carriers when they failed to pick up their mail as they usually do. Mail carriers have been known to alert people to a fire in their residence and sometimes going inside of the building to alert the residents. We need our mail service as it is now. Please help us in supporting our postal service by contacting you local congress person or senator. It is very important that we do this asap. We do not want our mail service to be privatized and have unknown personnel deliver our mail at unknown times of the day. Our letter carriers and mail clerks are well known for their honesty and trust in carrying for our mail. Please help us in our time of need.

It is Easter weekend

 Now is the time to finalize your plans for the Easter holiday. Make sure that you have all of the food necessary for company and your family to eat. Be sure that your Easter baskets are prepared for your children to open on Easter morning. Plan to go to church in the morning. I hope that you and your family have a very Happy Easter.

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