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An Author's Perspective

Featuring new fiction from Ken Brosky and author authors, as well as occasional political commentary whenever something really important happens. But mostly fiction.

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Sabathia - Playoffs or Bust

baseball, ben sheets, brewers, doug melvin, milwaukee, sabathia

Kudos to Doug Melvin for taking the initiative and getting us a star pitcher for the playoff push. Think about it like this: Milwaukee is one of the smallest (if not THE smallest) market in Major League Baseball, and Melvin managed to make a trade for the number 1 sought-after pitcher. This says two very important things:

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Hooray for Immunity!

Bush, constitution, cronyism, democrats, feingold, free market, freedom, immunity, iran, taliban, telecoms, torture

Kudos to the Democrats in Congress who caved yesterday to the will of President Bush and voted in favor of the new wiretapping law that provides immunity to the telecommunication companies that helped the Bush Administration spy on Americans without a warrant. You see, I've come around and I understand now that the only way for our government to keep us safe is to simply break the Constitution. Terrorists are everywhere (probably even a couple working right here in Bay View), and we simply cannot wait for the Bush Administration to follow the law in order to protect us. Even through the FISA court was set up for this exact purpose, it simply was not enough. the Bush Administration HAD to spy on Americans without a warrant, because it is the only way to protect us from the Islamofascists who are jealous of our freedom and our love of romantic comedies starring Ben Affleck.

That being said, there are a number of bills coming up for vote right now that we absolutely MUST see pass. These bills are crucial in the war on terror and we simply cannot be safe without them:

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4 New Short Stories

brown paper publishing, fiction, ken brosky, literary fiction, literature, predicate, short stories

Greetings, all! Just a minor fiction update: my short story collection, Leaving Dodge County, is being published by Brown Paper Publishing on November 15th. In the meantime, four more stories from the collection have been published in the newest issue of Predicate Literary Journal. You can download them for free with these links:

Directions: Right-click each link and choose "save as ..."

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