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Support Bay View

John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Support the Wisconsin Badgers Football team

    On Saturday, Michigan State will play the Wisconsin Badgers for the Big Ten Championship. We lost to them once this year.  Maybe this time will be different.  I believe that the winner will go to the Rose Bowl on Monday, January 2nd, 2012.  Support our Wisconsin Badgers.  Go Badgers!

Black Friday is over

  On Friday, most of the stores try to have a sales campaign to get you to shop at their store. Many people are in danger of pick pockets and other thieves who are also shopping for things.  You could be a target of one of these thieves.  Always keep your wallet close to you where nobody can steal it from you.  Guard your purse and close it to prevent somebody from grabbing your wallet from inside of it.  If you see a thief in action, please notify the nearest clerk or store manager.  Time is of the greatest value here. Most stores have video cameras to verify thieves in action. If you have nothing to hide, then they are your protector when somebody falsely accuses you of doing something. I hope that nobody has any problems while shopping.  Be alert and you will be in good shape.  Please support the Bay View community.

Be careful when shopping for gifts

  You must check your receipts when purchasing anything for Christmas.  Some clerks have programed their cash register to give cash back when you charge things.  The problem is that they keep the cash back and never notice this on your store receipt.  Always check your receipt  to make sure that nothing is added that you did not purchase and to make sure that everything you purchased is taken with you.  It may be rare to find this kind of abuse, but you still must be careful. When going to a fast food place, make sure that everything you ordered is there.  Sometimes a clerk could short change you with either goods or change.  Be a smart shopper and observe as you do your purchases.  Please support the Bay View community.

Welcome Nixon John Manke

  On Friday, December 2, 2011, my newest grandson, Nixon John Manke, was born to Tracie and Mark Manke. He sure is a cutie. I wish all of the best luck to Mark, Tracie, and their other children. Let us hope that all goes well at home with the new child. You will have your hands full.  Take it easy and relax when you can. We love you very much.

Watch out for snow

  This is the time of year when the first regular snow storms begin. Be sure that your car is ready for winter. The roads are going to be slippery.  You will not be able to to stop as fast as normal.  Watch out for children running out into the street without warning.  Watch for children playing in the snow by the curb.  Check your braking habits to make sure that you are ready for winter.  Take your family out and enjoy playing in the snow.  A family that plays together, stays together.  Please support the Bay View community.

Support our United States Postal Service and its workers

  Since the beginning of our country, when Ben Franklin was Postmaster General of the United States, our government has attempted to deliver the mail to all of its citizens.  Over time, many methods of delivery were attempted. By horseback rider, stage coach, railroad, motorcycle, bicycle and by walking delivery mail has come to us. More recently it has come by airplane. This service was implemented to serve all of the people if possible. Somehow, the mail has come to us on a daily delivery. The history of the Post Office is tied into the history of our country.  We all take this for a normal routine.

  What happens when we lose our postal delivery?  Are we going to have newspaper, pizza, handbill or just  ordinary workers bringing the unsecured mail whenever they feel like it. Is your check going to belivered by the trash collectors as they collect our garbage?  Will Manpower assign men on the street to bring our mail?  Who will protect the sanctity of the mail?

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Finish your Christmas shopping

  It is getting very close to Christmas and the presents for the family and friends should be gotten. There are still some bargains out there for you to find. Watch how much you spend as you will have a lot of bills after Christmas. Make Christmas an enjoyable day. This is a good time to hug your family.  A lot of gifts are not necessary, but a huge amount of love is. Relax with your family and friends. Do not overdo the alcohol comsumption. Enjoy the holidays, but remember them as a joyful time of the year. May all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Remember to sign Recall Scott Walker papers

  The Republican Party was the one that instigated the "Recall Scott Walker" activity. Let's honor their request and recall him from office.  They just wanted to be able to raise big money for his campaign. Find a suitable candidate to oppose him in the recall election. It is time to take action and to stop complaining about his excesses. Your vote is very important to everyone.  Take the time to express your thoughts by voting. Be glad that we have these rights in America.

Remembering my father

  On December 18, 1909, my father, Harry William Manke was born to William and Clara Manke in the Town of Granville, in North Milwaukee.  He grew up and worked in the Manke Greenhouse business.  He and his brothers had to walk a long distance to go to school, Household chores had to be done before going to school. Hard work was a way of life with him. He worked at several jobs in his life before ending up at Pabst Brewing Company, because he could speak German and English. He married Helen Schumacher and they had six children.

  During World War II, he was told to go to the draft board so he would go into the military. When He told them I will join the military, but you will have to feed and take care of my wife and five children. Upon hearing this statement, they told him to go home. He had too many children to be drafted. He never had to serve in the military, but two of his brothers and several of his first cousins (also first cousins of my mother before marriage) did serve in the U.S. Army. Of these men, only one is still alive today,  Rudy Manke.

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Get your excercise

  Excercise is very important to everybody.  It helps you lose weight.  It strengthens your body and make your feel good.  Your need to excercise is determined by what shape you are in.  I was told that I needed more excercise and had to lose some weight.  This is not going to be easy.  It is amazing what our body condition tell us.  Maybe I will not be alone in my task.  Others can also do this.  In a few weeks, determine how this excercise has helped you.  You might even fit into some clothes that you could not wear before.  Keep up the good work and we can work as a team to lose weight and excercise more.  See who can do the better job of it.

It's getting close to Christmas

  Any last minute shopping and preparations must be done now.  You don't want to disapoint people that you love and cherish. The gift of love and friendship is the most important one. Unite your family and prepare for Christmas together.  This will be a time of giving and receiving.  Share  your love with others.  Go to church together as a family and worship the Lord. Respect others and share your love and friendship with them.  Have a very happy holiday season.  Keep Christ in Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.

  As we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, reflect on your faith and go to church services. Show loving kindness to everyone. Help your family have the best Christmas ever by doing things together. Let the children  enjoy themselves on this special day.  Be in the holiday spirit and don't be a Scrooge. Let your love and kindness be present for all to share. Please have a very Merry Christmas.  Season's Greetings to everyone.

I hope that you had a Merry Christmas this year

  I hope that everybody had a Merry Christmas this year. I hope that all your wishes were granted. Take the time to visit your friends and family. Share the holiday season with them. I hope that a big snow storm does not come for a while.  We could use some time to be with the ones that we love. With the children being off from school, you can take them outdoors and relax with them  Ice skating and sled riding will be here soon.  Building a snowman can be a lot of fun. For indoor sports there is always basketball and volleyball.  Beulah Brinton Community Center, 2555 S. Bay St. in Bay View, has a lot of winter activities for the family.  Relax and enjoy your family and friends.  Please support the Bay View community.

Alvin Ailey Dancers -- Friday, February 10, 2012



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Happy New Year

On Sunday we will begin the year 2012. According to Maya predictions, this will be the last year of the earth. I do not believe in this theory.  In two years, Bay View High School will be 100 years old.This year we will elect a new president of our country.  Many elected officials will also face elections. This is the year that we get as many people as possible out to vote. The people have an important say as to who will be elected to political office. Don't just argue politics, use your vote to speak for you. Every vote is important. I am not going to tell you who to vote for, for that is your own personal decision to make. Choose tha best person that you want to serve you in political office. Voice your opinion with your vote.

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