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Vote Just Once Today? Duh.

patrick mcilheran, journal-sentinel, voter fraud, primaries, republican primary, democratic primary, idiocy

Patrick McIlheran wants to make sure everyone's voting just once today because he's deluded himself into thinking voter fraud is a widespread problem that will surely cost the Republicans the primaries.

Patrick's lunacy stems from this special report from Minnesota, in which an astonishingly high 35 people may have voted more than once. Holy smokes! That's roughly ... whoops, my calculator doesn't handle that many zeroes. It's less than 0.00006 percent of the population.

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Remembering Mike Zawikowski

mike zawikowski, eulogy, bay view, obituaries

This past weekend, the neighborhood of Bay View lost a great resident. Mike Z passed away on September 10th, and he went too soon.

Mike came into my Starbucks every morning, early, and we started speaking on a regular basis after we bumped into each other at a reading by Al Franken--then promoting his newest book-at Alverno College. Mike's political orientation doesn't matter--what matters was his demand for honesty and honor in politics, something that's nonpartisan and sorely lacking in our current culture. He was easy to talk to because he was nice and patient and the world always seemed to amuse him. He could brush things off and move on, which was exactly how he fought his illness, and that attitude is an inspiration to me every day.

We traded book ideas. Mike was a learned citizen--the BEST kind of citizen--and read constantly and made a point of understanding the world, even its smallest corners some people had never even heard of.

Mike made a point of patronizing Bay View businesses. He liked to buy local. He liked visiting our local stores and told other people about his experiences. If you own a video store, a grocery store, a knickknack shop, a restaurant, you have some of Mike's money in your cash registers.

Bay View lost a great human being. A great father. A great resident. A great friend. 

The Carleton Grange Pub is Poorly Managed

carleton grange pub, capitalism, tough luck, cry babies, poor management, gravel parking lots

For those of you who aren't aware, the poor little Carleton Grange Pub in St. Francis is shut down while road construction continues on Packard Avenue. According to the Poor Little Pub, this road project has eliminated their on-street parking and would make it impossible for them to stay in business during construction. They lament the Evil Stimulus for fixing the road and eliminating their main source of parking and complain if only the city would have done something.

So imagine my surprise when I drove by a few weeks ago and saw that the city had built a gravel parking lot right next door.

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