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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Wednesday is the April meeting of the Humboldt Park 4th of July Association

  On Wednesday, April 3rd, at 7 pm, we will hold our April meeting of the Humboldt Park 4th of July Association in the Humboldt Park Pavilion. All interested people are invited and welcome to attend this meeting. We have great need of more members and volunteers to continue the tradition that we started in 1910. All organizations need to grow, and new input is always welcome at our meetings. Many things change over time, and that is why new blood is needed to help us prepare for the future so a new generation of families can celebrate Independence Day with us at Humboldt Park. Everyone's opinion counts and is welcome. Please consider joining us at this meeting to express your concerns on our celebration of this holiday at Humboldt park. Y'all come and join us. You are very welcome at the meeting. If you have any questions, please contact us at 414-304-5039.

Did you have a good April Fool's Day?

 As you know, many people call the Milwaukee County Zoo to ask for an animal such as "Mr. Wolf" or any other animal name. Many practical jokes are played on people on April 1st. It is at the point that people wonder if you are telling them the truth or spinning an April fool's day joke on them. It is best to remind you of this holiday after the event, so you don't get any bright ideas of practical jokes to play on people.

Examples of April fool's day jokes:

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DYNGUS -- A taste of Poland

                              DYNGUS -- A TASTE OF POLAND

                                       Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Kelly Senior Center--Rummage/Recycle/Bake Sale--Fundraiser

                                 KELLY SENIOR CENTER


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Where or where is our spring?

  When is it finally going to get warm outside? We seem to be having an Indian Winter now. It seems that winter has expanded its time span. Hopefully, we will soon see green grass again. Maybe a few flowers will show up. Dandilions will soon follow. Leaves on the trees will appear and we will finally know that spring is here. All we can do is hope and pray for some decent weather outdoors.

 Please support the Bay View community.

Deer Creek Pond

  People have wondered where Deer Creek Pond was and did it ever exist. Deer Creek begins in the Major Seminary, crosses E. Rhode Island Ave. then the 3200 Block of S. Illinois Ave., goes underground until it reaches the 3000 Block of S. Delaware Ave.  It then follows S. Delaware Ave. until it goes by Trowbridge Street School. It then goes underground until it reaches the western area of Lewis Field (Pryor Playground). It then goes under the railroad tracks and Hwy 794 until it reaches S. Bay Street. Until 1868, it flowed directly into Lake Michigan from there. In 1868, the first steel rail was produced at the Bay View Rolling Mill and the path to Lake Michigan ceased to exist. The water from Deer Creek then formed Deer Creek Pond and it was 200 feet wide at one time. It went from E. Otjen St. (Deer Place) north to E. Lincoln Ave. It went from S. Logan Ave. to S. Bay St. (Bay View Street). During the time of the Village of Bay View (1879-1887) the Village Health Officer condemned Deer Creek Pond as a health hazard. It was reccomended that the pond be filled in. Between the time that the pond was filled in and good soil was present there, the pond was used as a dumping ground for trash. After World War II, quonset huts were built to house some of the veterans returning from war duty. The quonset huts had problems with sinking and water problems. The U.S. Army set up a small base at 2372 S. Logan Ave. on the western portion of what was Deer Creek Pond. The new Beulah Brinton Community Center at 2555 S. Bay St. was built on the eastern portion of Deer Creek Pond. The northern portion of the Beulah Brinton Community Center is slowly sinking into the ground. I am not certain if the U.S. Army Base had the same problem. Years ago, the land where Deer Creek Pond existed, was seen as unfit for building on. The portion of S. Bay St. near the BBCC tends to bounce when any heavy vehicles drive on it. S. Delaware Ave., north of E. Oklahoma Ave. was the bed of Deer Creek and it too bounces with the houses nearby also bouncing. A request was made to keep heavy buses from driving on that portion of road because too many houses were bouncing at their foundations.

 Near the end of the 1890's, Deer Creek was confined to a special sewer system and the creek drained into Lake Michigan at the east end of E. Russell Ave. near to where the U.S.S. Cobia (submarine) was docked. If you venture out to the East end of Russell Ave., you can see and hear the water from Deer Creek entering Lake Michigan.

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127th Anniversary Commemoration of the "Bay View Tragedy"

  Join us as we commenmorate the May 5, 1886, Bay View Tragedy, when workers marching for the 8-hour day were fired upon b y the state militia. Seven were killed in the state's bloodiest event involving working people.

 Headlines from the Milwauklee Sentinel of May 6, 1886, outline the massacre of peaceful workers as they marched toward the old Bay View Rolling Mills on the shore of Lake Michigan.

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Income tax due today

 I hope that you did not procrastinate and not take care of your income tax by today. I can remember when working at the U.S. Post Office how people would come to the counter and request a form to delay paying their taxes on April 15th. It was sad to see so many people coming inside to find both state and federal forms  and start to fill them out. After a while, the post office stopped carrying tax forms and we had to tell people to go to their local library to find needed tax forms. As we were closing the door for the day's business, people were still trying to come inside to mail their tax forms on time. At night, the Main Post Office had clerks with mail sacks waiting on the street to collect last minute tax forms  before they closed their window service for the night. This almost always was caught on the evening news broadcast.

 Many people, like me, send in our tax forms electronicly and get quick results from both the state and federal government tax people. If you have minimum deductions, you are less likely to qualify for a tax audit. If you have large deductions and strange entries on your tax form and it stands out like a light bulb to auditors, you could be a candidate to be auditied. Use common sense when doing your taxes. If you don't know how to do them, then get professional help.

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Rain, rain, go away, come again another day

  We have had rain almost every day this week. We need the rain, but not all at one time. Ice and snow are melting and river beds are overflowing their banks. Water in the basement is a common problem. Much damage can happen when water gets into the house. Wet rugs and some wet items must be removed from the house. Mold can come later after the water is gone. The mold can make a house unlivable. Either we must remove some of the houses near the water's edge, or find some way of protecting them from water  damage ..We should look ahead and see which houses are damaged the most on a year-to-year basis. Then we must decide if we want the water damage to continue or should these houses be removed or razed. In summer, we look for rain to grow our crops. Maybe this season's rain will replenish the low water in Lake Michigan. Whatever happens is the will of God, and we must live with it. Let's hope that the flooding will cease soon and we can go back to our normal lives again.

What happened in Boston?

  Do we have to live through more terror attacks?  How can somebody be so cowardly as to set off bombs intended to harm or kill people?  What kind of intelligence does a person have to commit such a cowardly act? On Patriot's Day, a State holiday in Massachusetts, two bombs were set off that killed three people and critically wounded many others.  Several more bombs were found and disarmed by authorities. I wish that when we find the culprits that we could tie them down in a chair and set off a bomb of the same style that was used in the Boston Marathon and eliminate the guilty person or persons. An eye for an eye!  The guilty person or persons deserve the death penalty after they go to trial.  There is no excuse for killing innocent people. I hope that they find the guilty one(s) soon. First we have the Boston Strangler and now the Boston bomber(s).

 Let us hope that the victims do not suffer much and get well soon. Pray that this is the end of such acts of cowardice.

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Who can afford to become a teacher?

 With the new laws from the State of Wisconsin limiting union activity and eliminating benefits for teachers, who can afford to become a teacher here? With limited benefits and no security, it would take a great person willing to sacrifice themselves to become a teacher. The wealth of our country depends on the education of our major assets, our children. A teacher is a dedicated person who loves children and would like to teach them about life and educational needs. Art and music belong in their school. Sports help develop leadership roles for our children. We have many dedicated teachers now who are retiring due to reduced benefits and lack of support for their skills. Can we rebuild our schools again?  Restore some benefits to the teachers so that they can afford to be teachers. Restore arts, music and sports in our schools. Teach manual skills to our children. We used to have cooking classes for the girls and manual arts for the boys. Not all children will go to college. Some will become skilled laborers, firemen, police officers, postal workers, electricians, plumbers, or serve in our military servcies. Reading, writing and arithmetic are essential skills our children need. Special children have special needs. Promote higher learning to them. Our teachers set an example of themselves while they teach. Let us hope that common sense will return to government and our teachers will get what they need to survive in their profession. Our children hold our future. We must treat them with the highest respect and give them the guidance that they need to survive in this world. Please support our teachers.

It is finally getting warmer

   If you will notice, some of the grass is turning green again. Buds are appearing on tree limbs. Some of our plants are coming to life again. Spring must finally be here. We can now return to some of the activities that we do in warmer weather. Rain will come, but flooding will cease. The ground will be able to absorb more water again. Dandilions will return soon. Spring flowers like maybelles and lilacs will blossom with warmer weather. Apple and cherry blossoms will soon be here. It will feel good to smell the fresh spring air again.

 Please support the Bay View community.

Poles in Wisconsin

                                                  Book Talk

                                    POLES IN WISCONSIN

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Humboldt Park 4th of July Association --- Looking for a Few Volunteers

                                HUMBOLDT PARK 4TH OF JULY ASSOCIATION

                                             " Looking for a Few Volunteers"

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A tribute to Rudy Manke

 On Sunday,  April 21, 2013, we went to a special party for Rudy Manke in Grafton, Wisconsin. He celebrated his 90th birthday with many friends and relatives. He received a special award from his VFW group. Rudy grew up in the Manke Greenhouses in North Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He and his family were involved with the greenhouse business for three generations. During World War II, Rudy served as an ambulance driver among other things that the soldiers did during the war. When he came back after the war, he went back to the greenhouse business. He also became very involved in the VFW and volunteered at the Zablocki Veterans Hospital for many years. He married and had three wonderful children. Now that he has finallly retired from all of his hard work and volunteering, he has finally settled down. Happy 90th birthday, Rudy. You are a great guy and an asset to all who know you. May the Good Lord be with you and help you in all that you do.

Downtown Montessori Academy Annual Auction 2013


                                                  Non-Profit Organization

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