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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Come to the South Shore Farmers Market on Saturday

 On Saturday, October 7, 2013, we will again have the South Shore Farmers Market, located at South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Dr. in Bay View, from 8 am to 12 noon. With over 40 vendors to serve you, this is the best farmers market in Milwaukee. We have an educational program at 9:15 am followed by a musical program at 10:15 am. It will be worth your time to shop at this farmers market. Y'all come and join us here.

What a foggy day

 While going to the South Shore Farmers Market at South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Dr. in Bay View, I encountered amild to heavy fog. I asked one of the farmers how much fog that he had seen this morning and he stated that he drove through 90 miles of fog from Portage, Wi. until he got to the park. Although it did not rain, the fog had heavy amounts of moisture in it. Up till about 12 noon, the fog remained at the park. Many customers did not come due to the foggy weather. We had lots of goods at the farmers market. Fresh brussel sprouts on a stalk, pumpkins, squashes of various types, melons, cauliflower, corn, kettle corn, crepes, fruit form Door County, egg rolls and specialty teas, organic beef on the grill, fresh mushrooms, pickled vetables,tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, purple carrots, beans, homemade candy from Burlington, Wisconsin and many more things that you can enjoy. Fresh bakery from one of our three bakeries and hot coffee are a beautiful start to any day. If the fog had lifted, we would have had some sunshine. At least it did not rain at the market. Next week is the last market for the season. This will be your last chance to get those special farm goods that you desire. Y'all come and enjoy the last Saturday of the South Shore Farmers Market for this season. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

Fall is here now

 Cooler temperatures are on the way. Look through your closets to find your warmer clothes. It is almost time to bring in your summer furniture.Raking leaves can be fun, but a good power lawnmower will mulch the leaves so you can have leave them on the ground. Beautiful scenery can be found in the parks now as the trees change colors. Trim your bushes so they can survive the winter. You can probally plant some flower bulbs in the ground now. Have fun watching football and hope that the Badgers and Green Bay Packers have a winning season.

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Going to North Milwaukee for a visit.

  During the the 1940's and early 1950's, we used to make frequent to my dad's home in North Milwaukee, in the Town of Granville, on N. Teutonia Ave., north of W. Florist Ave. We were going to visit my Grandmother Clara and my Uncle Bill and Aunt Edith. We had many visits there on Sundays. We were also going to visit the Manke Greenhouses. Next door to my grandmother, was my grandfather, William Manke,'s brother, Fred Manke. Fred, Augie, Clem, Rudy and Fritz were all part of the current greenhouses. My grandfather's greenhouses were razed a long time ago. My Uncle Bill always had a dog. On the land across from their garage, we used to play softball while the older folks sat and talked and prepared our meal. My uncles Alvin and Ralph also would bring their families. As it got dark and we had finished our meal, sometimes someone would play the player piano.  The men would play Schafskopf  while the kids played or talked to each other.  The women would clean up the kitchen and do the dishes.The house used to be a road house or hotel at one time. There was a large kitchen, dining room and frontroom and parlor there. Outside, there was a large veranda type of porch. The entrance to the land had a Butternut Bread sign with their name on it.

N. Teutonia Ave was only a two lane road then. In the old days it was called Cedarburg Road, then the souther portion was named Teutonia Ave. We didn't have television then, and radios were in short supply. Many of us had radios in large cabinets where nowadays we have a television set. We had to travel all the way across town through the inner city to get there. There was no air-conditioning in cars then. Heaters were small and blankets were always advisable when it got cold outside. Snow plows were scarce then and if a snow storm was predicted, we left early as to not get stuck in the snow in a bad area of town. Driving in the snow was not an easy job because the car tended to slide in the icey snow.

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The last South Shore Farmers Market of this season

 This Saturday, we will have the last South Shore Farmers Market of this season. The market is located in South Shore Park, 2900 S. Shore Drive in Bay View. This is the last chance this season to enjoy the atmosphere of our wonderful market, the best in Milwaukee. We have over 40 vendors to serve you. We ahve three bakeries and two coffee shops at the market. We have egg rolls and specialty teas. We have crepes, fresh beef on the grill, and kettle corn. We have much to offer everyone. Y'all come join us here.

Thank you for supporting Tree Day at Humboldt Park

  I wish to thank the Humboldt park Watch for their program on Tree Day, Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at Humboldt Park. We had many volunteers who helped introduce first graders to Humboldt Park and its contents. I would like to thank John Sternkopf and Frank Mulvey for taking the children on a tour of the park showing them the various trees and the park area nearby. Many other volunteers worked on the inside to help the children draw leaves and to make buttons (Myron & Linda Thomsen lead this effort). I am not naming all of the volunteers, but you know who you are. Thank you everyone for your help on Tree Day. Milwaukee County had several trees planted on this day.  A Very special thanks to Cliff Hale. This is one of the events sponsored and produced by the Humboldt Park Watch and its friends and volunteers. This is a once a year event. A special thank you  goes to all who helped with this event.

I thought the three stooges were dead.

  I thought the "Three Stooges" were dead. It seems that they have replicated and have fill the halls of Congress. Their method of communications seems similar to watching the "Three Stooges" movies. What do we have in Congress? A bunch of fools who don't care what they are doing to the American public. Wake up America. Next year we will have elections. You can decide who you will vote for. I hope that you don't bring back the "three" stooges now in Congress. God save America.

Parents should get involved with their children's education process

 Parents are a very important park in the education of our children. PTA gives them guidance as to ideas that will help with this. Children whose parents get involved in their  children's education, seem to be more mature and happy than other children. It gives the children support in their growing up years. PTA has many ideas to help parents. Support your children as they grow up. They will have many happy memories in the future. They will confide in you more on their life decisions. Give them this chance to have a great life. Please consider joining a PTA in your children's school.

Remembering going to school

  When we were kids, we used to walk to school. When it was bad weather or very cold outside, my dad, if he was home, would pick us up from school to get some lunch and return to school. He and Pastor Herb Koehler used to take turns taking us to school. As we got older, nobody took us to school anymore. If we came home for lunch, and my dad was home, there would be a meal ready for us to eat. If he was not home, we made our own meal. My dad used to change work shifts very often. My dad was the best cook in our family. He could cook anything. One day we would have vegetable beef soup, pea soup, homemade chili, and many other such meals. He had a sensitive stomach and had to watch what he ate. He knew many recipies. My mother would cook on Sundays. Us kids would all take turns making supper during the week. If my dad had made something earlier, then we would have that for supper. It was fun learning how to cook. My dad used to buy beef bones to help create his vegetable beef soup. The vegetables came mostly from our garden.

 I had to learn how to pull weeds from the garden and grass, and to cut and rake the grass. It was great to be able to pick rasberries and plums. One day, when my dad saw that the plum trees were producing only a few plums, he pounded rusty nails into the trees. The result was amazing. We had to use clothes props to hold up the branches that were very full of plums. He later planted a cherry tree and merged another cherry tree into our tree. It was a beautiful tree sperating the yard grass from the garden portion of our land. The rubarb bushes were along side of this tree.

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Concerning the Federal Government shut down

  Our American Royalty, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, should get off of their Royal thrones and at least flush; the smell is getting mighty strong. We American citizens should not have to bow down to our Royalty in Washington, D.C. They seem to treat the common man as dirt and expect us to accept lower funding and higher taxes, while they get raises and all of the benefits of their Royal jobs. The Federal Government should remember that we, the people, elected them to office. If they can't do the job, then we will elect somebody new next time. They should not have all of the benefits that they currently have. They should be willing to do their part in helping  us,  the people of the United States. Why should we receive all of the money cuts, like Social Security, which we paid for already, and Medicare and Medicaid. I have yet to see any willing federal govenment leader offer to reduce his salary or benefits. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Our rights like pay for women workers, the right to have unions, pay for unemployment or workmen's compensation, should not be touched. We have earned these rights over the years. Just because you have a good job that we elected you to, doesn't mean that we are your slaves and have to bow down before you. Get off your Royal thrones and at least flush when you go to the head, because your stink is getting very heavy out here. Next year we will have elections. We won't forget how we were treated this year.

Thank you for coming to the South Shore Farmers Market

 We would like to thank everyone reponsible for the South Shore Farmers Market for all that they have done this season. We had a wonderful season. Many people came and supported this market. Everyone seemed to leave in a happy mood. We had wonderful vendors, good educational programs and musical programs, and customers. With all of the dogs on leashes, it seemed like an at home situation. Everybody seemed relaxed at the market. Even though we are done for this season, we welcome you to return on the third Saturday in June, when we will begin a new season next year. Y'all come and join us next year and thanks for the memories.

We just came back from White Bear Lake, Minnesota

  We just traveled up to White Bear Lake, Minnesota, to visit our son, Kurt, his wife Olivia, and children Sam, Zach and Amelia (Mia). We were able to be there for the Baptism of Amelia and celebrate the birthdays of Sam and Zach. It was not very warm there and rain came down on Saturday and Sunday. There was a bottleneck on Expressway I-94, north of Wisconsin Dells. The road shrank down to one lane in each direction. The trip was pleasant otherwise. We saw some excellent scenery on the way there and home. It was amazing as to the amount of cars on the road on the weekend. We had a very good time on our trip. On Saturday morning we went down to the swimming pool area with our grandchildren. My daughter Mary and her husband Kevin drove us both ways and were with us at all of the activities there. Our other son, Mark and his wife Tracie were there with their daughter Lauryn and son Nixon. Their daughter Hayley was unable to make it there. The Baptism was on Saturday night, and we had a special meal in the church hall afterwards. On Sunday morning, we went to Kurt & Olivia's place and celebrated the birthdays of Sam and Zach. Joe Fendrick and his family were also with us. My nephew, Bob Mattson was a sponsor of Amelia and attended everything with us. We all had a chance to hold Amelia at one time or another. A special thanks to Kurt & Olivia for inviting us to their place for the Baptism and the birthday activities. Another special thanks to Mary & Kevin for driving us all of the way there and back.

Pain for Brownie

 Brownie, our fox terrier, went to the vet while we were traveling to Minnesota. On Monday, while his teeth were being cleaned, it was determined that 5 teeth had to be removed. When we got him back on Monday afternoon, he was crying for a while but later settled down. I have to give him two pills, one antibiotic and one pain killer, every 12 hours. Every day now he is getting stronger and more back to normal. He loves to sit on my lap and to lay down next to me if I am in bed watching television there. As you probally guessed, he does sleep with us during the night. While now he likes to lay down on his bed and bark when anybody comes near our place. We always know when somebody is close to our condo. He is a good dog and we love him.

Halloween is very close

  We will celebrate Halloween very soon. The children will be in their costumes and going trick or treating all over the neighborhood. This brings back some old memories. When I was younger, I used to go trick or treating, but only close to home or to people who we knew well. We used to have a bowl of candy for when the other children would ring our doorbell for treats. Now the years have gone by and our children have all married and left home. We moved to a condo to get away from steps. No more grass cutting or snow shoveling for us. Time is not always kind to us. Our ability to walk is now limited, and climbing steps is a real chore. At this time in life, we can always remember the good old days of our youth. Happy Halloween to our young people.

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Happy Halloween

 To all of you ghosts and goblins out there, happy Halloween. Trick or treat day has passed for most of you, but your memories are still there. Make sure that your parents check all of your candy to make sure that it is safe for you to eat. Many people will have Halloween parties on this day. Please limit your drinking so you can drive home sober without having any accidents. Have fun with your friends and watch a football game on television. While this is a time to relax and celebrate, please use common sense as to what you do on this day. Have a happy Halloween.

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