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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

June 5th meeting of Humboldt Park 4th of July Association

  On Wednesday, June 5th, we will be having a meeting of the Humboldt Park 4th of July Association at 7 pm in the park pavilion. We welcome all interested people to attend this meeting. We Are currently in need of convertibles to use in the morning parade. Planning our Independence Day celebration will be part of the meeting. Input from all members and guests is invited. We have been doing this activity since 1910. As time goes on members change and new members take their place. We welcome all interested new members. The more members, the easier the work load on July 4th. We would like to continue our program for another generation of children to enjoy. Please help us in our time of need.

June meeting of Bay View Historical Society

   Monday, June 3rd, is the June meeting of the Bay View Historical Society at 7 pm in the Beulah Brinton Community Center, located at 2555 S. Bay St. in Bay View. Show and tell will be one portion of this meeting and a guest speaker will also be there. All interested people are invited to attend this meeting.

Watch out for severe weather

 At this time of year, we tend to have many severe weather alerts. Do you have plans to protect your family if a tornado would strike near your house?  Make plans to set aside a special area in your house, without windows, where you can safely protect your family. If you are outdoors, you should head to the nearest shelter if you are too far from your home. If you are driving your car, you need to take special care to find a safe place to go in a hurry. Nobody wants to suffer like Oklahoma did during their massive tornado strike. Learn to plan ahead and be safe at all times..

Please support the Bay View community.

Remembering our family garden

  When we were children, my dad planted a garden in our back yard. He had beans, peas, carrots, tomatoes, kohlrabi, cabbage and a few other items in this garden. We had rubarb plants, rasberry bushes, mint plants and an area where we recycled some garbage and other food items, and after we turned over this soil, we had nice worms for fishing. Pulling out the weeds was no fun. When we cut the grass, we had to be careful not to enter the garden area of the yard. We planted some crops on the vacant land next door. Some of the most fun was picking some kohlrabi to eat raw. We sometime with our friends would go on a garden raid to find more kohlrabi to eat. We had plum trees that my dad planted and also a cherry tree that he created by splicing a branch of a different cherry tree on to our tree. My dad had a green thumb and knew how to plant things that would survive the summer. We loved tomatoes and my dad then planted some yellow tomatoes to have less acid in them. He would go to the grocery store and find some beef bones with some meat on them, and make homemade vegetable beef soup for us. When our plum trees were not producing enough plums, he pounded  rusty nails into the trees and so many plums were produced that we needed clothes props to hold up the branches on the trees. These plums were very juicy.

My dad would go to North Milwaukee to the Manke Greenhouses and plant some extra crops on the land that was vacated by the old greenhouses of William Manke years ago. He made sure that we always had enough food to eat. He would go to the old garage on the William Manke site and pick up some fresh pigeon manure to place on our crops. When we were children, we liked going to North Milwaukee to see where my dad was born and raised. As a child, he grew up in the green house business. He had to do some work there before walking to school. We would also visit his uncle Fred Manke and his green houses. I was crazy looking at an outhouse inside of the green house. There were spiders, mosquitoes, flies, hornets, yellow jackets, wasps and some bees in that area of the greenhouse. The smell inside the greenhouse was like being in a floral paradise. Many carnations and other plants were there. I believe that competition from Florida farmers and high taxes caused the end of the Manke Greenhouse business. My dad, his brothers, his cousins from next door all had a green thumb and knew how to plant and harvest many crops.  It is sad that I can never take my wife and children to see the old greenhouse. My wife never was able to see my father, as he died several years before we met. All we have left are memories of that time period.

Do you remember Humboldt Park when you could rent boats?

  One of things missing at Humboldt Park is the boat rental for families to row around the lagoon. There was a lot of fun when we did that. When the weather was bad or if the crowd was not in attendance, then ducks would go inside of the park pavilion to search for popcorn handouts from the park attendants. Nobody was alowed to go on the islands in the lagoon and many ducks set up homes there. I think that some of the fish in the lagoon were goldfish at one time. When you rented a boat, you were given a number, and when your time was up, you would be called by the boat attendant on a megaphone to return to base as your time was up. Everybody took turns rowing the boats and no reckless behavior was allowed. The ducks would swim around you and then either head to an island or walk in the park.

 Recently, I have seen very few ducks, but many Canadian Geese in the park. Geese like to eat the weeds in the grass, but leave behind at lot of their manure. They are not afraid of you, and if you approach them, they will either ignore you or charge at you. In Europe, geese protect the farms, eat the weeds, and sound an alarm if a stranger approaches. They will nip at you and a pinch from a goose can be painful for awhile. If they know you, they will generally avoid you. Ducks can be the same way.

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School is out

  The current session of school is over for the summer. Children will be running into the road without warning. Be careful while driving. Now is the time when children get the most careless, and love running out into the road after a ball or something. Remember that children do not always think like we do. We have to be careful then to protect them. Enjoy this summer with your family. Do things together as a family. A family that plays together, stays together. Have a wonderful  summer  and relax your weary bones.

Please support the Bay View community.

New Season for South Shore Farmers Market begins on Saturday

 On Saturday, June 15, 2013, the South Shore Farmers Market, located at 2900 S. Shore Dr. in Bay View, begins a new season at 8 am to 12 noon. There will be over 40 vendors to serve you. There will be three bakeries, two coffee shops, many farmers, flowers and plants, crepes, kettle corn, fresh mushrooms, meat on the grill. frozen soups, frozen chickens, freshly made candy, tea and egg rolls, and other items on sale. There will be an educational program about 10 am and a musical program following this. Get there early and find a picnic table, enjoy the food and scenery. Y'all come and join us.. Dogs are welcome if on a leash and you clean up after them. Have a pleasent day at the market.

Flying Delta Airlines

 When we were returning from White Bear Lake, Minnesota (a suburb of St. Paul), we registered to board a Delta Airlines flight back to Milwaukee. First we were told to go to C-3 to get on the airplane. We were then told to go to C-7 to get on our flight. When everybody was on board, it was announced that our airplane had a leak in the restroom. We were all told that we had to get off the airplane and go to G-19 and board a different airplane. After over an hour wait, we got on board again. Once again when everybody had boarded the airplane, we were all told again that we had to leave the airplane so that security could examine this airplane that had been in the company hanger. Once again we were told to board the airplane. We all crossed our fingers hoping that the call to leave the airplane again would not happen. We finally were able to fly to Milwaukee and arrived there only 3 hours late. How would you feel if this happened to you? Think about it for a while. You could board any flight and be told that your plane needed repairs and had to be replaced by another airplane. If you were in a smaller airport, you either would have to wait until another flight came through or wait for another airplane from somewhere else. You make the call.

Thank you for coming to the Bay View Historical Society Landmark ceremony

  On Saturday, June 15, 2013, the Bay View Historical Society dedicated the Pryor Avenue Iron Well as a local landmark. It already had  City of Milwaukee Landmark status, but we had no record of it being established as a landmark for the Bay View Historical Society. Nancy Tawney, Society President, John Utzat, John Sternkopf, and I were the BVHS Landmark committee.

 We would like to thank Mayor Tom Barrett, Chris Sinicki, Jason Hass, Marina Dimitrijevic and Tony Zielinski, who represented our local policitians for coming to our event. I also would like to thank all of the people who either came or helped with this event. We had a beautiful day for this event. After the ceremony, we all went to visit the historic Beulah Brinton House, the headquarters of the Bay View Historical Society at 2590 S. Superior St. in Bay View. Special thanks to Ilona Bauer and Mary Fisher for serving the refreshments for this event.

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Come to the South Shore Farmers Market on Saturday

  At 8 am, on Saturday, we begin the second week of the South Shore Farmers Market. Over 40 vendors will be there to serve you. There will be an educational program at about 10 am and a musical program to follow it. There will be three bakeries, two coffee shops, kettle corn, crepes, fresh mushrooms, egg rolls and tea, meat on the grill, organic and regular farmers, flowers and plants, fresh jams and jelly, eggs and frozen chicken and homemade candy from Burlington, Wisconsin. Relax and buy some bakery and coffee and sit down at a picnic table. If you want to watch the musical program, please bring your own chair to sit on. Dogs on a leash are welcome if the owners will clean up after them. Y'all come and join us at South Shore Park, located at 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View. Enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Michigan while you are there.

Summer is here

  According to the calendar, Summer is here again. If you go outside, you wonder about global warming as you might still need a jacket or sweater as it has not gotten too warm this season. This has been one of the coldest Springs that I can remember. We still have to use the furnace on some days. I hope that it gets warm outside soon. I would hate to have to wear a jacket on Independence Day.  Soon we will be celebrating Independence Day at Humboldt Park with the Humboldt Park 4th of july Association. We have a full day of activities planned for the entire family to enjoy. This has been done every year since 1910. You are all welcome to come and join us there.

Help is needed for the celebration of Independence day at Humboldt Park

  We could use some volunteers to help us in the organization and planning of the Humboldt Park 4th of July celebration of Independence Day. There are many areas where help is needed. Please come to our next meeting at 7 pm in the Humboldt Park Pavilion on Wednesday, June 26, 2013. Even if you can only volunteer for only one hour or so, your help is needed. Since 1910, we have been organizing  and doing the Independence Day celebration at Humboldt Park. We would like to carry on this tradition for at least another generation of children to enjoy a full day of activities for the entire family to enjoy. Please consider volunteering with us. You might enjoy doing this.

Be careful during thunder storms

 Sometimes during a thunder storm, a tornado could develop. If you are carrying anything metal, lightning could be attracted to you. Take shelter during a major storm. The sidewalks can turn into rivers and you could trip on a hidden hole or crack in the sidewalk. You might miss the curb while walking into the road. Know your area where you are walking, as sometimes deep water can form at the bottom of a hill or under a bridge. When driving, watch out for underpasses where you can see a layer of water. This water could be deeper than you think. Heavy rain can cause your brakes to fail. Test them before you really have to come to a sudden stop. If electrical wires fall on  top of your car, stay inside until help can come for you. It is too dangerous to leave a car when live electrical wires are touching your car. You could be killed. By the road curbside, deeper water could develop so that when you step out of your car into water that goes over your shoe tops. Wet socks are no fun. Do not run during a rain shower as you will only splash water all over yourself and sometimes slip and fall down into the water stream. Lightning seeks the tallest object when it strikes. Walk in a steady but fast manner and you should be safe. If at all possible, do not travel during a heavy rain or thunder storm. Your actions will decide what happens to you during such a storm. Be safe and have a wonderful carefree day.

 Please support the Bay View community.

Happy birthday, Joanne

 We hope that you have a very happy birthday. Take a drive down by the beach and enjoy the ocean view for a while. That can be very relaxing. We hope that all is well with you and your family. Maybe, all of your kids and grandkids will come home to visit you for your birthday. You and Ed can get together for a while and reminisce about old times together. Remember when you lived in Bay View and Ed worked in Oak Creek. Remember when you got married and lived in England for a while. You two had some very happy times back then. Our request is that you relax and enjoy your birthday any way that you want and have a good time. Happy birthday, Joanne.

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