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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Reflecting on the past

 I can remember when we had relatives arrive at our house from Detroit, Michigan. With the Denzin and Hengy families, we had many wonderful days. With the Denzins, we had visitors on weekends, spreading much joy. We would eat breakfast together. Sometimes we would go with the Arnet family and go to Beaver Lake to a cottage used by Bill Arnet. Sometimes we would go to visit the Milwaukee County Zoo at Washington Park. With the Hengy family we also did many of the same things.

Jim Hengy became Brother (Leo) Jim Hengy and worked for over 25 years in the second largest city in Peru. He would have to spend about one month each year in the United States to keep his citizenship. He would stop by us for a visit. He then would go to West Bend, Wisconsin to get some pots & pans for the Maryknoll Brotherhouse in Peru. In Milwaukee, he would purchase some fresh bakery and sausages to take home to his mother, Norma and father Leo. Jim came from a large family. His mother came from a large family also. When Jim and his brothers came fro a visit before he became Brother Jim, we would have a wonderful visit. When Jim was told that his job in Peru was done, he decided to visit Egypt for a short vacation before his next assignment. While he was there, he passed away and was buried in the Maryknoll Cemetery in New York. I miss him very much.

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Thank you to all who set up and prepared my wife's surprise birthday party

 We thought that we were going to a fish fry with my daughter, Mary and her husband Kevin. We were told that the place was closed that weekend and that we were going to a different restaurant and we went in one car. When we got to the old Blatz Brewery building, we were surprised by many of our friends and relatives. We never guessed that this was going to happen. I want to thank everyone who was involved with this surprise birthday party for coming and having us there as their guests. Many tears were there as some early memories were recalled. Happiness was the order of the day. It was great to have so many old friends and relatives together to greet us and to wish Penny a very happy birthday on her 70th birthday. Thank you everyone for your presence and gratitude. We had a very great time.

The icycles are coming.

 I was told that we are going to have a cold weekend. This will echo the return of winter. Dress warm when you go outside. Watch out when you go shopping, there are thieves out there watching for you. If you are careless, you could become a victim of them. Do your regular shopping and watch out for strange things happening around you. Many of you have not completed your Christmas shopping yet. Shop with caution, but still relax and buy only what you want or need. Money will be tight this year. You alone know your limits on spending. Have a great time and do what you want to do. Take your time and with caution, you will be fine.

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Support our Green Bay Packers

 Recently, the Green Bay Packers have had some bad days. Without Aaron Rogers at quarterback, we have had to use some weaker quarterbacks in our game plan. Our defense seems to be missing in action, except for a few guys like Chris Matthews and our front defensive tackles. Our defensive linebackers seem to be unable to tackle anyone. I have never seen so many missed tackles in any game before. You would guess that you were watching junior college linebackers instead of NFL linebackers. We need to get back to our basics and teach our defense how to tackle another player again. It is more than just an inexperienced quarterback causing us to lose football games. It is a no-show of some of our defensive linebackers. They are there in body, but not in spirit. In spite of all of this, please support our Green Bay Packer football team.

We all have memories of our past

  When I was vey young, I could remember missing my mother while I was at the babysitter's house. I can remember riding some sort of children's vehicle around the house. When my sisters and I came down with measles, chicken pox and other such childhood deseases, we would all be placed in one bedroom, so that my mother could easily watch all of us while we were sick. We were not allowed to laugh while eating. When we laughed, we were sent into another room until the others finished eating. We all had to take turns at doing the dishes, scrubbing the steps and floors, vacuuming the house, cooking the evening meal, cutting the lawn, pulling weeds out of the garden, washing clothes and hanging them out to dry on our clothesline, and any other needed jobs around the house. We all had our time of shoveling snow in winter. We also had to dig out paths to the road so that when our car was parked, we could always carry in our groceries. Sometime these paths to the road were deep and wide. The idea was that you could carry an armfull of groceries through these road paths without scraping our elbows on the snowbanks nearby. In winter we had to watch the furnace and make sure that it had enough coal and water to operate. We would pull out clinkers with a rake or shovel. The ashes from the coal furnace were used to de-ice the sidewalks by us. I can remember when we used to have a wood and coal stove in the kitchen to do our cooking with. We had to remove the ashes and clinkers from it and also to place some water inside to keep humidity inside our house. In later years, we purchased a gas stove and no longer had to do all of the work of keeping up with the wood and coal stove in the kitchen. There are many more memories from the old days.

We finally won a football game

 Sunday, the Green Bay Packers football team beat the Atlanta Falcons by one point. This is the first time since we have been missing Aaron Rogers, that we have won a game. I am very happy to see this. Let's hope that they are not done winning football games. I hope that Aaron Rogers will be back in action soon. He will have to be protected to keep his old injury from getting any worse. Please support our Green Bay Packer football team.

We have had some medium snow lately

 On Sunday morning, the snow began to fall lightly. This was not good packing snow, but it was drifting snow. It was not very heavy to shovel, but the wind would blow it right back where you removed it. The snow caused several accidents on the freeways. Some people still do not know how to drive under slippery conditions. It is harder to stop your car with snow drifts on the road. If you go too fast, you will very often lose control of your car. Please use some common sense and be careful how you drive your car in weather like this. The life you save might be your own.

Ray Dietrich

 It is sad to note the passing of Raymond Dietrich. His whole life was that of dedication to home, church, and of teaching music. He was a great man. He was the kind of person that everyone would gladly follow. He knew how to communicate with others. After retiring, he lead his church in music direction. He rebuilt the Bay View High School Alumni Choir for all of us to enjoy. He was married for 65 years. He left us an example of what a man should be like. Rest in Peace, Ray. We will all miss you. May the Good Lord enjoy your great talent now.

A tribute to my late father

 My father was born in the Town of Granville, North Milwaukee, on December 18, 1909. If he would be alive now, he would be 104 years old. He passed away suddenly in 1962 of a cerebreal hemorrhage at the age of 52. He started work in his family's greenhouses. Then, during the Great Depression, he helped build the water tower on the lakefront. He then went to work in the malt house. Following that, he went to work at Pabst Brewery. It is while working at Pabst, and he had just finished his vaction in Three Lakes, Wisconsin, that he started getting headaches. He got new dentures thinking that this might help him. While he was at home all alone, that the cerebreal hemorrhage began to kill him. As he lay there dying, he called out to my sister in his mind, but reached another sister instead. I was living away from home and my landlord slipped a note under my door saying :"Call home, your father is dead." This is how I learned of his death. It is too sad to think of such a short life for the man who was my father. I have many fond memories of him. R.I.P. dad.

Thank you for helping at the Polish Women's Alliance of America's Children's Christmas Party

 I would like to thank all of those who came and helped out at the Polish Women's Alliance of America's Children's Christmas Party. This was held on Saturday, December 14, at the Humboldt Park Pavilion. Groups # 78, # 189, and # 116 and Council 1 were the sponsors of this annual children's Christmas party. The main office of PWAA also donated funding for this party. We had prizes for all of the people there. We had raffles and a visit from Santa Claus, with whom photos were taken. Some very good food was served and people brought desserts to share. When the party ended, everyone was happy. Many people were looking forward to next year's children's Christmas party.

In spring, we will have Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. This will be a pancake breakfast, with sausages and applesauce. Coffee, milk and orange juice will be the drink choices. We will announce the date of this event. both of these events are part of the programs available from the Polish Women's Alliance of America and its local groups and council.

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Time to complete your Christmas shopping

 This is a final reminder to complete your Christmas shopping this year. Time is running out. Many stores will offer specials just to clear out some of their remaining stock. If you know the value versus the cost of items, you can get a great deal. When Christmas is over, you will only find the leftovers and less valuable items in stock. If you want to get something now, watch your prices and buy before the stock is exhausted. I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

The Night before Christmas

 Today is Christmas Eve or the night before Christmas. We remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, on this day. Today is more than just a day to exchange gifts. We should keep our faith and remember our Savior who was born to save us and to later be crucified, dead and buried, and Who arose in three days. Jesus came into our world to be our Messiah. He later died for our sins. If we maintain our faith in Him, we shall have a place beside Him in Heaven when we pass away.  When he died and arose from the grave, he came to His disciples and instructed them to go out into the world and teach  all of the nations of His birth, crucifixion, and rising from the grave to return to his Father in Heaven. He would return to end this world and to gather us up when the time comes. Nobody knows the day, nor the hour in which he will come to get us. Keep up your faith and rejoice in the Lord.

Merry Christmas to all.

Have you opened all of your gifts?

 Now that Christmas is over, we all should have opened up our gifts. Today is the day that many people flood the stores looking for bargins for next Christmas and for items that they could not afford before the Holiday. There will be lots of people shopping today, so watch out for thieves as you shop and after you return to your vehicle after shopping. Hopefully nothing bad will happen, but just so that you keep in mind what could happen to you. Don't panic in the big crowds and take your time while shopping. Money isn't everything, but your safety is. Have fun when you shop, for next year you will do the same thing all over again.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

White Christmas

 All of you wishing for a White Christmas got your wish. Now that Christmas is over, we have had enough snow for a while. I am sure that you enjoyed shoveling all of that snow off your sidewalk. You probally needed either a shovel and/or kiddie litter to free your buried car on the street. I hope that your back is strong enough to do all of this work. Just think, more snow could come soon. We have a long winter ahead of us. Be strong and try to relax if you can. Take your children or grandchildren to a park and go sledding. This will take your mind off of all this snow.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

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New Year is coming.

  Do you have all of your bills taken care of? Now is the time to organize all of your paperwork and clear as much of it as you can before the year is over. Your house taxes are due soon. Renew the license for your pet. Get ready for New Year's Eve. Make sure that you have all of the food and drink that you need for guests. Now get ready for some football games. Relax with your family and enjoy life. The holidays will soon be over. Back to work or school is the order of the day. Please do not drink too much or you will suffer for doing this. A bad headache is only part of the problems that you will have. Have a very Happy New Year.

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